"...When He [Jesus] saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." Matt 9:36

"Do not rob the poor, because he is poor... for the Lord will take up their case and plunder those who plunder them." Proverbs 22:22-23

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bucky Kennedy, Brewton Parker Trustee Chairman, Owes Apology to the SACS Accreditation Committee for Accusations of Religious Bias

"Supporters like local pastor and past president of the Georgia Baptist Convention Bucky Kennedy believe the school is under target because it's small, rural, and faith based." WTOC Report, 7/11/14
On the same day that Matthew Lehew was made to apologize for his apparent "sin" of daring to analyze via social media Ergun Caner's  false statements regarding Brewton Parker's accreditation status, the Brewton Parker Trustee Chairman Bucky Kennedy talked to the WTOC Savannah news station and falsely accused the Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools (SACS) of bias against Brewton Parker.

Below is a small excerpt from that news report:

So apparently, as Matthew Lehew found out today, telling the truth about Brewton Parker's accreditation is a SIN in the ranks of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

But falsely accusing with no basis whatsoever (I'll call that a "lie") that SACS voted to remove Brewton Parker's SACS accreditation because of the school being "...small, rural, and faith-based." well, that is OK.

This is the topsy-turvey world of the Southern Baptist Convention and Georgia Baptist Convention.

Brewton Parker VP of Communication, Peter Lumpkins, tweeted the following:

The shortened hyperlink in the Lumpkins' tweet links directly to Lehew's apology post. So according to BP's VP of Communications, the Lord Jesus and Christians everywhere need to forgive Matthew Lehew for his honest and insightful blog post intended to inform Brewton Parker students and parents regarding the accreditation status and the implications to students down the road. And Matthew is not just some recalcitrant blogger with an opinion - he was an accreditation officer at the Baptist College of Florida, which is a SACS-accredited institution. Matthew Lehew's analysis of Brewton Parker's accreditation woes carries great weight. Currently he is an instructor and accreditation officer at Shorter University, a GBC institution as is Brewton Parker.

But Lord Jesus is smiling on Bucky Kennedy's lie, broadcast on a local television station institution about SACS and their supposed bias against faith-based, rural, small schools. If there is merit to this claim, let Bucky Kennedy let us know.

SACS, I hope you notice that one of your member schools on accreditation probation - who will be before you in a few months asking you to reconsider their removal - is using their local media to lie about you, and accuse you of being biased against faith-based schools.

Bucky, you might have just slammed the door shut on Brewton Parker's chances on appeal with your un-founded accusations.

Brewton Parker students: after your rally on July 29th fight for your accreditation appeal, you might want to march over to the administration building and demand that serious leadership to be put in place by the GBC to help save your school.

Currently it is being run by a bunch of amateurs who are lessening the chances of a successful appeal every day.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rewind: Ergun Caner in 2007 - A Reminder of Why Caner Fell and Fell Hard

Now that Judge Norman K. Moon has smacked down Ergun Caner, it might be instructive now to go back and listen to the 7-minute clip above, a compilation of excerpts from a 2007 Ohio Free Will Baptist men's retreat where Caner was the featured speaker.

The bald-faced lies and fibs that he told the crowd will amaze you. His use of racial and gender stereotypes will shock you. Listen to these, and you will be reminded of just how bad his exaggerations were. I blogged about these way back in 2010. I provided every one of these Ohio Free Will Baptist sermons to the Liberty University task force that investigated Caner in 2010, at their request. I was threatened by a representative of the Ohio Free Will Baptists to take this audio off the Internet, and they wisely backed off when I told them to go jump in Lake Erie. Within days of my post, they took Caner's audio sermons off their website - but not before I downloaded everyone of them for safe keeping.

This audio is why I fear Caner speaking at youth camps as he does: he does his worst fibbing when the crowd hoots and hollers and gets all worked up over his jokes. The more responsive the crowd is, the more he seems to feed off of them and to get bolder in his tales. One can only imagine what he tells the young skulls of mush that will hoot and holler at his antics like the Free Willers in the audio above - and with Ergun knowing the cameras and audio tapes are not rolling, well, who knows what is said.

