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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Is FBC Jax Having Fund Raiser for Jewish Hospital Where Abortions are Performed?

This morning, Mac Brunson didn't address the questions about the fund raiser for the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center (AHMC) in the previous article here at this blog. That's OK. He's the pastor and he can do as he chooses.

But here's a few more questions that perhaps Trey and Debbie Brunson and the crack pastor's office suite can help Mac find answers to. Or perhaps some of the lay leaders who are afraid to question Mac Brunson will take these questions to Mac:

1. Is it possible that we have invited a non-Christian, private corporation to raise funds for a secular hospital in Tel Aviv where abortions are performed? It is well known that abortion is state funded in Israel, and every year approximately 20,000 abortions are performed in and paid by the state of Israel. Maybe Trey or Debbie will read this absract of research done at the AHMC that explains research done on women who have had late term abortions. After you read this article Trey or Debbie, call Mike Cohen of M-EDG and explain to him that our church has always taken a stand against abortion and we don't think it a good idea to raise funds where abortions are performed.

2. Why would our pastor choose to speak at a fund raiser for a hospital where abortions are performed, let alone OFFER OUR CHURCH SANTUARY UP TO HOST SUCH AN EVENT? At this research abstract by doctors of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the AHMC:
"..None of the women in the study group, admitted after late abortion or Caesarean section, was found to have residual trophoblastic tissue as confirmed by histological examination. Even though our department is a referral centre for late abortions (13–24 weeks of gestation), performed by the method of dilatation and evacuation (500 per year), only two women in the study group were admitted after late abortion (2.9%), and actually none of them had retained trophoblastic tissue, as confirmed by histological examination. A reasonable explanation for such uneventful outcome might be due to the use of a large number of laminarias, causing the uterine cervix to become ripened and dilated satisfactorily and possibly because late abortions are performed only by expert clinicians whereas early abortions are done mainly by residents, and not always using laminaria..."

When will the people of FBC Jax begin to get concerned?