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Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Closing Out 2008 - A Look Back...

As we wind up 2008, I wanted to list what I think were the top 10 most important Watchdog posts on this website this year - but the list grew to 20, chosen from its inception about 1 1/2 years ago. They are listed chronologically - and ones that as we head into 2009 discussing the bylaws of FBC Jax I would recommend re-reading.

The Watchdog wishes all of you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009.

"Paige Patterson: Mac Never Got a Honeymoon" - 10/8/07

"Good or Best" - 10/23/07

"FBC Jax Beware: The Major Fleecing is About to Begin" - 11/25/07

"What Changes Were Made to the Bylaws?" - 12/10/07

"Mac Strikes Back" - 2/3/08

"Does Mac Follow the Holy Spirit of the A-Group" - 3/23/08

"Its Enough to Make One Feel Sorry for Mac" - 4/6/08

"Mac Brunson: Jacksonville is a Hotbed of Legalism" - 4/12/08

"Two Rivers Baptist Church - Lessons for FBC Jax" - 5/15/08

"Pastor's Guidebook - Do as I Say and Not as I Do" - 5/31/08

"Let's All Go to the Holy Land" - 6/4/08

"Mac: Don't Accept Gifts..." - 6/7/08

The Lie About Sheri Klouda - 7/15/08

The Response of Sheri Klouda - 7/17/08

Christians in the Hands of an Angry God - 8/6/08

"Welcome to Maurilio (Takes a Swipe at the Watchdog)" - 8/9/08

"Fleecing the Sheep: Mac Needs a Million Dollars" - 9/21/08

Deacon Worriers - 11/3/08

"Questions for FBC Academy" - 11/25/08

"What Would Jesus Blog" - 12/7/08

"Church Discipline - Part 2" - 12/24/08


Ramesh said...

WD and Readers : I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. God bless you all.

it is written said...

Dr.Dog..I wish you and all the bloggers a Very Happy New Year!!!We'll blog again in *2009* my brother.

Ramesh said...

Barna's articles of interest for 2008:

New Study Shows Trends in Tithing and Donating

Churches Stand to Lose Several Billion Dollars in Lost Donations Due to Economic Downturn

New Statistics on Church Attendance and Avoidance

Anonymous said...

WD - you left out two of the most important issues to me:

1.Acceptance by the pastor of a$307K land gift from J.D.Collins only 3 weeks after arriving from Dallas.(and later playing a commercial promoting Collins Builders)

2. N-E-P-O-T-I-S-M

New BBC Open Forum said...

Happy New Year, Watchdog and everyone!