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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Continue to Pray for Matt Chandler...

The pathology reports are back from the doctors after Matt Chandler's brain surgery to remove a small tumor, and the report is not good. Read the church's post today here.

Pray for Matt and his wife and kids, and his church family at the Village Church in the Dallas area as they endure this trial, especially during this time of year. He is a very young man and I pray for a full recovery for Matt.

If you haven't listened to Matt's sermons, try one...they have both audio and .pdf transcripts on their website. Matt's style and message is unique. As it relates to readers of this blog and the topics we've discussed lately, read or listen to Matt's sermon entitled "Generosity" from 11/1/09.

And keep Matt in your prayers.


Jon G said...

Matt has found hope in the Gospel and his strength in the Lord. He has taught 1,000s how to live and now he is teaching 1,000s how to face suffering through the lense of following Christ completely.

My family and I our church are lifting him up before the Father - even have called for a fast next week.

I am a little perplexed that there have been no comments on this particular posting. It seems malignant brain tumors have a way of producing great perspective on the things that are really worth debating and arguing over, and the peripheral things that are so divisive within the Body.

If Christians spent as much time degrading fellow Believers as they did in sharing the hope of Christ with non-believers, perhaps the Kingdom would be expanding.


Anonymous said...

Brother Jon,

You are right. The Matts, Thy Peace, Bro Rod, Wartburg ladies etc. have no interest at all in helping one in need of prayer.

They live only to attack FBCJ. They made no comments on the woman who passed away as noted in Toms Blog earlier.

I, too, will keep this family in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there have been so few comments because people are praying without ceasing for this family.

Anonymous said...

Just because we have posted does not mean we aren't praying for the individuals - as for myself, I pray each time I open the blog for Mr. Chandler and his beloved family- I do not know these people other than what WD has posted, but I have personally experience the pain his loved ones are going through and because of that my heart is deeply burden.

As for attacking FBCJ, I don't believe the majority of people who blog here live only to attack FBCJ.

Don't rush to judgement - the post is sad, and bloggers do care.

I am blessed with the testimony of what I have read of Mr. Chandler as well as the testimony of the beloved wife WD reported on.

You are wrong to believe this blog is a voice for "attackers". Silence does not mean we are not praying - indeed this is a very sobering article to make everyone reflect in living for the Lord as we know not what tomorrow will bring.

Anonymous said...

I think at the end of the day everyone is praying for others on this blog. If not then you are missing the most effective means of resolving conflict and healing wounds. This place has come to be a place for people to vent frustration. People want to trust their leaders in church but not blindly. We follow Christ blindly but we are call to test the spirit of those who proclaim the word of Christ. I will write more on this on another post. Do not want to take away from the Chandlers. God be with them.
Pastor Chris

Anonymous said...

Many are, I am sure, praying for Pastor Chandler and his family. Only the peace that God gives is able to comfort.

Anonymous said...

So, the prayer police showed up? Perhaps they ignore Matthew 6.

But then Jon has been on this blog arguing on other threads but sees no problem calling out others.

So, JonG, you are more spiritual because you commented firt. Ok, that suit you?

Anonymous said...

I hope that Matt will rethink his patriarchal teaching in light of this tragedy. He now needs to encourage his wife to learn how to make hard decisions and perhaps one day lead the family. She will be the spiritual leader if he is incapacitated.

If some think that is mean, that is ok. My dad died when I was very young and I know what happens to women who have been in a patriarchal marriage.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Dog-

Thank you for posting this extremely heart-wrenching trial of the Chandlers. They have been in my thoughts and prayers every day.

I do agree with Anon 4:09 that every pastor may need to re-evaluate their teaching in light of this trial. The Chandlers need our prayers for hope, but also for the courage to make the toughest of tough decisions.

I am sure there are very godly men (and women ) in the Village Church who will stand in the gap for the family, and we should pray for wisdom for them as well.

It seems that this couldn't have come at a worse time, but then again, there never would have been a good time. Matt and Lauren are strong and courageous, and God will use them to show His providence and care, and hopefully many, many miracles.

To the Chandlers: May God continue to make you strong and courageous, and hold you in His hands always.....

Jon G said...

Anon @ 4:06,

I'll just let your post and your words be a reflection of your heart for all to read. That will be a sufficient response from me. We just got a glimpse of your self-centeredness.


Anonymous said...

And Jon, we got a glimpse of your great piety in the first comment. Never mind that you, yourself, have been degrading and argumentative on this blog. Reflections of your own heart?