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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snuggie's from the A-Group

Apparently one of the perks of being an F.O.M. is you might have gotten a Snuggie from the A-Group for Christmas! Their Christmas present for their special clients was a Snuggie with the A-Group logo. I agree with Maurilio - excellent gift, and nicely delivered. Maurilio does it right.

As Watchdog readers know, Maurilio and his A-Group firm are the geniuses behind the increase in promotions and marketing that have become the standard at the FBC Jax Pastor's Conference in recent years. Congrats to Maurilio and the FBCJ PC coordinators, as this year, apparently all of the "promotions packages" (ranging in price of $1000 to $12,000) have been sold, generating nearly $100,000 in extra revenue selling access to the eyes and ears of the attendees. And the display tables at a whopping $750 a pop were mostly sold as well. Let's hope the SBC does NOT follow the FBCJ lead when it comes to charging for vendors at their annual convention.

What a marketing accomplishment in this down economy - to be able to sell "promotions packages" for thousands of dollars to Christian ministries when so many churches and religious organizations are suffering from a reduction in contributions. A Christian organization forking over $10,000 to a church for the privilege of promoting something-or-other to pastors at a pastor's conference held inside the walls of a church - especially in this economy - just seems to be over the top.

So pastors, when you hear a ministry mentioned from the platform, and you see their logos plastered on banners and on image screens - know those were paid-for advertising. Ministry names on bottled water and trinket bags and pens - those were all sources of revenue for this event....and who knows, maybe you'll be treated to a special purchased "testimony" on the platform, just like the Jim "Jesus" Caviezel "testimony" back in 2007 which was more of an infomercial for a new Bible on CD product.

Back to the Snuggies: for some reason, unbelievably, I wasn't on the A-Group Christmas list, as I didn't receive my Snuggie from the A-Group. Maybe it was lost in the mail. Perhaps when Maurilio is in town for the Pastor's Conference he can stop by the house and drop one off. Maurilio, if you need directions, check with your clients at FBC Jax - I'm pretty sure at least two of the ministers know how to get to my house and make special deliveries on my doorstep.

Above we see Maurilio modeling his special zebra Snuggie. Fantastico! As Austin Powers says, "Yeah, baby!" Note to Maurilio: please, no more Twitters this year at the conference about "man crushes" on Tim Tebow.

Below, we see Mac taking a nap with his Snuggie. Is that a Snuggie or a dang body bag?

Below that, we see Maurilio and what appear to be his 12 disciples in their Snuggies.

I want my A-Group Snuggie!


Bro.Rod H. said...

Dr Dog there are no words to describe this debacle!

Lord please come again with your whip and cleanse these temple market places!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't get a Snuggie! I was robbed. I am going to have to say something to Maurilio and the A-Group about how they treat friends.

The picture of Maurilio and his staff unintentionally looks like the Heaven's Gate group that killed themselves so they could ride on the Hail Bop (sp?) comet.

How did the stalker get into Mac's house to take that picture?


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Louis - since you're friends with Maurilio up there in Tenn, I thought you might be able to convince him to send me one.

The Mac picture is on Maurilio's blog, along with a few other of his clients that he sent it to.

I think its a great gift, very unique. I would love to have one, but as Maurilio says in his blog, I just can't bring myself to put it in my cart at Wal Mart. But would love to have one gifted to me.

Funny comment about the Haille Bop comet. I thought the same thing, and actually had that in the original post but took it out. Decided to go with the "12 disciples" since there are exactly12 employees.

Reminds me of all the Snuggie jokes Jay Leno has told over the past couple of years. FUNNY!

But seriously, I have followed some of the A-Group work that Maurilio shares on his blog, and there is no doubt: they are very good at what they do.

Anonymous said...

Well there you go. Who said that you had no editorial restraint. For you to leave out the Heaven's Gate reference showed good judgment. Judgment that I apparently lack since it said it!

If I didn't get a snuggie, I betting your getting one is out of the question.


Anonymous said...

The 21st Century pastor is very clever in leading the way toward reaping the rewards of advertising. They have bought into the idea of you just have to spend money to make money in this "church age" economy according to marketing gurus.
They promote the equation you must invest in marketing in order to SELL the gospel...

Why do we never hear sermons concerned with selling items in the church anymore. I suppose its perfectly alright now that megas believe and practice it daily. God help us!!!!

Ramesh said...

