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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gilyard's Past: You're Telling Me Nobody Knew????

I find it very strange that people are shocked to hear about these allegations against Darrell Gilyard, pastor of the Shilo Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

I have no idea whether the current allegations of him sending sexually explicit text messages are true or not, but its just absolutely amazing to me that people in Jacksonville are shocked! But given the adultery allegations against him with women in his former Texas church that were well-reported in the 1990's, the new allegations don't surprise this writer one bit!!!

Long-time church members at FBC Jacksonville remember this very gifted preacher preaching here in Jacksonville in the 1980's. He claimed to have been born and raised on the streets in poverty, a homeless young person - FBC Jax members will remember his story of "living under a bridge" as a young person. But this turned out to be a lie, as Barbara Davis of Palatka, Florida testified that she raised Darrell from age 5 to 19 and that his story of living homeless under a bridge were made up. Then in 1991 the adultery allegations arose and he resigned as pastor of the Victory Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas.

Here is a newspaper article from the "Austin American Statesman" dated July 13, 1991:

RICHARDSON - A minister who resigned after admitting several adulterous relationships should stay out of the pulpit until he proves he's ready to practice what he preaches, a Southern Baptist leader said Friday.

Darrell Gilyard's once-rising star within Southern Baptist circles came crashing down this week, leaving yet another evangelist whose message was tainted by adultery.

Gilyard, a frequent guest on Jerry Falwell's weekly evangelical television program, has been described by several prominent ministers as one of the nation's most gifted religious orators.
But the 29-year-old preacher's future darkened when he announced his resignation during a midweek meeting at the Victory Baptist Church, one of the few integrated congregations within the mostly white Southern Baptist Convention.

"I offer you my resignation immediately without option," said Gilyard. "The only reason I stand before you now is because my love for this book supersedes my will."

Gilyard did not return messages left at his home Friday by The Associated Press.

Although Gilyard did not mention his reasons for leaving his church, a longtime supporter and friend, Dr. Paige Patterson, said Friday that Gilyard admitted having several adulterous affairs with women he was counseling.

Falwell said in statement released Friday that he has not spoken with Gilyard since his resignation.

"I am always deeply saddened to hear such allegations against any servant of God whether true or false," Falwell said. "The whole cause of Christ is always injured.

"Rev. Gilyard is the most gifted young preacher I know today and God has greatly used his message throughout this country."

Southern Baptist Convention officials said Gilyard was pressured to resign because of mounting complaints that he had behaved inappropriately toward women in both his own church and at least three other congregations.

Patterson, president of Criswell College and Gilyard's former teacher, said the complaints prompted an investigation.

"He has resigned from Victory Baptist Church, but I have been told by some that he may be having second thoughts about that," Patterson said. "Apparently some members of the church may want him to stay on."

But Patterson said it would be best for Gilyard, who is black, and the church if Gilyard does not return.

"Darrell needs counseling to try to gain restoration with God and his family," Patterson said. "I think it is inappropriate for a person who has had this type of thing happen to him to be in the pastorate.

When allegations of sexual misconduct cropped up against Gilyard four years ago, Patterson said he counseled the young minister, who is married. Patterson said he advised Gilyard to avoid meeting alone with women and to avoid lengthy personal counseling sessions that might breed gossip.

Here is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle dated July 29, 1991 about the fabrication of his "living on the streets":

A preacher who gained national prominence when the Rev. Jerry Falwell broadcast his "miracle story" of rising from homelessness in his teens actually had a comfortable upbringing, a newspaper said yesterday.

Darrell Gilyard has claimed he slept under a bridge from age 13 on. But the Dallas Morning News quoted a Florida woman who reared him as contradicting that story.

Gilyard, 29, denounced the newspaper article in a sermon yesterday.

Gilyard became one of the nation's most sought-after black Baptist evangelists after frequent appearances on Falwell's nationally televised "Old-Time Gospel Hour" but has fallen from favor recently.

Under pressure from Baptist leaders, he resigned from his Victory Baptist Church here on July 10. There were allegations that he had affairs with female members of the congregation.
He christened Grace Community Church less than two weeks later. Last week, he asked members of his new church to forgive him for the alleged affairs.

