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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jeffress Opens a Can on Tebow - Says Tebow "Wimped Out" - And Five Reasons Why Tebow Backed Out that the Press and Pharisees Both Missed

In a 10-minute response in front of his congregation yesterday, Robert Jeffress yesterday showed the world that Tim Tebow made the right decision to not speak at Jeffress' church, when Jeffress said Tebow "wimped out":

"I am grateful for men of God like these [Vines, Graham, Mohler, etc.] who are willing to stand up and act like men, rather than wimping out when it gets a little controversial and an inconvenient thing to stand for the truth. God bless men like that." 

Sorry, Robert. God bless men like Tebow. And shame on religious men like yourself who attack a young man who has lived out his faith in the most challenging circumstances, and a young man that has shown the world what a true Christian looks like. Robert and friends need to read my article from November 2011 in which I wrote about how pastors need to learn from Tebow on how to face criticism and adversity.

Watch the video of Jeffress for yourself here. After Jeffress said Tebow "wimped out" he goes on to mock those like Tebow who claim they are called to "preach the love of God", saying one can't preach the love of God without also preaching the judgment of God. Jeffress come across as a sniveling, whiny wimp who didn't get his way, and wants everyone to know all the Holy religious men of God are on HIS side and not Tebow's.

But the question still remains:  why DID Tebow back out of his FBC Dallas speaking commitment?  Was it over Jeffress' comments on homosexuality, Mormons, and Catholics? Probably not. After all, Tebow's own pastor came forward over the weekend to confirm there is not "a wisp" (Greek for "a bit") of difference between the theology of Jeffress' church and Tim's church.

Predictably, both the secular media AND the religious Pharisees missed what were legitimate reasons a person like Tim Tebow wouldn't want to speak at FBC Dallas. The religious Pharisees are so preoccupied with the issue of homosexuality, they assumed Tim caved to pressure - or as O.S. Hawkins said, Tebow "capitulated" - on this issue. Likewise, the secular media's darling issue is gay rights, so they also assumed Jeffress' stand on gay rights was Tim's primary reason reason for backing out.

I submit both the religious Pharisees AND the secular media have it all wrong.

To understand why Tim would have backed out, we have to answer the question: what ARE some  distinctive positions or characteristics of FBC Dallas and Robert Jeffress that would cause someone like Tebow to not want to speak there? These reasons are quite obvious - unless you are a religious Pharisee who constantly rails about homosexuality, or you are in the secular media and think all Christians are gay-bashing homophobes.

Here are the top five reasons why a Christian like Tim Tebow would not want to be associated with FBC Dallas and Robert Jeffress:

1.  FBC Dallas' Construction of $130 Million "Crystal Campus" - it is no secret that FBC Dallas is constructing the most expensive, over-the-top church facility complex ever conceived in modern evangelicalism. Perhaps Tim didn't realize the scope of this building program, and what a tremendous waste of resources this is. You see, Tim Tebow is not into raising money to build Crystal Cathedrals. Tim has consistently used his notoriety to raise money for sick children and needy families. Tim is into raising money for orphanages in the Phillipines. On the other hand, Robert Jeffress likes to manufacture his notoriety through outlandish and divisive statements, to help him raise funds for his new church building. That is NOT what Tim Tebow is all about. Here is an excerpt from the website of Tim's foundation:

"Unlike many other organizations, we pride ourselves in keeping our overhead costs as low as possible that way virtually every penny, of every dollar donated reaches the people that truly need it most. Together with your help, we will make a difference!"

2.  FBC Dallas Construction of Waterfall as "Architectural Invitation" to Jesus Christ:  As I blogged about here back in 2010, Robert Jeffress sold his church on the bright idea that to reach people for Jesus, they have to build a three-story high water fountain with computerized nozzles. Jeffress told the FBC Dallas peeps that they needed their church to be an "architectural invitation to the gospel". I don't think Tim is into glorifying spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for architectural invitations to Jesus. This was done all over Europe already - and at Tim's church back in the 1990's. Maybe Tim just isn't into this and doesn't want his name to be associated with it.

3.  Jeffress Fund-Raising Tactics:  As I blogged here, Jeffress preached a sermon to his peeps when he was in full fund-raising mode for his campus, in which he said:

"The greatest thing you can do for your spiritual health, would be to take a large chunk of your assets, and give them to this campaign. Just slice off a big hunk of 'em [as he slices with his hand] and give them to this campaign."

That is pure hogwash. Tim doesn't want to lend his name to the opening of a new facility built using these fund raising tactics, where the pastor says the greatest thing a Christian can do for their spiritual well-being is to take your assets and give them to a Crystal Cathedral-type building program. That is Bennie Hinn territory. Tim is a relentless fund-raiser himself - but he does it to help people, and he doesn't do it through manipulation and scripture twisting like Jeffress.

