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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prediction: Brunson for SBC Prez, 2010

I would like to be the first to go on the record predicting that Mac Brunson will be nominated and elected by a comfortable margin, as president of the Southern Baptist Convention during their annual meeting in Orlando in June 2010.

I base this prediction on the following observations:

- 2010 SBC Keynote Address: Brunson was selected by the 2009 SBC Annual Meeting attendees to deliver the SBC 2010 convention sermon (akin to a "keynote address") in Orlando.

- Friendship with Current Prez Hunt: Perhaps Brunson is the choice of current president Johnny Hunt. After all Hunt is a very outspoken friend and supporter of the Brunson family. In his most recent show of support for his good friend Mac during these troubling times during Brunson's tenure at FBC Jax, Hunt flew in to Jax on Friday 9/25 in a plane flown by one of his church members to speak to the FBC Jax deacons and their wives at their Daytona Beach deacon's retreat. Hunt flew in that night, had a riverfront dinner at the Chart House with the Brunsons, then flew back that night after speaking to the FBC Jax deacons. Johnny Twittered during his trip, declaring his love for Mac and calling him "God's man". Another example of the Hunt-Brunson connection is that Hunt this past year hired Mac's son-in-law who just graduated from SBTS. The Hunt and Brunson friendship is deep, and Mac is very close to Paige Patterson. No doubt Mac would be an excellent choice for the Patterson CR crowd.

- State Convention Speaking Gigs: Brunson recently announced to his church that this year he has never received more invitations to speak to groups, and that is schedule is "scary" busy. He has been invited to speak at several baptist state conventions, including Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, and Oklahoma. These are great stumping opportunities for Mac to garner support for his presidency. The current controversy at FBC Jax seems to not have waned Brunson's popularity with the SBC faithful, and in fact may have served to give his image a big boost amongst the conservative pastors.

- Local Speaking Slots: I found it interesting that Calvin Carr, pastor of North Central Baptist Church in Gainesville and long-time youth minister at FBC Jax, has invited Brunson to speak at his church for their special "Harvest Banquet" day in November. On his blog, Calving Carr described Brunson: "Dr. Brunson leads a mammoth congregation with the heart of a loving shepherd. I know you will not want to miss this special night." So even Calvin Carr is on board with Mac Brunson, "the loving shepherd". Apparently smaller churches like Calvin's find Brunson an attractive preacher to be brought in to speak to their people.

- Support of FBC Jax Lay, Staff, and Leadership: Reportedly things are going very well at FBC Jax, numbers are up, giving is strong, and the ministry is thriving. Mac apparently has full support of his deacons and trustees, and all is well at FBC Jax. After all, Mac has had huge victories of late: the successful launch of the First Baptist Academy and a satellite church in St. John's County.

Why Brunson's increase in popularity of late on the preaching circuit, as Mac himself admits? I don't know, but perhaps he is viewed as the resilient, martyred, humble pastor, or on the other extreme perhaps some in the CR crowd hail him as the one with the guts to take on recalcitrant, blogging, vocal critics of SBC leadership. Or maybe its the influence of his friend Johnny Hunt.

Some may call this prediction a no-brainer, some may say "no way". But I say it is a long-shot prediction when one considers what Mac told Tim Rogers in an SBC Today interview in February 2008:

"I can tell ya right now, I've about determined I'm not runnin' for anything, I'm not going to take an office of anything, I don't want to. God would have to do something awfully, awfully unusual. I don't think my wife would let me do it, number one. But number two, I just don't want to do it."

This last year, certainly has been "awfully, awfully, unusual"....so maybe he will go for it. Needless to say, in this writer's opinion, there is much about Brunson that should cause SBC lay people concern, and the people of FBC Jax great concern, about Brunson's ascension to the convention presidency, and I'll make a few comments in the coming weeks on this.

I know its early, more than 7 months to the 2010 annual SBC meeting, but I want to be the first, at least that I know of, to predict Brunson's ascension to the SBC presidency next year, and if it comes to pass, I'll say a hearty "Congrats" to Mac Brunson!

