2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is Our Problem "Legalism" or "Hypocrisy"?

Mac Brunson declared us a "hotbed of legalism".

Some of his supporters have posted here agreeing with Mac that we were or are legalistic; then citing examples of supposed "legalism" that are not even legalism. So Mac labels us legalistic (which is such a damning phrase that no SBC church wants to labeled), and those that agree with Mac's assessment don't even know what it is. Just eight years after Homer's death and two years since Vines leaves and we don't even...well, I digress.

So Mac has passed judgement on us as "legalistic". And in front of 100's of SBC pastor's to boot.

Sure, over the years many in Jacksonville have claimed FBC Jacksonville members were "legalists", but it was usually the liberals that called us that because we took strong stands against sin in our city. Our church used to know the difference between "legalism" and "high standards" and "strong stands against sin".

While we're talking about labels - another label applied to FBC Jacksonville over the years is "hypocrite". People in our city have long called our church members hypocrites...claiming that we say one thing with our mouths, then behave in ways contrary to what we say.

So Mac has called us legalistic. Now for Mac's diagnosis.

Mac, you're not a "legalist". But Mac, you are a "hypocrite". And now you've given the city reasons to believe our church is hypocritical.

Why are you a hypocrite?

You say you are concerned over crime in Jacksonville.

But your actions say otherwise. Unlike you not telling us why we are legalistic, I'll tell you why I call you a hypocrite:

1. You agreed to sit on the mayor's Crime Prevention Steering Committee. But as the Florida Times Union reported you made only 2 of 7 committee meetings. This is not surprising; you vacate your pulpit at only a slightly better rate than that; and you don't tell us most of the time when you won't be there, you just, well aren't there (which we don't mind so much anymore). Hopefully you showed the Steering Committee members like Wayne Weaver, Nat Glover, John Delaney, and Steven Wallace more respect than you do your congregation by letting them know in advance you won't be there. Or is that being "legalistic" to expect you to tell people you won't be there?

2. You promised Rev. Daniel Jones on Sunday, September 30, 2007, that FBC Jacksonville would help him get his church sanctuary (Christ Ministry of Changing Lives) back and operational. His church is in one of the most crime-ridden areas of our city, and the federal ATF agent investigating the arson says that his sanctuary was burned down because of the positive impact his church was having in his neighborhood. You even had him come to the church on that Sunday night, and you even called him to the platform so you could promise to him in front of all of us that our church (under Trey's able leadership) would help him. Then we read in the Florida Times Union 6 months later that Rev. Jones is still not in his sanctuary, and is still well short of his goal according to the Times Union article. We can only assume that FBC Jax did not follow through with its commitment, else one would assume FBC Jax would be listed on the list of rebuilding sponsors at Rev. Jones' website.

3. On the same day that you collected a special offering to pay for local TV advertising and to pay to put your sermons back on national TV, the Florida Times Union had an article describing how Rev. Jones' church still isn't in his sanctuary. You used your power and influence to raise money to put yourself on TV in local commercials and on national Christian TV, while Rev. Jones was putting a tent up to hold services next to his burned out building.

You're a hypocrite and I've explained why. You say you're concerned about crime in Jacksonville. But you can't attend the Steering Committee Meetings, and Pastor Jones is still not able to fully function in his crime-ridden area of Jacksonville after we promised to help him. If any of these facts are wrong, please let us know here, or better yet tell your congregation.

Now, can you explain why WE'RE legalists?


Note: this site gets 500 views per day...if you are reading this and would like to contribute to Pastor Jones' church's rebuilding efforts, you can do so through "PayPal" at his website: Christ Ministry of Changing Lives. If you instead would like to contribute to Mac's Media Evangelism to pay for the Starbuck's commercials and to put Mac's sermons on nationwide Christian TV, go to the FBC Jax website.


Anonymous said...

It is obvious that you are a member of FBC Jacksonville. This blog must take a lot of your time. Do you have another job? You can say all you want to about Mac, but he takes the award for preaching!

Anonymous said...


An award for preaching? I didnt' know there was one. Who are the nominees please? Can anyone put forth a nominee?

Suggest you put Lindsay, Vines, Criswell, Paul, Peter, John, and a few hundred more in and then give us the opportunity to vote on one.

For you to put forth a winner without opposition is not a true contest.This would be an invalid contest. Also, would you please provide some reasoning behind your selection so we will know on what grounds you have brought forth his nomination for the award.
Additionally, what does the award entail? Trophy, trip, car, or money. Lets make this a fair contest open to all preachers everywhere and then have a vote.

