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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Judge in Caner vs. Autry Case Doesn't Like Being Lied To Either

Apparently the judge in the Caner vs. Autry lawsuit doesn't like being lied to by Ergun Caner and his lawyers any more than us recalcitrant bloggers. Perhaps the judge is a Calvinist or a Muslim - he must be to dare take Caner and his lawyers to task.

The judge in the case, Norman K. Moon, issued an order in the "Caner vs. Autry" case last week, ordering Ergun Caner to comply with the United States District Court rules requiring his attorney to obtain "pro hac vice admission" to the court so that the case may proceed. This simply means Caner's lawyers have to jump through certain hoops in order to have the ability to argue the case in Virginia since they are not a member of the bar in that state. Simple matter, right? Apparently not so simple.

The original deadline for both Autry's and Caner's lawyers to obtain pro hac vice admission to the court was February 18th. Autry's lawyers complied. Caner's did not, and requested and received an extension until February 28th. Then, according to Moon's order, a deputy clerk contacted Caner's counsel on March 5th about the matter, and were told by Caner's counsel that the necessary documents "were in the mail".  Then on March 6th Caner's counsel told the court there was a "conflict" and needed more time.

Well, Judge Moon has had enough, and before the plaintiff argues that the documents were eaten by the dog, or that a blogger, Satan, or a Calvinist diverted them to the wrong address, Moon has issued the following declaration:
"It is now March 21, 2014, over one month beyond the original deadline, and this Court has no concrete indication that Plaintiff intends to do anything but delay.

Therefore, Plaintiff is hereby ORDERED to arrange pro hac vice admission to this Court within seven days of this order’s entry so that the case can proceed forward, or SHOW CAUSE why this Court should not dismiss the case or impose other sanctions for Plaintiff’s failure to prosecute and failure to follow the Local Rules."
The judge has spoken. OK, maybe minor legal matter as compared to the lawsuit itself. But not good for Caner before the lawsuit proceeds to be making the judge upset, and not telling the truth to the deputy clerk.

It is one thing to tell fibs to churches about learning of American culture while watching Turkish television as a child - it is another to tell a fib to the deputy clerk. 
I want to take this opportunity of this post to speak a word about Jonathan Autry, the man being sued by Ergun Caner in the lawsuit I reference above.

I urge all of you that are members of a SBC church in Georgia, or  that are alumni, students, and supporters of Brewton-Parker College, to read Jonathan Autry's court pleading entered last fall. I have embedded it below.

If you don't want to read all of it, please scroll down and read pages 14 and 15. It is shocking.

As you will read in his pleading, Autry is a born-again Christian who was offended by Caner's lies to our Marines and to churches throughout the United States for nearly 9 years. Autry published religiously-based criticism of Caner using video clips of Caner's own words. Autry was a student at the Liberty University seminary while Caner was president.

So for his posting of these videos, Autry is being sued by Ergun Caner. You will read in Autry's pleading that as of the filing made last November, he was unemployed, a father of three minor children, and lacks the financial resources to put up a defense to Caner's lawsuit.


Mark said...

Ergun Caner is scared, and should well be. His attorneys are stalking. Why? I also wonder if some black balling and shunning is taking place. It mentioned in the attached documents that Mr Autry is an unemployed father of four. I have witnessed black balling. More are culpable here than just Mr. Caner.

Bennett Willis said...

It is not easy to find "paragraphs 30 through 40." It might help if you edited your posting to give pages rather han paragraphs.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Bennett - I am the Dog of God. Do not question my methods. :)

Thanks, I have updated it with page numbers. My editors had me under a tight deadline to get this out, and I made a few mistakes. :) :)

Arce said...

Caner is either mentally ill, has no real memory of his past, including the recent past, or has a bad case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He appears to think he can snow job the entire world, especially the judge in a U.S. District Court. But I can tell you, having clerked for one, that they are among the sharpest and most insightful people anywhere.

How long will he continue to resist making an open admission that he lied, repeatedly, and to churches all over the country, to the U.S. Marines, and to hundreds or thousands of youths in Christian camps?

The persuit of Caner is not because of some doctrinal position of his or of the pursuers, but of their being angered by his lies from the pulpits from which he has spoken. And the pursuit will not end until he makes a full and open confession to everyone to whom he has lied.

Sixty Debates said...

Arce nailed it. What more is there to say?


Ergun Caner Parody Video Guy

Anonymous said...

We need to pray for Ergun Caners salvation. Seriously, this guy must be one wretched, miserable human being. I can only imagine how miserable he must be to live such lies. Pray that God would save this man's soul, and really use him for His glory. It can happen. Remember Paul?...

Debbie Kaufman said...

Arce: To be quite honest this is the conclusion I came to years ago. It's the only explanation I have for him to keep continuing, being content to be hired from has been schools, it seems as long as he is President of something that is alright with him, and now this latest attempt to hire the people he has hired in order to get back into the SBC. These are not the actions of a sane person and wanting to be on staff knowing such an agenda is not the actions of a sane staff. The result of all this effort by Caner will do nothing but make his staff and himself look ridiculous.

