2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ronnie Floyd's Endorsement of Robert Morris' Teachings on Prosperity Gospel Should Disqualify Him From SBC Presidency

As the Southern Baptist Convention gets ready to convene their Annual Meeting in Baltimore this week, it is all but settled that megachurch pastor Ronnie Floyd will be overwhelmingly elected as the next SBC president.

But I want to know how does a pastor who has endorsed the phony-baloney, health and wealth prosperity teachings of Robert Morris' get considered to be the president of the Southern Baptist Convention? Floyd is a minister who agrees with Morris that people's checking accounts are supernaturally "cursed" if they don't fork over 10% of all their gross income to their church. He flat out told his church members that they don't know the same God he knows, if they aren't forking over 10% of their income. Watch this video to see what I'm talking about:

Do you see the arrogance and cockiness of this hotshot? He comes of as so full of pride. I can't believe those people sit there in his church and expose themselves to this nonsense.

I thought doctrine matters when choosing the head of the convention. Or maybe Floyd's doctrine on finances IS the doctrine of the Southern Baptist Convention? 

Earlier this year, I wrote two articles about Floyd's endorsement of Morris' teaching (here and here). In fact, Floyd told his congregation to go out and buy Robert Morris' book "The Blessed Life", calling it the "one of the greatest books on financial matters that I've ever read". I'll be generous and assume this was the FIRST books on financial matters that Floyd must have ever read.

Anyone that has read this blog over the past 3 years knows how wacky Morris' teachings are on finances and tithing. Morris says non-tithers are arrogant, thieves, and subject to demon possession. He says do not pay rent or electric bill until you first give 10% to your church. He says church members must tithe to avoid divorce, or losing their kids or jobs to the devourer. Go to those links. Watch the video evidence of his teaching. This is the man Ronnie is quoting to his church as the premier expert on biblical financial principles.

And now Floyd will be president of the SBC Convention.

You might say that I'm overstating this, that Floyd really is not in lock step with Morris on this false doctrine. I'm not overstating it. In fact, Floyd outright questions the salvation of church members who don't fork over 10% to his church, mocking his members:
"You gonna go 'clucking' around here talkin' about how you got saved and changed and goin' to heaven when you die and you won't even trust God financially? Lord help ya. That's not the same God I know." Ronnie Floyd, 2014.
Watch the video here yourself:

So this is the new SBC president.

Don't say you weren't warned.


Anonymous said...

"But I want to know how does a pastor who has endorsed the phony-baloney, health and wealth prosperity teachings of Robert Morris' get considered to be the president of the Southern Baptist Convention?"

Are you kidding? Ronnie Floyd will get swept in as SBC Prez not in spite of, but because of, his teaching Morris' Blessed Life dogma. The average regular "giving unit" (that is what mega churches call families) gives around 2.5% of their annual income, but those that follow Morris' blackmail/curse methods can double that. By hyping Morris' false teachings, Floyd stands to raise this amount significantly. What SBC pastor wouldn't want to see their offerings go up by 100% in one year with no other growth?

Morris' Gateway church has only five campuses all in Tarrant County, TX (not the wealthier Dallas County) yet they are currently raking in over $100,000,000 per YEAR using this spiritual blackmail system. Think of how much more Ronnie could bring in? I'm sure he holds his pinky up to his mouth (Austin Powers reference) every time he says the word "billion".

Forget the Third Way issue? Ronnie is about to change the SBC forever. And like Morris he will then be able to afford a seven figure primary residence held by a secret trust, a gorgeous second lake house funded with tithe money, new cars, boats & planes, travel the world first class, and put every adult member of his entire extended family (and all his golf buddies) on the church payroll even if they only "work" a few hours a week. What SBC pastor wouldn't vote for that lifestyle? Are you kidding me?!

Look, if God hadn't intended pastors to make millions personally by selling Jesus and salvation He wouldn't have created Daystar, ghost writers and a publishing industry. Doesn't the bible say that Paul and Peter raked in millions of shekels in their day for selling the good news? No? Maybe they did but we just didn't hear about it because bloggers didn't exist back then.

Bent But Not Broken said...

Would Ronnie Floyd condemn the widow for only giving two mites ?

Anonymous said...

How is this not the same things as selling indulgences, this causing the Reformation?
Man, we need a new Reformation of some sort....

