2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mac Brunson "Live" - He Bared it All Sunday - Part 1

As you'll see below, Mac accused his congregation of "robbing God". What does "robbing God" look like? Perhaps it looks like a deed signed by a greedy preacher to take property valued at $307,000 that he could have directed the giver to give the church and avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest and benefit the church. Mac's defenders say this gift was given AFTER Mac had agreed to come, thus its reasonable to assume the church had already offered Mac a generous relocation package. So Mac Brunson, YOU ARE THE ROBBER OF GOD, not the faithful people of FBC Jax.
Click HERE to see what "robbing God" looks like.
This past Sunday Mac displayed a little bit of everything...he showed just why many in our church are beginning to doubt Mac Brunson is the man called to lead our church into the next generation. While some heard him and loved every minute of his "sermon", and giggled and clapped like little girls while he displayed his raw arrogance and a clever ability to misuse scripture, many left wondering how we have fallen so far as to have to endure this "preacher" in our church.

All in one sermon on "Giving God Control of Your Finances" (you can listen to all of it at his 501(c)3 website Inlight.org) Mac managed to do the following:

- He had an opportunity to tell the truth to his congregation about something that has concerned many members, that is the accepting of a $300,000 land gift from one of our members - but instead chose to purposely deceive people about it.

- He didn't preach a certain text, but hunted and pecked to find scripture to make the points he wanted.

- He chose not to preach Jesus, but to preach something that he professes he knows nothing about: finances

- He chose again to put the yoke of "tithing" on the people (listen here), declaring that we are robbing God if we are only giving 3%, and declaring that people who are in financial trouble are likely in trouble because they don't tithe.

- He declares that people who might take exception to his interpretation that tithing is required and that it must all come to the "storehouse" as being "from Satan".

- He uses his sermon to brag that he "gives away" 15% of his income - loves to tell us how much he gives, but never in a million years would he disclose the huge salary number from which he gives (reportedly over $400,000 for wife and self - so he gives away $60,000 and somehow manages to get by with just $340,000)

- He contradicts himself multiple times in the sermon - for example declaring at the opening of his sermon that the government is not our standard for finances, yet arrogantly announces that "last time I checked the U.S. government allows me to live anywhere I want to live" as though the standard of our behavior and lifestyle is measured by government standards. So he openly admits that he doesn't live according to the same standard he sets forth for other pastors in his book (not living in "executive homes") because its legal for him to do so

- speaks condescendingly to his congregation - that they should "thank Jesus" they didn't get a raise last year, because no body needs more money - they all just need more spending discipline. In fact, we're all so stupid that if we got more money we would all be more in debt! Sorry Mac, you're an arrogant, rich jerk - as prices for food and fuel rise drastically - the "little guy" out here that doesn't make your huge salary DOES NEED A RAISE. He uses the government as an example - but if its good that we don't get more money, and the government shouldn't get any more - than why is his hand out all the time asking US FOR MORE MONEY FOR THE CHURCH? What, our church can't get by on $15 million per year?

This is all too much to comment on in one post, so we'll take this in parts.

The Big Lie About His Land - How Clintonesque Can He Be?

Hearing Mac preach on finances is like listening to Bill Clinton speak on marital fidelity - Mac has no credibility to be preaching to us about spiritual principles on finances. He tells his congregation that they are robbing God if they are only contributing 3% of their income to the church, while he himself selfishly accepted a $300,000 gift that he could have directed to the church. According to Mac's defenders who say Mac or the search committee knew nothing in advance about this gift, it stands to reason that our church had agreed to comfortably meet Mac's family's needs in his transition to Jax, but that wasn't enough to satisfy Mac - no he needed to build a "bigger barn". When one of our members offered him a $300,000 land gift just days after his arrival in Jax, Mac jumped at the chance and accepted it and built a million dollar home.

But the lie this past Sunday was this; when he talked about how Christians should not be in debt, he declared the following:

"I have one debt....the amount I owe on my house...and by the way, let me tell you something...the last time I checked the U.S. Government said I could live where ever I wanted to...by the way...and I'm paying for that house..." CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

He's a liar on par with Bill Clinton, what else can you say? Its Clintonesque to say "I'm paying for that house"...because that is a half truth (remember he said there are no "little white lies" - listen here and turn down your speakers)...he means that "the house", the physical structure, yes he is paying (through the generosity of the church paying him a huge salary)...but if he was honest and interested in helping his congregation understand the land gift issue he would have acknowledged that the land on which it sits he is NOT paying for that, it was DONATED.