Voting is what we should have been allowed to do prior to his arrival. If we had been allowed any imput in the selection process I wonder how that would have turned out?
This would be more in line with how real Baptist can select their candidate (fair and balanced).

Anonymous said...

An award!! What kind of an award? I thought preaching was a servants role. To serve the Lord is SUPPOSED to be the reason for preaching. All one SHOULD expect to get an award for is to hear the Lord say "Well done good and faithful servant".

Anonymous said...

2:23 Why should we answer your questions? When you don't answer ours!

oc said...

"An award for preaching? I didnt' know there was one. Who are the nominees please? Can anyone put forth a nominee?

Suggest you put Lindsay, Vines, Criswell, Paul, Peter, John, and a few hundred more in and then give us the opportunity to vote on one."

oc says:
OK. I didn't know there was an award either, or that preaching was a competition at all. So I guess I'll go ahead and nominate someone named Jesus. I think His Sermon on the Mount was pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason says:

Our problem, like most other "affluent" churches, Catholic and protestant, charismatic and fundamental, is that we rob God by spending billions upon billions for land, buildings, salaries, overhead, "christian" cruises, trips, luxury cars, the finest clothes, etc. Yet, we ALL (not blaming the pastors) rationalize it. Yet, when the shepherd such as Daniel Jones, who is actually serving in the midst of poverty and danger, we don't have the funds or "want to" to help him. Christ will demand an accounting. It will not be good enough to tell HIM, "well Lord, I gave 10% and some offerings to your church, THEN I gave $25,000 to the UF to be a Gator Booster and then I renewed my season tickets to see those 6 games per year (3 or 4 of which were on TV anyway) so don't look at me." Bottom line, the "church" as a whole has been led astray by greed and worldliness and the work of Christ gets put on the back burner. So, yes, Mac and Benny Hinn and others will give an accounting, but so will we. He will ask us "why did you keep giving thousands to the mega-church when you saw me hungry and naked and thirsty?" Because we had no shepherd who knew you Lord, that could lead us and serve as an example to us.

"A good name is to be chosen above great riches..."

Anonymous said...

Lighten up guys, I think he was just trying to say something nice about our pastor. I know its difficult for some of you to see that, but a good number of people actually love the man! Deal with it!

oc said...

Oh, you really think that's all he was doing? Look at that post one more time and then say that again with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:16 - I have lightened up. I started to do that back when I realized a "good number of people actually loved..." Benny Hinn and Jimmy Swaggart and Jim and Tammy Bakker and Bob Gray and Daryl Gilyard and Mac Brunson. Let me tell you something...I don't care how many people "love" them. They are charlatans and if you give your money to them, you are robbing God. You deal with it.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:23 p.m. - I agree. My "itchy" ears love him. Good history snippets each week too. Still not as pleasing to me to hear as Joel Osteen though, since Joel seems much happier and is even more famous, makes more money, has a larger congregation, and all those other things that seem to matter to the generous congregations these days.

oc said...

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anonymous said...

I have felt for many years the church sliding into irrevalance. Of course we know that we are in the last days. And we are in the church age of Laodicea.

Revelation 3:15 (Jesus speaks)"
I knew thy works that thou art neither cold not hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. vs 16: So then because thou are lukewarm and neither cold or hot, I will spew the out of my mouth".

Here is the real problem that all members and pastors alike have. Rev vs 20 (Jesus speaks):" Behold, I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come into him and will sup with him and he with Me". Now Jesus is standing outside His church where we have put Him. Church voices are clamoring and no one hears Jesus knocking.

The church is a business now and the preachers are the ceo's. The members want to be entertained and many have no idea of what being truly and totally committed to Jesus means. I see so many of the young people with little knowledge of their Bible. And I wonder what it will take for people, preachers as well, to look inward and ask what can I do to please Jesus?

Entertainment, social gospel, social functions, enrichment at the expense of others; all of us let Jesus down everyday.

Jesus (speaking to the Jews) in Matt 24:12 said " And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold". What we have done as pastor and church is found in Revelation 2:4 (Jesus speaking) "Nevertheless, I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love".

II Chronicles 7:14 "If any people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, will heal their land".

Pastor and people alike need to humble themselves and turn back toward the Cross.

jd said...

"Is Our Problem "Legalism" or "Hypocrisy"?"

Hypocrisy, definitely.

Not Brunson's though.

Anonymous said...

1Jo 4:21 And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.

