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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Monday, April 7, 2008

Where Was Mac?

Today the Florida Times Union published a front page story critical of Jacksonville community leaders who volunteered to serve on Mayor John Peyton's anti-crime panel last year. The attendance overall at 7 meetings held since December has been around 50%. Mac Brunson, pastor of the First Baptist Church Jacksonville agreed to be on the panel's "Steering Committee", but unfortunately Mac has only made 2 of the 7 meetings held since last December, for an embarrassing 29% attendance rate.

Here is the table from the newspaper today that shows Mac's 29% attendance at the Steering Committee meetings; notice he made the first two but has missed the last 5.

That is quite embarrassing, that our pastor has volunteered to help reduce crime in our city, yet can't find the time to make it to but 29% of the meetings as a member of the Steering Committee. As reported here on this blog last year, in August before the Day of Prayer Mac talked about how the high murder rate is unacceptable, in fact he said: "There are people in our city that have to live everyday with gunfire in their neighborhood; no one should have to live like that, I don't care WHO they are!" and then he followed that with: "I wouldn't put up with that in my neighborhood...in fact I have 5 or 6 guns, I wouldn't put up with it." Of course Mac lives in an exclusive gated community backing up to a golf course, so its a good thing he has those guns to protect himself. But I wonder, is Mac all talk and no action? Is he really concerned about crime in our city? Or was it just politically expedient for him to say he was, but when it comes time to roll up the sleeves and get to work on the problem he can't find the time? To quote Ed Hearle, a member of the law enforcement committee who has made all of the meetings: "Seems to me if you agreed to serve on something this important, you'd be there half of the time."

This leads one to ask another question that was never answered: to what extent did FBC Jacksonville follow through with its offer to help Pastor Daniel Jones rebuild his church? In the Sunday evening service on September 30th, 2007, Mac Brunson publicly offered to help Pastor Jones get his church facilities, which are located in a crime-ridden part of our city, back and usable after there were nearly burned down by arsonists not happy with the influence Pastor Jones was making in that part of the city. We ask this question because the Times Union reported just a few weeks ago that its been a year since the arson of Pastor Jones's church, and six months since Mac Brunson offered his help, and Pastor Jones was still not back into his church facilities. One would hope that FBC Jax followed through with that commitment to help, but one wonders after seeing the Times Union article.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the Times Union is now also in the business of spreading "lies and slander" about our pastor. Any post that identifies facts that point out his poor leadership are labeled as such by the Kool-Aid drinkers.

Or is it only lies and slander when the Watchdog comments about it?

Anonymous said...

Once again, the "new" pastor at FBC Jax dropped the ball when he had a chance to show his real love and concern and commitment to our city and to its influential leaders. He could have used that position on the steering committee to model Jesus to our communities and to all those powerful and influential leaders. I guess they won't be asking Mac to serve anymore. It was prestigious to get on the steering committee for Mac, but his true motives for agreeing to serve must now be called into question. He just couldn't say no...pride maybe? Now, he has embarrassed himself and our church.(I know, I know, it is this blog and this blog only that is hurting him...yada yada yada.)

This brings me back to why the land gift, million dollar home, nepotism and other concerns posted here are SO VITALLY IMPORTANT---THEY speak directly to his MOTIVES for being here! When you do those things, people assume you are doing it for the money. But your actions can help show them they are wrong. Mac's actions have done nothing but show them they are RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know he was on that committee - look at who he was serving with: Nat Glover, John Delaney, Ed Austin, Wayne Weaver...holy cow, that's the "who's who" in Jacksonville politics for the past 20 years - and these guys can make it to the meeting but Mac can't make it? Maybe we need to get him another pastor office suite staff member because he's just too busy. Unbelievable. Only 8 years after Homer's death, and the pastor of FBC Jax can only make it to 29% of an important civic meeting in our city. If Homer came back, he'd want to know why, Mac, you couldn't make it to just 2 of those 9 meetings when you agreed to serve on that meeting; he'd want to know why you give such a bad testimony. Did I just say that? YOU BETTER BELIEVE I DID!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys...don't you know that this bad press is just more attacks on Mac, which according to his sermons its just confirmation that he's in the will of God.

Anonymous said...

Give the man a break. He's busy like every other person...there were others who didn't make all the meetings. What you failed to mention is that in the story as some have said attendance or absence isn't the sole indicator of a person's help or assistance. Just lay off dude. I don't see "Watchdog" on any of the committees.