This is purposeful deception on his part. He knew that many in his congregation were concerned over two things: the lavishness of his house and lifestyle, and the accepting of the land gift. He arrogantly dismisses the first issue - as though the legality of his behavior is the ultimate standard when he already said at the beginning of the sermon it was not - then he confuses the issue of the land gift by saying he is paying for the "house". The most common use of the words "our house" in relation to our debt or our asset - we mean not just the physical structure, but the structure and the land ("I'm selling my house" - means the structure and the land). So many in our congregation who have just heard bits and pieces of the land gift issue heard Mac say that there was no gift, that HE is paying for it. Very clever; I have to hand it to Mac - he is one sly little devil.

That's OK Mac, go ahead and keep your congregation in the dark about the land gift. Tell your little white lies about the land gift...but as you said a few weeks ago, little white lies become MAMMOTH PROBLEMS.

You have a "mammoth" problem on your hands, Mac. Come clean Mac. Stop the arrogance Mac. Stick to preaching the Bible (and history), Mac. Share with your congregation the circumstances of the gift, Mac. Most of your congregation will probably stand and cheer, and in fact there are probably a few gullible sheep who will follow J.D. Colllins' lead and donate MORE land to you - if you would just explain it all.

That ain't gonna happen.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I do declare that Mac is the Jeremiah Wright of the SBC. Would like to hear John McCain or Barrack Obama tell the American people: "praise Jesus you aren't making any more money, or you'd just be deeper in debt". And most of you criticize Barrack Obama for staying for 20 years under the preaching of preacher who says crazy things, yet you stay under Brunson's teachings. First he says that the people of God have helped New Orleans more than the federal government and therefore he hopes the federal government does not come to Jax if we get hit by a hurricane - now he actually uses the name of Jesus, "thank Jesus" that we aren't making more money because we're all so stupid that we would just use that to get deeper in debt. His sermon wanted to show you stupid gullible, over-spending sheep that HE is blessed finaically with a nice house and huge salary because he has done it God's way - and we're all struggling because we're too stupid.

Mac "Jeremiah" Brunson is what he should be called. I'm serious - if John McCain was a member of FBC Jax, Fox News would be playing these clips and the question would be: How can you stay a member of a church where the pastor says such crazy things?

Anonymous said...

James Dobson on Obama 6/24/2008," I think he's deliberatelly distorting the traditional understanding of the bible to fit his own worldview, his own confused theology." also, "What he is trying to say here is unless everybody agrees, we have no right to fight for what we believe."

All of this could be said of Mac Brunson and Rick Warren. There seems to be an absence of SPIRITUAL WISDOM in these men.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Brunson-The "Jeremiah Wright" of the SBC......you've got to be kidding Watchdog.

You have fallen way off your rocker with this thread and your comment. This thread shows all the readers who you really are Watchdog. You thrive on pure hate for the pastor and it shows in every thing you write. This latest post being the most radical in my opinion.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Coming from you Robert, I'll take it as a compliment.

And his sermon Sunday was the most radical (and spiritually abusive) as well.

Jon L. Estes said...


Why do you continue to sit under the Jeremiah Wright in your life (as you see it)?

Concerning New Orleans and Macs comment, can you give me one story, one example or one time where the government stepped in after Katrina and offered anyone eternal life?

I was in El Paso when Katrina hit, we took in just under 1000 refugees. Our church spent time every day with these people who had lost most, if not all, everything. We (our church and other churches) fed them, we gave them clothes, jobs and other stuff as did the government but one thing we gave them not one government official dared was hope. Hope in the future. Hope in eternity. We gave them Jesus.

Mac is correct, the church has done more for those than the government. We who have our priorities straight, understand.

It is the liberals who promote a social gospel.

Shame on you.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Jon - I'm not saying that the church has done nothing to help Katrina victims. That is not my point AT ALL. They have done many great things all along.

My point is showing the absolute absurdity and careless of Mac Brunson's words. He's not some blogger or some guy on the street. He is a major pastor of a major church in a major denomination and he carelessly throws out junk like that from his pulpit that he prays the federal government doesn't get involved if we get hit by a hurricane. If that's not what he meant: THEN HE SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID IT.