Falwell's show in January spotlighted Gilyard's more distant past -- including his claims of teenage homelessness -- in a segment called "The Darrell Gilyard Miracle Story."

But Barbara Davis, 65, of Palatka, Fla., who said she reared Gilyard from age 5 to 19, said he fabricated stories about his childhood.

"It was embarrassing," Davis told the newspaper. "People were calling me from all over and knew how I'd raised him."

Let's see what these new allegations are all about. Either way, its probably time that people in Jacksonville who are following this man know the truth about his past.


Anonymous said...

So is this the Mitchell Report for Pastors? Seems like you have better insight on this info better than Google. I guess your past is squeekly clean too?

Get a grip and get a life. It's easy to kick someone when they're down. Keeping living your turn will arrive soon!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

My past is "squeeky clean" if by that you mean I haven't had aldurterous affairs with women in my church (or anywhere), and that I haven't sent sexually explicit emails to teenage girls in my church.

How about you Bo?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Apparently Paige Patterson has been to the Mac Brunson school of non-judgementalism...this is unbelievable - note that the date of this excerpt is 1991:

When allegations of sexual misconduct cropped up against Gilyard four years ago [which would mean 1987], Patterson said he counseled the young minister, who is married. Patterson said he advised Gilyard to avoid meeting alone with women and to avoid lengthy personal counseling sessions that might breed gossip.

Isn't that the advice you give a pastor BEFOREHAND so he DOESN'T get into trouble?

"4 years before" puts the date of original allegations around 1987...I am quite certain that Gilyard preached at FBC Jax after 1987. Did Paige Patterson warn FBC Jax and BBC and Jerry Falwell's church about these allegations against Gilyard?

Not sure I want to know the answer.

Anonymous said...

You really need a hobby other than being the so called FBC Watchdog, and now apparently USA Church Watchdog. People make mistakes, and while I am not excusing his behavior and think he should step down and seek help, your attitude seems to be one of judgementalism toward him, and others who have associated with him. Have you ever committed the same sin repeatedly? No need to answer, we can already see the answer is already yes by reading your blog. Have you ever thought you had kicked some sinful habit of yours only for it to reveal itself again? I have, and I admit it!

I don't know if you are aware (and I am saying this VERY sarcastically, I cannot imagine you don't know this) but when people are counseled, their reasons for being such are not broadcast to people.

Yes, people should be held accountable for their actions, and so if these latest allegations are FOUND TO BE TRUE then he should resign and never pastor again. And if this person he was texting was under 18, then he should be tried criminally if the messages rise to that level. But that doesn't mean you should be here blogging about him in typical First Baptist "we are better than everyone" arrogance.

I know...you are going to say "I am just informing the people of what these pastors are doing in the name of God and I want to shed light on it so it will stop." Bull! If you would be honest with yourself and with God, YOU would need to ask for forgiveness over all of this too.

And since you apparently didn't go anywhere for 2 weeks like you said, I guess I will go ahead and get all of this out too in response to some of your previous statements.

About being anonymous and all your comments about there being nothing wrong with it and citing other places. There are a couple of big differences there. When a professor gets anonymous grades on his performance from his students he knows every one of those students paid for the class in some way, he knows it is a direct response to how he taught, and he knows it came from THOSE STUDENTS! When someone anonymously files a sexual harassment complaint at work, again, it is within the walls of that office. No one from the outside is filing them! Not to mention, there is a far cry between sexual harassment complaints being filed anonymously and "we don't like you took your jacket off in church when you preached, how dare you defile the pulpit" anonymous reply. (I don't know if he got that last one as a complaint, but I wouldn't put it past many in that congregation) As far as bettering products go and anonymous replies to those, first off I think it's stupid to reply anonymously to that too. But when you DO reply, they do ask for where you bought the item, around what date, what's wrong, what was the item, etc. etc. They KNOW, or have a pretty good idea who bought the item. And for anonymous groups of people who test items, again, the company KNOWS they are being tested, how many, ages, race, sex, etc. It's not completely anonymous info, and it was ASKED FOR to better the product.