We shall see next June in Orlando! See you all there!


Anonymous said...

"Why Brunson's increase in popularity of late on the preaching circuit, as Mac himself admits? I don't know, but perhaps he is viewed as the resilient, martyred, humble pastor, or on the other extreme perhaps some in the CR crowd hail him as the one with the guts to take on recalcitrant, blogging, vocal critics of SBC leadership. Or maybe its the influence of his friend Johnny Hunt."

People need to understand how it works. They have to take the long view when trying to figure out how things are done in the SBC.

They simply cannot allow Mac to fail. There is too much at stake not only for all the other mega church pastors in the SBC, but for those aligned against the Calvinistas who are gaining support every day.

They are experts at taking sin and it becoming public and making into a martydom situation or 'standing firm on the Word' as Patterson did when he ruined Klouda.

They know that most pew sitters are ignorant not only of the scripture but they revere leaders. They know if they support Mac in a big way with lots of positive publicity, speaking gigs, etc, they can help him ride this out.

They did much worse things in the early days of the CR to people so what they are doing now is normal for them. The difference is the internet. They controlled the Baptist media for the most part and the secular media was uninformed because things were hidden well.

That is why they want us to believe that blogs are sinful. It is their only hope to keep this stuff hidden to a degree that they can keep saying: You just don't have all the facts. See, that worked for almost 30 years.

Too bad they do not care for one another's eternal lives. But they believe their own propaganda that they are special men of God and therefore what they say and do is not really sin.

Anonymous said...

This so typical of the "Ole Boys Club". Look after each other. Keep the "business" going. Present a united front, no matter what. It's all about money, and those "bad ole evil people" that get between them and the money. Of course, they "love" each other. What else do you expect. Why do we not have real preachers anymore. We once had great men of God that preached the Word, unconditionally. I have heard giants of the faith preach and live what they preached. I am just glad, extremely glad to have been around when they were. I was saved then, through the preaching of an evanglist, which if I had come along later, I don't know if I would have had that influence. I know God has His time for each of us to be saved. But,it's less likely now. In my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This would be a terrible choice for 4 reasons: 1) Mac personally, (2) for the members of FBC corporately,(3) for the SBC nationally; and (4) it makes your blog more relevant and more important to every SBC member.

Therefore, those are my 4 reasons why I think your prediction is right on target. These guys in their pride and arrogance, just can't make a right decision.

Anonymous said...

Love the lifestyle of the "good ol boys" rich and famous preachers . . .private plane, Chart House restaurant, beach resort retreats, twittering, Wow!

Sure, Mac makes his humble announcement he has no desire to be President of the SBC. Unbelievable - too bad he doesn't feel the call to be a full time preacher at the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville.

Anonymous said...

The Bible declares that information (news) will increase and increase. The internet is now more popular than newspapers. Everyone now has a voice and not just those that desire to control people and opinions. Look at what some foreign governments did once they got into power...they controlled or got rid of the media, especially, those that were "divisive".

The Bible says that knowing the truth will make you free. Freedom of information is the key to a democracy...otherwise all you have is a dictatorship and who wants that? I know, don't ask!!! Let your light shine either for good or bad but don't hide it under a bucket and expect no one to call you out on it. Thats America and thank God for this freedom.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I may be in Orlando.

I don't know enough about Dr. Brunson to know if he is identified as a so-called "Calvinist" or is he is part of the John 3:16 crowd. Do any of you guys know one way or the other?


No One Special said...

The SBC might as well be a political apparatus like the Democrats and Republicans. Just like the Democrats, the worse you are, the higher you go in their deal. Maybe it should be Senator Brunson (Dem) FBCJ. At least the Republicans get rid of the bad eggs.

Just sad.

Dr Who said...

If he is elected, it sure will give the blogs like yours, purifythechurch, wartburg, ministerwatch, etc., LOTS of articles to expose about all these these deceivers and those within the Baptist Mafia.