And his claim is that "the people of God" (I assume he means churches) have done more to help the people of New Orleans. I'm not sure what measure he is saying "more" - if its financially, then he's wrong. The government (which is your money and my money) is absolutely POURING BILLIONS into that area to rebuild roads, schools, homes, levee repairs, etc. Has the church done their share or caring for people's needs? OF COURSE!

But his argument, if you would listen with an open mind Jon, is that: because the church did more than the federal government in helping New Orleans (which is false), then HE PRAYS the federal government doesn't help Jacksonville. That is INSANE. It might be something for a blogger or some guy on the street, or even a talk show host somewhere to say it...but he is a PREACHER, A "MAN OF GOD" whose words from the pulpit carry a great deal of weight...and he is so careless as to say something stupid based on a false premise.

Sorry you're hung up on this Jon.

I would like to see what you have to say about the tithing issue raised last night. Does scripture support Mac's claim that Malachi 3means that Christians should bring a MINIMUM of 10% to their local church and if they don't they're robbing God and in danger of suffering financially - and that furthermore anyone who dares disagree with Mac is doing the work of Satan (these are assertions made by Mac on Sunday).

Since you are a pastor Jon, I really would like to hear your take on that question.

Jon L. Estes said...

I believe the beginning point for all believers in their giving to the church is 10% and it should be to the church they are being fed at.

You might argue that you are not being fed and I would probably agree that you are not but that may not be Mac's fault.

To not give from the beginning point of 10% is to rob God, yes. I believe this is in harmony with Malachi. To disagree with Malachi is to disagree with God and that is working from the hands of Satan (a phrase I understand and would agree with).

Of course you avoided my question in the last post in your accusation towards me about sucking up to Brunson. And you want to call other people liars.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Interesting - so you believe that if someone doesn't agree with you regarding the application of Malachi to the church and the command for church members to tithe to their church, and that the "storehouse" in Malachi means "the church"...if someone disagrees with you they are doing the work of Satan.

Very nice.

Jon L. Estes said...


If I believe Malachi 3:10 to be a "Thus saith the Lord" statement, then yes.

I believe this blog is doing the work of Satan. I don't think that is your intention but none the less...

Of course you think Mac is doing the work of Satan, you have to since Satan is the father of lies and you can't help but continue to call Mac a liar.

I can do spiritual math, my deceived brother.

Anonymous said...

Watchdog why will you not admit that you said one thing and did another? You have closed this blog at least three time and yet you still open it again---how much hate can one man spew? You know doesn't the Bible say if it is of God then it will stand? I know that is a paraphrase but you have given your side and people have heard---now do the honorable thing and shut this blog down like you said you would

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Beautiful Jon. Just because you believe that Malachi 3 means that church members who don't give 10% are robbing God and doing the work of Satan doesn't mean its so.

Too bad you want to say I believe Mac is doing the work of Satan - never said that. But you're such a zealot that you can't objectively analyze a pastor's own words when he says things that are just flat wrong.

Zealot you are Jon.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Hi Chris - saying I'm going to close the blog (without giving a date) and then circusmtances dictate that I don't doesn't equate to a "lie".

I LOVE IT! Chris wants to call me a terrible LIAR because I don't close the blog down.

But Mac Brunson lies to his congregation - nope, don't care.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Sorry Chris - I will continue to do the "work of Satan" and keep the blog up.

Please turn your efforts from getting some blogger to shut his blog down, to telling your pastor to stop lying to the church and stop stealing from God.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Jon - does John McArthur do "the work of Satan" when he teaches that the tithe was about the people of God giving to civil authorities and that Christians are to give of free will and are not under a command or requirement to tithe?

Anonymous said...

It seems to me you twist people words, I didnt call you a "terrible" anything--I just asked what saying one thing and doing another makes you? If God truly is leading you then it would serve to reason that he was leading you to shut this blog down when you said that is what you felt like you should do< I guess God didn't see this coming so now you have to step back in and help him out---Watchdog just sit back you have told your tale and now the people must judge for themselves---take heed lest ye fall

Jon L. Estes said...

To use JM, lets not just use a portion to make a point and leave out the whole.

In using JM's tithing is taxation thinking he goes on to say...