FBC Jax "Store House Tithing" dollars hard at work!

Anonymous said...

If this doesn't convince people that the "church" (generic) is over, what will. What really astounds me, is how brazen these church opportunist are! I think I will start a church marketing firm, and my slogan could be "If it's a church, I can make money off of it". Not on your life, I fear God too much to compromise my standing with him. It's appaling!! How pitiful is it that people actually MARKET a church and the Gospel. Preacher used to preach AGAINST this stuff. Jesus dealt with the moneychangers in the Bible. Could the Gospel of Jesus Christ be anymore ignored and used as a profit tool? Do these people really think any of this pleases God? The Gospel, and the Cross are not to be marketed and sold. No wonder you never hear a preacher preach against the money changers in the temple. Too close to home for them. What would deaden a conscious enough to make one compromise what the Bible preaches against? What would make one risk the wrath of God on Judgement Day by cheapening the gospel. MONEY and the LOVE of it. Maybe the country club life style, the perks. trips, cars, pride of place, etc. Yes, money and power are "heady" and intoxicating. Do you know what this looks like to a lost world. They see GREED and pretenders using the church and Gods word to make money. Well, it looks like that to some of us saved people also. COMPROMISE with the world will kill your witness for Jesus ever time. But, many just don't care. The money comes in and they think God is blessing!! Pitiful. My opinion of course. And don't forget, this "business" is unregulated, with tax breaks.

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect "picture" of most preachers/churches, today. Comfortable, snug and ASLEEP at the wheel! Keep that money coming, boys.

Anonymous said...

Luke 20:46:

Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes, and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues, and the chief rooms at feasts.

Anonymous said...

But Louis...er Marshall, Maurilio is your facebook pal...and you got no snuggi?

The very least you could do is tell Maurilio that watchdog put him on the map and deserves one!

BTW: Did SBTS buy a booth at the conference? It would be good to know which of our SBC seminaries are throwing our offerings away on this conference.

I cringe when I think of the folks who make merchandise out of the Gospel like Mac and Maurilio. I fear for them.

Anonymous said...

Beware the Scribes

These scribes Westcott and Hort deserve all that scripture will give them.

Modern day preachers have no fear of the Lord. Modern day bibles have so changed scripture that men are no longer afraid of sin or their consequences. It is no wonder that preachers are acting the way they do.

Maurillio is a Scribe in a $1,ooo suit. He is even worse: he is a teacher of scribes, and a trainer of wolves.

The paradigm here is stealth preachers, turning into actual business men. They are no longer preachers,just talkers.

It has been recorded here that Maurillio is a salesman of the Purpose Driven Movement techniques.

He is laughing in the face of all Christians as he takes sheeps' money to the bank.

That is the way it looks to me. Just more scribe work.

This whole lot is a disgrace to all of the God led pastors today and those who have gone before them.

Pray that God will turn this bunch around.

Junkster said...

So very metrosexual.

Anonymous said...


I was completely skipped, as stated above.

If I can't get one, I obviously can't help you.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the silly young men I encountered on the staff of several mega's. One of them has a real toilet in his cublicle as a guest chair.


PS: Does one really need a snuggi in Florida?

Gene S said...

Those snuggies must certainly have been what Jesus and the Disciples wore--matched color and everything so you knew who was in and who was out!

Maybe we should give them as a bonus when we take the Lottie Moon Offering!

New BBC Open Forum said...

"Hey, I didn't get a Snuggie! I was robbed. I am going to have to say something to Maurilio and the A-Group about how they treat friends."

I doubt Facebook friends were included.

"Funny comment about the Haille Bop comet. I thought the same thing, and actually had that in the original post but took it out."

I can attest that you did!

"Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes... "


New BBC Open Forum said...


Do you have a "man crush" now?


Entertained said...

$750 a booth or table area at a conference this size seems about right.

So are you saying that FBC should open it's doors to manufacturers and not charge? Are you saying that the attendees should dress in sack cloth? What is your point? Who should cover the costs?

I really do not understand the point or points of your article.

Anonymous said...

The Mac picture is on Maurilio's blog, along with a few other of his clients that he sent it to.

No professional would EVER do a publicity stunt like this and keep his job! Maurilio is so disfunctional - why would Mac Brunson even allow this - it's as one said "there are no words to describe this debacle scene"

Maurilio and Mr. Brunson have done their best to promote the church, but have failed. The City of Jacksonville has not welcomed either one - publicity stunts like this is one reason why (I) and others have lost total respect for this "entertaining" church annd left the fellowship.

