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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trinity Baptist Church Members: PLEASE DISOBEY YOUR PASTOR

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Fundamentalist Baptist Churches are experts in controlling their members. They get members to not speak of sins (and sometimes even crimes) involving their clergy and members by convincing them that by remaining silent they are obeying scripture. To talk about such matters is "slander" and "gossip" their leaders tell them.

Another case of this is the sickening events that transpired 13 years ago at Trinity Baptist Church in Concorde, New Hampsire - an independent, fundamentalist baptist church. Allegedly a member raped and impregnated a 15-year old, the girl was made to confess her "sin" to the church, and was brainwashed to think it was her fault. And worse - she was whisked away to Colorado to have the baby and the police were unable to interview her and thus her rapist went free for 13 years - until last week.

Here's the point of this post: it's unbelievable....Trinity Baptist Church's pastor, Brian Fuller (pictured above), sent a letter to his congregation last week telling them not to speak to anyone but "our Lord".

As reported by The Washington Post, Fuller's email said:

"Instead of engaging in talk about this incident, I beg you to pray for all those impacted by this crime," Fuller wrote. "I love you tenderly and am confident you will only talk of these matters to our Lord in prayer."
That's code for: don't talk to anybody about this. This will only embarrass our church. Jesus will be happy if you just stay mum. God is the one who will take care of this. If you talk, you'll be hurting Jesus and the gospel.

This is the same hogwash that was said when Gilyard was arrested. Religious zealouts told Tiffany Croft that she should close down her blog, and let God handle things. They said she should mind her own business, she was told that her blog was hurting the church and powerful SBC leaders that for years and years promoted Gilyard were embarrassed by her blog.

Her blog hurting powerful church leaders? Tough poop, as my grandpappy used to say - and he didn't say "poop".

As I said before, God was looking for someone to help stop Gilyard, to expose him. So many failed over two decades, even powerful church leaders, but Tiffany stood her ground and helped bring Gilyard to justice.

Now God is looking for some church members in Concorde, New Hampshire, to come forward and help put the rapist in jail, and hold anybody accountable if they participated in obstruction of justice that allowed this creep to walk around for 13 years. And God forbid that this guy preyed on any other young girls at the church in the last decade.

Brian Fuller ought to be saying the following - since he won't, the Watchdog will:

Members of Trinity Baptist Church in Concorde, New Hampshire: If any of you were around at the time of the events surrounding the rape of this 15-year old at your church - if any of you were present at the "discipline" meeting, if any of you know facts surrounding the events that led to this girl being sent to Colorado and the police not being able to interview her...if any of you know of the allegations against the rapist and might help justice be served, please, please, please, contact our police department, and feel free to contact the local newspaper who is investigating.

Our God is all about TRUTH and JUSTICE...yes, he is about salvation of souls, but just as much as that he is interested in JUSTICE FOR THOSE WHO ABUSE THE WEAK AND POWERLESS. You have a Christian and American duty to speak of these horrible, abusive events that took place at your church. Jesus is looking for some men and women of integrity. Do not listen to your pastor, but instead:

Sing like a canary if you have facts related to this case. Speak to God about it, yes, but just as important speak to the police - because God is using THEM to bring justice.


Doug said...

This horrible incident reminds me why we need to immediately stand for anyone with issues brought to the attention of a church membership.

After reading about this, and other situations I found out about, I am so glad I exposed the Music Minister and the Pastor's Sons (both of them) to the Churches.

I guess it was worth my church turning its back on me too.

As many told me,you never know what I stopped and whose children I protected.

All I did was stand for the Church and Christ only to be "disciplined" by the Pastor and Church for Exposing his son Jarrod Everson who now is a "Pastor" of Deenwood Baptist Church in his daddies "Consulting Territory" in WAycross GA. and the Music Ministers, David Barker, now the Music Minister for New Genesis Baptist Church in Ga. for viewing PORN on the Churches computer system (even IF I had left the church 5 month earlier) and then advising the other Church about these incidents after they left the church they were at.

but.......It backfired on them and will continue as long as GOD is in control.

If you expose these men, you'd better have a backbone!

If someone is reading this that has information about issues within a church that needs exposing, just reach out to many who can help....especially these types of blogs and bloggers! They will help you!

The Internet, the Great Equalizer


Anonymous said...


Didn't I remember the Pastor and Deacons telling you that they were going to tell the church a lie, and that the Music Minister was going to be allowed to resign due to Health reasons after you had caught him viewing PORN?

