2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Friday, January 31, 2014

Ronnie Floyd Tells His Non-Tithing Church Members: You and I Don't Know the Same God

It never ceases to amaze me the depths that some "men of God" will go to try to manipulate their own church members into forking over 10% of their income. They will stop at nothing.

Case in point is Ronnie Floyd, lead pastor of the SBC church called Cross Church, from this past Sunday. In a sermon that closely resembled the worst of Ed Young's and Robert Morris' tithing masterpieces, Floyd asked his church members:

"You gonna go 'clucking' around here talkin' about how you got saved and changed and goin' to heaven when you die and you won't even trust God financially? Lord help ya. That's not the same God I know."

You know what, it finally hit me after watching Ronnie "Max Headroom" Floyd strut around for 45 minutes popping off with lies and fables about tithing and blessings and curses and God magically filling "buckets" - and then to hear him sum it up with that humdinger above - I finally got it:

Ronnie is 100% correct. He and I don't know the same God.

Not even close.


If you can stomach it, here is the WD's 2 minute video clip and commentary.

Or, take the "Watchdog 2-Minute Challenge": below is the entire 45 minute sermon. Go to any random spot in the sermon, listen for 2-minutes, and see if you hear anything that is true, or anything that if the hearer believed it and acted on it would be helpful and not harmful. If you do, let me know, and I'll pray and God will fill your bucket.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Caner Fibs: Caner is "One of the Finest and Foremost" Preachers in America - And He Speaks to 120,000 Students Every Year!!!

Readers - this is an example of how you can't always trust what your pastor says about the visiting preacher. Men of God are still telling fibs about Ergun Caner, furthering the "Ergun Caner mystique" as Brett Shipp called it.

Case in point: Ergun Caner preached this past Sunday, 1/26, at Maysville Baptist Church in Maysville, Georgia.

Here is what the church's interim pastor, Dr. Gerald Harris, told his congregation on 1/19, the Sunday before the "wonderful" Dr. Ergun Caner was coming:

"Next Sunday, I will not be able to be here, but I have conscripted one of the finest preachers in all of America to be here. And I'm not blowing smoke. Now he's a little weird but he is absolutely wonderful. Dr. Ergun Caner is the new president to of one of Georgia Baptist Colleges, Brewton Parker College. And he is really one of the foremost preachers in America, he speaks to about 120,000 students every year. But he also appeals to adults as well. So I want you to come, I want you to bring somebody with you. I want you to get as many high school and middle school students to come next Sunday because I am convinced it will be an incredible service."

It is bad enough that preachers bring Ergun Caner into their church, but how derelict do they have to be to purposely expose Caner to their most vulnerable and gullible members, their young skulls of mush? Yep, the kiddos will love the stories Caner tells. Maybe Can can get them to laugh at his ethnic jokes about Mexicans and blacks.  Too bad that some of these kids will have to go through the pain of learning the truth on their own about Caner - and they'll probably wonder why their pastor, the Good Doctor Gerald Harris, purposely brought him in to their church.

Perhaps Georgia Baptists expect a bit more accuracy from Gerald Harris, given that he is the editor of the "Christian Index", the state paper of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

This is just the beginning of course, as Georgia Baptist pastors will be pushing and marketing Caner to their congregations - especially the high schoolers and middle schoolers and their parents - to entice them to follow the bold and brash "olive-skinned Turk" down to Brewton-Parker to somehow save the struggling college.

Are people in Georgia really that stupid - that they can be told that Caner is one of the "finest  [and foremost] preachers in all of America"?

And one last question: where are these 120,000 students he is speaking to every year? That would mean he has to average about 2300 students per week.

Where did Doctor Harris get this number? Maybe from one of the new BP Cabinet appointees?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"President Caner" Makes First "Cabinet Appointment": Peter Lumpkins, the New BP "Baghdad Bob"

Brewton-Parker College announced yesterday that "President Ergun Caner", made his first "Cabinet Appointment": Peter Lumpkins. Peter is now the new "Vice President of Communications".

Of course, it makes sense, Caner is now in a position of power, being the head cheese of a small college, and it is time for him to begin paying back those who have ardently supported him and defended him over the last 4 years since his decade of deceit was exposed by bloggers.

And no doubt, Lumpkins along with Tim Rogers have been the two men who have been most vocal to defend Caner and to viciously attack those who dared to point out Caner's lies.

I get that. Good for Caner. It is payback time. He has the power and now he will use it.

But the language of the hire is what is so ridiculous! First of all, a "Press Release" over the hiring of a "VP of Communications" at a tiny Baptist school in the swamps of southeast Georgia? Come on!!

And the President of said school has a "Cabinet"?  What is that? A "Cabinet"? The first I've heard of any college president having a "cabinet". Does Ergun Caner have a "War Room"? Where is his "Oval Office"?

