2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mac Brunson Bares All: Anger, Ego, and Animus

How did you like that sermon today? Have you had enough of the Mac Brunson show yet? Post your thoughts. Watchdog will post more later on today's display of anger, ego, and animus. The man is acting like he's delusional, and there obviously is no one in his inner circle that is willing to tell him the truth about how he is harming himself and his congregation by his behavior in the pulpit.

Mac: think twice if you think the church is going to give you money on Easter Sunday to promote yourself on TV coast-to-coast. More on this later...


Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that you feel justified in maintaining your anonymity while you make wild accusations against Mac Brunson. It seems that you parallel a character in the bible whom is known so well this time of year, Judas. I am not sure if you are pretending to be an active member within the body, but it is very obvious that you have your own spiritual instability going on. If you truly feel like you are trying to save the church and what you are doing is right, then reveal yourself and rally your troops. Or are you worried that all those who know you behind your mighty blog would no longer call you friend, but enemy?

Anonymous said...

If you felt like Dr. Brunson was angry, I would check yourself. I doubt many other people found him to be angry other than you. You are obviously dealing with your own issues. Here's hoping you can settle your own instability sometime soon and leave the pastor alone.

Anonymous said...

Just curious. Do you have any archived blog entries?

Anonymous said...

I have come across your blog page several times and have been disturbed by it. I have several family members who will not darken the door of a church today because of such business as this. We, as Christians, have a hard enough time trying to win people to Christ. This blog can very well stand in the way of someone coming to Christ because they may get the idea that Christianity is all about preacher-bashing.
I am not on the inside, so I do not know how Dr. Brunson conducts himself. I do know, however, that the Bible clearly calls us to address a brother in Christ directly if we have an issue with him. I pray that you have directly talked to Dr. Brunson about any concerns you may have.
May I ask you, "What good is it doing to post this attack on the internet for God and everybody to see?" Is this reconciling the differences you have with your pastor? Or is this sowing discord among the brethren (which God hates - Proverbs 6)?
I do not write this to attack you or anyone else for that matter. I do write this to admonish you in the Lord to consider what you are doing and how it affects others. In response to what I just said, you may be thinking about what Mac Brunson is doing to the cause of Christ. If what you say on the blog is true, he will have to answer to Almighty God for what he is doing. Pray for him and possibly consider going to another church if your leader is not in the will of God! If what you say is false, then the information on the blog is slander.
Please consider these things if you have not already. I have seen too many good people hurt in situations like these. I am a church staff member hurt by a pastor who chose to step on anybody who got in the way of his agenda. I have a very close friend in that church now who has been hurt by the same pastor. He spoke directly to the pastor on numerous occasions. He took others with him after these incidents. Finally, these men went to the deacons. The approach was much like church discipline in Matthew 18. Nothing was done about the pastor's behavior, but these men can stand blameless before God because they kept their issues among themselves and they handled it according to the Bible. God blesses that!
Once again, please take these words as a humble word from a brother in Christ rather than an attack.

Anonymous said...

The Children that have to sit in the Big Church, are tired of the screaming and hollering. They can't keep up with the Pastor, because he uses two or three different bibles. This Church is suposed to be for the next Generation. HA! Alot of people do not know whats going on, but trust me dear BROTHER, FBC is NOT THE SAME! Someone ONE needs to STAND UP for our CHURCH, before its TOO LATE! You can FEEL the COLDNESS when you walk in...Its SO DIFFERENT>>>>>>>>>MONEY is PUT in BRUNON'S FUNDS, and HE uses them where he wants too...Wake up PEOPLE, other parts of the CHURCH are SUFFERING, because of THIS! Brunson will become President of Southern Baptist Covention, this is what is GOAL is! Hes trying to make HIMSELF look GOOD! I pray HE would go away and everyone that left, would return and FBC would be the WONDERFUL GREAT CHURCH it has ALWAYS BEEN! AMEN!

Anonymous said...

I think part of the problem is his style. I find it extremely off-putting and abrasive. I often think surely he didn't mean that the way it sounded and am determined to give him the benefit of the doubt. It's very confusing at times. Example -reading the text, holding his Bible and saying something to this effect -this is good stuff, you oughta just pick it up and read it sometime. Doesn't make any sense-surely he doesn't think he's the only one who reads his Bible.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like there's a lack of unity down at FBC. Could it be that possibly some people made a mistake in hiring team Brunson? The churches of today are not the churches of yesterday. Why? Well the preachers have all taken over as CEO's and have total authority over everything in the church. Unfortunately, in this present age (Laodicean) the Lord Jesus Christ is on the outside knocking. He's been put outside. He is no longer the authorityRev 3:20 Behold, I stand a the door, and knock, if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me. This is a picture of the church of Laodicea with Jesus on the outside knocking to get in to His own church. Such a shame.

