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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Update on Pastor Daniel Jones?

During the Sunday evening service September 30, 2007, Mac brought up Pastor Daniel Jones to the platform and explained how our church was going to assist Pastor Jones in the rebuilding of his church that had been nearly destroyed by arson earlier that year. Mac then told us all how Trey had been instrumental in "negotiating reduced prices for air conditioners" for Pastor Jones' church and we were going to help him get his church building functional again. As you might recall Mac even called out men from the congregation to help Pastor Jones go "door to door" to get his congregants back (but of course this was before Mac proclaimed that "people aren't home anymore" and door to door evangelism doesn't work). This was during the emphasis on giving and Mac was trying to show how we use our church funds to help others in need. In fact that morning he had some pastor from New Orleans stand up and Mac proudly proclaimed "See that guy, we pay his salary." Got the picture?

You can read the Watchdog's original article on the Pastor Daniel Jones assistance here.

Why am I dredging this up you ask?

Today (Sunday 3/23/08) in the Times Union there is an article by Jeff Brumley (the reporter who wrote the Mac Brunson article in 2006 telling everyone of Mac's "blazing oratory") about churches in our area that have burned and the struggles the pastors are facing in rebuilding.

Sure enough, Brumley reports that Pastor Daniel Jones is still holding church services in a tent, and he does not have his building functional yet. In fact, here's what Brumley writes:

It's been a tough, day-to-day struggle toward getting the building ready, Jones said. While a new roof has been added and other work has progressed to restore the sanctuary, Jones said it will take about $45,000 to make the structure usable. It would take another $100,000 or so to get the structure into pristine condition, he said. The church has received about $9,000 in donations.

Did we get the church air conditioners? Did our church help them like Mac said we would last fall? If we did how much did we help with and why is Pastor Jones still not in his building now a full year after the fire, and 6 months after Mac committed the church to help?

Mac, since you brought Pastor Jones to the church that night and publicly offered our church to help him, perhaps you owe us an update now that Pastor Jones is back in the news and seemingly no closer to getting into his building than he was last September. But we won't hold our breath waiting.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Jeff Brumley - can you do a follow up story with Pastor Jones and ask him where the help went that was promised to him by Mac Brunon during the Sunday evening service on September 30, 2007? Do some real investigative journalism work instead of the puff pieces, and ask some tough hard-hitting questions of religious leaders in our city.

Anonymous said...

I've personally assisted this church in the past year. You should get your facts straight before dogging the Pastor and Trey. And shame on you for being so disrespectful for calling him by his first name when you won't even put yours on here.

Anonymous said...

anon - who are YOU. IF you have something meaningful and helpful to add, why not state that. Otherwise your comment is meaningless. And what facts are wrong. If you know the "truth", put them out here for all to read. The truth may set so many bloggers and readers free once they read it.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Where are all the people crying "lies and slander" in the AGroup thread above? At least one of them appears to be in the know, and maybe they could share information about whether Mac and Trey fulfilled their committment to help get the man's church building back...and why 6 months after Mac brought the man up to the platform there is a story in the Times Union about him still holding church in a tent. Did we help, or did we not help? And Mac called out some men in the church to go "door to door" and help Dan Jones build his church back up. Did we do that?

Or is to ask these questions and ask for some accountability also "lies and slander"?

Anonymous said...

To anon March 26, 2008 9:49 am:

You "personally assisted this church in the past year..."

Did they get the rebuilding help Dr. Brunson promised Trey was going to get for them?

Please enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please explain to me why Dr.Brunson allowed an event laden with unbelievers and other religions to use your building for a day of faith/prayer(2Cor.6:14-18).To Anon.March 26,2008 9:49am In the New Test.the writers and others were referred to as Peter,Paul,Timothy,James,John,etc.,so the FBC Jax Watchdog has the right to refer to Dr.Brunson by his first name.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please explain to me why Dr.Brunson would allow the day of prayer/faith knowing that unbelievers and other relgions and those with heretical teaching would participate.To Anon.March 26,2008 9:49am the FBC Jax Watchdog is within his right to refer to Dr.Brunson by his first name(Paul,Peter,James,Timothy,John,Matthew,etc).

Unknown said...

This is pastor dans son Daniel jones also known as Rapheal jones the church was put back together and we appreciate the helped. The struggle was meant for the gain.