Thursday, June 20, 2019

Paige Patterson: "Those With Whom Darrel (Gilyard) Sinned are Not Innocent Either"

Over the past two days, Vimeo videos have surfaced of the July 10th, 1991 Victory Baptist Church (TX) congregational meeting led by Paige Patterson, in which Darrell Gilyard resigned after having admitting to Patterson privately that he had committed various sexual sins.

There is plenty in these two videos that will sicken the viewer, when they are watched in the context of all we know about Gilyard and Patterson - the years leading up to this meeting, and the two decades after the meeting.

But the one part that I want to highlight is the following Patterson statement after Gilyard finishes and leaves the room:
"So there is a certain degree to which a man who stands behind this sacred desk is held to a higher standard, that's true. But it is also equally true, precious people, that a sin is a sin no matter who commits it. Nobody committed any of these sins in innocency. Brother Darrell was not innocent, those with whom he sinned are not innocent either."
Instead of Patterson scolding Gilyard for failing to apologize to the women and their families that he had abused, Patterson decided to further harm these women by imposing upon them a verdict of "guilty", that their guilt matches that of their abuser Gilyard. Only trouble is that Gilyard was a predator and these women were his victims. According to the Dallas Morning News, one of the women claimed Gilyard raped her. Others described how Gilyard would pursue them, begging one of them to meet him at a hotel. No need to shame these women, but in so doing I believe Patterson showed where his heart was: harboring resentment for these women who he believed caused his blessed son to fall to temptation.

I'm hoping that a video of the remaining portion of the meeting will also be posted, as the second one cuts off right after the above statement by Patterson.

We all know now, that Gilyard was a fraud, a charlatan. But trust me, Patterson had plenty of knowledge of Gilyard's actions well before this night that should have told him Gilyard was an outright fraud and any attempt to concoct a plan and timetable of restoration would be short-circuited by Gilyard, which is exactly what happened. But Gilyard was just too darned talented of a speaker - he could draw a crowd, and make people laugh and cry and get out their wallets. So he had to be salvaged.

And who is the hostage-looking figure who escorted Gilyard to the platform and stood to his right? My best guess is that it is Danny Aiken.

Here are links to the videos:

Video #1 (Patterson's Opening Statement)

Video #2 (Gilyard's Statement, Patterson's follow-up)

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