So the whole cyber-world gets to watch us while the slugfest goes on. When are we going to realize that this is not the forum to deal with issues. It's easy to act tough and shoot from the hip when there is no accountability in our anonimity.

Fact is, there is no display of the Body on this blog. Are we going to continue to be Watchdog's audience and participants? If so, for how long and at what cost? Are we believers going to continue shooting at eachother or turn our energies to God's work?

I'm praying for you guys, for real.

Anonymous said...

This blog reminds me of the KKK, excpet for now you choose to use a key board instead of a rope. I know you don't want to kill MB, physically but a good case can be made for emotionally and spiritually.

We love to hide behind our masks of anonymity and work to rid ourselves of the people around us, not like us.

Though this is not a racial hatred it is still a hatred, working in secret.

Anonymous said...


I am sad to come to this conclusion, but I don't think this church is salvagable. NO ONE ACTUALLY CARES. That is, no one that can do anything about it.

One group of people attend because its a social experience to see family and friends. Another group attends because its good for business (networking) and if you are really special an I Mag commercial. A third group attends because they are naive and have their head in the sand. Many are suffering a serious case of complacency.

The remnant see whats happened to their church and are suffering. The only thing they can do is to leave the church they have loved and served so many years and take their money with them. It is a shame that money speaks louder than suffering saints.

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who posted the first comment saying he takes the "award" for preaching. Of course, I know there's no such award. As another person said here, I was just paying your preacher a compliment. He used to be my pastor at FBC Dallas and lots of us do miss his preaching.

Anonymous said...

A third group attends because they are naive and have their head in the sand...

The remnant see whats happened to their church and are suffering.

Some sure think highly of themselves

Sheril Chaffee Whitehouse said...

I am saddened to see this blog. I grew-up at FBC first joining in 1978. I left to join my husband's church and we've since moved to another state. I am aware of problems at FBC but choose to keep it "in the family". I've always done this even with troublesome times in years past, and the Lord brought us through every time. I'd never tell my fellow Christians at my current church the difficulties FBC Jax faces now or in the past. I visit FBC anytime we come to town and keep in touch with many members of the congregation. I would challenge you to show me in the Bible where it says to air out church issues in public. If we didn't know Dr. Lindsay was in heaven with the Father, I'd know he'd be rolling in his grave over this blog. Worse is that you choose to use your words to destroy and fail to own up to who you are. I can't imagine the Lord is at all pleased with how you ignore scripture and use your tongue as a weapon against His church. Whether or not you believe it, in your quest to "expose" your pastor, you're hurting the church, the church's reputation and all the work the Lord has done in it and through it.

jd said...

Anonymous said...
A third group attends because they are naive and have their head in the sand...

The remnant see whats happened to their church and are suffering.

Some sure think highly of themselves

April 23, 2008 5:14 PM

Boy, you got that right! For the record, the 'remnant' is the faithful chosen of God who receive salvation. The 'others' are those who are predestined for judgement and eternal condemnation.

I'd suggest that each and every Christian refrain from speaking on behalf of God and declaring your brethren deserving of hell fire. Maybe you don't like Mac, but do you really want to see those who support him suffer eternal damnation for their feelings?

Anonymous said...

To the last three bloggers that have taken offense:

You didn't get the point, that it was no longer the church that many of us grew to love. No one suggested that the brethren deserved hell fire. Where could you possibly get that idea out of the previous remarks? I think you all really are stretching the remarks to say something they did not. Nevertheless, I have no further interest in FBC.

I wish you all well and hope your church will serve you as well as it has so many others in the past.

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason says:

Sheril Chaffee - I am also saddened that we need a blog like this. Please don't confuse the blog with the new pastor. It is he that is hurting the church as you say. And it is he that would cause Homer to roll over in his grave. The blog is just a forum to discuss our concerns since anonymous emails will not be responded to. I appreciate your heartfelt views though...I had the exact same views when Lindsay and Vines were here. But this man can NOT be trusted and until he becomes more open and honest and accountable with the congregation (or at least agrees to dialogue via anonymous emails) this blog is needed and will continue for those of us who need it and appreciate it. Believe me, I share your sadness. :(

Discouraged said...