And by the way, go read this article by Ken White at the Popehat blog site. It gives an outsider's legal analysis of the Caner lawsuits and the severity of Judge Moon's rebuke of Caner for bringing a lawsuit solely for the purpose of punishing his critics. White summarizes the Caner debacle very well by pointing out that Caner's desire to shut down his critics resulted in wider dissemination of his misdeeds:

"Caner has failed utterly, has been exposed for his censoriousness, and has had his dishonestly much more thoroughly documented and widely publicized than it would have been if he had not been such a vindictive jackass."

Indeed. Caner must have thought he was on a mission of God to bring judgement and wrath to the awful bloggers who were attempting to derail a mighty "Man of God".

Instead, it looks like God was using the bloggers to expose a fraud.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ken Amaro and First Coast News Soft-Peddles the Gilyard Pedophile Preacher Story, Putting Women and Children in Our Community at Risk

"Shame on Ken Amaro. He is a journalist. He should report crimes of pastors in a completely accurate manner. For not being completely truthful about the two charges against Gilyard (failing to mention one of them was molestation), First Coast News should issue a correction and an apology to the victims of Darrell Gilyard for Amaro's mis-characterization of Gilyard's crimes." FBC Jax Watchdog
One of the reasons I and others blog in the Christian community is that pastors and churches do a very poor job of policing themselves. Pastors do a VERY bad job of reporting the bad behavior of their cohorts - and are willing to "let God handle" an abusive pastor rather than using their influence to warn people about a misbehaving pastor.

Thus, blogs like this one serve a valuable service - we help to inform Christians of misbehaving and abusive pastors and churches. We shine a light that no one else dares to shine to inform and protect.

One thing I don't ever expect: is local news media to actually help protect and promote misbehaving pastors by telling half-truths.

So you can imagine my disappointment last night when I saw a very slanted and biased short TV story by Ken "I'm on Your Side" Amaro on First Coast News, Jacksonville's NBC/ABC local news station, on the plight of Darrell Gilyard. I've hyperlinked it at the bottom of this article so you can see what slanted journalism looks like. Tiffany Thigpen - one of Darrell Gilyard's victims who Gilyard attacked back in 1991- has already put up a scathing blog post on Amaro's "puff piece" on Gilyard. Go read Tiffany's excellent analysis here. Tiffany knows what she's talking about.

Here are the "puff points" on Amaro's story that only tell the half-truth about Gilyard, and in my view will serve to garner sympathy for Gilyard and help him build more followers, and more potential victims:

Gilyard Did Not "Fall from Grace":  Gilyard did not just "fall from grace" as Amaro's title suggests. Gilyard was a serial abuser over decades. He abused women and children, Ken. And his "fall" was not at Shiloh, Ken. It started in the 1980s when he abused women at Victory Baptist in Richardson, Texas. Before that he abused women at Concorde Missionary Baptist Church in Texas.  Read of Gilyard's Texas abuses in the 1980s and 1990s here in this Dallas Morning News article. He physically attacked Tiffany Thigpen in 1991 here in Jacksonville. There was no "fall" - he actually BEGAN his ministry by lying to Jerry Vines and Homer Lindsay, claiming he grew up homeless under a bridge. That was a documented lie confirmed by Gilyard's relatives, that you can read about here. He lied to start his ministry, he then abused women in Texas and Florida, vowing to change but did not. Amaro left that out of his story. Why?

- Amaro lied about Gilyard's charges, left off the ages of his victims, didn't mention "Molestation": Here is what Amaro says in his piece:

"Gilyard plead guilty to two charges of lewd and lascivious conduct and was designated a sex offender". Ken Amaro

That is false and deceiving. Ken Amaro apparently decided to mis-characterize the charges. One charge WAS "lewd and lascivious conduct, victim under 16 years old".

But the 2nd charge was more serious: it was "lewd and lascivious molestation, victim 12-15 years."