That was until you stood up and told them that they were NOT going to lie to the Church.

I think I read this somewhere.

That took guts brother to stand against that Pastor. He was known as the one everyone in GA went to to present the most hard fought issues and most controversial ones within the Ga Baptist Convention. He did what no body else within the G B C wanted to handle. He was known as the Bulldog...

I thank all who stand for Christ instead of some fake preacher.

That poor girl needs our prayers so she can heal from this. I know it hurts and she probably trust no one within the ministry.

Provender said...

It was a courageous thing to stand up, Doug, when instead of thanks you get condemnation. But it stands as an example to others.
Two things are in play with this NH situation. The pastor trying to enforce the "don't talk rule," a standard tactic in spiritual abuse. Also, enabling or covering for a church or leader in abusive situations. When people remain silent, or support a church leader who is hurting others, they think they are protecting the image of their church, or even of Christ. But it's really the opposite. The truth will come out and the image will be damaged far beyond what they fear now. Worse, it won't only be that particular church whose image is damaged. All churches will suffer. I hope the people in this church are not enablers, and I hope they will defy the "don't talk" rule.

Debbie Kaufman said...

The church is thought of as we think of our family, people used to think they were to protect the congregation. It's a nightmare when things like this go on. It's the worst of travesties and yes, if your church tells you to be quiet, sing, sing, sing.

How can anyone send their children, then wives, their women, to church when so much of this goes on? If we counted the number of times things like this occurred, in the mission field with children, in the church, we would find it staggering.

Doug said...

Unless you have faced these types written about here and other sites, You have no idea what it is like when you go head to head with these men and there disciples.

It is a war that is beyond comprehension. It is hell on Earth.

As I said on another blog...

I would say to all if you ever have to confront these men, you had better be prepared for all types of wrath from them and their church member disciples – especially the “Demonic Discipled” or "Demon Deacon Discipled" ones.

You will receive anything from hateful letters, busted mailboxes, fires in your backyard, death threats, being set up fraudulently on undesirable sex sites as a member, fake profiles on dating sites, verbally attacked from pulpits, cussed at, preached against from pulpits from their fellow Mafia members, lies told to fellow church members, verbal attacks on family members, being shunned, never invited to a church function, Church Homeless, and on and on………

They also try to get you using the Police to get their inquiries, subpoenas, trespass warnings etc., - and many here know of these tactics, right W D

But the one thing you can enjoy is the fact that Integrity, Character, and Truth always outshines those that are “within the Baptist Mafia.”

God loves those who stand for his Kingdom and expose those who are an abomination to his Kingdom!~

and then there are those who “Bury their Heads in the Sand” and run………..

But this has taught me that we all should be

Following Christ, Not Man;
Doug Pittman

Ramesh said...

Doug Pittman story ...

Grace and Truth to You [Wade Burleson] > A Southern Baptist Religious "State of Play".

Kirby said...

The Wartburg Ladies have several stories on him and others members issues at Prays Mill Baptist Church in GA here and their terrible situation handled and fought by Doug against Mike Everson and his disciples:


He was the leader of that G B C bunch and Mike Everson was one of those who brought down Mercer and Shorter Colleges.

Guess Mike Everson finally met his match and reaped what he sowed

Lydia said...

"You will receive anything from hateful letters, busted mailboxes, fires in your backyard, death threats, being set up fraudulently on undesirable sex sites as a member, fake profiles on dating sites, verbally attacked from pulpits, cussed at, preached against from pulpits from their fellow Mafia members, lies told to fellow church members, verbal attacks on family members, being shunned, never invited to a church function, Church Homeless, and on and on………

A few tactics I saw:

Whisper campaigns the dissenter is struggling with homosexuality.

Whisper campaigns the dissenter has maritial problems.

Whisper campaigns about the dissenters kids!

Whisper campaigns using fake sadness over the dissenters 'mental instability'.

Prayer meetings to spread innuendo during request time.

Using their titles and standing in the community to spread rumors to the dissenter's employer.

Inviting dissenter to a dinner that turns out to be a star chamber.

Spreading the lie that dissenter is either bitter, angry, hateful or jealous. Or all combined.

Your story will be twisted from the pulpit and everyone will wonder who the pastor is talking about. A great way to get the whisper campaign kicked off.

The only problem is that these are not Body's of Christ. We must let everyone know and warn them to get out.

