2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Friday, December 19, 2014

12 Tithing Days Left in 2014 - WD Reader Pens a Remake of "Up on the Rooftop, Reindeer Pause"...

Readers: There are only 12 days left to pay your 2014 tithe and come "into complete obedience" to God as declared by SBC President Ronnie Floyd. This is serious business. Baptists, don't forget that it was Ronnie who said God will curse you if you don't tithe, and that you probably aren't a real Christian if you don't.

As Ronnie told his church members earlier this year:
"You gonna go 'clucking' around here talkin' about how you got saved and changed and goin' to heaven when you die and you won't even trust God financially? Lord help ya. That's not the same God I know."
Baptists, don't go "clucking" around your church and your neighborhood about your salvation this Christmas season if you don't tithe. Your president says your stinginess means you don't know the same God he knows. You're an impostor until you show your faithfulness by submitting 10% of your income to your local 501(c)3 church.

So in honor of only 12 tithing days left in 2014, here is a remake of "Up on the Rooftop", penned by a Watchdog reader:

Up in the pulpit, a solemn pause…
“TITHE!” shouts Good Old Pastor Laws,
In the assembly the people sigh,
A Capital Project is surely nigh.

Ho, ho, ho! Who has the dough? Ho, ho, ho! Who has the dough?
Up in the pulpit, slick, slick, slick!
Fleecing the flock with a shameless trick.

First comes the offering of Mrs. Nash, 
Oh dear, she is low on cash,
Give her a lecture that makes her cry,
She’ll open her handbag by and by.

Ho, ho, ho! Who has the dough? Ho, ho, ho! Who has the dough?
Up in the pulpit, slick, slick, slick!
Fleecing the flock with a shameless trick.

Next comes the offering of Mr. Will,
Oh, that’s quite an obedient fill,
His family is poor and the bills are late,
But Pastor says: First comes the offering plate!

Ho, ho, ho! Who has the dough? Ho, ho, ho! Who has the dough?
Up in the pulpit, slick, slick, slick!
Fleecing the flock with a shameless trick.


Anonymous said...

I've never understood the pastor's contention that somehow my trusting God with my salvation (which I do based on Jesus' death and resurrection) has any connection to my giving 10% of my income to a local 501(c)(3) (which I don't.) I would sooner burn cash on an altar as a sacrifice to God, then give that same money to the budget of a 501 (c) (3) who claims they are God, or at least are God's agents who accept money given to God, and are acting on God's authority to accept and spend said cash.

So pastor, I DO trust GOD with my salvation, but I do NOT trust YOU with my finances. Period. Understood?

Anonymous said...

At the cross Jesus said it was finished. That's why it so important to realize that "Eternal Life" really means eternal life. Some folks would have you speak in tongues, get baptized while others would force you to tithe. Listen to what the Book says and do not ever rely on some other man to tell you what salvation actually means.

Aletheia said...

Whoever wrote that song must be my long-lost cousin. LOVE IT....LOVE IT.....

The SBC has obviously gone to the dark side. I honestly fear for what has "taken over" the Convention. They've been after people's money for a long time and now they're going soft on the gay agenda. TBN, PTL and Daystar started the trend of dipping into the Social Security checks of the sweet little ladies on the 4th pew.

It's amazing - what scripture said that salvation will only come through praying at the altar of a multi-million dollar entertainment complex?

Now that we have our black ceilings, theater screens and rock bands, let's mix in a little Steven Furtick and Ed Young, Jr. with a dose of Ergun Caner, and you've got a recipe for spiritual disaster. Didn't mean to leave out Perry Noble or Rob Bell or Rick Warren.

The SBC has been infiltrated with paganism and the spirit of Babylon. These are the "wolves in sheep's clothing" that Jesus warned us about. I don't think we have any earthly idea what is coming down the mountain.

They are making very obvious attempts to line up a person's thinking with the One World agenda and One World religion. It is truly the spirit of antichrist.

I would BEG anyone who is reading this. Please OPEN YOUR SPIRITUAL EYES. If you listen to these charlatans and support them, you are being DECEIVED. Open your Bible and read the Four Gospels. Read the words in red. If these aren't the wolves in sheep's clothing, then who are they? Seriously. Who are they? Remember, the claim of ignorance won't wash on Judgement Day.

It is VERY important to pray for wisdom and discernment. I constantly ask God to give me wisdom and discernment. I don't won't to be deceived by charlatans, frauds and con artists. God help us - the book of Revelation is unfolding before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:50,

Well said! Very well said!