I agree that there shouldn't be a need for a forum like this ... however, the administration and leadership at First REFUSE to answer questions. It doesn't matter if they are anonymous or not. I contacted the office of the pastor and was told that he has a very full schedule and could not meet with me. They said it would be several months. I agreed to wait to see him and was told that it was not possible. His secretary then told me to send my question to "pastor@fbcjax.com". What kind of pastor refuses to meet with his members? Certainly not one I can listen to on Sunday and take seriously.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Discouraged - that is the first I've ever heard that the pastor is inaccessible. Since this blog started Mac's supporters have said one of the great things about this pastor over our previous pastors is how "accessible" he is, that you can schedule a meeting with him and talk to him.

Anonymous said...

WD - As a member at FBC Dallas, I attempted to set up a meeting with Dr. Brunson while he was pastor there. I contacted his assistant and said I would like to meet with him, and asked what his availability was. I was informed that he was "booked for at least two months" and, like Discouraged, I indicated that I would still like to go ahead and set up a meeting. His assistant then told me that she would have to get back with me on a specific date and time that would work for the pastor, and I left my phone number with her so she could let me know of the arrangements. After several subsequent phone calls to follow up, I finally gave up. I never received a return phone call, even to say "he's too busy".

I am aware of one other member who had a very similar experience, and was eventually shipped off to meet with one of the associate pastors because Dr. Brunson didn't have time to visit with him. However, I am also aware of several more well-off church members who seemingly had no problem setting up lunch meetings with Dr. Brunson, sometimes even the day of the meeting. There was definitely an "inner circle" who had access, but beyond that it seemed that most were shut out.

I realize this is anecdotal, but I am simply confirming that at least some members in Dallas experienced the same type of inacessibility that Discouraged experienced recently -- it's another ongoing pattern of Dr. Brunson's.

Anonymous said...

Is the pastor required, biblically, to be accessible? From the standpoint of FBCD and FBCJ, when would the pastors time to study and prepare become a priority for the church?

The church should have deacons and other staff to do much of the people connection. Acts 6, comes to mind.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 12:42 - good point. I think this only comes up because one of the defenses of Mac Brunson is that he is so incredibly "accessbile" as compared to the "previous pastors", as though Mac is a "man of the people".

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:49 from Dallas here.

I agree that a pastor cannot possibly meet with every church member of a church the size of FBCJ or FBCD, or he would never do anything else. I guess my issue is that it seems, at least in my experience, that he was avoiding meeting with people who were going to raise concerns about how certain finances were being handled. (And I'm not talking about peanuts here -- rather six figure expenses with absolutely no oversight or accountability.) Yet he had no problem meeting with people who were big donors and did not question the use of the donated funds.

The accessibility issue is just evidence of a pattern of shutting out those who raise concerns and want explanations, and surrounding himself with an inner circle of affirmers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Where was Mack last Sunday night? Heard half the Church was empty. Where does he go so much, and how do we let this man get away with not being in the puplit where the PASTOR should be.
I heard half of FBC was at a concert, at Southside Church with Rev. Rodney Brooks. Also was told alot of our members are now attending that Church.........God Please Listen To Your Children Praying, were suffering. Please God put a protection over Firt Baptist Church. We Need You Lord.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - don't know where Mac was Sunday. He didn't tell us Sunday morning that he would not be there, he just wasn't there.

Can you please stop being so "legalistic" by expecting the pastor to be there Sunday? ;)

Maybe he was at that concert with Rodney Brooks while us legalists showing up for church Sunday night heard a good Bible sermon from the Associate Legalist Pastor Jim Smyrl.

What church was Rodney at Sunday night? This is the first I've heard of it? And many of our members have gone there? Which church? You really have my attention now!

Anonymous said...


Confront the defenders who make the statements and ask them to show proof of his accessibility. Don't take their word on what Mac is or is not and then use their words to criticize Mac. Criticize the ones who defend, that is where the criticism lies.

Now, if Mac has said he was accessible, then show that and make your case.

Using his defenders to make your case is really pointless.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:55,

many pastors have people on staff and from the congregation who can get inside quicker than others. Deacon chair, trustees...

I'm not sure about big donors, you would have to give more info on this to make it valid.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 2:32 - relax. I wasn't making a case for anything. Just stating that Mac's level of accessibility is of no concern to me at all, EXCEPT that so many of his defenders like to claim that he is so accessible, while those other pastors (can't remember their names now) were so unaccessible. So when I hear that perhaps he is not as accessible as some say, I am not at all surprised.

Sheril Chaffee Whitehouse said...

I was at the worship service Sunday night at Southpoint Baptist Church and saw Rodney. (He and the family are adjusting well to Atlanta, by the way.) I read where someone thinks "a lot of FBC people have joined Southside [sic]" At Southpoint, that is not the case. My folks did join because they have physical limitations that makes walking a couple of blocks between Sunday School and church and again to their car too difficult. I just asked my mother if she's noticed others who've joined or are visiting from FBC and she couldn't think of any. There were a few who came to see Rodney.