I know one man, who has been pretty silent for awhile, that is considering and praying for discernment about getting in the faces of these men and battling them for truths he knows about those within the Baptist Mafia and others about issues he has been overwhelmed with since the Everson issue.

That would be interesting. Very Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Are you a Calvinist???

Well Mac is!!!

Oh, I know that I shouldn't say that but hey, his wife is confessedly a Calvinist. Mac even told us she was. And, didn't their son go to Southeastern which is big time Calvinist? Or is just the Pres there Calvinist. I can't keep those semenaries strait. If Mac's wife is Calvinist is it possible, I say again is it conceivable that Mac is not a Calvinist??? You be the judge.

What I want to know is what is happening to you CHRISTIANS OUT THERE. When are you going to get fed up with all these LIBERAL MODERNISTS? They make me sick. First they make any paraphrased bible God's Word. Then they bring in that feel good, fun and frolic preaching. Next they make the church a business. Are you as sick of these part time preachers yet?

If you think that I'm just a little dissappointed with these make believe preachers WHAT DO YOU THINK GOD IS THINKING RIGHT NOW?

Anonymous said...

I have been a member of three Baptist Churches in Jacksonville over the past ten years. I stopped paying attention to their criticism of church hopping and changed anyway. However, I left all three for the exact same reason. The preachers are greedy. The first could not stop preaching about all the stuff he had and when I found out that he took the entire offering for himself every fourth Sunday, I left. The second church was Mac's, but I joined shortly after Homer Lindsey Jr died. I loved the preaching of Pastor Vines. Used to record off the Radio and listened for hours while traveling in my business. Couldn't stomach the fact that Mac takes 500,000 dollars a year for his services and lives on prime real estate for free and then brow beats us for not giving enough. Exit stage left to the next church to immediately find out the Pastor and his Son had the church borrow 22 million and they purchased a building for 2 million and 20 million is un-accounted for and the deacons are suing the Pastor and his Son to be able to look at the books. The deacons cannot look at the books because the Pastor and his Son pulled a fast one and started a corporation which does not fall under the bylaws of the church. Now, how can you be a member of that church knowing that the church has to pay on that 22 million dollar loan and only has a 2 million dollar property to show for it. The church has been placed in bondage while the Pastor and his Son are living high on the hog.


Anonymous said...

I don't know enough about Dr. Brunson to know if he is identified as a so-called "Calvinist" or is he is part of the John 3:16 crowd. Do any of you guys know one way or the other?


November 7, 2009 6:34 PM

I am sure Mac keeps his options open, Marshall. Kind of like Gaines does with his 3 point sermons.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Heros of the Faith? Where are the God called preachers standing in the gap, preaching salvation through Jesus Christ ALONE? All the ones I know have gone on to Heaven. We are left with imitations. If you don't think that the church (all) have "fallen away", better take another look. There is no point in wasting time, money and energy attending any of these broken edifices.

Yes, Calvanism is a huge problem. Yes I did hear in the church service, personally, the preacher say that his wife was a 5 Point Calvanist/Presbyterian. Don't you still have to be baptised into the Baptist church to be a member? If not then why does everyone else have to comply with rules and regulations in order to join the Baptist church. One like "If you are going to be a member of this church you are expected to TITHE. If you didn't know that, you do now". 2 Cor.9:7 "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver". Many use the "Prosperity doctrine" to worm money out of your pocket into theirs. One thing for sure "it works for them". They prosper alright. If you want Gods blessings you must give the preacher the money. Can you spell C U L T?

How is this Hope and Change woking out for you, pulpit selection committee?

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't post me because I asked about your consulting business?

Anonymous said...

WD -

Interesting sermon today?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Yes, Junior Hill gave a great sermon today.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:33. The church is not in a building. The true bride of Christ is within you. The sooner you and others realize the church located only in buildings does not exist, the happier you will be. Study to show yourself approved of God. Save your money as you are going to need it. Witness for Jesus when and wherever you can and you will be counted in that number when Jesus returns. Get over joining the other churches and stay at home, you will feel better and definitely not get bitter, sorry, or ashamed of where the church (buildings)is today.