All the pastor of your church has asked is you attach your name to your emails and letters expressing concerns. I was there for "Vision Sunday." I heard it loud clear. As I said, I have emailed him twice in the past, was respectful, and got pretty prompt replies. It doesn't mean anything was going to be done to my liking or satisfaction, but he DID read it.

Now about some of your concerns. I have no idea what land you all are talking about. But if someone offered him the land personally he has no reason to discuss it with you. Why should he? Because he is the pastor of a church? Would you be so concerned about knowing about it had it been offered to him on Pearl St? I doubt it. If someone offered you free land somewhere in a nice area would you not take it too? Would you feel inclined to disclose this information to your employees at work if you were a supervosor? What about the people who buy products or services from that company? I seriously don't think you would.

The card, I have said it before and I will say it again. Who cares? My first reaction upon seeing it was I wouldn't have done it but then again, I don't celebrate anything at all. If you don't like it, throw it away. Why make a big deal about it?!

His son working there. I would have no opinion of this either way either. Many churches employ several members of their family. I know, my grandfather was a preacher in this redneck city and he employed my father, and several other relatives had other roles in the church too. Have you ever looked at New Life Christian Fellowships website and the staff there? You will notice a lot of them have one thing in common...the last name "Zink." Is that necessarily bad? It is if it is a closed church where there is no accountability anywhere, but if there is, then so what? Why don't you blog on them? You can't say it's because you are the FBC Watchdog, because you have now jumped on Shiloh, Paige Patterson (whom personally I don't like, for full disclosure), and mentioned Bellevue, Adrian Rogers, and others.

About the reception and sending it out notices to all Sunday School classes. Pardon him, I guess he thought you all were a loving, accepting church, ready to make his family part of your own. I guess you all have really shown your true colors in the last few months, or at least you have, you are nothing more than a negative bible thumping judgmental see things my way or else Christian masquerading around in a church that preaches "love" and "forgiveness" and taking that cloke as if it were your own. You know what I did when I got that reception notice; yeah, I was still going there at the time, I left it on the seat and thought nothing more about it. I didn't have the thought run through my head like you apparently did that there is a statute of limitations on how long being "new" last until you are allowed to do such things.

You are majoring on a lot of minor points, points you wouldn't get much more of an acknowledgment from me on then you get from Mac Brunson. In fact, you might get less from me.

I agree with you on some other points, the overspending on missions is not the churches problem. Well, it is because now they have to make up the shortfall, but there should have been a little more financial accountability on that one. I would chalk it up to an overzealous Missions loving pastor and forgive him for it and move on though, just as a church let him know it can't happen again.

The other thing that is really a point of contention for me is the fact that millions of dollars were spent on upgrading the TV equipment to HD (I gave to it, so I have a right to be upset) and now it is not being used at all. And like I said before, it's like the 2 hours of TV time I assume they pay for are just kind of "there" now. There doesn't seem to be any emphasis on making it something to draw lost people in. There are rarely any advertisements of upcoming events, they never give the service times,and now it's two weeks delayed. It's just almost become a way for the local affiliate to fill 2 hours of TV time on Sunday morning with. There's no real way to justify this. Dr. Vines and the media staff worked hard to get the timeslot on channel 12 changed to 10:30 so they could be live again. Now it isn't, and I do feel there is no excuse for it. No, Mac Brunson did not push for HD equipment, but he came to pastor a church that had it, always put an emphasis on the TV ministry, and now that money is basically wasted.

Paul Zimmerman

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Paul - OK. I'll try again.

- please don't come to this blog if you think me and others here are judgemental, self-righteous people. Its that simple. And you sure are judgmental towards those who desire to discuss things that are wrong in our church. You are the judgemental one sir, take a look in the mirror.

- you would have loved Mac's sermons on judgementalism these past two Wenesday's. If you think that pointing out that a mega church pastor who yesterday was accused of texting sexually explicit messages to a teenager is also the same pastor who admitted to committing adultery with women HE WAS COUNSELING at his church - if that to you is wrong and being "JUDGEMENTAL"...that tells me quite a bit about your theology and it also tells me a lot about why you left FBC Jax.