Here are the charges from the FDLE website profile for Gilyard:

Why did Amaro not say that his two counts of lascivious behavior were of underage girls? Why did not Amaro admit that one of Gilyard's charges was MOLESTATION of a girl 12-15. I didn't hear the word "molestation" by Amaro. Why? Gilyard is a MOLESTER of young girls, Ken Amaro. He is known nationwide as the "Pedophile Preacher", as HL network reported just a week ago.

Shame on Ken Amaro. He is a journalist. He should report crimes of pastors in a completely accurate manner. For not being completely truthful about the two charges against Gilyard (failing to mention one of them was molestation), First Coast News should issue a correction and an apology to the victims of Darrell Gilyard for Amaro's mis-characterization of Gilyard's crimes.

- Amaro Characterizes Social Media and Community Protests Against Gilyard as "Ugly". An "ugly" protest is one that might be unfair, or "over the top", or maybe violent. That is not true, Ken. The intense social media and community outcry against Gilyard - a convicted child molester - being allowed to pastor again in our community was appropriate. Not ugly. Your mischaracterization of Gilyard's plight in this story is what is ugly. This slanted piece of journalism will put more women and children at risk in our community.

- Gilyard Wanted Vines to Not Mention His Past in Vines' Autobiography: Poor Darrell. Jerry Vines mentioned his decades of abuse in churches in Texas and Florida in his autobiography. What is Ken Amaro trying to accomplish that is newsworthy in this? That the convicted child molester doesn't want Jerry Vines to mention his abuse in his book? The reason Gilyard is in Vines' autobiography is that Vines was the guy who put Gilyard on the map back in the 1980s. It is a HUGE stain in Vines' legacy, and worthy of mention in his autobiography. Sorry, Darrell, but the problem is not one pastor mentioning you in his book, the problem is the thousands of pastors in this city that have remained silent and not called you out.

- Gilyard claims that social media criticism is "outdated and untrue": Why is Ken Amaro allowing Gilyard to lie to our community? What social media criticism is "outdated"? Is this Dallas Morning News article "social media"? Is it "outdated"? Does he mean the hundreds of women he abused in Texas back in the 1980s and 1990s - it was so long ago that we shouldn't consider it today? Or maybe the attack on Tiffany Thigpen here in Jacksonville in 1991 is so long ago, that it is "outdated"? Ken Amaro, you and First Coast News owe the victims of Darrell Gilyard an apology.

- Gilyard claims he is a "leper of society. and has paid his debt to society": OK, he is a leper in that he has been branded as a "molester", and rightfully so. But the only debt that Gilyard paid for was his molestation of a 12-15 year old, and his lewd and lascivious conduct on a 16 year old. He has NOT paid a debt for his abuse of women in Texas and Florida and the lives he has destroyed. He has paid for TWO of the hundreds of women he has harmed.

And finally, Amaro quotes Gilyard:

"Of course I believe I've changed. But time will tell everyone that I have changed". Darrel Gilyard

The flaw in this logic, Ken Amaro, is that time has told us that Gilyard will NOT change. He started abusing women in the 1980s. He continued in the 1990s. He finally was arrested for his abuse when it was with girls in the 2000's.

Three decades of abuse, this tells us it is very likely that he will not change. Dr. Judy Ho said so in her commentary on the Gilyard case two weeks ago on the HLN network. These urges Gilyard has don't just go away.

And your puff piece, Ken Amaro, makes more abuse at the hands of Gilyard even more likely, as you soft-peddled his abuses.

Sad thing is, where are the pastors? Why are not the pastors in this city speaking up against the travesty of a convicted child molester pastoring a Baptist church, and a judge giving Gilyard access again to children?

Where is the outrage? Apparently not at First Coast News, nor in the pulpits of Jacksonville.

Thanks, Ken, but you were definitely "not on our side" on this one.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Truth is Incontrovertible - Judge Norman Moon Tells Caner He Must Pay All of Autry's Legal Expenses

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." Sir Winston Churchill
At the end of this chapter of the Ergun Caner Evangelical Crisis, the truth is finally exposed.

Yesterday the Honorable Judge Norman K. Moon of the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia handed down a scathing indictment of Ergun Caner and his frivolous and harassing lawsuit of Jon Autry, demanding that Ergun Caner pay the entire $34,389.59 of Jon Autry's legal expenses.