Anonymous said...

Really? Wayne Weaver? Your blasting Mac for only coming 2 times and he should be right up there with Wayne Weaver? Look at it again. Weaver only went 2 times as well. I guess you wont be supporting the Jaguars this year, will you Nancy? No shirts, no hats, and don't even think of going to a game on sunday. Come to think of it, Watchjag sounds pretty good, too.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:58 - you still don't get it do you? Unbelievable the depth of the ignorance of some gullible sheep. Let me explain it to you: Wayne Weaver warrants no Watchjag since his dollars were not "given to the Lord" and he does not operate a non-profit organization. Plus, his stockholders, the NFL owners and others "watch" him, you can be sure. More importantly, his wealth and influence was obtained through his efforts, hard work, and ability to compete in the real world, not by taking over a wealthy, Laodicean church that has more money than spiritual discernment. Get real! IF Wayne Weaver became our pastor, than yes, we would be concerned about his attendance. Until then, get a grip on reality and stop making analogies that have no relation to reality. Just sayin...:)

Anonymous said...

Watchdog - it looks like Mac had the "smarts and drive and ambition" to get appointed to this committee on all his own. It had nothing to do with the fact that he is now the pastor at FBC Jax which has worldly wealth and influence now. (Very little spiritual power or influence according to Mac, since if the world is not against you, you are not doing anything.)

Homer Lindsay, Jr was voted the most influential person in Jacksonville back in the 80's. I don't think we'll be seeing Mac getting that honor.

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason - it looks like as long as Mac Brunson is the pastor, this blog will never run out of material. Mac is a constant source of examples of poor judgement and poor leadership.

Like another blogger mentioned: "A church gets the pastor they deserve." Because of FBC Jax's wealth and complacency and putting their eyes on celebrities and branding and all, he brought us Team Brunson, not to deliver us from bondage and judgement, but to be the source of it. In other words, he "turned them over to" Mac Brunson for a time as judgement for our sins. Like the Israelites were turned over to bad judges for years, FBC Jax is in the "Mac Brunson Judgement years." How long will they last? That is up to God. If we humble ourselves and turn, he will bring relief and bring in God's man to lead us into the future. How stiff necked will we be...and for how long? Until then, Team Brunson will be doing what God sent them here to do...impose His judgment on us all!

Anonymous said...

If Dr. Brunson went to all 9 meetings, I think you would be complaining that he was spending too much time outside of the Church and involved in politics. This new post of yours actually just shows me how incredibly two-faced you are. It's kind of like...darned if you do, darned if you don't. Ha, you're funny!!

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason wrote: "Like the Israelites were turned over to bad judges for years, FBC Jax is in the "Mac Brunson Judgement years." How long will they last? That is up to God. If we humble ourselves and turn, he will bring relief and bring in God's man to lead us into the future. How stiff necked will we be...and for how long? Until then, Team Brunson will be doing what God sent them here to do...impose His judgment on us all!"

Wow - that is truth! You nailed it VOR! Now it all makes sense! God have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:58 - let me help you on the Wayne Weaver count.

1 dot + 1 dot + 1 dot = 3 dots

Wayne went to 3 meetings, not 2 as you stated, because 3 dots were circled in. A cirled in dot means the person was present. Wayne Weaver has three circled in dots. He has 4 blank dots. He went 3 times. 4 times he didn't

Mac has 2 circled in dots. Mac has 5 blank dots. Mac went 2 times. 5 times he didn't.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

As I post every now and then on this blog I have come to the point I had to ask myself; What is it that I am doing here that is advancing God's Kingdom?

Whether I am for or against Mac is not the concern with Jesus. Whether I am living my life to share truth (not the truth as any of us would see it concerning Mac), the truth of Jesus. For truth is a person. His name is Jesus.

Even the few moments I have given myself to this blog I have waisted telling others about Jesus. I know someone will say I am still waisting my time then... I don't think so. This post is to inform anyone reading that Jesus is bigger than any of this. Bigger than a disliked pastor. Bigger than a disgruntled member.

Yet in His bigness He asked me to tell others about Him not about others.

So let me close my last post with these words.

If you read this, know without a doubt Jesus loves you and died for you and you can walk with Jesus in a personal relationship that is sweeter than the tone I and others have brought to this blog. Please don't let our misgivings keep you from what is important. His name is Jesus.