Yes, I am informing people in our community about Darrell Gilyard. Try Googling "Darrell Gilyard" and you will see there is absolutely nothing that the average Internet searcher will find about his sordid past in Texas. Most members in his church have no idea that he was sexually involved with women he was counseling. He has no business being a pastor, yet no one in this city dares point out his past. Now that people are looking at these current allegations they need to be made aware of his past. If that makes YOU uncomfortable, I DON'T CARE. If that makes me judgemental in your eyes, I DON'T CARE.

About anonymous emails - you just don't get it and I won't restate it again except to say: receivers of anonymous information are unwise to reject it on the sole basis of them not knowing the name and address of the sender. Don't need to lecture me on the finer points of anonymous information in the workplace or educational institutions. Receivers of anonymous information who throw them in the trash because of their anonymity are foolish.

Also: PEOPLE POSTING HERE HAVE SENT HIM EMAILS WITH THEIR NAMES ON IT, AND THEY HAVE GONE TO SEE THE PASTOR AND OTHER STAFF MEMBERS ABOUT THESE CONCERNS. The responses varied from generic non-informational replies that didn't address the questions, to being told they don't know, to being told if they don't like things they need to go elsewhere. This has been said several times since you started frequenting this evil blog, so I'm not sure why you can't understand that.

The land deal - you need to read other posts to maybe, sort of , a little bit, see that its wrong. Just a little bit wrong maybe Paul? Your example of "someone" offering me free land and me discussing it with my employees - you aren't using your brain here Paul..you've heard too many sermons on not being judgemental, and its affected your ability to discern between right and wrong. The man accepted a position with a 501(c)3 organization after the organization had been courting him for some time - this is well known that our church went after Mac Brunson and wanted him very badly. He accepts the position for a handsome salary, then two weeks after he arrives, ONE OF THE DONORS OF THE 501(C)3 SELLS HIM A $300,000 PIECE OF LAND FOR $50. Don't believe me? Go to the property appraisor's website and look it up. That is precisely the type of thing Paul that Senator Grassley is investigating the 6 "televangenlists" for...donors of the organizations funneling money directly to the pastor. If you can't see that this sort of thing STINKS, that it raises so many other questions, then you have a lack of discernment and should pray about that. Did Mac Brunson actually think that no one would care that he did this? This raises so many questions about the motives of him coming here, and a wise man would know that this sort of transaction would have raised other questions.

Yes, I know all about the Zink's, and other ministries in town where pastors' family members are on staff. But in each case that I'm aware of, there is a specified position that the person is filling, and the church is told (usually on the website) what their ministry responsibility is. Not the case here...we don't know what his wife's and son's positions are...we were told at one point his son does "the leg work" for the pastor....he is described as "Director of Special Projects" on the pastor's own 501(c)3 website, but his name appears nowhere on the FBC Jax website.

If pointing these things out in this forum makes you uncomfortable, please don't come here anymore....and if you want to discuss the validity of discussing them or whether discussing them is sinful or judgemental, please start your own blog to discuss such matters.

Anonymous said...

Sheri said...

Watchdog - This allegation concerning Darrell Gilyard is shocking, and I truly feel badly for his congregation.

I can only wonder if the mom of the teenager who received the text messages went to Gilyard first, and what his response to her might have been. I wonder if she was intimidated, or told to keep silent about this, and so in desperation went to the police.

The ARROGANCE of Gilyard TELLING his Trustees and Deacons what was going to happen with his discipline is mind-blowing. This arrogance is what makes me question what his response might have been to the mom and teenager, if indeed they confronted him first.

I'm sure it was a heart-wrenching decision to go to the police about their pastor, but thank God that the mom had the wisdom and discernment not to be intimidated. I suspect that this will turn out to be only the tip of the iceberg. Gilyard's congregation is large, and he's been there a long time.

Pastors are called to a very high standard, and as such should be above reproach. This doesn't mean that they don't inadvertantly sin like the rest of us, but they don't have to INVITE trouble by DELIBERATELY putting themselves into compromising situations.

Anonymous said...

If all the things you are saying about Mac are true (and I am NOT saying that they are), then he needs to resign or be terminated. Lapses in judgment don't begin to cover the things that are being asserted on this site.