I'm not sure where the hell fire remark came from. Perhaps I need to read back a little more, but my question is where does it says to air out church issues for all to see. As I mentioned, I was looking-up the FBC site on Yahoo when this blog appeared. We all know how so many people love to tear down the church. As Dr. Vines said when you tell people you go to First Baptist watch out because you'll either get a kiss or a punch in the face. Why then give outsiders ammunition? I read the Folio Magazine article several months ago. Too bad they didn't read this blog. Maybe there will be a new FBC bashing article if they do.

I understand the frustrations of the congregation. I know it isn't the old First Baptist, but God can still work in the church and He sure dosen't need this blog to do it for Him. I suggest people meeting and praying for the pastor. "Where two or more are gathered together in My name . . ." you know the rest. Mrs. Lindsay did this with Dr. Lindsay when she felt he was wrong about something, and the Lord worked from there.

I believe the Lord LOVES First Baptist Church Jacksonville. We (I still feel like a member) are to be responsible for our own actions and God WILL deal with the rest.

I love FBC Jacksonville and the congregation. I've prayed for FBC more than my current church, I must admit. Please reconsider this forum and find another way to connect. Have prayer groups where you pray for this town, your Sunday School teachers, your fellow members and the pastors. So long as you don't pray for something like boils or disease upon the pastor, (I'm joking I don't think anyone would really do that.) I believe God will honor your prayers in His way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with other people that have posted if you are not happy leave it does not matter who you are. You need to find a Church were you can worship God and not be looking for something else to put on here and slam Mac. I also feel that your putting this on the internet is wrong because there could be people that may come to church and get saved. But because they read something like this, they could say I do not want to be around anybody that is like that. And think that all Christian are like this. That could mean they would never become a Christian. I feel like you could talk to members with out putting it on the internet and if this bothers you so much maybe you need to start praying more and posting less. Put it in God's hand who can do something about this (if it bothers you so much). I just recently checked this because I was hoping this was deleted. I will not check this again for a very long time. I have spent time praying about this and I am not trying to be mean, I just think this is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Glad I got your Attention...There are alot of Churches FBC members have gone too. Gene Hodges is Mucic Director at a church on the Westside. Leanna is singing GREAT!
Theres wonderful Southern Gospel Music played that warms the heart and touches the soul, Prepares the heart to listen to the WORD.....thats what FBC ONCE had, but never again. We need to be prayed up and look up and see what has HAPPENED to our CHURCH!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mac does not tell us when he is not going to be in church so we wont be able to find out that he slammed us again at another church

Anonymous said...

I have to set the record straight on this one....You criticize Dr. Brunson for not keeping his word to Rev. Jones concerning the rebuilding of his church...The truth is, Dr. Brunson DID keep his word. FBC JAX gave them the AC/heating system, the lumber for roofing, teams for helping with the tear down/rebuild AND sent teams to walk through the neighborhood praying over every house & going door to door inviting people to come to the church.
Dr. Brunson kept his word & did as much as he promised...not only did he do all that, he also gave the church money for further expansion.
Before I go,....this may sound weird, but this site has brought 4 co-workers of mine into the church. I mentioned to them that I had heard of this site, they checked it out....came down to the church 2 weeks ago and absolutely loved it. They came this past Sunday & are telling me they will come again this coming Sunday.
What you are using to "inform"...tear down...Gods using to pull people to the church!

Anonymous said...

FBC Jax Supporters, I have never done this before but after reading this one I must repsond.

When anyone compares Mac to the likes of Hinn and Swaggart it shows they haven't a clue.

When someone is attacked for supporting their Pastor they are the ones due a award in this enviroment.

The Blind Dawg will be judged for what they are doing here, Mac will be the only judged as your pastor.

The Dawg and his puppies all need to lighten up and get to God's Biz. No matter what they say this ain't it.

Sheril Chaffee Whitehouse said...

On a side note, is anyone aware of a chat room where people who grew-up at FBC Jax are connecting? I'd love to be able to catch-up with people in that manner.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 4:59 am

Thanks for sharing information on this! I'll take you at your word.

Since you have responded and obviously must know details, maybe you would clarify a few things.

What exactly did Mac commit our church to do for Rev Jones? When he brought him up to the platform, unless I'm mistaken he said our church was going to help him get back into his building...or was it just the A/C and manual labor?