Should a person be excommunicated from a church for not paying his tithes? If you use it in the sense of taxes, if there is somebody in the church who is not paying his taxes, he is defrauding the government. He is actually committing an offence against the government as well as violating Romans chapter thirteen. Then I think the church could take course to deal with him as a sinning member. ...

...It would be no different than any other criminal act.


You really need to be careful and know what you speak of because JM would support the taxing of 20 % or more...

Anonymous said...


People who have supported your views and faithfully defended your positions on this blog have told me that you say one thing and do another. Meaning, you have claimed numerous times that you were going to shut down this blog but yet you still continue to blog away.

Chris is right. You have brought to attention the issues in our church that you think need to be corrected. Everyone in our church knows about this blog and about you. What more can you do? How much hate can you disperse?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Jon - do you have any college training? Where did you go to seminary?

John McArthur teaches that the New Testament giving plan is one out of love and not out of compulsion to give to meet some OT standard that doesn't apply to churches.

And for Mac to then take tithing concept and tell people that the reason they may be messed up in their finances is because they are experiencing some punishment for not giving 10%. That is legalism, and worse its spiritual abuse.

I submit that of all members present in the congregation on Sunday, HE IS THE ONE ROBBING GOD. When his needs were already met by the people of his church, a man from the church approached him to give him $300,000. He took it. He took it. He didn't use his pastorly influence to tell the man to give it to God's work, that his needs were already met by the church, instead he he took it. It could have gone to God's work. Nope, Mac's pocket. So Mac has zero credibility to speak about Christians "robbing God". He is the ONE that is robbing God, not his congregation.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Chris - you said I'm lying, and you said I'm "spewing" hate.

Yep, telling the truth and shining light on a man's words is equated to "spewing hate".

LOVE IT! And these people call themselves conservatives, and can't stand it when liberals accuse people of "hate speech" when people speak the truth. But they love to come here and cry that WD is spewing hatred.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

You call it hate Robert.

I call it drawing attention to a man spiritually and financially abusing his church.

I changed my mind about shutting it down. Should I have checked with you first?

Does me changing my mind equate to the abuses of Mac Brunson? Apparently in your eyes. We can't hold our pastor to keep to his words in his book about living in executive homes and driving luxury cars...but boy the Watchdog says in general terms he is shutting the blog down and delays the shutting of the blog down...HE MUST BE EXPOSED FOR THE TERRIBLE LIAR HE IS.

OK, Robert, so I lied. I shouldn't have said I was shutting it down. I changed my mind. If that means I lied, then I apologize. Please forgive me. I'm not shutting it down. I'm going to keep blogging.

Now Robert, about my post today. Stay on topic young man. What is it that burns you the most of what I've written? Can you pick one part and defend Mac?

Anonymous said...

Watchdog, Jon and SUPPORTERS will not deal with the facts of our problem with Mac Brunson. They refuse to answer the questions, but speak in generalities. To their credit they know how they ought to behave themselves in the house of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yet they support a man WHO DOES NOT.

I basicly believe what Jon says about giving TITHES AND OFFERINGS to your local church. I've done this and taught this in Sunday School for years. But this is a guide and a framework for giving. I believe the Holy Spirit will help you achieve what is in your heart in the area of giving. The idea is to be faithful and it is true that you can not out give God. We could talk for days on this subject. One more point, I believe you should not support apostacy.

Having said all that Jon, you mentioned, "It is the liberals who promote a social gospel". This is exactly what we are confronted with here a FBCJAX. Most of what Mac Preaches is SOCIAL GOSPEL and he is, in your own words, a LIBERAL PREACHER. This feel good preaching is contrary to everything that we as BAPTIST have been taught and believe.

The problem that we face in the United States is that this PURPOSE DRIVEN APOSTACY is spreading like wildfire. It is my desire to help put out this fire at FBCJ before it gets out of control.

Anonymous said...