On the other hand, the church is the Lord's and I do have trust in Him to take care of His church. We are a tad presumptious to think that we are the "hand of God" and thinking that God needs us to take care of His church.

Finally, one thought in my opinion, I think people are completely wrong if they are saying Mac is anywhere near like Darrell. I think basically Mac is a man of moral purity so its wrong to link him to Darrell and his ungodly behavior.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - no one is associating Mac Brunson with Darrell Gilyard - why in the world are you saying that?

I have addressed Gilyard on this blog because:

1. I have knowledge of Gilyard's past and want to make sure that as Jacksonville is considering the current allegations I also want to shine the spot light on his past that seems to have never been brought up in Jacksonville. Most people at his church have absolutely no idea that this man admitted to sexual relations with young women in his previous church (one as young as 18)...and thus all the women and mothers at Shiloh Baptist Church deserve to know these facts.

2. I did mention that there seems to be preachers like Mac Brunson who go around saying that we are not to "judge" or that "judgementalism and critical spirits" are the most dangerous thing facing churches these days...this is NOT true...its leadership of churches who aren't held accountable by their churches. Let's see what comes out of this Gilyard mess...I fear that perhaps this one allegation may be just the tip of the iceberg.

3. People in FBC Jax are well aware of Darrell Gilyard from the 80's as he was one of the "darlings" who preached at Jax and Bellevue and even at Falwell's church, until he was found out.

4. As one of the posters said here, let's see what the story was about the allegations and if this woman first went to the pastor or deacons or trustees of the church to expose him...and what their response was. There seems to be a "protect the pastor at all costs" mentality among baptist churches whenever there are any allegations made, so I will continue to follow this story and comment on it.

Anonymous said...

Watchdog, I absolutely love your faith. I don't know what religion is going down there on your side of Beaver Street, but please let me not scrutinize FBC for what they have done. I'm getting slightly off the tangent but so are you. The Devil is busy. Even so busy for you to tell everyone here you are "Squeeky Clean." Get a grib alter boy!

You can publish whatever you want and spread anything you need.

1. This ain't the 80's!.

2. It sounds like you have a personal vendetta against DG.

3. Where is your previous messages.

4. Issues with pastors are always circulated. Why hasn't the Florida Times Union, The ONE and only 4 and First Coast News published anything if the story is that darn hot.

5. You need Jesus!

6. Let's not get started on how Bethel and FBC split. It's already too much racism in Jacksonville and I can't take it anymore.

7. I'm not saying that anyone is right wrong in this case, all I'm saying is that the truth will eventually rise.

8. Your name should be anonymous. Who is FBC Jax. I have some really cool friends at FBC. I'm sure you wouldn't qualify as one.

9. Squeeky clean...I'm still laughing.

10.Anyone can publish a blog. Where is your truth? Where are your facts? I don't need what some wanna be jounalist wrote up. I'm sure if I knew you're name I could find some dirt on you Mr. Squeeky Clean. Let the cards fall where they may, but put down the hatorade for now! Mr. First Baptist (Anti) Church!

P.S. Don't trust the bums you see at the Shell gas station across the street or the man preaching in Hemming Plaza. Darn stone thrower!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Bo - why are you so angry? We're just pointing out that Reverend Darrell Gilyard admitted to having sex with women in his church in Texas, and one of them was allegedly as young as 18 years old.

Would you trust Pastor Gilyard to counsel your daughter?

Squeekly Clean - if you read my response you would see that I said I am squeeky clean if by that you mean that I haven't committed adultery with women in my church.

You're asking for my facts? My truth? Did you read the articles on the front page of my blog? Are you saying these are false?

I hope the Times Union does carry this information to let the community know of Gilyard's past, especially if there is any truth to the current allegations.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Bo - you asked about the previous messages...on the front page of my blog scroll down to the 2nd article...the messages from last night are posted there..

