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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Paige Patterson: Farewell Dear Sir

Tomorrow morning we will all get to hear Dr. Paige Patterson preach at 9:00 am at the 2008 Pastor's Conference. Once a man many of us at FBC Jax respected and admired, now most of us see him for who he is. This will likely be the last time in our pulpit he will stand.

I just want to remind everyone at FBC Jax that Dr. Paige Patterson in March 2007 after Mac Brunson preached chapel at SWBTS, Patterson stood before his student body and told them that poor Mac had been attacked by recalcitrants at FBC Jax since he arrived at our church, and that Mac never had a honeymoon at FBC Jax. Poor Mac. He only came here and lived in a multi-million dollar ocean front condo his first year rent free, signed a deed purchasing a $300,000 piece of land for $100 within 2 weeks of his arrival, had a lavish office suite renovated for he and his office staff ...and was given a salary allowing him to immediately start construction on a mansion in a gated community on a fairway. Gee, let's raise our hands and see who is willing to pray for poor ole Mac.

Yet Paige Patterson decided to paint the picture of poor Mac needing prayer by the SWBTS students because he was being unfairly attacked by "recalcitrants". To make it even more disgusting, Paige explained the reason why Dr. Brunson was being attacked: BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS TRYING TO BRING DOWN GOD'S MAN....WHY OF COURSE! Never mind the truth, let's just blame any criticism, any quesitons that are raised...blame it all on the devil and his recalcitrant bloggers.

Why do I rehash this once AGAIN? Well, what Paige Patterson did last March by lying about Mac being attacked by the devil (the "bad bloggers" as Mac said last night in his prayer) since he arrived at Jax (which is a lie...Mac was met with open loving arms by his congregation...it wasn't until his actions were found out that people started raising questions...about 10 months after he was hired), its apparent that he did the same kind of thing with Darrell Gilyard back when Gilyard was first accused of having sex with 25 women at the Concorde Church in Dallas, pastored by the late Rev. E.K. Bailey.

Go read the email from a Criswell College student who was on campus at the time Gilyard was there. The email is posted here at Tiffany Croft's blog. How Paige Patterson handled the very FIRST Darrel Gilyard accusations sounds an awful lot like how he handled the allegations made about Mac Brunson...forget the facts...let's just tell the seminary students that its the devil who is attacking the pastor. No wonder we have so many baptist pastors who are getting into trouble...seminary presidents are telling them that anytime they get questioned, any time allegations are raised, just blame it on the DEVIL!!

I predict this will be Paige Patterson's last year at the conference, so you might want to see him this last time! This time next year the Klouda case will have been settled or tried, tens of millions of SBC cooperate program funds will have been given to Sherri Klouda (and rightly so) because of Paige Patterson's arrogance...and hopefully the SWBTS board will be shamed into doing what they should have done already: send Paige Patterson packing.

Will we see Paige at the conference next year? Yes, but hopefully only in the audience after he has paid is $250 registration fee.


Anonymous said...

You assume that you are the only "recalcitrant" that Dr. Brunson has encountered since his arrival. Could not it be possible that there has been opposition to our pastor that you have not been made aware of--maybe when you weren't "watching." Do you know for certain that there were none before the "Great era of WATCHDOG"? This is a prime example of where I tend to take issue with you-- that is assuming you have all the details and therefore make judgment calls with the possibility of not being entirely informed.
Have you heard from the church that this is Dr. Patterson's last opportunity in the pulpit of FBC Jax or is that too an assumption?

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea......obviously you are very un-happy at FBC so why don't you just leave and find another church home?. You have a lot of anger built up in you. You put a lot of time and energy into this blog and that time could be spent doing more productive things like possibly finding a new church home?!.

If what Mac is doing is wrong then he will have to stand before God one day and answer to him.

I really hope you can find happiness and peace soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paige Patterson - (yes we know you read the blogs) I am sure as a man of integrity that you claim you are, you will challenge the Jacksonville crowd on Sunday morning about their being recalcitrants and not giving Mac a honeymoon. Be sure to explain that you don't care if he built luxury office space, hired his wife and son on staff, lived on the Atlantic Ocean over an hour from the church, accepted a gift worth over $300K, promoted his Holy Land trips, had a money tree for his son's reception without inviting the congregation to the wedding, finished up book deals, and didn't even show up for awhile after we hired him, ALL IN THE FIRST FEW MONTHS. That my friend, is a major honeymoon. So either apologize to us Sunday morning, or don't expect us to believe anything else you say!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 9:22 - you asked if I have heard its Paige Patterson's last opportunity?