4. Jeffress' Divisive Political Statements: there is no mainstram evangelical pastor that was more  involved in the 2012 presidential campaign than Robert Jeffress. As I pointed out here, Jeffress once said he would never endorse a politician, either publicly or privately, yet he eventually endorsed Texas governor Rick Perry at the Voter's Value Summit in October 2011. Also, Jeffress' statements about Obama paving the way for the Antichrist - Tim likely doesn't want to be associated with divisive political rhetoric that alienates people that he is trying to live out the gospel before.

5. Jeffress' Over-the-Top Statements About Islam:  Jeffress has made statements that don't help to reach Muslims in this country with the gospel. As I wrote about here, Jeffress claimed that Islam "promotes pedophilia", and that "all around the world you have Muslim men having sex with 4-year old girls." Those statements are way over the top. Why does Tim need to lend his name to help promote the grand opening of a new church facility, where the pastor makes these kind of statements? That is not Tim Tebow's style.

So there you have it. There are others I could have cited, but these are probably the top 5 reasons why Tim Tebow doesn't want to be involved in the Grand Opening of the FBC Dallas version of the Crystal Cathedral.

And Robert, your comments about Tebow in front of your congregation show you to be a very small man. Tebow is too much of a gentleman to reply to you - but that is perhaps one of the few instances where we see Tebow is NOT like Jesus - else Tim would quickly declared about you, Jerry Vines, Jack Graham, and Albert the Pious, like Jesus said to the Pharisees in his day:

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You build tombs for the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous....You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?" (Matt 23:29,33)

But as I said, Tim is much too kind.

So the Watchdog said it for him.


Mark said...

Just goes to show how much he was using Tebow for his own purposes. Pimping him out like that. Jeffress didn't get his way and now he's attacking. I wish I can say I am surprised by this, but I am not.
Honestly, I am glad Jeffress is saying this because it shows the whole world that the egg is certainly on his face, not Tebow's.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Mark - you are so right.

I posted over a year ago that Tebow is an excellent example to pastors of how to handle adversity and criticism as a pastor.

Tebow gets it continually from the secular media, yet he never, ever complains. He doesn't rail against people who criticize him, doesn't ever, ever make himself to be a martyr.

Look at the Jeffress video. He looks like a wimpy, sniveling little cry baby who didn't get his way. He paints himself and his church as the true believers - drops all the names in modern Christianity that support him as if to say: "see Tim, I have all the religious people on my side, the true men of God who aren't wimpy are with me, not with you."

Does Tim ever complain when people disagree with him? When they attack his faith? Never. He smiles, and is kind, and moves on.

Tebow continues to stand tall in his faith, while the religious Pharisees continue to show their true colors.

God bless Tim Tebow.

Anonymous said...

So sad for you to denigrate a great leader like Dr. Jeffress.

He stands for something unlike you.

He does not spew hate, bitterness, or meanness. He just speaks truth.

Truth is hard for you to stomach.

Thats why you hide behind your blog.

How sad you are. Must be a lot of fun throwing mud from Momma's basement. Be careful Brother, you are getting real dirty yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon. The Dog lives in Florida. No basements in Florida. It's called an aquifier. Look it up.

Ramesh said...

The "new information" is that Tim Tebow finally read Stop Baptist Predators and Christa Brown's blog and he realized what a bunch of wicked men who run the SBC.

Anonymous said...

Here is your daily debunking of the TROLL:

"So sad for you to denigrate a great leader like Dr. Jeffress."

denigrate = tell the truth about

"He stands for something unlike you."

self-refuting statement - if he stood for nothing - he wouldn't be writing a blog and you wouldn't be making your illogical retorts

"He does not spew hate, bitterness, or meanness. He just speaks truth."

Actually he does as evidenced by the story - you either didn't read it or you chose to ignore the contradiction - that is the one area where you seem to excel

"Truth is hard for you to stomach."

it depends on how you define truth - obviously you think of it as ugly name calling of people who disagree with you

"Thats why you hide behind your blog."

Actually it is you who hides behind the blog. Everyone knows who Tom is - why are you pretending like you don't? Who is it that can't stomach truth?

"How sad you are. Must be a lot of fun throwing mud from Momma's basement. Be careful Brother, you are getting real dirty yourself."

Look in the mirror TROLL. At least Tom isn't a false prophet like you are. You prophesied that this blog would be dead by the end of 2012.


Tom Parker said...


You said:"So sad for you to denigrate a great leader like Dr. Jeffress.

He stands for something unlike you.

He does not spew hate, bitterness, or meanness. He just speaks truth.

Truth is hard for you to stomach.

Thats why you hide behind your blog.

How sad you are. Must be a lot of fun throwing mud from Momma's basement. Be careful Brother, you are getting real dirty yourself."

This coming from someone using the name of anonymous. Why are you hiding your identity.

BTW--Jeffress a great leader--NOT!

Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow has stated that his ultimate goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While his "army" would view this as an insult, the man is media-saavy and understands the use of publicity.

Is it just this simple: Tim Tebow realized that the publicity from speaking at FBC Dallas could HURT his goal of spreading the gospel?