Did the church provide the A/C, or did the church help locate someone who would provide the A/C?

You said Mac "also gave the church money for further expansion". Did Mac do this himself, or did FBC Jax do this? What does that mean "for further expansion"? Rev Jones doesn't need to "expand", he needs to get moved into his burned out building, no? So did we give funds, or did Mac give funds to help him get Rev Jones back into the building or not?

Anonymous said...

To further clarify what I said about how Dr. Brunson & FBC helped Reverend Jones...
For starters, Pastor did say he would help get the church back in a building...thats exactly what he did. He provided teams, like I said, to help clean up immediately after the fire, then to install the A/C, that FBC gave them at the request of the Pastor. Also, certain members of the church, after being approached by the Pastor and others on staff, donated the lumber for roofing, electrical equipment and engineers (which I forgot to mention in my last post).
So, did the Pastor fund it himself? No & its ridiculous to assume he would....understand that when he made the promise, he made it as a Pastor...inferring that the CHURCH would do help...not him singularly.
In addition, there were other churches who also pledged to help Rev. Jones...so simply because his church still has needs, doesn't point to an FBC or Brunson failure....we did quite a large amount & the Pastor kept his promise and greatly helped Rev. Jones.
Yes, I do know details, I was on a team that gladly went to the church to help.

Anonymous said...

One more thing...just so you don't think I avoided the question...
The "further expansion" was money given to cover any needs the church further needed. Not a further expansion of the church itself, but a further expansion of the work FBC had already done for the Rev. Jones.

Anonymous said...

Dear Watchdog:

I have followed your blog nearly from its inception and as a life-long Southern Baptist currently residing in the midwest (where nothing remotely exciting happens in SBC life), I have to say your blog has certainly provided some very interesting reading.

I was curious about one thing. Are you still an active, attending member of FBC Jacksonville? It sounds like to me that you are totally fed up with your current pastoral leadership and it begs the question why you are there if you feel so negatively about your current leadership.

I'm not condemning you in any way because I actually applaud your efforts to ferret out the truth where it need be. I was just wondering if you were still there. If I'm not being too bold to ask you such a question.

Blessings. . .SBC Guy in Illinois

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

SBC Guy: still am a member of FBC Jax, still love FBC Jax because of the people at FBC Jax and I think the church is worth fighting for at this point. I'm sorely disappointed in the leadership of the church - pastor and lay leaders and even the deacon body that is refusing to hold Mac accountable.

I know that people are sick of hearing of the land deal that Mac Brunson got, but he and the church leadership have got to come clean with his congregation about the circumstances surrounding that gift and construction of his million dollar home. In the coming weeks I'll be returning to that issue and the problem of high living of pastors in our city, including Mac Brunson.

Anonymous said...

Dear Watchdog:

Thanks for your response to my question! I look forward to your future topics. Regardless of all the negativity you receive on your blog I encourage you to stick to your guns because I think you are definitely on to something!

SBC Guy in Illinois

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason says:

I would like to comment on a few posts above:

First, it is great to hear that this blog is actually helping to REACH people for Christ, as anon april 25, 4:59 testifies to, and is not driving people away as Sheril thinks may happen. I think I would want to go to a church where people care enough to hold their pastor accountable. Otherwise, they can go to Joel Osteen's church and give to Benny Hinn and others like him.

Next, I would say to Sheril - we are praying and thousands are meeting and silently waiting on God as you suggest. I agree that is the best way to get things changed. However, a much smaller percentage of folks have done that and ALSO tried to directly discuss this with the pastor. When they were ignored or dismissed, they sent emails. When those were criticized and they were blacklisted, others tried anonymous emails. When that didn't work, the pastor chose, YES, it was HIS choosing, to have us blog here instead of correspond privately by email. So we are just doing what we have to do. I know it is not the best way to have to discuss these things, but try reasoning with a bull in a china shop who is greedy, arrogant, stubborn and unloving and you will see why the blog is necessary. Trust us on this.

Sheril Chaffee Whitehouse said...

Voice of Reason - The pastor chose this format!? How did that come about? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Sheril - he was given the option to correspond by email or the concerns would be blogged about. ONLY after he stated that he would not respond to anonymous emails, and that all emails must have their names on them, did the first of the FBC blogs start up. He chose to allow the concerns to be blogged about rather than correspond with anon emailers. You have to respect his conviction on that. I certainly do, and I am willing to honor that by continuing to make my concerns known on this blog.