Love the title of this post.

BTW: This story sounds like an EM Forester novel set in a mountain "holler" in the 1800's. Sheesh. Where were the parents????

Christa Brown said...

"You will receive anything from hateful letters..." etc. etc. etc.

Lydia: Great summary of some of the awful tactics that are used against those who speak out. (And I'm sure Watchdog could add a few more...)

Jeri said...

Here is a conversation that started when a BJU professor posted on my Facebook page:

MATZKO: Subtract the questionable public confessions before the church, and to me it looks mostly like a case of sloppy police work thirteen years ago.

Raped twice? So the girl’s raped and then goes back to see the same guy again in private. The prosecutor better have a convincing personality to get a conviction on that sort of testimony.

JERI: No John, Go read the account. The man came to her house when her mother was not home and raped her the second time.

And why should anybody subtract the “questionable public confessions” of the church when that is the heart of the moral matter? Oh wait, I forgot about Fundamentalists who will do ANYTHING, believe ANYTHING they are told to hold on to their man-centered religion. Now stop excusing the men who let a rapist come to church and kept his secret while they sent his victim off to coventry. And be ashamed of yourself if you have a conscience left. Gosh it’s tragic to see the children whose lives are ruined by unrestrained corruption in Fundamentalism. It’s even worse to see aged men whose souls have been destroyed by it. Don’t you have the sense to fear God? You knwo what Christ taught about the little ones.

MATZKO: Sorry, I’m not buying it. Neither will a jury, if it even gets that far.

JERI: No you’ve bought something else, and a long time ago, and that is tragic. And no amount of evidence is going to change your mind.

MATZKO: In New Hampshire, penetration committed on a minor younger than 16 is indeed statutory rape. But the statute of limitations runs only six years. If Phelps reported the incident, then the problem is–unless proved otherwise–with the police.

JERI: Sure John, and that means nobody sinned, you know, because it all got wiped out by American jurisprudence. Of course Phelps never did anything wrong, not by covering the rape by calling it consensual sex, not by covering the rapist by staging the “discipline” to make sure nobody thought Willis had engaged in sex with a minor member of the church, not by protecting Willis by getting that child out of there. No John, no wrong was done,m because by now I have learned the heart of Christian Fundamentalist morality: IF IT WAS DONE IN A CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALIST CHURCH, IT WAS RIGHT. Now everybody shut your eyes and keep going.

MATZKO: I’m sure if the police wanted to know where the girl was, Phelps would have told them. And legally it’s their responsibility to follow up.

Now, as to what a pastor’s ethical responsibility is in a nasty situation like this, I’m uncertain. I’m pretty sure that in the Old Testament economy, either the girl would have become a polygamous wife or both the guy and the girl would have met their ends surrounded by a lot of hefty rocks.


It’s a study in moral bankruptcy. This is what that 15 year old girl faced at Trinity Baptist Church in Concord New Hampshire.

Please, if you have a blog, re-post this.

Anonymous said...

If anyone bring unto you another Gospel flee, don't have anything to do with them or it; shake off your feet and get away. The things that are done in some churches is totally disgusting and sometimes SATANIC.

Shorter said...

Read this folks....this was the Georgia Baptist Resolution on blogging against Doug in 2007

Stunning and note the the whereas carefully

Resolution on Blogging

Submitted by Rev. Wayne Bray and Rev. William Harrell
Beulah Baptist Church, Douglasville, GA

WHEREAS, the American people have the distinct privilege of freedom of speech as provided by our United States Constitution, and this resolution is not intended to limit that freedom of speech we all value so much; and

WHEREAS responsible blogging can be a means of promoting the flow of information and encouragement of our people, but certain people use this tool for divisive and destructive rhetoric at the expense of peace among the Brethren; and

WHEREAS blogging is also being used by some as a tool for personal attacks upon other Christian Brothers and Sisters, and this critical and divisive use promotes a negative view of the Southern Baptist Convention in the eyes of the society we are striving to reach with the Gospel (James 3:6,14);

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the messengers of this convention oppose blogging when it is used to cause division and disharmony among the members of our Southern Baptist Family (Proverbs 6:16-19; I Cor. 1:10); and since personal differences should not be dealt with in public view,

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that all personal attacks should cease immediately (Proverbs 17:27­-28; John 17:21-23 ); and

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that we reaffirm the historic method of administering our agencies and institutions through elected boards of trustees, and we call upon bloggers to cease the critical second-guessing of these elected leaders; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all Georgia Baptists respectfully request and expect that individuals who disrupt the fellowship through blogging repent and immediately cease this activity and no longer cause disharmony for the advancement of their own personal opinions and agendas; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that we set our eyes once again on the fields to which we are called to labor, refusing to dishonor God with activities that militate against harmony and good will.