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

To Bo Duke: First of all the reason Channel 4 and 12, The Times etc. haven't posted the story yet - they needed the police report (which they will be able to get tomorrow) or else it is a liability. They will be airing the story, keep watching. 47 news just got the tip 1st and then got the report during operating hours. This is the game of being the 1st to report.
I assure you the truth is coming out. Watch 47 news tonight at 11 for the newer info.
Second, why are you so angry? You are the one who seems to have a vendetta.
The reason this girl and others have been victimized over the recent years is the lack of publicity and accountability and unfortunately the fear and humiliation of being slandered for telling their story. He is a very powerful and influentual man and many are afraid to tell their story. People like you scare them away also, for fear of being judged. Without the voice of many there is not enough to build the case to stop him. Predators use humiliation and fear to scare victims. People like you scare victims because they are afrid of being humiliated and bashed as you are attempting to do to watchdog. You have every right to your opinion, but when you begin to attack the messenger you are just as wrong as you think he is.
What if it was your daughter, niece, wife or grandaughter who was a victim? How would you fell then and would you want to warn the world? Or should we all sit back and participate in his crime by helping to brush it under the rug and keep quiet?
As to the watchdog, No one can judge his heart or motives (only God knows) and we might not all agree with everything said, I do not attend FBC and cannot answer for the church, nor should I, but if you don't like what is being said then why do you come to the sight?
And speaking of being anonymous, is your name really Bo Duke or is that a screen name?
Also, I don't think anyone's past is squeaky clean, except for Jesus, and no one here is claiming to be. You seem bent on proving that point, are you above reproach? Aren't you being judgemental? Or I'm I misreading? Is your intention to be loving Psalm 19:14 says "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight." I haven't heard anything pleasant from you. On the contrary many of us are talking about and praying for Darrell to be stopped, but also to repent and be changed. This does not mean you sit back and do nothing.
If I did not have first hand knowledge and experience with Darrell, I would not be posting, as I believe it would then just be gossip which is wrong. But I do know the truth, and I do believe this girl and all of the others, because I know how he operates. I do sincerely pray that he gets help, he is sick, but I refuse to stand by and let him get away yet again. If he was repentant this would be a totally different issue. Instead, he has taken a paid leave "while his committee looks into the allegations" just as he did before. Then, when he cannot disprove them and is backed into a corner, and only then, will he step down from the church (until he finds another one that will allow him to preach). This is his pattern. Three churches, three times dismissed due to the same problems.

Anonymous said...

I was a member at Gilyard's church in Richardson when all of the information came out back in the 90's. We were surprised when he got a job offer in Jacksonville and suspected it would happen again. What is really surprising is this the first allegation? Wow, how blind can people be?

Anonymous said...

Watchdog - the similarities between the way supporters of Gilyard have responded to you and the way supporters of Brunson have responded to you are identical. Any time you question God's man, you will be attacked by the zealot, gullible, fanatical supporters. Neither pastor has any accountability and neither has openness in what they do. Gilyard may have a problem with sexual issues, Brunson with wealth and image and celebrity. Either way, neither man has any one to hold them accountable. So you get abuses in both areas. Sex and money. Priests have been preying on the gullible for centuries, the mega pastors are in position to do the same. It is sickening!

Anonymous said...

Which is more vile? Using your position and trust and authority to exploit young woman? Or using your position to land a $307,000 piece of land, put your family on salary and benefits without any job description or position, live rent free in a million dollar condo on Amelia Island, etc, etc. Both exploit and use their position as humble preachers of the Word for personal gain and satisfaction. Yes, we are all sinners, BUT we don't all ABUSE the love and trust of Jesus' followers to feed our sinful appetites.

Anonymous said...

luke duke says - "hi cousin bo duke". How is Daisy. I like those daisy dukes shorts don't you? Yes, we are all sinners so just let Mac and Darrel do what they please and go away watchdog and press? Right bo? We all have sin in our lives, but we are all not pastors at churches serving as the leaders of our flock. But that does'nt matter. Bring on the girls and the financial gifts! Right Bo! These guys are god's anointed. Molesting girls and woman is bad, but blogging about it is even worse. Stone the bloggers! Yee haw, cousin!

Anonymous said...

Angry? I don't think so. I don't have an axe to grind like most of you do. I don't spend all day and night calling myself a watchdog dawg!

He who hasn't sinned cast the first stone. I heard that you could probably go down to the Berkman tower and find a bunch of stones to pick up and throw from there. You are a looser and probably a young looser. Learn how the game of life is played then you'll make it to the next level. People don't like loosers like you spilling other people guts all over the place. The next thing you know Fox and CBS will be in your neighborhood asking your family stoopid questions about your life and testimony.