Unfortunately, there are several strong personalities within our church that preach and promote the concept of tithing. The church labels the giving on their bulletins as "The Giving of Tithes and Love Offerings", so they pretty much have it covered.
So if you don't believe we are commanded to "tithe" under the New Covenant, you are giving a "love offering", and if the individual believes we are still required to tithe, then you give under the "tithe offering."

Pretty fascinating and brilliant scheme the 501c. 3 church practices these days! And if that weren't enough, I get to hear grandiose sermons from the Assembly of God preacher man, that he even tithes on his life and health insurance policies in addition to his gross income! No kidding.....to brag and boast of his own giving while standing on his lordship platform makes me sick to my stomach.

Then outside of the church building made with bricks and mortar, I have the unique privilege of listening to "believers?" brag and boast of how much they give and tithe to our church as if they are buying their salvation. The narcissism of it all is deeply disturbing.

And most of the money is spent on foolishness, ie., the obesity rate within our congregation is huge, and the air conditioning is set to the max on warm days...with inflated electric bills during those months....when the money could be best served helping the poor, paying the medical bills for the sick, and ministering to more of the least of these.

But our comfort is more important than those in need. We are learning that it is far better to give to those in need in honoring our LORD with our offerings, than it is to give to a self absorbed church system, where the landscaping project is more important than visiting the sick and bringing them meals to help lighten their load.

So, while we endure the criticism of the tithers and love offering givers, there is hope and comfort given by Jesus Himself, as we can give cheerfully in love, without boasting nor bragging of the wonders of ourselves, and giving all of the Praise, Glory, and Honor to our King. Then Jesus receives the Glory which was and is, His to begin with.

The Govteach said...

I have got to agree on the fat folks in the pews....was at a church musical, feast afterward last Erving at the local SBC Church. I have never seen so many fat folks in my life, including the pastor. Now, I've been fat in the past, but these people where eating 4-5 desserts....after triple helpings of the main course....
Why do people not see other's sin, but not their's?

Anonymous said...

If you know any tithe storehouse teachers in your area, first, take ten percent of your pay check this week or even some sort of portion and please go help out widows and fatherless children this Christmas season with bills, needs and etc, then afterwards go to the minister and say that your tithe went elsewhere and that Jesus's brother told you to do this. He did say that this was true religion, didn't religion? Then go read Psalms 41 and take comfort in this passage after you do this. Have a Merry Christmas!

Victorious said...

Very clever!

Excellent rendition...sadly so true.

Victorious said...

Very clever!

Excellent rendition...sadly true. :(

Anonymous said...

On the cross Jesus said it is finished. This means nothing is to be added including money.

Anonymous said...

On that response, let me say something, many in the early church chose to forsake their Greek/Roman inheritance and also their Jewish inheritance to follow Christ for a greater inheritance. They were in the same boat and even willing to die while witnessing to others in the culture. Everyone looked out for EACH others needs (Acts 4:34) and ESPECIALLY needs of widows that had no inheritance either. In Greek culture, the inheritance only went to the children upon death of the dad.
What the tithing doctrine does is that it eliminates the need to look out for those around in my community who truly have needs to be met because basically "a tithe is given." Teaching the tithe has deadly results that ends up which I believe in a type of bondage that Paul preaches against in his letter to the Galatians. Such tithe ministers are spiritually blinded, watchdogs and teaching "a blessed worldliness" of sorts. Do look out and help out for widow and the fatherless in your communities. And something else I might add the fatherless rates are still extremely high in black communities by comparison to other cultures. The stats are staggering.

WishIhadknown said...

Merry Christmas

Scott said...

To the writer of the first post: Do you mind if I print your post out , attach it to the annual commitment card I just received , sign my name and return to the church in the New Years eve service offering ( like we are supposed to do). You summarized my thoughts perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Here is an article that doesn't address tithing but asks a more general question, which could include tithing/giving, about the problems associated with megachurches. It should make fodder for your faithful:


Anonymous said...

What no one is talking about. Every Baptist church is autonomous. Being an autonomous church is a large part of what it means to be a Baptist church. So tithing or not the role of the SBA really needs to be made clear and boundaries need to be kept. He needs to mind his own body of believers. He is not every Baptists Pastor. Setting a tone, yes an agenda even maybe. Missions, building bridges between Baptist churches, helping, encouraging ect.. Not grand standing. This is why so many churches are opting out of the baptist name.