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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Smyrl's "Lost" Articles

As a courtesy to Jim Smyrl's blog readers, I thought I'd provide copies of his lost articles on the Catholic Cult and on the sin of voting for Obama. All but one of these articles mysteriously disappeared from the "FBC Jacksonville Official Blogsite" after Jim's blog experienced "technical difficulties" over the weekend. We wouldn't want these insightful, relevant, "cutting edge" articles to not get the fair reading they deserve. Blog on Jim - the Watchdog has you covered!

Voting Yourself Out of Fellowship

Catholic Cults - Part 1

Catholic Cults - Part 2

Catholic Cults - Part 3


Ramesh said...

I have copies of "All" Smyrl's posts. My Google Reader caches them on my computer. :-)

Smyrl, if you need them, let me know. I will post them here.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the article this morning in the Times Union regarding Grace Community Church in Mandarin "Church to out ex-member's 'sexually immoral relationship'".

Is this an example of where FBC Jax is moving towards in regard to a Disiplinary Committee?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Here is the article in this mornings Jacksonville Times Union:

Church to Out Ex-Member's Immorality

Anonymous said...

Good article. And yes, this is exactly where FBC Jax is intending to go with anyone who dares question the leadership of Team Brunson. Of course sexual immorality is one thing, and blogging is another. But the hypocrisy is incredible. Church's have never said members can't blog or express dissent, yet FBC Jax chooses this activity, not sexual immorality, to go after members. Churches say they don't want "church matters" to be publicly aired on the internet, yet they are willing to go after this lady in church and now it is in the local paper. I hope the discipline committee intends to bring forth ALL members and former members for their sexually immoral sins, secret land deals, nepotism, unethical pressure exerted on members. It would be great press and PR.

FOR WHERE ALL OF THIS IS HEADING, SIMPLY READ THE HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. (Inquisitions, burning at the stake, ex-communication, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Please, no more posts about Jim Smyrl. He is a nobody. A "wannabe" player in the SBC. He doesn't realize he is a pathetic joke and has no respect or integrity due to his affiliation with, and the integration into his own style, the abuses of Team Brunson. Academics know he is a lightweight, real pastors know he is a lightweight. Mac finds him of some use for now...but just wait. Jim will soon (and sooner than most of you expect), be "called" to a new position in some unsuspecting church. Go get em Dr. Smyrl.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you repeatedly called for them to be pulled down? So now they are down and what do you do....post them again.

You are an idiotic hypocrite! You talk out of both sides of your mouth -- "you take them down" and then you put them up!

You will face a very harsh judgment before God one day my friend for all the strife you have sown. And if you are truly a Christian, you will be chastised. I would not want to be you.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

No, I didn't call for them to be pulled down.

I called for him to have the wisdom to NOT PUT THEM UP IN THE FIRST PLACE, at least not on the church's blog.

Jimmy proudly announced his "cutting edge" series on the Catholic Cults, and I called on him to reconsider doing it. But he did it.

And the pages are available on cached or saved pages on the Internet anyways.

I do find it humorous that they claimed "technical difficulties", and then the articles disappear.

The church probably got heat over those, or maybe Maurilio got on the phone with Mac and Deb and explained some basic church marketing principles...principle #124(b).....which says "never post articles claiming major denominations to be cults the very same week you are beginning your advertising campaign for your new school that hopes to draw students from all denominations and walks of life."

Jim can't be happy that he has had his articles censured. So I thought I would help him out by giving his readers access to them on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I find the Catholic Cult articles offensive and uninformed. The church has a government much like the United States. It needs a leader, the Pope. Catholics do not consider the Pope a higher authority than Christ. He is the authority of our church as is Mac for FBC. Mary is reveared because she said yes. What if she had said no when asked to be the mother of our Lord?
We do not worship Mary or statues or Saints. We ask for intervention based on the scripture "he who believith in him shall not parish but have everlasting life" Seeking their prayers is like asking a heavenly congragation to pray for us, much as you might ask a friend to pray for you. Tradition is basically addressed as experience. We are a 2000 year old religion and we have experience good and bad.

We do not believe we have to or are forced to go to confession. When I converted I was told direct confession to my Lord and Savior is appropriate. The priest is a vehicle to releive guilt much like a misnister is when he councils someone from his congregation. The priesthood is founded on the breath that Jesus breathed into his diciples after he arose from the grave. He stated "who you forgive will be forgiven". This tradition was passed on through Peter to the priesthood. It is part of becoming a priest that a more senior priest, bishiop ect will breathe on the new priest.

Catholics do not go around trashing the baptist religion it would be sinful. We are not a perfect religion but we believe in the one Lord Jesus Christ and we as everyday Catholics are not involved in the Church government.

We are baptised and saved and if we feel our christening as a baby isn't enough we can ask to be Baptised again.

My priest Father Dan Cody speaks only good things of the Protestant religion. He is a true teacher with a Christian heart. I urge the people who read the three blogs calling our religion a cult to meet us at St. Josephs to see how we truly live and believe.

Anonymous said...

I,too, found the articles about the Catholic Church to be inoffensive and felt the poster from May 27th did a darn good job of explaining what we are and what we do. Granted our religion isn't perfect but where would the Protestant faith be if it wasn't for the Catholic Church, mmmh? If Mr Smyrl can find a perfect religion let me know. His articles were very confusing and not put in layman's terms for someone to easily understand. Mr Smyrl needs to learn his facts before he spews off. I've known Catholics that have converted to Baptist and vice versa because they weren't being satisfied by their own church and went in search of something better.

Anonymous said...

As a Catholic Christian I find these documents very offensive. The person who wrote these documents should have done more research..

Anonymous said...

I was raised as a Southern Baptist and I have converted to the Catholic faith. I first came to this blog because my parents live in Jacksonville and had attended FBC JAX, but they were not members. They told me about what was going on and how disheartened they were about how Mr. Rich was treated by this church.

Mr. Smyrl's article further demonstrates the ignorance of those in leadership at this "church". I would encourage all of the members of this church to really learn about cults. FBC JAX could be slipping toward cult status very quickly if it is not there already. They even encourage cult tactics in Mr. Brunson's little video clip on discipline. I was shocked that it was so blatant. He must feel invincible.

The ridiculous accusations that Mr. Smyrl makes regarding the Catholic church are not even worth refuting because they are so absurd. It is interesting, as another poster said, that in the Catholic church, I never hear about how bad Baptists or Methodists or Pentecostals are because we do not believe that they are bad at all. When I became a Roman Catholic my previous experiences were never diminished or belittled. My Baptist baptism was even acceptable. And the Catholics are the Cult? Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Clearly none of you truly know the Smyrl. I too was at one time not a big fan of him...I truly couldn't stand him. But the more I have come to know him and his family, the more I like him. Many of these comments are ridiculous...and here you go again WD, dragging someone else's name through the mud. Can't you find something better to do? Isn't there other things you could be doing besides trashing other people?