All Who Believe in the tithe: Sirs, tithing IS an OLD TESTAMENT LAW!!!! If you want to put yourself in BONDAGE to an O.T. Law, please do so. We can hardly get people to witness Jesus Christ to others in order for them to be saved. We are told to give an answer to the hope within us. We are accused (even by the preacher, of being LEGALISTIC, we have a list). This truly amazing that tithing was the LAW, and we are told we are robbing God, and everyone puts themselves back under the LEGALISTIC O T LAW. We who understand this concept are accused of being satanic. Here's an interesting thought: Suppose someone gave more money (but not a tithe) than someone else gave 10% thus, tithing. Would the donater (not tithing) be called satanic since he was giving the larger amount but it wasn't the tithe? I give $100 (not tithing), you give $50 tithing. Am I satanic?

While you continue to live under the law, what about all of the other laws? We don't keep those O.T. Laws. Sacrafices, etc. Why the tithing? Because we have been BRAINWASHED. And it certainly has a hold on many. OLD TESTAMENT LAW Gentlemen, OLD TESTAMENT LAW!!!!!! I think the preacher owes the GIVERS an apology for calling them satanic. After all they might be giving more money than the tithers, and they may stop giving since they are referred to so callously. The preacher may loose money on this one: if he relies on the Tithers. Because those satanic givers may have the most money.

Anonymous said...

Hey WD...We went to Church, and took our two children 7 and 9. I must say they are not happy going to the Big Church, because of what they hear.They never want to go, always saying its boring and they don't understand what Dr. Brunson is talking about.
Sunday he spoke on finances.
Dr. Brunson said take your salary X age divide by 10. Thats what you should have in your retirement fund. If not SLASH YOUR WRITS)! What a remark to make to hear from your Pastor in Church. How do you EXPLAIN that to a CHILD! Then he stated about Proverbs:23:1, if your not happy get a hunting knife and hold it to your THROAT. My son, said Mama he said that two times, what is he talking about?
Boy, I said thats enough, were out of here. We left early. I don't want my children to hear this. I would pray that Dr. Brunson needs to be careful what he says, when we have 1st thru 5 graders sitting in our Big Church. I feel they need to be hearing about God and the wonderful stories told in the Bible. Lets get back to the basics of the King James Version. Litle ears hear everything and they remember everything they hear. God, please help us in our Church, to see what we need to do is RIGHT!
Our CHURCH is not the SAME! From concerned PARENT!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

What can we say anon - the man is careless with his words. He is not fit to hold the responsibility that comes with standing in the pulpit at FBC Jax. He doesn't measure his words, he "pops off" and says things that are false, that are inflammatory and needlessly hurtful to his sheep.

This is what our previous pastors warned us about. Preachers who get involved in things OTHER THAN preaching the word: pop psychology, history, finances.

Jerry Vines used to tell us: what's the difference between a liberal who doesn't believe the Bible, and a conservative who decides not to preach it? NONE! The end result is the same, people come to church and don't hear the gospel, they don't see Jesus in the sermons, they don't hear about the blood.

We have fully arrived there will Don Brunson.

And we have the preacher talking about slashing our wrists if we don't have a huge nest egg for retirement like he does. And that we should hold a knife to our throat if we desire riches. WELL, HE WAS PREACHING TO HIMSELF because he is the one obviously more than anyone else in the service of thousands who desired riches. He robbed God as pastor, accepting a huge gift from one of the members of our church. At best its a conflict of interest, at worst...well, ROBBING GOD.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon: didn't compare "what Mac did to what Clinton did".

I'm comparing Brunson's lie about how he is paying for his house and how Clinton lied about his actions. Both men stood in a public forum, in an almost angry, arrogant tone, and delivered their half-truth.

Clinton: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Mac: "Let me tell you something, I'm paying for my house"

Sure, Clinton was right, if you define "sexual relations" in a very uncommon manner. But most would say what Clinton did with Lewinsky was "sexual relations".

And Brunson (in a finger-wagging, arrogant manner as Clinton did):

"Let me tell you something, I'm paying for my house"

Sure, if you define "house" as "the physical structure" and not the $300,000 land it sets on which he DID NOT pay for, but instead accepted it as a gift from one of our donors. If he is going to hold himself out as an example to us all, at least TELL US THE TRUTH AND DON'T GIVE A HALF-TRUTH about his house.

Mac said the sermon was going to be "uncomfortable" as he started it Sunday - boy was it ever!

Anonymous said...

Question: Does this preacher know how to apologize? Wouldn't that take courage to humble oneself to say I am sorry for calling those who don't believe in being under an Old Testament law, satanic. You who just "give", that are satanic, "I am sorry for calling you that". Does this mean if you don't tithe you can't be saved? That's a new one!!!

