2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Ed Young, Jr. Spoof Video

Wow, Ergun Caner has an impersonater on YouTube, and now Ed Young, Jr has one too!

Check out the video below of someone impersonating Ed Young, Jr. doing a rap video of his tag line "Whole Nutha Level".

Pretty impressive, the guy looks and sounds remarkably like Ed Young, Jr.



New BBC Open Forum said...

At least the necklace is relevant. Otherwise, that's 4 minutes and 24 seconds of my life I just wasted.

Anonymous said...

The spoof video just reinforced why so many believers are leaving the church, so time for myself watching it was no waste. I view it as educational as to how Christ and the church is being more and more mocked. What a sad day we live in.

The dollar sign necklace just repeatedly jumped out as well as the thousands of dollars in cosmetic dental work for that gorgeous smile he portrayed along with the armload of tatoos, in additional to being surrounded with the lifestyle of the rich and famous - truth be said, the video does show that there is no humbleness in how the celebrity pastors live.

Thanks W/D for keeping us updated with what's going on in the Christian blogosphere! :>)

Junkster said...

Some people will probably really believe that the video is just a spoof -- it's easier to believe this wasn't really Ed Young actually doing a promotion for the Hillsong Conference than it is to accept that a Christian ministry would put that much time and resources into something so inane. But believe it, people -- this is where your tithes and offerings in a mega church actually go.

Junkster said...
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gary dilworth said...




Anonymous said...

It is listed underneath his name as the person who uploaded unless someone made an account with his name. Also the guy has a tongue ring it looks like. I things someone is just having some fun but that was well done for who every did it. Not saying I agree but who ever did it put some work into it.

Anonymous said...

It listed edyoung.com as the website on the youtube account for that video. But there are also ABC Family and E Entertainment links and logos on there. It that really his webpage or is someone trying to get money at his expense? If any of Ed's people are reading then go there and look. Not being judgemental but E TV and ABC Family are not Gospel Friendly at all. I will give the benefit of the doubt and think someone set up a scam page.

Anonymous said...

If you click the link then it gives you a time when his services are shown on those channel. Have no problem with that.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Good one, WD. It is Ed Young and it is on his YouTube channel. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

And I wasted another 30 seconds of my life verifying that.

I'm eagerly awaiting Program #6 from @DrErgunCaner.

Anonymous said...

VERY good one WD! I didn't believe this was really him-had to check it out for myself. To any and all who keep their eye on Baptistland- If you're not confused, you're not paying attention!!

Anonymous said...

Ed Young is a bore. How can anyone actually take him seriously, spiritually?

It only goes to show how DEAD the church really is in America.

Anonymous said...

That is Ed Young and the video is real. He spoke at Hillsong last week and it was a video made specifically for that conference. The video is on his blog, www.edyoungblog.com. The tattos are fake.

gary dilworth said...

And if you go to his blog, you can see what some of his church members say about it.


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Anonymous said...

Mmmm... Kool-Aid!

Dee said...

I still can't believe that my husband and I attended and gave money to his church!It was a 1/1/2 year mistake!!! If there was such a thing as purgatory, I would have received 300 years!!

gary dilworth said...

I feel the same way Dee. I'm so glad I'm not there now. We got out after we learned of how Bishop Jakes denies the Trinity and Young wasn't telling anyone about that when he let Jakes preach there annually. He still does.
I have prayed for him and still do. I think the video is a reflection of his refusal to repent of his covetousness. And he is foaming up his own shame. He doesn't care anymore.

I pray that God will bring him to repentance and a life of being humble and meek before Jesus Christ. I pray that God will get His sheep away from him. There are those who want to be decieved who will stay with him. He gives them justification for their own sin.

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Johnny D. said...

Not big on the rap thing. But hey, whatever. I'm not sure I understand much of anything coming out of the church these days. It all seems like gibberish and well...gonging and clanging and noise-making. Just for the sake of noise-making.

Anonymous said...

Here in Jacksonville, there have been reports on the TV news of a young preacher in his thirties with his own young family, that has a "Jesus Bus" he uses for witnessing all over town. This past Saturday he was out in the extremely hot weather, delivering Vacation Bible School flyers in a part of town, when he was hit by a car as he stepped off the bus. If they are correct, reports at this time say, he is not expected, to live. I know this young man and can tell you that his entire life is centered around telling people about Jesus. His reward will be in Heaven. In thinking about this young man and his life and his precious family, I compaired him to these rich, phony celebrity preachers in this town and all around the country. I wonder how many of these preachers would leave their air conditioned mansions, in their gated communities to do what this young man has done all his life for Jesus? What this says about this young man, and what an indictment against the "phonies" speaks loudly. "Well done good and faithful servant". Matt:25:21&23. Please pray for this precious family.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Brumley had interesting front page article in today's Florida Times Union on the subject of tithing as job losses continue along with a picture.

"Pastor Terry Hill prays, before envelopes are taken at The Citadel Church. He's been jobless since September and doesn't draw a salary from the church. His family is dependent on his wife's salary - 10% of which is tithed"

What a contrast between the lifestyles of Pastor Hill & Brunson who brings in a 6 figure salary, in addition to having his wife receive a hefty paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Ed Young Jr. NEEDS to step down from preaching. it's crap like this that makes me want to scream.

how the heck can a "pastor" dress up like a gang member?

funny that he has a dollar sign necklace around his neck.

Gee, maybe money is what Ed is really after.

the fact that he has not repented (that I know of) show what Ed really thinks about God.

He makes a mockery of the King of Kings.

He's more embarrassing than my dad.

Anonymous said...

Some of these guys have a terribly inflated view of how entertaining they are. Just another dork, among many who are in the pulpit today.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for the young preacher mentioned on the previous thread. He and his family need your prayers. He is still in a coma. I am bringing this comment forward to this thread because it was just posted prior to this new thread on tithing coming up. I know this young man and can vouch for him being a genuine preacher that has always loved the Lord and has put the Lord first in his life. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What happens to people who support and follow false teachers?

Will they end up in hell, even if they are saved but still support and go to a "church" like his?

I know a couple who STILL go to his church.

Unknown said...

The problem with the church is NOT celebrity pastors. It is hypocritical luke warm christians that have stopped trying to be creative and reach non believers with the gospel. News flash people. The church is NOT a place only for Christians. It is a place for non believers. When we stop trying to advance the gospel and quit using our creativity that the ultimate creator has given us, that is when the church dies. I know Ed Young Jr. has a heart for the Lord. It is his sole purpose in life and he is trying to use his creativity to the best of his ability. It is really easy to criticize, but how big of an impact have you made for the Kingdom? This video was an intro for a conference that probably influenced thousands of people. You probably think Billy Graham was a joke too?

Anonymous said...

How can a Wolf/False Teacher have a heart for the Lord?

I don't think they can.

God would never lie: EY and many other like him are Wolves preying on innocent sheep (their flock).

I pray that God will get his sheep out of FC and God will exercise his judgement on Ed Young.

In the meantime, we can warn others of his scams.