FBC Watchdog said...

Interesting comments...

Anon 4:42 3/9: Following your logic, if I'm Judas, then Mac Brunson is, let's see....Jesus? Got it, thanks....

Anon 11:52 - you've drank the Kool Aid if you can't tell an angry man who is angry at his people and views himself to be the victim. He lashed out at every man in the church when he cried that he only had 50 men to pray for him, even invoking Homer Lindsay's name once again...but more on that later. Yes, Mac is angry, and he's hurt, and he's bitter, and he views himself as a victim. His church is growing weary, very weary of his antics and attitude.

Anon 11:15 - yes, this website has all previous entries archived, just not released for public viewing right now.

Anon 5:02 - I'm sorry that you feel that websites like this are keeping people from coming to Christ. I would counter that by saying its preachers like Mac Brunson who are harming the cause of Christ more than blogs.

Anon 11:10 - yes, he screams a lot...but as Anon 12:56 says its his entire personna - sarcastic, biting, condescending, angry, bitter that comes through his preaching. He declared Sunday that he doesn't care who likes him, or if we like his car he drives, he said that is between us and God. The poor guy doesn't realize that he can be "tough" and "loving" at the same time.

Anonymous said...

How do you want a man who is being stoned with words to respond?

Don't say with dignity and grace because the stones you throw don't demonstrate such.

I am of the opinion though, you are more angry than Mac. This, leading you to put a pretty bow on your venomous words.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to say that I joined this "horrible" church two weeks ago in spite of reading your blog. The Easter season is coming up and I hope you will get a blessing out of all the programs coming up mr. fbc jax watchdog. (i also wonder when the day will come that you will reopen this thing one time too many, cause everytime i see it open again, i get a little concerned for you.) And thats the one and only post i shall type in the hopes that if we all stop saying anything, you'll close it down again for your own sake. Have a nice Easter! I wish you the best, and hope you start to someday look for the good. Its a better and more healthy way to live. C. Treadway

Anonymous said...

This blog get more over the edge with each article.

Perhaps you should seek counseling for your bitterness, frustration and possible anger. I am not saying this to provoke you but hoping you will discuss it with someone that can give you unbiased counsel on the manner in which you post about your church, pastor, their staff and the way you respond to others.

I think if you print off some of your past articles and highlight your response to peoples comments you would see how you are coming across to the world.

I am signing my name this time even though I will probably be dismissed as "the guy that threatened the blogger with heart attacks". Just remember I did apologize for what I posted.

Steve W.

Brenda Singletary said...

It is hard to read your blog and realize that we belong to the same church. I certainly don't see Dr. Brunson as you see him.

His sermons feed my spirit and I come away challenged and refreshed. Perhaps if you came to church in a spirit of worship rather than to critique and find fault the Holy Spirit would be able to bless you also.

You accuse Dr. Brunson of being angry; if you were a well-known figure being slandered and criticized by an anonymous blogger who didn't even have the guts to identify himself or come face to face with you to make his accusations would you not be angry? I see anger and hostility in everything you say.

God's Word says "Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm". I feel you are flying in the face of the Lord and walking on very dangerous ground with what you are doing.

If you are so unhappy with our pastor and have so much anger and resentment building within yourself then for your sake and the sake of FBC please, please go somewhere you can be happy.
Though, most people I have known, from previous churches, who displayed such hostility toward the pastor as you do continued to find fault at the next church they joined.

I just pray the Lord changes your heart or removes you from our fellowship before you do irreparable harm to our wonderful church.

If you really want to do good for FBC,Jax you can start by identifying yourself. No one who wishes to spread light will hide in the dark.

Brenda Singletary

Anonymous said...

Dear Watchdog,

Thank you for all the updates on the events that are taking place at FBC. Our members have blinders on and can't see two feet in front of them. Everyone should know you can't trust MAN! In due time God will take control, and all this fussing and money talk will stop. We've never had this kind of problem, out in the open, and I'm sorry that our Church is suffering because of the things that have taken place in the last two years. Yes, we've had ALL our staff to leave, that were good and faithful servants to the Lord. We could always trust and know where these men were coming from, they had a wonderful track record. I just pray that members will Look UP, STAND UP and Get control of our CHURCH! Have some BOLDNESS in YOUR HEART!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Steve W - I understand. Because you don't agree with my assessment of our church, and you don't like my method of expressing it, your conclusion is that someone holding these views and expressing them in this forum must be someone who is in need of counseling, someone that has anger or bitterness problems. No, that is not the case, but I do understand why you must believe that - its the only way your mind can process what you are reading.