Anonymous said...

What some people arn't getting is, our entire church and resources are being wasted. Plus, I am so glad that someone witnesses for Jesus. The preacher doesn't preach salvation messages to the lost....he preaches history. Also, I believe it was Mac that said "nobody is home, so there is no point in visiting". An attitude, I believe, our previous pastors would consider ASTOUNDING.

Anonymous said...

Question? Where were these crime committee meetings held? Wasn't it nearby on N Hogan Street??.

Anonymous said...

NEWS!!!!There is life after FBC. I no longer have to be badgered...bored....and belittled. I no longer have to put up with prunes and snakes judging me, looking down their noses at me, because I don't drink kool aid.

Anonymous said...

Question? Were the steering committee members paid for attending or was it voluntary?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:05 - I would imagine the steering committe meetings were held a stone's throw from the church. Mac could have walked, or drove his pick up 'er I mean his BMW just 1/10th of a mile to make it to the meeting.

Didn't Mac say we "paid him for all the meetings he has to go to, but he preaches for free"? OK Mac, we're paying you $300k+, can't you at least keep a committment to meet with the most influential people in our city? Or do we need to pay you separate for that?

Anonymous said...

"Apparently the Times Union is now also in the business of spreading "lies and slander" about our pastor. Any post that identifies facts that point out his poor leadership are labeled as such by the Kool-Aid drinkers."

No lies by WD, but the slander is the same. I read the exact same information and saw an equally valid point. I think our Pastor went to the first two and declined the rest. Given that most of these types of meetings are just talk, he probably had better things to do. He is a man of action.

But you will never know the truth here at First Baptist Watchdog. Because no one ASKS the PASTOR.

WD, what have you done to contribute to the reduction of crime in Jacksonville? Nothing, right?


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I'm repasting a note here from Tim Rogers to all of us "cowards" who are anonymous. He made it in the thread below having to do with the interview, and I didn't want any of you reading this blog to miss his valuable insights, especially since he like Mac Brunson seems to know what Homer Lindsay would say or do.

Here is Tim's Post:

To Whomever Owns the Blog,

My name is Tim Rogers. I ventured over here because I noticed an unusually high volume of traffic from this site over at

We received 12 comments on our post concerning Dr. Brunson. These comments came from people that either liked Dr. Brunson or did not particularly care for Dr. Brunson. In each of the comments, except one, there is an identifiable person commenting. The one is someone that is known by the 5 collaborative blog owners.

On this one post, there are 97 comments as I am writing at 3;44pm 4/7/2008. Of the 97 there is one clearly traceable person. At most there are 6 people that are identified by nickname, that may be known by the blog owner. There are 90 people that have posted comments that do not have the backbone to stand up and be counted. I have some of Dr. Homer G. Lindsay's tapes of his sermons. Dr. Lindsay would have some unsettling words for people that write castigating letters to pastors but do not have the backbone to sign their names.

Whatever position you take with Dr. Brunson is your business. However, have the backbone to sign your name. After scrolling down this list of comments I am sickened that I was part of something that allowed you to openly take shots at your pastor. To those that have posted here and will not sign your name to your words, you are cowards.

I release you into the hands of our Heavenly Father who judges all hearts.

Your interview Tim and its softball questions shows me that YOU are the coward sir.

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:29...Are you serious? Have you asked Mac and if so what did he give as the reason he skipped the other meetings?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tim Rogers,

Thank you for all you do here in the SBC. Also, thank you for the interview of Dr. Brunson. May God bless you and may you continue to glorify him in the field of journalism.

Keep it up Brother!

Watchdog, you are the coward. Everyone knows that.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Hello Robert - Mr. Tim Rogers is not "in the field of journalism".

Thank you for calling me a "coward".

Blessings to you brother.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if we can get a point across. "To blog anonymously...or not to blog anonymously" that is the question. The only possible reason that pro Brunson people want to know the identities of the bloggers is, as we all know obvious. If they knew who we were, don't think for one minute we would be allowed to stay in the church. We would be marked and basically driven out as divisive dissenters, (their opinion).
That would be a mild reaction. Many of us have family and friends that would be treated disrespectivly to say the least, because of their association with us. The only alternative to anonymity is drink the kool aid, settle down and accept anything that the Brunsons do. Many people were here long before Team B landed, and find their "brand" unacceptable.