Question : Does this preacher ever get tired of insulting people? Does he think because he has a bully pulpit, it's ok to say whatever he wants to people. And that because he is a preacher every word he utters is ordained from God, and he doesn't have to consider what he says? Just aim and fire, if he is this cold to "givers" in his church, how does he expect to deal with sinners and win them to Jesus? That is still the main point of being a preacher isn't it? To win the lost souls to Jesus. I haven't heard much about that lately, just 2 or 3 minutes in the invitation.

He reminds me of someone I once knew who was always having to apologize to people for things he said because he always had his foot in his mouth. Where do these guys get this teaching that tells them they don't answer to anyone? It's the same place that teaches them to call non-tithers satanic. The semanaries must teach this, or where else would they be taught such self-serving doctrines (?). If they don't teach this, maybe we will hear from a preacher that hasn't been taught this.( if you don't believe in tithing, or believe it is an O.T. law you are satanic, would you other preachers go this far?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon: I don't claim that Brunson reads the Blog, but his "handlers" do...to the tune of about 6 times per day. Trust me. They read it.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon asking about Brunson apologizing: you mentioned "bully pulpit". Maybe it will help if you read this excerpt from his Pastor's Guidebook, page 186:

It is unethical to use the pulpit to attack those who disagree with the way you are leading the church, even if you do not use their names. The president of the United States is said to have a "bully pulpit". The pastor should remember the implications of servant leadership and refuse to become a bully in the pulpit. The pulpit is where the Bible should be preached and where the people of God should be encouraged; it is not a place where attacks are launched against others.

Gotta love the brazenness of Don Brunson.

By the way: I have received several email reports from people in Dallas that although Don Brunson doesn't live by the words of his own book that he says other pastors should live by...his co-author, Dr. James W. Bryant DOES...he lives modestly, is a humble and gracious man.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I am focused Anon - and the blog is more than "shouting at the moon" as you say. So far today staff has read the blog 8 times.

Anonymous said...

I viewed the sermon differently than most I suppose. He is angry that people in the church aren't giving more, and so the sermon was an attempt to tell us all that we need to give 10% of our income to his church, if not we're agents of Satan. Also, if we're not giving 10% its not because things are tight with food and gas prices going sky-high, its because we are poor stewards and if us lame-brains would just learn how to be good stewards ("you don't need a 52" large screen TV" he said) like he and "Honey" are, then the church would be better off because we tithe. His explanation of "margin" burned me up too...hell yes I'd have plenty of margin if some member dropped $300k in my pocket and I was earning $400k every year.

Did anyone notice that he quoted from the book "Millionaire Next Door", and while he was reading the characteristics of the average millionaire he compared his actions to each one? I guess Mac wanted us to know he is one of the millionaires, but still manages to live a modest lifestyle. Yeah, right. He's living high on the hog with God's money from God's people and has the nerve to call them Satanic if they don't give 10%.

Anonymous said...


From the beginning here at Jax, Mac has been saying one thing and then doing what he has just preached against.

He said he could not control the loud music. He could!

He said we do not have small groups in Sunday School. We do!

He said we are not going PURPOSE DRIVEN. We are PURPOSE DRIVEN!

He said he would do his best to be here for preaching on Wednesdays. Smyrl preaches on Wednesdays.

We have watched at every meeting Mac's agenda being played out. Every meeting is PURPOSE DRIVEN driven. Check it out for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Was Maurilio Amorim Jr. the same person who used to be the Sec. Officer at Bellevue Communitee Church Inc. Nashville, Tn , the Agroup?

Check out these bylaws.


It looks like the church doesn't need any members. p. 7

Is this the person that has been guiding our church?



FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - you give me too much credit! But thanks anyways.

I'm sorry that you're feellings are hurt that I don't put all of your posts out, but get over it!

Most of what you're talking about about mirror IPs and such I have no clue what you're talking about.

This blog isn't about my integrity or character, I'll let my words stand on their own. If you want to "expose" my lack of integrity or character, start a blog!

Anonymous said...

Did Mac ever get the 125 men to pray for him during the worship service that he screamed at us about earlier this year?

Anonymous said...