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10% tithing but still can't get behind this.

Anonymous said...

Never been a Floyd fan, but he did have the funniest quip ever when he preached at the seminary I attended

I hope he gets trounced

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:24 -

Gateway actually has a campus in Frisco, Texas. The campus is in Denton country, and also draws from Collin County, both very wealthy areas. Also, the main campus is in the smack middle of Southlake, Texas, one of the wealthiest communities in all of Texas.

Thor said...

Didn't the bible warn us about those "peddling the gospel for gain?" And doesn't it say something about "wolves in sheep's clothing?" And didn't it say something about "even the very elect would be deceived?"

Please, for the sake of Jesus, come out of these false churches, or if you can't for business and personal reasons, at least start giving LESS to their budgets.

My promise to you is if you stop giving, almighty creator God will "call" these charlatans to go somewhere else to "minister" their good news of tithing.

Anonymous said...

Floyd will sweep, nothing will change, and folks will still choose to sit under the abuse.

And it will be declared one of the most spiritually moving conventions ever.

Thankful that these guys have nothing to do with our ability to personally worship and communicate with our Lord and Savior.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck also attends Robert Morris' church. Yes, Glenn Beck the practicing Mormon. Beck goes to his Mormon church and then attends Morris' church, and is Morris' personal friend.

Anonymous said...

His head is so big that it barely fits inside the state of Arkansas now, if he gets elected, it will be all iver the place

Ronnie said...

At least he did tell the truth about one thing. I don't serve the god that he does.
I hope that his god mammon get's him eternal life, like my God, Jesus does for me.

Anonymous said...

You should all go to the SBC website so you can watch Floyd get elected President. Nothing is going to stop him. I wonder when he will be buying his new house.

Anonymous said...

Everybody wants eternal life. Everybody wants mansions in heaven on streets of gold. Maybe that is why they are so easily conned. Get real people. Or quit complaining.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I certainly hope ~wink~ that the God I see in scriptures isn't listening to this guy. Sounds like the only hope I have is to buy His favor and hope that what I DO give is enough to keep me out of trouble. What a load of bunk. p.s. - Ronnie needs to lay off the hair dye or else have it done by a professional - which I bet he CAN afford.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if all the members of Ronnie Floyd's church tithed, but they made the following earmark on their tithes: under no circumstance shall any amount of this contribution be applied toward Pastor Floyd's salary if such application would cause Pastor Floyd's salary to be above $50 thousand per year.

Anonymous said...

As the first poster here said of Gateway Church: "every adult member of his entire extended family (and all his golf buddies) on the church payroll."

They don't help the poor people of their congregation get jobs. But it's OK for someone on minimum wage to tithe so all their relatives can have $50k a year jobs.

That's classy.

BTW, Southlake is also one of the wealthiest communities in the nation, not just Texas.

Who said...

Are we seeing a situation like the last half of Romans 1, where God withdraws from people allowing them to spiral down under the weight of their own sinful desires?

As I noted in my blog, I left my church after they had Robert Morris speak. Consequently, I've had several opportunities to discuss my concerns with others. If my church had continued on in its previous “we teach tithing, but we're not serious about it” mode, those discussion opportunities probably wound not have occurred.

If you've spent any time at the sites that are concerned about the state of Christian marriage (such as Dalrock), you'll notice that many of the same pastors mentioned here (like Al Mohler and Mark Driscoll) also figure prominently in those discussions.

There seems to be multiple areas where “churchianity” has drifted away from scripture. The more “out front” they become about those positions, the more opportunities we may have to discuss what scripture actually says on those positions.

I can't help but feel that something is starting to play out. Some type of back to basics (or back to scripture) movement in Christianity. Maybe God is letting the institutional church follow its own desires to the point it will eventually expose itself to the world.

Melinda M said...

Welp, I'm sorry to say this, but I am not surprised. This the road the majority of Baptists have been traveling for some time. I am glad they are, at least, being honest to the rest of the world about what really matters to them.

Anonymous said...

The SBC 2014 meeting was it for me. Floyd's election as president, the Christians suing other Christians resolution being declined for discussion, the resolution on trans people, Patterson's theatrical apology. I'm done with the SBC.

Andy Bryan said...

I once attended Ronnie's church. He is not concerned with proper bible interpretation. He twists scripture as needed to get the desired results. He needs to step down.