It gets better. The Brewton Parker Press Release quotes "President Caner":
"One of the most important roles of a college is consistently ‘tell its story,’ to alumni, churches and constituents"
Huh? A college needs to "consistently 'tell its story'"?  Why does a college need to "tell its story"? Sure, it needs to "market" itself, and it needs someone to coordinate all of its communication efforts. But using the phrase "consistently tell its story" - well, it is just ironic given Caner's own failure to consistently tell his true story.

When I heard Caner refer to this as a "Cabinet appointment", and Lumpkins being the "VP of Communications" hired by Caner "tell its story"....it immediately brought to my mind the "Iraqi Information Minister", otherwise known as "Baghdad Bob" who was Sadham Hussein's guy who would "tell the story" of the Americans being crushed during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Perhaps what Caner means is he needs someone like Peter Lumpkins to help him "make up a new story" about Brewton Parker, because it doesn't have a very good story to tell of late. They are on probation with their accreditation (SACS), and they just hired a man as their president who rose to prominence in the SBC after he told fib after fib after fib to Southern Baptist congregations about his past as being raised as a Jihadist after 9/11. So Caner knows all about having to "tell stories", and Lumpkins is the perfect fit to help him tell more stories.

Caner also cited one of the qualifications of Lumpkins is his blog popularity, that Lumpkins blog, SBC Tomorrow, "..averages over 64,000 hits a month". Man, if I knew blog popularity was one of the measures for this important Cabinet post, I would have applied for the job. My blog is averaging around 35,000 hits a month, Mr. President!

But Brewton Parker definitely need help in editing their communications, so a new Cabinet appointee and "Secretary of Story Telling" is much needed...as of this morning, the Brewton Parker Press release announcing the Lumpkins hire still has an unedited, stray partial paragraph at the end:

Peter - I mean "Secretary of Story Telling Lumpkins" - you have very important work to do, to begin "telling the story" of Brewton Parker, and to continue helping Ergun Caner - excuse me, I mean "President Caner" - tell his stories and defend him against the Calvinists who falsely accuse him. But first, you have to clean up this press release. Get busy, Peter!!

But seriously, I think this quote from the Pulpit and Pen blog sums up how those outside of BP and the staunch Caner defenders view the Lumpkins hire:
"Peter Lumpkins has long been one of the most vocal and least reasonable members of the very vocal and unreasoning defenders of Ergun Caner’s decade-long fraud and deceit. Indeed, outside of the small circle of Caner sycophants, Lumpkins is pretty much a laughing stock. Just a quick, albeit painful, reading of Lumpkins’ blog, SBC Tomorrow, shows that he is very good at writing long, rambling posts that are heavy in ad hominem and very light in logical argumentation, which will make him the perfect person to defend Caner officially on behalf of Brewton-Parker College.

As soon as this was announced, the alternate title of “Minister of Propaganda” was suggested, and allusions to the infamous “Bagdad Bob” were made. And, to be honest, how would you describe the person whose job it now is to officially communicate for a renowned liar?"
[Join me on Twitter today as I post throughout the day who the NEXT payback hires are likely to be at Brewton Parker].
Some other links releated to the Peter Lumpkins "Cabinet Appointment":

Tim Rogers waxes eloquently over the Lumpkins Hire

Baptist Press Article on Lumpkins Hire

Monday, January 13, 2014

Diagnosing and Delivering Slaves Week After Week - SOMEBODY Has to Do This Hard Work!

Hello WD Readers - Happy 2014! I am still here. Took some time off over the holidays, and then a few days ministering, er I mean visiting the sacred ground of New York City where only mega church pastors tread. I was able to visit Brooklyn, where Ergun Caner landed as a Muslim missionary in 1978 to learn English. Not sure if he received his training "to do that which was done on 11 September" there in Brooklyn, or if that was in his training center in Beirut. But it was a moving experience to visit the mosque where he may have received his training and learned English.

Wanted to kick off 2014 with a short post here, highlighting a Tweet from Tullian Tchividjian yesterday:


Notice this tweet was "favorited" 117 times, and retweeted 78 times.  

No wonder so many pastors think they are ultra-important and that God can't do accomplish what he wants to do without them. No wonder they tell you that you have to go to church every Sunday to be a good Christian: you are a slave. Their primary task each week is to get you to AGREE you are a slave, or to remind you that you are a slave. You have to go sit in the pew, and be either "diagnosed" or "delivered". You're a stupid sheep, and also a no-good slave.

And we have to be reminded of this every Sunday so we can be diagnosed. Or delivered. 

What important work, "..week after week after week". How DO they do it?

We might need to be delivered, all right.

Not BY the pulpit, but maybe FROM the pulpit.