Well done, much what I expected. Oh and trust me my feelings aren’t hurt that you don’t post my comments. Obviously you are reading them and that is what I intended. ps. why isn’t your integrity important in maintaining this blog in a Christ-like way? I mean doing God's work in exposing Mac, isn’t that what this site is about or did you forget that somewhere. If it isn’t being managed with integrity than what’s the point? you are the one the mentioned earlier that you had the IP of someone who tried to log on to your account and you reported them to google and you are the one that exposed yourself by saying (twice) you knew (trust me) how often Mac's handlers were on the site. So, no I don’t think I missed that. I know what the site meter programs do and so do you. You had to add it to the blog, it isn’t something that just appears there magically. So, don’t reply back like either of us are stupid. I wasn’t insulting your intelligence, don’t insult mine. MY POINT was if this site was meant for good, in my opinion you may have compromised it and yourself. Take it or leave it but don’t attack me...oh and trust me, I do have a blog.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

No thanks RP - but I appreciate the offer...I'll just wait...if you want to provide me info in advance that would be fine.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...


A blog to discuss how their pastor is robbing God and spiritually abusing the congregation unabated, and these people want to post and discuss the Watchdog, what he knows about site meters, IP addresses, etc.

Please people, direct your efforts at the pastor, not to the WD.

If you want to discuss the words and actions of Mac, pro or con, post here. If you want to talk about whether its a sin to blog about such things, try a different blog or start one of your own.

Anonymous said...

your a trip. you know I didnt say it was a sin to blog. how can you (your blog)be beleive if you cant manage it with integrity...thats all I said and all I meant.
"the publisher is a vunerable as the published when brought to the publics attention" (goes both ways WD) grin and bare it - or not...

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Update: Mac is back on TV on INSP network!

Back on Easter Sunday Mac took up a special offering to get himself back on nationwide TV.

As far as I know he never gave us a report on whether we raised the $180,000 to put himself back on nationwide TV.

But lo-and-behold...if you go to the www.insp.com website FBC Jax has been added to their Sunday line-up!

There you go Jacksonville! Congrats, more money going to put Mac back on TV!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog for several months. It has increasingly gotten worse with calling men of God liars, etc.
I am asking and pleading with all of you to stop the belittling of one another including Dr. Brunson and all that blog here.
I do not find this God-honoring. Bare in mind I am not saying this in an accusitory way, just asking that to please stop sounding so hateful. God is in control and in His time he will remedy the situation at FBC and will do it in His way... which may be surprising to us all.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Re: church tithing issue - "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." 2 Cor. 9:7

Re: the pastor's comment about the government allowing him to live wherever he wanted - "All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient..." 1 Cor. 6:12

I once again highly reccommend reading the life of George Muller of Bristol, England. This preacher determined to trust God alone for his every financial need, not even telling supporters of his work about his needs. God did amazing things through George Muller's life and ministry such that I have never heard of another person so fully trusting God or blessed by Him. He even believed that pastors should not receive a fixed salary because that would be showing distrust of God to provide. I urge any interested person to read his life and compare it to any man of God they wish - the comparison is without equal.


Anonymous said...

Jon Estes has no IDEA what he's talking about.I have five sermons tapes where Dr.John MacAuthur taught on tithing and he definitely stated that the N.T.Church is not under the O.T.tithe."EVERY MAN ACCORDING AS HE PURPOSETH IN HIS HEART,SO LET HIM GIVE;NOT GRUDGINGLY(WITH GRIEF,DUTY,SADNESS),OR OF NECESSITY(COERCION,FORCED):FOR GOD LOVETH A CHEERFUL GIVER[2Cor.9:7]. Dr.Watchdog MacAurthur also ref. to this in his study Bible under afore-mentioned scripture.In many of the study tools in FBC's book store,such as the Treasure of Scripture knowledge and the Bible Knowledge Commentaries,also state the the N.T.Church is not under the tithe.

Anonymous said...

Who let this Dog out?!
Hey JaxDawg...Get real and get a life. If you have a prob with Mac or anyone else, Go Direct To Them! Not Your Mama, not your friends, not the net. Someone please give this Jax Watchdog a reality check, and put him back on the doggy leash. Luv you Dawg!

Jeff C said...

Watchdog, I believe you need to re-examine your intentions. I am a personal friend of Mac's and am repulsed by your comments and thoughts. You personify the word hypocrite.