Anonymous said...


November 8, 2009 6:33 AM

Good Question:
For the time being we've sorta come to the conclusion to join others who are now taking the "home church" route.

We no longer want to be a part of a Country Club Church that First Baptist Church of Jacksonville has become. We will continue to serve our Lord and give our monies to the missionaries and pastors who faithfully serve their Lord with very little finances.

Whomever wrote this comment, concerning the choice of president of the SBC deserves for it to be re-read again.

"This would be a terrible choice for 4 reasons: 1) Mac personally, (2) for the members of FBC corporately,(3) for the SBC nationally; and (4) it makes your blog more relevant and more important to every SBC member."

Anonymous said...

As an SBC pastor and having been to several annual meetings, I know that typically the Convention Sermon is a precursor to being nominated for president, but usually a year or two down the road. I do not know of a pastor giving the convention sermon in the same that he is nominated for president. But then again things are changing in our beloved SBC.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:05p and Anon 7:11p
It is unfortunate that avoiding churches has become my route, and the route of yours and many others. Fortunately, I am in the process of moving to a small town in North Carolina. My wife and I have already found a Church home. It is a very small Baptist Church, and guess what. No membership drives, no church building, no cliques or petty politics. They are just interested in being good Christians and helping each other to Walk in the Way of the Lord. I get to say hello to the Pastor and shake his hand every time I attend. He is an excellent Preacher. No flash, just from His Heart and from the Holy Spirit. It is very refreshing! The Mega Churches have lost this completely! Most moderate to big churches have either lost this, or they are rushing to dispose of it. This is a sad time for Christianity!

Anonymous said...

ON WHAT MERIT did Barry Chesney get the Woodstock gig? On ZERO merit. Then how did he get it...good ole Daddy Mac, that's how. Of all the hundreds and hundreds of talented and committed seminary students out there and he gets the nod? And Daddy Mac had NOTHING to do with it? Yeah and the sky is green and the grass is blue.

This is blantant favoritism and dirty dealing at its lowest. How do the other seminary guys of lesser means stand a chance with the cards stacked like this??

'course this'll get a pass just like all the other corrupt moves in the SBC. Yeah, we're doing God's work over here at the SBC, people!

word verification: awnsors

AS IN I want some awnsors!!!

Anonymous said...

Since you are making predictions...I predict Headmaster Jim Daniels at the First Baptist Academy, won't make it through the school's first semester. (http://www.fbcjaxacademy.com/Headmaster.php)

Who is Marlene Anderson?

Anonymous said...

November 9, 2009 8:10 AM - you are correct. Which is why it is so sad that Mac Brunson is being promoted so aggressively. He is the last man our SBC should be pushing for leadership. Let's nominate your new pastor in North Carolina! :)

Anonymous said...

The fact that this known hypocrite is even being considered for President of the SBC is the reason I have finally left the SBC. I initially left FBC because of Mr. Brunson and his antics, but given that he was becoming so prominent in the SBC, I found a totally different demimination to join and serve the Lord with. What a horrible testimony FBC has become to harbor someone like this - I really can't understand it. I was a member for over 30 years and saw God moving in such a marvelous way. Not now, it is just a place for the seeker-driven person who wants to be entertained and one of the country club set.

Anonymous said...

The world cannot tell the difference between a power hungry mega church pastor and a power hungry CEO. One is just a better speaker than the other. But the world loves it.

Christians don't. Which is why the remnant is leaving the visible church.

Anonymous said...

Prez of sinking ship; who cares?

Anonymous said...

His tithe position is problematic. I don't get that 76% percent of SBC ministers say that 10% is primarily to be to the local assembly when Paul asserts setting aside a portion to the "persecuted" assembly in Jerusalem.