Now another point is this: you accuse the anonymous bloggers of being cowardly, I say why is it different than Brunson refusing to answer any of the questions posted such as salary, nepotism, $307,000 land deal and additional perks. These are questions we have no answer to; thus the inception of this blog in the first place. So, arises an impasse. We will not say who we are (our secret). And Mac won't give any answers to our questions (his secret). So give it up regarding anonymous bloggers. We arn't stupid.

Anonymous said...

Tim - It is interesting to me that you and Mac and some others have tried to tell us what Homer would say about a situation. The pastor did so when he couldn't get even 50 men to commit to pray for him.

The pastor also played audiotape of Homer Lindsay, during...you guessed it, stewardship emphasis. Yet if anyone tries to mention to the pastor what Homer might do, or what Homer did actually do, we are immediately accused of "worshipping the past" or "pastor worship." So which is it brother Tim? Can we invoke the memory and legacy of Homer, Jr. or can't we?

And really, don't you think there is a reason that men who loved and respected and submitted themselves to Homer's leadership, can't stomach Mac Brunson and sincerely believe him to be destroying our church? Why is that? Have the people suddenly changed? Or might the problem be Mac Brunson.

And hypothetically, IF the problem were Mac Brunson, would there be anyone who would stand up to him?

Would YOU, sir, dare write an article investigating the $307K gift only two weeks after he arrived? The nepotism? The staff exodus? The A-group's role? Why not sir? Is it your "calling" to "drink the Kool-Aid?"

And who cares who the blogger is? Or as you mentioned, there are now apparently 5? What harm can 5 disgruntled members do by discussing their concerns? Unless there is TRUTH to them that many other blind sheep will read and come to the realization that they are being flat out fleeced by a family who is here only for the money! My conclusions are supported by what has been written here on this blog. WHAT CAN YOU POST TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION THAT HE IS NOT HERE JUST FOR THE MONEY?

I am waiting...

Anonymous said...


We do not want badly to know your identity. The pro Brunson, pro church bloggers just think that an opinion is more credible if it is accompanied with a name. Prime example: We just finished celebrating the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr. That man had a voice, an opinion, much like the Watchdog and his anti Brunson regime. But MLK Jr. was not afraid to let the world know who he was. He risked the wellbeing of his family and his life for a great cause. The point is, he was not a coward for exposing who he was for what he believed.

God knows who you are, that's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

One of Dr Lindsay's last sermons was that we stay humble as a church. He did not want a big "Fust Baptist Church". "Fust" being a synonym for "stuck up...snooty". He did not want a "country club church". Dr. Lindsay was always a humble man who trusted the Lord. He was firm but did not aleniate people.

The blogger of 7:34 is 100%correct. Couldn't have said it better or plainer myself.

I did not know Mac played a tape of Dr. Lindsay during the stewardship emphasis. I missed that. Had I been in the service I would have walked out. To invoke Dr. Lindsay's name just to get money is truly insulting. To bring Dr. Linsay's name up when you need his influence in one area and then downplay his influence in other areas, (one;s that Mac does not excel in), to me shows no class and less judgement.

Anonymous said...

Seems like some tempers are flaring here.

Has anyone considered the possibility that although Mac has missed the meetings, he's been involved with the committee members giving input? Wouldn't you all be ashamed of yourselves if it turns out although Mac was absent, he was actually talking to the steering committee members on a regular basis? Isn't involvement in these kinds of affairs more than just attending meetings, but working on a day to day basis with colleagues? I'm certain that Mac or one of his staff members will let us know how Mac used this opportunity that was given to him for some good.

Anonymous said...

Robert - when compared to MLK, I admit, I AM a COWARD! I am not willing to be assassinated for my concerns over the new pastor. (Not that you were suggesting that...) :)

Another very poor analogy that has no relevance to the points being discussed here by the way.

Anonymous said...

Robert - do your reseach. MLK and other leaders often wrote under a pen name.

Anonymous said...

I have a great idea, Watchdog, why don't you and your "litter" of supporters start your own church. That way things would all be run to your likeing!! Yes, you were probably here before the Brunson's, but that is no reason for you to continue to stay in an atmosphere that you don't agree with. There are plenty of other places that you could go. We are supposed to attend church where we feel the Lord speaking to us the most through the teaching and preaching, and agree with the way things are run. You sir, obviously don't agree with the direction that our church is going.

