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Monday, November 9, 2009

FBC Jax Academy Headmaster Gone

Apparently Jim Daniels, the FBC Jax Academy headmaster hired last year, is from all appearances no longer employed by the school.

Daniels was hired in 2008 to head up the school that was launched the fall of 2009. According to the academy website, Marlene Anderson is now the school's headmaster and no mention is made of Daniels.

No official word has come from FBC Jax about the change.

The Watchdog wishes Mr. Daniels and his family well, and hopes they are doing fine.


Anonymous said...

"No official word has come from FBC" . . .No surprise, just another sign of why wise members are leaving the downtown church.

What an insult to the members of FBC Jax to know their own preacher is going to be a guest speaker at Calvin Carr's church the Sunday evening prior to Thanksgiving.

Mac has never been a full time preacher and or given 100% of his time feeding his own flock. Just like Mr.Disagnio described on his pathetic perception of the role of deacons on his Twitter, "the deacons have got Mac's back."

And they say this blog and we who comment is nothing but "beauty shop" gossip. :>)

Anonymous said...

Word is his "management style" was not working, whatever that means.
Those of us that know Dr.Hypercrite and his merry band of thugs realize Jim probably tried to implement his own ideas,not theirs and got the boot.

Member FBC Jax, hanging on by a thread.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear this news. Mr. Daniels, and his family, were one of the few bright spots still left at FBC Jax. It was hard to criticize the school as long as Jim was "in charge."

Now, maybe it is one of "Team Brunson" that in fact is running the school.

Another sad day for FBC Jax. Anyone know if Jim left on his own, or was asked to leave, or was "called" someplace else like Barton, Pigg, etc.?

Anonymous said...

This is a great big "nunya." Mind your own business.

There are many bright spots at that academy and starting with the students and teachers that have done nothing to you personally. You do not know what the circumstances are.

If you want to know what happened, why don't you call the academy and ask them?//.. What? Not your style to be upfront? Come on show some backbone. Here is an opportunity to dispel the myths, rumors, and accusations of your cowardice.

You should pray for the teachers and students.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Touchy, touchy.

Don't be so sensitive.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

The ugliness continues...a post goes up announcing that Daniels isn't there anymore, wishes him well, and the cowardice remarks come back from anonymous Christians.

Ramesh said...

Off Topic:

EFF > From EFF's Secret Files: Anatomy of a Bogus Subpoena.

Anonymous said...

"If you want to know what happened, why don't you call the academy and ask them?//"

Sure, we know "Christians" always do things above board. Ask them? Sure. I know you would and believe the answer no matter what the strange circumstances are surrounding the exit. Because you are a good little follower.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know what happened, why don't you call the academy and ask them?//.. What? Not your style to be upfront?
First Baptist Administation are the ones who are not upfront. Just not their style.

As far as "mind your own business" . . .just whose money do you think is being paid to run this school. Tuition does not cover the cost of operation, so excuse me, it is our business as one would think they wouldn't have to read about the change by reading it on a blog.

I must have missed something - did anyone ask the question "what happened"?

We do wish the Daniels family well, he did a fine job and now all anyone has to do is come in and piggyback all of his hard work to carry on. Too bad there was not an opportunity to say "thank you".

Yes, another sad day for FBC Jax. Right, the ugliness continues and it's not because of this blog!

Anonymous said...

If you want to know what happened, why don't you call the academy and ask them?

Sounds so simple doesnt' it? Problem is, no way they give any answers to the WD. So one of YOU, will have to ask. Unless YOU are afraid...or just don't care.