He must have really been blasting them

Any Comment Doug?

Blogging Away said...

No wonder Doug is fighting the G B C so fiercely

I can not believe the

WOW, just wow...I am stunned.

Now I see why we can't and should NOT stop blogging..

Thanks for posting

Lydia said...

Jeri, The amount of rationalizing in that exchange is insidious. This is simply an example of how deep the man centeredness is in Christianity.

I find it telling he compares sanctification with our system of jurisprudence.

Anonymous said...

WHEREAS responsible blogging can be a means of promoting the flow of information and encouragement of our people, but certain people use this tool for divisive and destructive rhetoric at the expense of peace among the Brethren; and

WHEREAS blogging is also being used by some as a tool for personal attacks upon other Christian Brothers and Sisters, and this critical and divisive use promotes a negative view of the Southern Baptist Convention in the eyes of the society we are striving to reach with the Gospel (James 3:6,14);
Talk about discrimination as
the "pulpit preachers" use the pulpit to be critical & divisive and also promote their own negative viewpoints! The blogs has been a tool to spread the word about the "evilness" you do in secret.

Get ready 2010 preachers - you are going to see a drop in your attendance (and money) with these kind of Resolutions for members to accept.

Anonymous said...

Watchdog, thanks for bringing attention to this story to the Southern Baptists. There seems to be a lot of cross-posting of various reports that have similar attributes plaguing both the Southern and the Independent Fundamental Baptists--the Ergun Caner debacle being one that was spread from this side to the other.

The SBC and the IFB have a lot more in common than either group thinks or would admit to.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are all on the same page I am. I just recently stopped going to the FBC church of hammond becauase of stuff I've learned. My son will never go into their nursery, and out of my sight. My husband is not turning into a fanatic of the church and it is practicallly pulling us apart. They almost want to force me to be of their belief. I refuse. Our goal here needs to be HOW DO WE GET THE PARENTS TO STOP ALLOWING THEIR CHiLDren to go to these churches on the buses or alone without them....we must reach out.

Anonymous said...

" My husband is not turning into a fanatic of the church and it is practicallly pulling us apart. They almost want to force me to be of their belief. I refuse."

May 31, 3:27PM:
Your comment makes little sense to me. Is your husband NOW a fanatic of the church or is he NOT a fanatic of the church. I'm assuming the church is First Baptist of Hammond. What belief are you against them forcing upon you? In what way are they trying to force you?

Anonymous said...

I have glanced through all this and it is sad, very sad.

The only thing I want to say at this point is please do not put Caner into the same category as this. I do not agree with Caner nor do I think his deeds should go unpunished but to put him in the same category as people like this is just over the line.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:56

If you think I'm classifying Caner as being like Phelps, I'm not. What I'm trying to say is that there are stories which would usually be of concern to only particular group of Baptists (the IFB in the case of Phelps and Trinity Baptist) that are crossing over and becoming a concern to other groups (such as the SBC).

Ergun Caner's story has been popping up on blogs that have been primarily for Independent Fundamentalist Baptists, and is being discussed in those circles as well. This particular story concerns a IFB church, but is being discussed on blogs that were started to discuss SBC matters.

It goes to show that, as I said, the SBC and the IFB have a lot in common, more than either side would care to admit to.

Christa Brown said...

"...the SBC and the IFB have a lot in common, more than either side would care to admit to."


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Fundamentalism, and I've been to Trinity Baptist Church. (I made a comment about that on the other post) I think you are all being rather unfair and hateful towards Fundamental Christianity. While I certainly don't agree with how they do things, and their emphasis on outward conformity--it doesn't make them all evil or their pastors evil. I totally disagree with that girl having to stand in front of the church. And that church SHOULD have been told not only was he unfaithful to his wife but he had raped a 15 year old.

What I think some are missing from the news stories is that girl was from a totally disfunctional family. Sounds like her father or step father (they didn't say exactly) was in prison for molesting this girl. Sounds like the mother couldn't cope with any of this and the church tried to step in to help. The mother is the one who ASKED them to take the
girl and do something with her. It sounds to me like the church viewed this as consensual sex which was an error on their part.