Anonymous said...

anon - you are not the first to suggest: "Drink the Kool-Aid or go someplace else." We are not going to do either.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - I love my church too much to just up and leave. Sorry, you're going to have to tolerate me; unless of course Mac's discipline committee brings me before the church and I'm voted out.

Since you wanted to give me some advice, here's some for you.

Just stop coming HERE. Why does it bother you so much? Thing about it: No one is raising a stink on the church grounds, no banners are raised against Mac, no boos are heard - quite to the contrary, standing ovations are given, we're giving Mac a bonus check for the swell job he's doing...everything according to Mac is hunky dory as they say. So the only place you can tell something is wrong is when you type in your computer this website. Leave us alone, quit coming here. If we're just a few "women in a beauty shot" this site will die on the vine and life will go on and FBC Jax will be just fine. Now if I go to the church and start booing, or throwing tomatoes, or passing out fliers, or there's a group of picketers, yes, then jump on me and throw us out.

But go to any of the gazillion other websites BESIDES THIS ONE, and you won't have to put up with this "nonsense" here in this tiny corner of the blogosphere!!

solomon said...

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Come on Bellevue! Get on board and follow Mac Brunson's lead here in Jax! Hire the A-Group, Mac's ace marketing firm from Nashville. The A-group does all the web design and artwork for our church, and other churches, as well as work for Calvin Klein and Tommy Bahama! I'm sure the A-Group would be able to tell your church publicity department that its not not a good idea to plagiarize scripture and attribute it to Steve Gaines.


I'd like to believe that there are issues at your church, but this sad cry for attention and affirmation is not something that someone with a legitimate complaint would write. Do you need a hug too?

There's nothing wrong with advertising what your church is doing. The problem is when the church starts changing what they're doing so that they'll have something to advertise. Despite your written opinions, I'm not convinced FBC Jax is doing that.

A lot of eyes are on you, and if you continue to pander to such an emotionally unstable and contentious group as the anti-Bellevue blog you'll only lose credibility.

Jim Whitmire supports your pastor, and I'm inclined to agree with him based on his proven track record of integrity over an anonymous blogger. There's nothing like a lifetime of service to others to instill credibility, after all.

You haven't quite gotten to the point that you fly off the handle whenever Mac Brunson blows his nose, but you're getting there quite rapidly. If you'd like my advice (idealism, I know) you should create a thread about something good your pastor has done instead of exclusively focusing on the negative. That would distinguish you from the anti-Bellevue blog you seem to enjoy visiting.

But what do I know?

Best wishes,
Keith Solomon
(A Bellevue member)

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Keith - glad to know that the blogger police like yourself are out there to make assumptions about one's motives in posting at various blogs.

Jim Whitmire is a source of stability at our church right now, I'm very thankful he is there. You're right, he has a ton of credibility...but unless you've spoken to Jim personally and know him very well, I would caution you in making assumptions about how much he supports Mac Brunson.

Glad to know you're one of the hundreds and hundreds of readers of this blog, we welcome your input here any time.

Anonymous said...

Attn: April 8 10:04 p.m. and Bellevue commenter April 8 12:42 a.m...

What you people don't understand is you don't get to run long term members out of the church because we ask questions of the newcomer preacher, who exhibits no direction and very little regard for the members. His proposals so far are less than stellar. A very troubling trait is his attitude. Its my way or the highway and you people just need to follow me.

Mac is not accountable about legitimate questions asked of him. His attitude is that he doesn't have to be accountable. Yet, he continues to take all of the money given to him by a trusting church. I personally think our church is extremely naive to continue this open checkbook policy. Please understand there wouldn't be a blog if there were accountabilty and more openess.

Why do you think long time members that have tithed, worked, prayed for, LOVED this church for years have to leave and hand over their church to someone else who's only been here for two years? We don't like what we see so far.

I John 3:14 We know we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren, he who loveth not his brother abideth in death.

We love our brothers in the church and hope they love us. The problems come in when one brother rides roughshod over the others and takes the INHERITANCE for himself.

Bellevue, I don't think as a Gaines supporter you have much to offer here. Didn't Mrs. Rogers have to leave your church????

Anonymous said...

Can some of you reading this blog from FBC JAX answer Watchdog's questions?

Watchdog is just the messenger calling for accountability. If we could just get responsible people, or as the questions have been put to Brunson, his answers. Maybe we could "just all get along".