I guess your theory is you're damned if you do and you're double damned if you still do. You're pastor's life ain't as clean as you think it is partner. We all have sinned. Ohh I'm sorry, your sin is not as bad as my sin. You got that squeeky clean sin brotheren.

Good luck from this point on spreading the Gospel about Jesus, or Lucifer, or whoever you're worshiping these days, cause it ain't the same God that gave his only begotten son to save this world. Squeekly Clean we can have this conversation one day at the pearly gates.

I know where I'm going and what I'm accountable for. My final "Retorical" question is do you know where you're going and how do you know. I'm covered by the blood and no weapon formed against me shall prosper!

P.S. I don't need to hide behind my blog. You can find me on the net anywhere. I can't put a name to your shameless cowardly face in the masses of folk at the grand old opery on Beaver Street!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Bo - instead of attacking those who are telling people that Darrell Gilyard had sex with women he was "ministering" to in Texas, why not offer a reasonable defense of your pastor? Your tactic of tearing down the messenger instead of addressing the allegations is one we're all too familiar with, and believe me we're used to.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm only attacking your criticism. That's all. I'm not tearing anyone down. What does all of this matter to any of you anyhow? Do you REALLY care? LOL!

And yes my name is Bo. I grew up here alls me life. Just a good ol boy never meaning no harm on the S'side of this city we call the Bangem'. I was educated in Tally, but I guess I had enough since to come back to Jax.

Tiff and FBC, go tell it on the mountain. I'm not attacking anybody. You life is yours and you can do whatcha like. I'm not saying anybody is guilty or innocent of anything. Tiff, no disrespect, but you can be telling the truth or straight up lying. Denzel Washington in Training Day "It's not what you know, it's what you can prove!" Evidently Homer and Jerry and the old crew must have had some heavy hitters back in your allegations.

Let me explain myself again because I'm feeling a little misrepresented. I don't have an axe to grind with the exception of witch hunt folks. I don't like or dislike Barry Bonds, but he was the scum of the world UNTIL the Mitchell report came out. Now Roger Clemmons is lying and denying everything. These folks (reporters) did everything they could to take this man down. I'm hoping they are feeling the same way about Rocket Roger "7 time Cy Young" Clemmons.

What I'm saying is that a sin is a sin. Don't matter is you're Joel O'Steen, Mac Brunson, or Darrell Gilyard, or any of the other preachers. So my sin ain't good enough. I worship God and not a preacher man. No axes to grind. No lost love. No feelings hurt. I had to learn to be very careful of my word selection (learnt that from 21st and Phoenix :-)) when I got older. I just couldn't run my mouth and say anything I felt like saying right, wrong or indifferent.

Am I my brother's keeper?

Anonymous said...

Bo Duke is a troll. We have heard enough from him. He sounds like a guy who needs his own blog so he can ramble on and on.

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Situations like this are very serious and FAR reaching for all involved. Especially the Victim WHOEVER the victim is. Right now EVERYONE is a VICTIM, the Pastor, his poor family, the child, and the members of the church. Thank Goodness the name of the minor child is being withheld from the media, but I am sure this is devastating for her, her parents and her entire family. This situation will be life altering for her and her family even if the allegations are proven to be true or false. However the case plays out it has certainly brought a serious reproach on the name of Jehovah God his Leaders, his Church and his people. For that reason, it is my hope that the authorities do their investigations quickly and allow the Letter of the Law to dictate the punishment.

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Situations like this are very serious and FAR reaching for all involved. Especially the Victim WHOEVER the victim is. Right now EVERYONE is a VICTIM, the Pastor, his poor family, the child, and the members of the church. Thank Goodness the name of the minor child is being withheld from the media, but I am sure this is devastating for her, her parents and her entire family. This situation will be life altering for her and her family even if the allegations are proven to be true or false. However the case plays out it has certainly brought a serious reproach on the name of Jehovah God his Leaders, his Church and his people. For that reason, it is my hope that the authorities do their investigations quickly and allow the Letter of the Law to dictate the punishment.

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