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Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AIDA: "Attention, Interest, Decision, Action": Secret Video of Generosity Consultant Speech to Church Pastors

In the video below you'll see a church generosity consultant giving a pep rally to preachers whose sheep are not tithing. The preachers are a bit depressed as you'll see in the video, as their coffers are not full, people are not bringing the tithes into their storehouse.

What is the answer? Why the answer is: AIDA: Attention, Interest, Decision, Action.

Pastors, stop blaming the sheep for the lack of funds, and look at yourselves. This particular generosity consultant gives some tough love to the pastors, telling them that the problem is with THEM. Pastors, if you want the sheep to give more under the law of tithing, then you have to MOTIVATE them. And AIDA is the answer. From the pulpit you have to get their attention, spark an interest, move them to a decision to tithe, and then make sure they follow-up with action. So simple.

What was the "money" quote from the motivational speech? Here is a tweet that one of the pastors posted during the speech:

@depressedpastor: @megaconsultant says "They're sitting out there, waiting to give U their money! Are U gonna take it? Are U MAN ENOUGH to take it?" Amen, PTL!
Pastors: if you aren't man enough to take their money through preaching the tithe, then you can hire a generosity consultant who will help. But it must be done either by you, or by someone else.

Good luck pastors, and remember: if people are obligated to tithe under the law, how are they to know they are to tithe, unless the man of God reminds them over and over and over of their obligation. Sheep are stupid, and they forget, and they need someone to remind them. :)

Tomorrow: in all seriousness, I will show you what it looks and sounds like when a pastor is honest with his people about the issue of Christian, New Testament giving. Most people who have been in evangelical churches their whole lives have never heard anything even close to this, and it might be a shock.


Anonymous said...

Clip is from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) if anyone's interested.

Anonymous said...

God has promised to fund the ministies of New Testament churches (2 Corinthians 8-9, etc.), not of Christian-flavored social clubs. A high percentage of SBC and other denominations' churches are not faithful to either the Great Commission or the Great Commandment (cf. their annual baptisms rates)--why should God fund what they do instead?

At their best, the limited number of members sitting in church houses on Sundays can give only so much. Senior pastors should stop taking their eyes off the ball and focus on evangelism of souls and enrollment (use a synonym if you prefer) of new people in Sunday School/small groups (SBC: 70% of churches annually reporting themselves as plateaued/declining in terms of their numerical growth--and 100% of those congregations led by: senior pastors!).

On churches' best days, the money given for perpetuating their ministries comes in the pockets and purses of the folks actually attending (worship only: 50 cents per person per week; Bible study and worship: $30+ per person per week, according to previous research). So: not stewardship (so much), but evangelism.

The financial standing of a church faithful to God's Great Commission and living within the economy of His Kingdom is a byproduct, not the main thing. Pastors: "FOCUS."

cheezewhizchurch said...

Ha! I thought at first it was Attention Deficit Disorder. Sort of is, I guess. Great post, WD! Loved the clip.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you are still speaking as a "institution". the Body of Christ is a living organism.

You are simply saying that they should use evangelism to get more money.

Where do you see Baptism taught as a way to get more money in the NT?

Tom Parker said...

Generosity Consultant??? For real, what have we come to?

Anonymous said...

Glengarry Glen Ross. Great movie!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the following:

Football team:

Ok you guys want to win? Its your choice pay attention, be focused, watch your opposition, be decisive, and then move into action and you can win it all. The trophy is waiting on you.

Corporation Executive:

You men have to move into action. You can be number 1 in this industry. It takes initiative, making your subordinates move to action, selling them on your decision and improving their interest. Now go out there and lets get it accomplished.

God has nothing to do with either its all flesh. Get it?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this mystery unveiling tomorrow will be your fellowship! Right dawg?

Anonymous said...

How much did the consultant make? (I would say 'earned' but that would be a stretch!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Peter and Paul as disciples had the gift of healing even raising the dead. I don't recall their asking for a contribution to their ministries. Also, Peter said he didn't have any silver or gold. The pastors have got to get over this idea that the pew sitters are revenue statistics. They should emphasize their messages on either preaching to the lost or saved in the pews. Then and only then will they complete the great commission. So much of what goes on in these buildings is a disgrace. No wonder people stay home and read the Bible for themselves. The average Bible believer knows more about the Bible than a lot of these so called anointed ones.

Anonymous said...

Who IS 12:14-PM-Stupid-Sounding-Anonymous?!

Man (I suppose), I have no ax to grind with you--and you have none to grind with me. Back off, brother, and do your own Bible study and research.

Lynn said...

I thot the pastors were supposed to do little get-togethers with the rich, find out what their problems are, help them with those problems, empathize, the rich will be grateful for their help and understanding, and give them money.

This "are you man enough?" stuff-well, maybe some pastors feel like jerks if they browbeat their congregation. Maybe they have more respect for their congregations than to do that. Maybe they realize THEY would not want to be yelled at and castigated for "robbing" God and other such nonsense.

Jon L. Estes said...

It seems some of the dog walkers think this is for real.

That's funny.

Anonymous said...

It seems some of the dog walkers think this is for real.

It’s more like Dog Talkers, or Dog Training

Anonymous said...

"It seems some of the dog walkers think this is for real."

"That's funny."

Actually, it's more sad than funny.

Today's pastors have become so greedy that the average church member can't tell the difference in their preacher's actual behavior and a joke.

I'll bet Jon loves having church members like the ones he mocks here. That way he isn't embarrassed by questions that he can't support biblically.

As he has proven here on this site, he can't defend a NT tithe.