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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Debbie Brunson Elected Secretary of IMB Trustees

According to the SBC Today blog, today Debbie Brunson was elected as "Secretary" of the International Mission Board trustees. She will begin her term at the conclusion of the SBC Convention in Indianapolis June 10-11.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Let's hope Debbie has a better attendance record at the IMB Trustee meetings than Mac does at the Jax crime prevention steering committee meetings. I'm sure she will.

Anonymous said...

On whos dime?

Anonymous said...

Already, Snoopy is taking shots at Mrs. Brunson without knowing ANY facts. Fact is she is she has been elected, right? That is all we know. For all we know she may do a wonderful job. She probably will. Quick question, dog. Are you serving on ANY board, team, local church? Or is this blog it?!?

Please pass me a cup of "Berry Bitter" Kool-Aid. It seems to be the flavor of choice here!

Anonymous said...

Well at least she has a job to go with the title.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Relax Anon, don't be so sensitive. I didn't take a shot at Debbie Brunson. I merely pointed to a fact that she was elected to a prominent position in the SBC.

Other Anon: as far as I know, just reading Wade Burleson's blog, I believe the IMB pays for travel expenses for trustees and board members to travel to meetings. So while we do pay Ms. Brunson a salary as a staff member, her associated travel expenses should be paid for by the IMB.

Anonymous said...

So you really do keep company with Wade Burleson and the likes of Ben Cole? I thought I heard a tinge of familiarty in your tone. . .Are they not trying to bring down leaders of the SBC with strong words that do a lot more tearing down than building up?(at least that put their name on it) Yeah, I know they are calling for accountability . . .but their methods are condescending and brutal.
I guess my momma was right "you become like those you run with"

And yes, the IMB does cover your expenses to the meetings. As for the words "Prominent Position in the SBC" you exaggerate.

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason says:

anon April 10 12:01 p.m. - you accuse us of making accusations with little or no facts, yet just the mention that someone happens to read a blog written by a former IMB trustee and you are actually stating that we are "keeping company with Wade Burleson and Ben Cole." What are you talking about?

Has Wade Burleson ever posted here or has the WD ever posted on Wade's site? Again, anytime someone disagrees with the pastor, they are quickly labeled and black listed as the "enemy."

Not so fast my friend. (Lee Corso is another one I am "keeping company with" apparently.)