Brenda - so you DO acknowlege that Mac is angry in the pulpit, but you choose to excuse it because some guy on a blog is "slandering" him. There is no possible way that one single blogger could cause Mac to behave as he does, lashing out at his congregation - could it? Think of other pastors, take Jerry Vines - there was a man who was slandered and riduculed for any number of things, but he didn't let the opposition get to him, and her certainly didn't take it out on his congregation like Mac does.

Brenda Singletary said...

I see Dr. Brunson angry at the comments being made by your blog,simply because you run to post your remarks but won't confront him and converse with him man to man. Would you not be frustrated if you were being attacked by a man without a face? I DO NOT see him angry at the congregation and I do not feel any hostility whatsoever coming from him however, I cannot say the same for you.

What you are doing is not helping Dr. Brunson nor is it helping FBC. What you are doing is not scriptural, you should take another member with you and go and talk to Dr. Brunson if you feel he is guilty of all the things you've accused him of doing. You might be surprised to find that he would be willing to sit and talk with you provided you talked to him as a brother in Christ, out of a heart of genuine concern and in a loving manner rather than attacking him as a viscious dog might. I will guarantee you that if you approach him according to scripture you will get results that are much more positive than any you will achieve by your vicious blog.

Brenda Singletary

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Brenda - I'm having a hard time making sense of what you are saying.

So you are able to distinguish in his sermons his anger at one person, yet you can tell to everyone else that he is a loving pastor. Very strange. There is a growing number of people who are finding HIM to be the one that is angry and bitter, and attacking like a dog to use your words.

When he invoked the name of Homer Lindsay Sunday to whine like a spoiled little boy this past Sunday about only getting 50 men to pray for him when he asked for 125: was he upset at the bloggers, or all the men who didn't heed his request to agree to pray with the pastor? In his reprimand of the congregation he once again demonstrates carelessness in the pulpit displaying his anger, coupled with a lack of faith and angst against his congregation.

A few months ago when he asked men to pray about being a prayer partner of the pastor he very specifically said that men should take their time and pray about it and NOT make a rush decision to say "yes" to his request. Does Mac Brunson not trust God that God will move in the hearts of those men, in God's time, that should pray for him? If God only moves 50 men to pray, maybe that is all God wants to have pray for Mac - why does Mac know more than God and then decide to berate us when its 50 and not 125? Where did the 125 come from and what is so special about that number that would cause him to invoke the name of Homer and beat us up over him only having 50? Does Mac REALLY want 125 men to pray for him if he has to yell at us to get the 125? I'm sorry, but if I had an inkling that I might be one of his 125, that would have gone right out the window. Why does he assume the worst of the men that they are lacking faith and not praying for the pastor - maybe the weak response to his request is as simple as he mentioned it around the holidays and its slipped people's minds. If its NOT that, maybe the problem is HIM! But it can't possibly be him, and he can't wait on God to move, so he chooses to see the worst in his congregation, and then has the unmitigated gall to angrily express it to his congregation...and again paint himself as the victim.

But I'm sure Brenda you saw that as an expression of fatherly love and loving chastisement...Mac loves us enough to tell us the truth, that we're a stiff-necked people unwilling to pray for him. I don't think so. I think its HIM and not us.

But as I said..."its all about Mac". If he thinks he can yell his way to 125 men to pray for him, maybe he needs to contact his successor at FBC Dallas, who "ironically" made the same request exactly ONE WEEK before Mac did, and he got an overwhelming response from his people...and didn't have to yell at them! So call Dr. Jeffers and see how he did it Mac!

Anonymous said...

His outburst at the church for not getting 50 men to pray with him set such a poor example for our young people. I can never actually remember a time that after a Sunday service I had to tell my kids "the pastor was wrong, let me tell you why." Not at First Jax, not anywhere. But I did Sunday.

We are trying to teach our young people to trust God. If you want to do something for God, ask Him and trust Him to provide. Parallel Mac's request for 120 men (he asked for 120, not 125) to pray with him, along side our kids asking people to support them financially on a missions trip - which many of them are doing during this time of year for their Summer missions trip. Both Mac and our young people are essentially saying "I want to do something for God, and I believe God wants me to do this, but to do this I need your help. So I want you to pray about helping me do something that I am pretty certain God wants me to do."

