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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Sunday, September 16, 2007

We Want People to Serve Not for Rewards...

Hey Mac...since you want to see how many of our high schoolers will serve without having to entice them with reward trips...will you agree not to take any church money to pay for your trips to preach elsewhere and to go on your mission trips with Trey? If you could let us know before we vote on the budget that would be great. Will you agree to give your honoraria back to the church, since we're paying your salary?

I vote a 50% pay cut for Team Brunson...we want to see what pastors are here not for "rewards" but because they really want to serve the Lord. How long would they stay if we cut their salary by 50%?

FBC Jax, please wake up.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

The guy lacks wisdom, and lacks care for his congregation. Why mention that no more reward trips in that forum, in passing, then take people to task for no amen? Maybe parents were taken aback by such a huge change and departure from reward trips. Does he care that this is important to us? Maybe he's right and that is the direction that we need to go, but is that the forum to dump it on us in 15 seconds and expect us to give it a resounding AMEN? Answer: he thinks we are all gullible sheep, and that whenever he tells us anything, even bitter news, we should worship him and thank him for it.

Mac, you never cease to amaze us at your lack of wisdom, your lack of sensitivity to your sheep.

By the way, how many Bibles could we have purchased with the honoraria you gave to Johnny Hunt to preach tonight?

Anonymous said...

Johnny Hunt - I find it so disingenuous for you to come to our church, brag...and do I mean BRAG...that sermon should have been entitled: "JOHNNY HUNT: BOY DOES HE GIVE ALOT TO THE LORD'S WORK!!"...about how much you are able to give. You are a celebrity preacher. You earn a huge salary. You earn $5000+ plus expenses to go and preach one night at a mega church. You have a brand name that allows you to sell books. Your sermon shows how out of touch you are with the common person in the church, and with missionaries, that you would preach that self-serving sermon tonight about how much you give, and that we all should be giving a percentage like you....what is happening to these mega church pastors?

RM said...

Boy, you guys got yourselves a pig in a poke when you got Mac! And now you've added Jim Whitmire (the patron saint of BBC) to sing all your old songs. What a combination.

If I were you, I would have a church business meeting and then have the pastor search committee actually tell you the truth about what all they promised Mac to come to your church.

You guys are in real trouble.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Johnny Hunt, did anyone tell you before you flew in that last night was a "missions committment service"? I'm sure those missionaries were really blessed to hear how God is blessing Johnny Hunt to enable him to give SO MUCH money!! And that if they TOO would love Jesus as much as JOHNNY loves Jesus, then the Lord would bless them too so they could give as much as he does!

WatchingHISstory said...

Johnny Hunt's sermon at Bellevue several Wednesday nights ago was over an hour of "I love Jesus more than ye all". I thought he would never stop. Johnny is impressed with Johnny!

Anonymous said...

Johnny - please don't come back to our church to tell us how great you are and how much you give, until you can tell us that you at least are a reverse tither like Rick Warren....come back when you can tell us you keep 10% and give the Lord 90%. Until then, take a humble pill, shut up, and quit telling everyone how great you are. "The man" doesn't have tell everyone he is "the man". The man in the church who is earning $55,000, his wife stays home and works part time, has his kids in Christian schools and is giving 3% to the Lord's work is giving way more than you my friend in God's economy...and the fact you want to toot your own horn all over the SBC and in front of selfless humble obedient missionaries makes your giving WORTHLESS.

Anonymous said...

Hi Watchdog - I appreciate your motives and efforts in blogging. However, those that preceded you in bringing some concerns to light were either ignored, pressured to stop, or have left the church.

Save your efforts. This blog is doing no good. But thanks for trying.

Anonymous said...

Someone owes those missionaries in attendance a big apology.

It looks like the old guard is paranoid, bitter and on its way out of power. So they take it out on the local church members.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see a pattern? The big dogs propped up each other. Like Vines and Rogers and Patterson and Hunt. Then when the Steve Gaines and Mac Brunsons came along and trashed everything they were stewards of, they ran back to the big dogs to bail them out. Vines used his appearance at the pastors conference in Jax to stick up for poor old Mac, Swanberg did the same when he came, and now Hunt. These guys probably did the same at Bellevue. Instead of trying to humbly mentor and correct Mac and SG, these guys did the opposite and emboldened them by being just as bad.

Problem is, we aren't buying it. One millionaire hot shot celebrity defending another has no credibility.

And now we can add Johnny Hunt to the name Jerry Vines as another "humble leader with years of integrity" that is either unwillingly, or unable, to stand up to Mac or SG and correct them when they have been abusive and hurtful to their flocks.

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you got my name right. Hopefully you will post yours in the future.

I simply stated that Jim Whitmire is the patron saint of BBC--a fact which I learned from reading the anti-BBC blogs. There's nothing wrong with that and I didn't imply that there was. I was only making a statement.

I also said he would be singing the old songs. We sing both in our church so it wasn't meant as a criticism--just an observation.

Perhaps you need to calm down. The real problem in this church is that they got Mac Brunson. Maybe Jim Whitmire will improve the situation.

Anonymous said...

rm (xxxxxxxxx), [Name Deleted]

I don't know the first thing about Mac Brunson, but I know plenty about Jim Whitmire. As a member of Bellevue Baptist Church, I never knew him as a 'patron saint' but rather as a faithful, loving servant of the Lord. Through his music ministry he very well might have shared the gospel of Jesus with more people than Adrian Rogers did.

There is not an ungodly bone in this man's body, and should you say anything to the contrary you are accusing an innocent man. If you feel that he is being deceived or used, then please talk to him instead of about him.

You should seek out men of Jim Whitmire's character to serve in your own church. His lifetime of service is above reproach.

You'll find no credible witness against him in Memphis, and I think we know him better than you do.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

RM: you sound like someone with some experience with Mac Brunson...are you a Jax member or Dallas member?

Anonymous said...

Johnny preached the SAME exact sermon that he preached to the missionaries Sunday night to Bellevue Baptist at the end of August. Only he didn't give them so many dollar amounts about how much he gives, and what percentage of his church budget is given by he and his wife...I think Mac forgot to tell Johnny that Sunday night was a "Mission Committment Service".