No girl should have gone through what this girl went through. Was it ultimately the church's responsibility to fix the problems of such a disfunctional family? They tried, and now they are paying the price.

I do agree that the current pastor's letter is controlling and wrong. I am surprised the pastor would write such a letter knowing that someone would release to the press.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:17

Christa Brown documents sexual abuse among the clergy of the SBC. I am positive that, for every case she documents, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, maybe even more, that go unreported, and unpunished. And I'm also positive that the IFB fares no better in this regard.

People are human. They are sin-filled. They give into temptation. It doesn't matter if they're IFB or SBC. The problem is how these churches, these Christians, handle these situations. And in far, far too many cases, they handle them badly. They rely on the Old Testament far more than they rely on the example of Christ, who not only refused to condemn the woman taken in adultery, but wouldn't let anyone else do it either.

Word verification: prodog

Anonymous said...

He has since spoken publicly and asked for anyone with information to come forward since he was not around when the crime occurred. He was told by the police and previous leadership everything had been handled legally. After he sent out that letter, he found out differently.

If he's willing to admit he was wrong, hopefully his others will, too.

Anonymous said...

If this article is 100% true and not just attacking ALL fundamental Baptist churches, then shame on Trinity BC in NH! As a former member of this denomination I have NEVER seen such things happen. True we believe in 'church discipline'but this case is not typical. We see many abuses in all denominations whether it is Catholic priests or Assembly of God (Jimmy Swaggart/Haggard). It is all due in many cases the person was never truly converted to Christ or has fallen away from true faith.

Christa Brown said...

"I am positive that, for every case she documents, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, maybe even more, that go unreported, and unpunished."

Yes. Absolutely. Most cases never make it into the media, and most cases cannot be criminally prosecuted. And worst of all are the numbers of cases that ARE reported, but because they can't be criminally prosecuted at law, they're reported to church and denominational authorities... who do absolutely nothing.

Unknown said...

I came across your blog and discovered you are using one of my photos without permission. I demand that you take it down immediately. It is the photo of Brian Fuller in your blog post trinity Baptist church disobey. I am a professional photographer, and I take copyright infringement very seriously. I have not authorized the use of this photo for anything other than the site I originally shot it for. thank you very much
Joe DiMattia
DiMattia Photography

Ramesh said...

Joe DiMattia:

Why don't you also go to the below link and contest your copyright claim of your precious photograph?

Stop Baptist Predators [Christa Brown] > Alleged rape cover-up implicates multiple pastors, multiple churches.

I would like to see Christa Brown's response to your copyright claim.

Darrell said...

Here's Brian Fuller addressing his congregation about this crime:

via sermonaudio.com

Anonymous said...

This is to the author of this article: Before bashing a church you need to get all the facts. I happen to know people who attend this church and know that the way you are interpreting what they said is a misunderstanding. No I do not know how they dealt with this in the past maybe there was a wrong but bashing the current pastor who had nothing to do with this horrible thing is not right or Christ like either. What he was trying to say is that talking about the situation is gossip, he's not saying to keep it hush hush, everyone knows about it, instead he is simply asking his congregation to pray for the people invovled which is what I believe the Lord would have us to do. I ask you to consider your motives as you continue to write about this situation. I have to tell you this article made me sick to read. I ask that you please lovingly get all the facts from BOTH sides before you place such harsh and damaging judgements. This was a lesson for me in that and for that I am thankful. I pray that God be glorified even in this horrible event.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - thanks for your comment. Please read the subsequent articles I have written here on the topic. I have actually praised the pastor at Trinity subsequent to this article for being open and transparent about the abuse that occured prior to his tenure. Please take a look at these articles. I will continue to follow this story, as I am interested in seeing how the current pastor handles this scandal at his church.

pastorhatfield said...

There are alot of reasons why I left the IFB movement. control is definitely one of them. Take it from someone who has been there. WHile there are some good men in the movement, most are not what they appear to be.

Marika said...

I knew of a young woman who got seduced into a relationship with a married church member... And the pastor brought it all out....in an IFB church. I always thought that pastor was truly saved though. The man took the heat on that one.
Make sure your pastor is actually SAVED and morally blameless! Never thought adulterous Hyles was saved IMHO.
Be careful, be prayerful. Stay in the Word of God:))