That is what Mac was saying about his 120 men, and that is what our kids are asking for funds to go on a missions trip.

Now what do we teach our kids to do AFTER they make their desires known to those who might be in a position to help? Pray! That is all they can do! Pray and TRUST GOD!! I had to explain to my kids that when we are trusting God to use us, and we ask others to help us, we aren't depending on the people we are asking, we are depending on God to do the providing! If my kids write letters to go on a missions trip and ask for financial assistance, and the receivers of their letter only offer up 1/4 of the money needed, what is the kids' response? Should they call them all up and fuss at them saying "I WANT TO DO SOMETHING GREAT FOR GOD, AND I NEED $2000, AND YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU ALL ONLY GAVE ME 500 MEASELY DOLLARS! ONLY 6 YEARS AFTER HOMER LINDSAY DIES AND YOU ONLY GIVE ME ONLY 1/4 OF THE MONEY I NEED TO GO ON A MISSIONS TRIP THAT I KNOW HOMER WOULD HAVE WANTED ME TO GO ON. WHAT WOULD HOMER SAY ABOUT HOW LITTLE YOU GAVE TO ME FOR MY MISSIONS TRIP?". Of course not, that would be arrogant, annoying, obnoxious, whatever else you want to put there. I submit to you dear people at FBC Jax this is what Mac was doing to us. Yes, I know he's our pastor and is in a position to correct us when we do wrong, but that doesn't give him the right to treat us like his personal property who have an obligation to meet his every request no matter how noble his intentions are - after all there may be some very good reasons why only 50 responded that he doesn't know about. As for the donors on missions trips - sure some might have held back money God wanted them to give, but that's between them and God and we love them the same whether they gave or not and its not our job to play the Holy Spirit and convict them that they should have helped. Apparenly my kids know what Mac does not know. They know that its NOT right to lash out at those who didn't help enough, and not to blame the people or try to persuade them with guilt trips for not allowing them to do what they thought God wanted them to do! Quite the contrary, they use the lack of funds as a sign that perhaps God has something else in store for them, or maybe God's timing for them to go on the trip is not our timing, or whatever else....but it all comes down to TRUSTING GOD, not BEATING PEOPLE UP to get them to do what I think God wants them to do.

Make sense? I hope so. I was embarrassed for my pastor as were so many others that I have talked to. I for one made sure that my kids knew that he was wrong in what he did.

Anonymous said...

FBCJW - I disagree with you on most issues and I support the pastor. However, I must agree that I felt like he was accusing this congregation of not being people of the Word. When he says "you ought to pick it up and read it sometime" referring to the Bible,I see him as arrogant and unloving. I have read my Bible for years, many times through the Old and New Testament and have it there every week. Thanks for letting me share this.

Gerry Y.

oc said...

"pick it up and read it sometime."

Sounds like a guilty declaration.
It just seems to scream, "Defensive mechanism."


Anonymous said...

The people of FBC should be thankful to have such a wonderful man of God like Mac Brunson. We know that you are blessed to have him and we love and miss him!
Jerry & Sandra Groce

Anonymous said...

The people of FBC should be thankful to have such a wonderful man of God like Mac Brunson. We know that you are blessed to have him and we love and miss him!
Jerry & Sandra Groce
High Point, NC

Anonymous said...

Jerry and Sandra - he is NOT the man he used to be...

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that the Anon post of March 12, 2008 1:31 PM was right on target with the blinders comment.

As a member of First Baptist Dallas, I've observed and heard from close friends and family members who were employed that Mac is not the person people think he is...he has evidently let money go to his head and wants things done his way. It's unfortunate because I feel that pastors need to live like the pastors they should be - not in million dollar homes with six figure salaries. I think it's reasonable to expect to pay them enough for their work plus cost of living, but at the same time. Nepotism is also an issue....members of his family were paid a lot to do very little to nothing. I was really praying that the move to Jax would make him change, but unfortunately it sounds like he's the same or a little worse. The move was the best for First Baptist Dallas. We are seeing more and more decisions in a short time than we did in the same amount of time when Mac was there. As always, my prayers are with both churches for nothing but the best. I just pray Mac will see that he needs to be more humble and approach people with a sense of kindness.

Tressa Schmick said...

Someone like this blogger feel the need to have attention and hopefully engage someone into worthless conversation and what appears to be unnecessary aggravation. Don't get caught up into it folks. He wants readers to respond because it gives him the attention he needs to feel important. He really is not trying to resolve anything. Stop reading...stop blogging back... and take the time to pray for him.

Unknown said...

Religious Nuts!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Religious Nuts!!!!