I love the way that Evangelicals jumped all over the Tebow bandwagon; and now they're tossing him under it at the first sign that he might not be the "yes man" they wanted.

Anonymous said...

WOw! Watchdog. The followers of men prayed that your blog would go away by the end of 2012, but it just keeps getting better. Way to start off 2013 with a bang. Keep exposing mystery babylon, the harlot religious system!

Tom Parker said...

Based upon how Jeffress and these other "ministers" have acted towards Tim Tebow--he definitely made the right decision in not going to speak.

Smart decision IMO.

SBCPW said...

I found your blog by Googling, "What happened to Ergun Caner". I was just curious about what he was doing since the big scandal and while I still am not sure where he is or what he is up to I did find your blog to be amusing enough to read.

I am an SBC pastor's wife so I cannot say I agree with your disdain for all things SBC but I do agree with your assessment that there are those who seem to have lost their way, or focus, when it comes to the purpose of the church. It is disappointing to read what is being said about Tebow. That is not to say that I disagree with any doctrinal positions that these men hold (although I cannot say that I have knowledge of all of them) but exchanging the good news of the Gospel with a crusade against individual sin has never been something I have agreed with.

The problem with the church is that if they aren't attacking a particular sin, they are doing nothing. It is the "nothing" that has brought us the the state we are in. Not the sin. Perhaps these men of influence in the church should stop acting like mean girls and shift their focus on equipping men and women of God to go out and reach those who need to hear the Good News.

I also have a distaste for mega churches but only because I find it ridiculous that so many capable men and women gather in one huge building week after week while the smaller churches around them are dying from a lack of ministry leaders. The church was not meant to occupy one location but to spread out and make a difference in those places where no one else will go.

Anonymous said...

So TROLL - why are you spewing hate, bitterness and meaness against God's man Tim Tebow?

You must not be a Christian.

stt said...

...not sure if he is referring to Tebow or the pastors and leaders who remain silent on the issue of Homosexuality. I suppose it does not matter that much. The statement is a disaster and it will be very difficult for Jeffress to come out on top.

STT ..... (Can't believe that I almost agree with you on something)

Larry Geiger said...

"So the Watchdog said it for him." :-) :-) :-)

Victorious said...

Perhaps these men of influence in the church should stop acting like mean girls....

???? Very strange analogy imo...


John A. said...

I want to thank SBCPW for posting here. It was an encouragement to hear her perspective. I too would like to see more church leaders shift their focus towards better equipping the body in order to engage the culture more effectively.

Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow needs to grow a spine.

This is all about money people...it has nothing to do with Dr. Jeffress.

He is afraid that he will lose sponsors...


Ramesh said...

Wade Burleson > Tim Tebow: Make a Vow and Grow It Long

Anonymous said...

So these "supposedly wise men of God" are publicly attacking a Christian brother just because he chose not to speak at Jefress' church. How sad! I'm especially upset with Dr.Vines coming out against Tim. He was Tim's pastor all through his childhood. He above all of the pastors knows Tim and should have been encouraging him.Instead he chose to stand with the bullies. What a shame! How many people are they leading to the Lord while criticizing Tim? How many people are they leading away from the Lord because of their behavior? Dr.Vines, ask yourself...Is God pleased with me? Better yet, ask God!

1 Corinthians 3:12-13

12 Now if any man builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw,
13 each man’s work will become evident; for the day will show it because it is to be revealed with fire, and the fire itself will test the quality of each man’s work.

I believe there are some who will be very surprised when they face God and He reveals their works!

I'm very proud of Tim and the sacrifices he is making to reach out to so many who are hurting! He is very kind and much wiser than his "teachers".

Tom Parker said...


You said:" Perhaps these men of influence in the church should stop acting like mean girls and shift their focus on equipping men and women of God to go out and reach those who need to hear the Good News."

Really, mean girls? No mam, mean boy bullies would be a better description of their behavior.

SBCPW said...

Victorious - Sorry if I confused you. I have teenage daughters so sometimes I find myself using analogies they will understand. In this case, "mean girls" refers to a group that is your best friend as long as you do and say what they like. When you stop doing that, they bully you and try to make everyone else hate you. In my opinion, when people use social media to call someone out or question their character, that is a mean girl move. If they were really concerned with his motivation and spiritual well-being they would have had a private conversation with him.

I do not know why Tim Tebow changed his mind. Honestly, I don't care. He's just a guy who plays football and isn't ashamed to live out his faith. If his presence makes or breaks you then you have bigger problems to worry about. It's the word of God that should compel them. Not the word of Tim Tebow.

@John A. - Thank you for the kind words! It is sad to see how distracted the church has become with all the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

"Tim Tebow needs to grow a spine."


You need to grow a brain.


Anonymous said...

"He's just a guy who plays football and isn't ashamed to live out his faith. If his presence makes or breaks you then you have bigger problems to worry about."

Man-worshipers like the TROLL can't handle their gods being rejected.

The mega-pastor's ego can't handle it either.

Anonymous said...

...... Opened a can of Wimp-Out? Better title I think.