Not only did the judge rule that this lawsuit never should have been filed, but he pointed out contradictions of Caner's own testimony, the bad faith with which Caner negotiated after filing the suit, and the abuse of our legal system perpetuated by Caner under the guise of copyright protection claims. If one bothers to read Judge Moon's entire ruling - which is below - you will get a complete glimpse of the dirty rotten scoundrel known as Ergun Mehmet Caner. Caner has played the SBC pew sitters as a bunch of fools for a decade, but Caner couldn't fool Judge Moon.

The truth of Ergun Caner is not just now on the blog sites of a few recalcitrants or Calvinists or bloggers - it is now filed by Judge Moon with Case 6:14-cv-00004.

The truth is incontrovertible.

Peter Lumpkins and Ergun Caner and Tim Rogers and Norman Geisler have attacked the truth, and derided it and denied it, but in the end, as Sir Winston Churchill said, the truth is there. And Judge Norman K. Moon's ruling serves to forever document the truth of Ergun Caner and his frivolous lawsuit, his abuse of our legal system, and his terrible harassment of Jon Autry and his family.

Some quotes of Judge Moon describing Caner in his ruling yesterday:
"..acted with improper motive..." (page 7)
"those like Caner should be deterred from exploiting the court system for their own purposes." (page 8)
"....cared more about...harassing his critics than protected his alleged copyrights." (page 9)
"On factual issues, he [Caner]...cast unsupported assertions or asserted boldface contradictions..." (page 12)
"[Caner] filed a copyright infringement suit to stifle criticism..." (page 15)
I wonder if Bucky Kennedy and the Brewton Parker trustees view this recent ruling by Judge Moon as another of the "pagan attacks" that serves to confirm their selection of Ergun Caner. I am sure that it does.

One can only hope that Georgia Baptists will come to their senses and take immediate action to save Brewton Parker from Ergun Caner and Peter Lumpkins.

Here is the entire ruling of Judge Moon:

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bizarre Ergun Caner Selfie-Video Pokes Finger in the Eye of SACS - Caner Predicts SACS Will "Come Around"

"Make no mistake, I believe the SACS thing will be resolved in our favor. I believe that SACS, for lack of a better term, will 'come around', because you can't look at the school and see anything but not only progress, but stability, control. We are in the BEST financial situation we could possibly be....this school is strong...we are accredited, we shall remain accredited....everything they asked for in those four areas of financial control, we not only did, we exceeded. If anybody would be worried, it would be me. And I promise you I'm not....we won't lose our accreditation, not for a moment." Ergun Caner in a selfie-video at Myrtle Beach.

Last night on the Brewton Parker website, Peter Lumpkins, the VP of Communication, posted a bizarre self-made video by Ergun Caner in which he makes grand statements about the accreditation status of Brewton Parker.

This video - if viewed by the Southern Association College Schools (SACS) board that has just voted to remove Brewton Parker's accreditation - must leave them scratching their heads and wondering what planet Ergun Caner lives on. This video cannot possibly help Brewton Parker's chances in their appeal to retain their accreditation as Caner leaves no room for the possibility that the latest SACS decision might show that Brewton-Parker College DOES have room for improvement.

And Caner makes all of these statements BEFORE he has even received the letter from SACS explaining their decision. This decision, by the way, will be publicly available on July 3rd. The audacity to make these statements even before he has the letter in hand is amazing.

This video is a sure sign of desperation, a Hail-Mary to comfort the troops while he is frolicking on the beach with young skulls of mush at Myrtle Beach. The selfie-video posted on the BP website is another example of "Amateur Hour" at Brewton Parker.

Besides, given Caner's penchant for exaggerations and fib-telling as a preacher, why would anyone believe what Ergun Caner says in this video?

"If anybody would be worried it would be me. and I promise you I'm not." Ergun Caner

Ergun's words remind me of the words of Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi information minister during the Iraqi war:

"No, I'm not scared, and neither should you be. We have them surrounded in their tanks." Baghdad Bob

Don't worry, Brewton Parker students and staff. Ergun Caner is in control.