I am stunned however that brother Emir has not tried to stop him, of course I thought Emir should have spoken up when this came to light 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

You know who else knows a lot of this isn't true? Jill Caner. She has to know the stories are embellished. I was married to a narcissist, and I see many of the same patterns in Caner that I saw in my ex. One time my ex told a bunch of people we were with that he was fluent in French. I couldn't help it, I just blurted out "no you are not!" Jill either loves the prestige so goes along for the ride, or she is scared silly of him. Or both. I do know that you end up putting on blinders because reality will kill you. But wondering how long ignoring her conscience will last? My ex wasn't in a position of Christian leadership, but I am most certain if he had been I would have ratted him out for sure eventually.

Anonymous said...

We need to pray for the Autry family and Judge Moon. Mercifully, a single, decent, fair minded judge can make the difference. In March 2013 Judge Lozano ignored prosecution's request for 10 years and gave Indiana Baptist Ps Jack Schaap 12 years in prison for crossing state lines and having sex multiple times with a minor he was counseling. In Sept 2012 Judge Chatham gave Baptist Ps Sammy Nuckolls 10 yrs for filming 13 young women/girls naked taking showers in his and his wife Kimberly's Olive Branch, MS home, all of whom he knew through ministry. Hopefully Judge Moon will be similarly endowed with wisdom and discernment. I pray he dismisses the case and orders restitution for the Autrys.

Thank you Mr Autry and WD for standing up to these bullies (all 3 of whom WD was on the leading edge of covering!) In the end, that's all these people are. And shame on the 2,000+ parents who pay over $20,000 per year to send their kids to BPC. If you all withdrew your kids tomorrow on principle, Caner wouldn't be in the position to try and destroy a decent man's life for telling the truth. And shame on the parents of the other 120,000 kids who pay Caner large sums to speak to their kids (see 1-28-14 post). When we, as parents, support these miscreants we teach our kids to distrust ministry and run from the church.

Anonymous said...

I get how Ergun thinks he can get by with anything. What I don't get is how his lawyers think they can mess around with a Federal judge.

How does he find attorneys who are willing to play the games he wants to play?

Anonymous said...

Scroll down:


Anonymous said...

"We need to pray for Ergun Caners salvation." Scripture doesn't say to pray for false teachers it says to stay away from them. A false teacher cannot obtain salvation.

Mark said...
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Arce said...

I do not believe that anyone is beyond being saved while they are alive. But, it would require a rather dramatic change in him. Narcissists never seem to believe that they need anyone or anything outside of what they can do for themselves.

Dr. Jupiter said...

There is no end to the insatiable hunger of Caner's vacuous ego.

1. By his lawyers fiddling around with meeting deadlines, he seeks to control the court.

2. By demanding a jury trial (see Brief) he longs for a circus. Caner, center ring, and in the spotlight, for all to appreciate the act of his life. What better way to pad a resume than by bluffing a Federal Judge?

3. By demanding "... that Jonathan Autry turn over names and private communications with others about Dr. Caner..." he seeks to expand indefinitely the reach of his petty claims. Circus after circus.

And, the Coup de gras:

4. Caner, in his infinite wisdom and laughable grandiosity, declares "... he may follow this copyright suit with defamation lawsuits, and with the likely outcome of bankrupting those involved.

Clearly, Caner has become a legend in his own mind. A person who thinks he knows how to use the courts as his own personal kryptonite power to bankrupt his presumed foes.

From page 11 of the Brief
In addition, Dr. Caner demanded that Jonathan Autry turn over names and private communications with others about Dr. Caner. Autry Dec. ¶ 36 (Ex. “A”). Jonathan Autry declined to do so because Dr. Caner has no legal right to those private communications, and thus,

Dr. Caner declined to drop this case. Autry Dec. ¶ 36 (Ex. “A”). Jonathan Autry did, however, remind Dr. Caner that Dr. Caner would still have subpoena power to obtain Jonathan Autry’sprivate correspondence (if he is legally entitled to it) whether or not Jonathan Autry remains in this case because of the ongoing litigation against Co-Defendant Jason Smathers. Autry Dec. ¶
36 (Ex. “A”). Dr. Caner informed Jonathan Autry that he may follow this copyright suit with defamation lawsuits and with the likely outcome of bankrupting those involved. Autry Dec. ¶ 37(Ex. “A”)

Mark said...

While at Arlington Baptist college, Mr. Caner brought a lawsuit against a former Arlington Baptist College student who was handing out flyers to students for a presentation at a local Baptist Church by a Caner critic, James White from Alpha and Omega ministries. The lawsuit was dismissed. How is Mr Caner affording all these lawsuits in his attempts to silence his critics? And then I understand that some view Mr. Caner as the poor victim in all of this and defend him regardless of the evidence. Seems there is more dishonesty in all of this than Mr. Caner's.

Dee said...

Well, poor guy, he grew up in Turkey and learned about the judicial system from the Andy Griffith Show. Maybe the subtitles did not do Barney Fife justice? He's confused, that's all-ESL and all that.

Anonymous said...

"I do not believe that anyone is beyond being saved while they are alive." That would be your human opinion but that is not what the Bible says.False teachers are automatically condemned. It is unlikely a sociopath or a pathological narcissist will ever come to salvation because they don't ever feel the need to repent.They lack a conscience.