Thanks Watchdog.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of people with answers. The problem is that once someone gives an answer, WD will want to know whether or not the information is valid. This will hold true especially if the information contradicts some of his claims. And eventually, he will want to know the source of the information. Most sources at this point will not want their names on this website given the treatment of the pastor and those whose names appear on his site.

If WD would back up his blog with his name, that would be a start. It would require that we begin to treat eachother with some level of civility. Or, he could make face to face arrangements with people who have answers. But that would, again, require that his identity be revealed, something he does not want to do.

But if you honestly have questions and simply want answers, I for one have recieved them from our church leaders. Of course, I did not assume that our pastor was a bad leader, greedy, ect. when I asked my questions.

Anonymous said...

Jim Whitmire has done nothing but publicly support our pastor. So unless you think he is lying, Dog, then he is telling the truth and both supports and loves our pastor.

Mr. Whitmire speaks publicly about his support of our pastor. He is not anonymous about his love for Jesus, our pastor and this church. That is what you call credibillity.

Anonymous said...

Bellevue blogger:

You spoke of praising Mac and why don't we look for the good he has done. I have looked and looked but his ego is in the way. You just can't see past that. The only time I have seen him praise our church, or anyone in it, is right after they have given him MORE MONEY OR
HAVE NOT OPPOSED HIM IN A VOTE. (a given there will be no opposition).

Anonymous said...

Hey Watchdog, do you post under anonymous too, cause sometimes i swear its like I think you are posting support of your views your own self, you know what i mean? Cause the writing is the same, I mean, it sounds like the same person....you know what i mean? Like everytime i hear the word "land deal" in a post, I know you posted it.....just wondering.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 11:47 - darn, I've been found out! I'm the one posting all of these to myself...but your words sure sound familiar to Anon 5:15 from 4/4 and Anon 11:28 on 4/7, so are you sure you're not posing as two Anons?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 11:16 - I'm sorry, but that is just ridiculous. I'm certain you are referring to my cautioning Keith to not infer anything about Jim Whitmire's support of Mac unless he's personally spoken to Jim and knows him very closely. That's all. I'm not saying Jim is lying, I'm saying Jim appears to me to be a very loyal person, and I'm sure he is personal friends with Mac and who would expect him to say anything publicly about Mac. There are staff members who publicly support Mac, but are very concerned over what they see. So by seeing certain staff members there on staff "supporting" Mac I don't infer anything about their level of concern over Mac's leadership. That's all.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous of 11:47

I promise you, I am another real person, I am not Watchdog. Its just that "great minds run together". What seems not to be getting through is: there are many of us less than happy about the state of the FBC ship. We are drowning in a sea of complacency.

When the ship has sunk the leaders will disavow their part in it. We bloggers keep trying to get answers. You say you have the answers. I have not seen them posted here!!! To truly dispel any doubts, Mac himself, needs to address the church on these matters of accountability raised in these blogs. Sooner or later its going to have be addressed by him, or this church will never be what it was or even the church it could be. Believe it or not, we love our church and truly want it to succeed.

We never had these problems before in 60 years, what has changed?

Ghost said...

To the anon that said...

If Dr. Brunson went to all 9 meetings, I think you would be complaining that he was spending too much time outside of the Church and involved in politics.

Very clever but I believe you are wrong...if Mac attended all 9 meetings we would be relieved that we have a Pastor who is fulfilling his PROMISES and not sitting on the Golf Course, touring the Mediteranean, riding around in his wife's Jaguar, or whatever else he likes to do in his free time. As the Pastor of our Church when he makes a commitment for himself, he makes that commitment on behalf of our entire church. When he doesn't fulfill the commitment he makes, then it is as if all of us did not fulfill that commitment. It is an honor for Mac to be asked to serve on that committee and for him to not fulfill his obligations is an embarassment.

And Robert Peeples....every time you make a post the intelligence level on this blog seems to go down, so can you please spend your time blogging on the Facebook group that you are a member of called "Mac Daddy Brunson Is the Man!" I hear there is a new discussion up debating which flavor of Kool Aid is best. Also, just a note of humor for you Watchdog...Robert Peeples likes to log on here every week and call you a coward, but he just recently took himself off of Facebook search because he doesn't want to be found. Does that make him a coward too?

Anonymous said...


