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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Brunson Discovers that Churches in Rome Were All Satellite Churches!

Mac Brunson thinks his congregation are a bunch of biblical illiterates. In his sermons recently he has expressed concern over how gullible we are when we read books and watch TV, that we're all being led astray by heretical writers and TV preachers. Here is an example from this past Sunday.

So while he likes to beat us up for not being people of the Bible and not bringing our Bibles to church, he also likes to use his perception of our biblical illiteracy to his advantage.

Case in point this Sunday, while preaching out of Romans Chapter 1, he declares that the churches in Rome were actually a group of "satellite churches", comparable to what we are doing here in Jacksonville by opening a satellite church in southern Duval County. If he actually believes that there is any similarity between his plan for satellites (a huge mother church starting "branch" churches where a "rock start" preacher drives in to preach and money is collected and sent back to the mother church) and the first century believers in Rome, then he needs to study his bible a little more closely.

"There were many churches across the city of Rome. They met wherever they could. There was not just one congregation...people ask...well what about...you know...you've got a downtown location for a church and then you're gonna go and put a satellite out somewhere...well that's exactly what the church in Rome was. It was a group of "satellite churches".

That is absolutely ridiculous! If anything, if we were to follow the pattern of the churches in Rome and elsewhere in the New Testament, we would be interested in starting a new church in southern Duval County with their own pastor perhaps, not a millionaire preacher who will drive in his BMW to preach to people live and via video tape at some branch church where all the money and power and control comes back to the "mother church" in downtown.

So readers, another example of how careless Mac Brunson is with the truth. His "brand" is one of bible scholar, historian....yet he pulls off a ridiculous statement like this. I've said it before when he fibs in his supposedly historical illustrations, and when he lied to our faces about Sheri Klouda: if he will fib in the pulpit over historical facts and tell lies about former church members, he'll also take liberty with the scriptures. We used to be able to trust the words from the pulpit at FBC Jax, but while Mac is filling the pulpit we all need to be very careful and measure his every claim.

There might be many reasons to start a satellite church. None of the reasons have anything to do with the churches in Rome also being satellites. Mac knows it. Every preacher reading this blog around the SBC knows it. But he still puts it out there because he thinks we're biblical illiterates and will believe anything he says.

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grt42btexan said...

It is next to impossible to leave a comment. The word verification is horrible and beyond hard to read. I think that is why so few comments. It looks like lots of people are reading. Keep on!!

Also I find it interesting that so many people want YOU to leave the church. The church is not the pastor and his staff. They will all come and go when they are "called" somewhere else. I personally have invested over 20 years at our church. Lots of my money sacrificed for buildings and missions. I invested my family time . My kids childhoods were largely invested in our church. Mac will soon be gone as obvious from his displeasure . Why should the faithful leave?