Look up the word "predict" and then read my post.


Anonymous said...

And I predict you are dead wrong - yet again.

Thank God for men like Paige Patterson.

Anonymous said...

Most people blindly trust and few do the research to determine who is worthy of teaching/leading us. Time being valuable, and having done my homework, so to speak I will learn from those who don't waste my time. There's a HUGE difference between oratory skills and a deep study of the Word. Needless to say, I'll be skipping Patterson.

Anonymous said...

I don't go there anymore, but are you as a church not having Sunday School at 9 on Sunday? He isn't speaking to the "congregation" as a whole, just to the people who came for the conference. I can't stand Patterson and nothing would make me happier than to discover he never returns to ANY city I live in ever again, but I don't know why there is an assumption he won't be back. The current pastor likes him, many in the congregation have no idea what he said to seminary people because most I would assume don't read this, and he is one of the "regulars."

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Paul - still having sunday school as usual, but the "Sunday School" for the visiting pastors is a sermon in the main auditorium by PP.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

My prediction that he won't be here is based primarily on the Klouda case...once the facts are found in a court of law (darn those recalcitrant judges that don't bow to PP's every wishes like his board at SWBTS), and once Klouds is awarded TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars (all dollars that could have gone to rurthering the gospel), PP will be damaged goods, much like Steve Gaines is damaged goods. Need I remind readers that just LAST YEAR Steve Gaines had a prominent speaking slot at the pastor's conference, but was pulled last minute after the Paul Williams mess hit the fan, and Steve Gaines this year is no where to be found on the conference. As it will be next year with Paige Patterson.

Just a prediction on PP; but I also am predicting the Giants over the Pats, so I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

MAC MISLEAD YOU AGAIN, brothers. He said some of you negotiate like NBA players! Who was he talking about. Which of you attendees did that?

As for Mac, he may not have known his exact salary, but he had already negotiated the remodeling and it had already begun on his luxury office suites, he had negotiated that his Team Brunson was coming on salary as full time staff and he knew he had the oceanfront condo on Amelia Island and he KNEW he was getting a gift of over $300,000 from J.D.Collins. (They closed on it and transferred title just two weeks after he arrived.)

He thinks you are so gullible and stupid not to know that HE is the only one his sermon applied to. (angry, bitter, jealous, bad attitude. Just ask Vines and Patterson if you don't want to believe this blogger.) Instead of talking about salary negotiations, he should have said "some of us even think we need 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath mansions worth over a million dollars on a golf course in a gated community, have to drive the most expensive cars, and continue to line our own pockets with CONFERENCES, book deals, and preaching circuits." With all of that, he could live comfortably with NO salary. But you all bought his bull____ didn't you.

Anonymous said...

The "prince" is coming? Wow! The "Prince" came last year and did Mac's bidding. I won't be taking my family downtown to hear the Prince again until he confesses his heart and motives last year, and asks for forgiveness. His was a public sin, and he needs to confess it publicly. Then, I will once again to trust his preaching. Until that day, I will not be fooled again by the "Prince" as Mac called him.

Mac, just because you mislead him and got him to do your bidding to own former congregation that loved him and treated him well for 23 years, doesn't make him a "prince."

Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Jim Caviezal never mentioned scriptural tithing. Just that 10% of the proceeds from tape sales will be donated to the church you belong. That is a common sales promotion technique THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SCRIPTURAL TITHING. Nice try, Mac... Why not preach the passages in the bible regarding tithing using your knowledge of the Greek and Hebrew and your handle on historical context to explain to us tithing. Don't set up and use poor Jim Caviezal to make your point that we should be tithing. That was PATHETIC!

Anonymous said...

Jan 3 – “As I look forward to 2008 I realize it is time to give up blogging.”

Jan 5 – “OK...The FINAL Farewell from the Watchdog”

Jan 31 – “The blog closed down about 4 weeks ago, but the Watchdog is back for a series of articles directed toward the attendees of the FBC Jax Pastor's Conference...”

:) LOL

Anonymous said...

To Anon of 2/16:
Did you really think Watchdog was going to go away? It will never happen until Satan is bound and cast into the lake of fire. Why should you be surprised? THe Bible tells us that believers will be attacked until Jesus returns so...here we are. Just remember this...the fact that they write it doesn't make it true. Regardless of the number of people who write in agreement, it still doesn't make it true. They know it's hurtful to write this drivel but they do it anyway because they love it. They get a sick kick out of seeing how much strife they can stir up. No one can call themselves a Christian and do what they do. That is a fact whether they believe it or not.