First of all, you can run a search for me on Facebook and I will appear. Now you won't be able to see my profile unless you are a friend of mine on facebook. So search me and then request me as a friend and we'll go from there. Secondly, if you want to get to know me come talk to me or email me. At church I sit on the bottom floor of the auditorium behind the main cameras if you'd like to talk. Hope this helps and hope to hear from you soon!

Business seems to be picking up in this beauty salon doesn't it? I'm thinking about going with a flat-top...think that will look fine?

Anonymous said...

Robert - according to the WD, this "beauty shop" gets over 400 visits from all over the country every single day, including hits from city hall, FBC Jax, SWBTS, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, the Florida Baptist Convention, the Annuity Board, and several local prominent firms and businesses. So IMHO, the beauty shop analogy breaks down at that point. The local beauty shop does get so much attention does it? I believe Mac only wished it was a few ladies down at the shop talking. But we'll play along since Mac said it, so it must be true. That Mac is so "cute" sometimes with his little comments about people who dare question him.

And Robert, I don't think you or 100's of others make it a practice to stop in any beauty shops to see what the ladies are talking about do you? And certainly you don't go in asking the ladies for their names? Maybe you just ignore them like everyone else?

Hmmm...so maybe this blog is much, much more than a bunch of ladies down at the ole beauty shop?

Just a little off the top today, Robert. And a little gel if you don't mind. LOL, that Mac Brunson has such a way of spinning things with words doesn't good ole Mac.

Anonymous said...


Actually I get my hair cut at a place called Hair Cuttery on Argyle Forest Blvd over in Orange Park. A couple of weeks ago I went in there and the only people in there were ladies. If one of them was cute Anon, I just may ask her name :)

Gel does work for me. For you I would recommend Rogaine, I hear it works for old bald men.

oc said...

"Actually I get my hair cut at a place called Hair Cuttery on Argyle Forest Blvd over in Orange Park. A couple of weeks ago I went in there and the only people in there were ladies."

I'm sure there was a reason only women were there. Did you ever figure it out?


Anonymous said...

Usually there are only women in hair salons on saturdays. The men stay home and cut the grass and change the oil in the cars.

But my Jeep didn't an oil change so I went and got my hair trimmed.

Anonymous said...

Ghost, Casper, whatever....

"Very clever but I believe you are wrong...if Mac attended all 9 meetings we would be relieved that we have a Pastor who is fulfilling his PROMISES"

Bull. You have never said anything nice about our pastor on this blog. Why would you suddenly change your tune. Fact is, you and Scooby take any and all information you can dredge up and post it on this cyber-Enquirer. People don't come here because it's relevant. They come here for the slugfest and the gossip.

And as for all your shots at Robert, I doubt you are an expert on the evaluation of another person's intelligence level.

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason says:

anon April 10 at 8:00 a.m - your tone seems a little ugly, brother. We have said plenty good about the pastor here. You and others just seem to over react and jump to wrong conclusions whenever we do question anything. Example: Why did he not widely distribute the proposed by-law changes and discuss and explain them and give time for discussion prior to having a vote on them? That is just a question. Supporters like you respond to that simple question by calling us cowards, telling us to leave the church, asking who we are, questioning our evangelistic efforts, and on and on. Please, brother, lighten up and get into the real world. Questions are going to be asked. IF they are not answered, they will be blogged about. No problem. It does not mean we are slandering anyone or spreading lies.

P.S. - who is "you and Scooby?"

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason: 9:46 Well put.

Since questions are allowed but not answered; here's another to follow suit. Does Mac have some sort of advertising arrangement with Starbucks, as he promotes their brand quite often, or is this the A Group's territory?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason 9:46 regarding bylaws; you mention the fact that we do not yet know what is in FBC bylaws. Just as info, Maurilio Amorim's church in Nashville; Bellevue Community Church has its bylaws on their church website. Go to www.hopepark.com Go to About BBC click on Elders then click on Bylaws and documents. The print is bad and small but at least they are there. Why do we not publish ours?

Anonymous said...

anon 10:55 p.m. - you ask another good question. Maybe some of those that hit this site from the church will answer it. Or are they under a gag order by the mighty Team Brunson? No, that would make THEM cowards, wouldn't it. I don't want to accuse anyone of being cowards. Yes men for sure, but not cowards. Although, it would explain why his supporters almost never leave their names on their posts. Fear of reprisals are all over the staff and members and bloggers for some reason. Hmmm... Like we used to proudly say: "Come and See!"