BTW, the snuggie will be useful on the River Cruise Mission trip! :>) Maurilio must have had a vision when he was doing his gift selecting with the "storehouse tithing" monies.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Mac: isn't that what McDonald's is selling now? "Mac Wrap"

Anonymous said...

"Are you saying FBC should open it's doors to manufacturers and not charge"? (7:09 am)

IT'S A CHURCH! IT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE A JOB FAIR OR A GOODS AND SERVICE SALES CONFERENCE! JESUS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE REASON FOR THE CONFERENCE. THE PREACHERS AT THE CONFERENCE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PREACHING THE WORD. IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A MEETING TO SELL WARES. I know other things are discussed and looked at or lets say SHOULD be looked at, such as how to reach the LOST, but this has evolved into nothing more than a back slapping sales pitch. When you start SELLING space and SPEACHES PROMOTING a service or goods it has gone way over the line. SOME ONE PLEASE GET IT. IT'S A ****CHURCH***!!!!!

How would it look if before some one was baptised they held up a sign advertising their business. Or at a funeral instead of flowers around the casket, some one sat signs advertising their house for sale. Or when a bride came down the aisle her bridesmaids carried signs advertising a car lot and different cars for sale. See how this looks. I don't care how "tastefully" done it is, it's still "Selling" goods and services.

Anonymous said...

Here you again watchdog, same song, different year.

Im just curious...if these people are all so bad...why do you waste hours and hours of your precious time on them?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
Here you again watchdog, same song, different year.

Im just curious...if these people are all so bad...why do you waste hours and hours of your precious time on them?"

January 29, 2010 10:47 AM

This person is a prime example of the clueless!

Hey "Just Curious" the reasoning behind WD blog is to reveal the shananigans going on with todays pastors and church's for the those willing to discern to see the truth,and too expose the blind people like yourself!

Anonymous said...

Trust me...Maurillio would not be caught dead in a mere 1000.00 suit...unless he got it on sale for 50% off. This man brags about his custom made 300 shirts...but as you acknowledge he is good...really good and probably has earned that priviledge. I just have no desire to have my whole money supporting him.

Anonymous said...

"if these people are so bad"

Yes friend these people are so bad.

Mr Amorim stated in his blog that two of his favorite authors were Henri Nouwen, and John Eldridge. You, do the search into what these men believed and what they did. For instance, Henri Nouwen believed in the "unity of all". John Eldridge, twisted scripture to support his beliefs. Much like Rick Warren does.

Do your own studies. It is easy.

So if these men are what Maurilio is all about, what does that say about the direction he is leading churches?

Anonymous said...

Please write another post! I don't think that I can stand to see that flamboyant picture of Maurilio again!

Anonymous said...

I suggest that these "snuggies" be sold to all SBC churches as choir robes. The profits can then be disbursed to Haiti for food, shelter, and medicine.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Since nobody else has mentioned the obvious thing that comes to mind... I will.

Anonymous said...

On a side note - did you see one of the seminars at this year's FBC Pastor's Conference?
"Properly Structuring a Minister’s Compensation Plan"
Dr. Lindsey would have had a stroke. But this is what FBC is all about now - the money.

Anonymous said...

Is it fair to say that Mac's snuggie was bought and paid for with the money you and I put in the plate this past year?

Anonymous said...

Great comment from the previous post: "Sunday paycheck preachers who place an obligation on Christians to pay them tithes are going totally against the Word of God through teaching their lies, and scamming people out of money, just as people were scammed out of their money through lies by Bernie Madoff, the Enron executives, and numerous others"

I would say the preachers are a lot worse. Madoff, Enron and others did not claim to be "God's man" and tell people that if their salvation and heart were right they would give them money. Sure, they lied to get rich, just like Mac and Gaines, but these men did not grieve the Holy Spirit to do so. They didn't take advantage of gullible, loving sheep in the pews who were trusting their "shepherds."

No, Mac and Gaines are the worst kind of scam artists. In my opinion based on what I know about them, of course.

Anonymous said...

Are the "snuggies" made of Cashmere? After all that's the best.

I feel sure that very little would please Dr. Lindsay today. He was a true preacher of the word, and his aim/calling was to lead people to Jesus, first and foremost. I wish we had him back.