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Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Pastor's Rememberence of Homer Lindsay, Jr.: The Antithesis of the Modern Day Mega Church Pastor

Anthony George, Pastor of Aloma Baptist Church (Winter Park, Florida) was saved at FBC Jacksonville when he was in high school in Jacksonville in the late 70's or early 80's when FBCJ was pastored by Homer Lindsay, Jr. (picture at left). The last time George preached at FBC Jax was in spring 2006 before Brunson came - as I recall he told us we were in for the "Big Mac Attack". He hasn't been back since.

Well, Anthony George was the speaker at a revival meeting at North Central Baptist Church in Gainesville, Florida June 20-23, 2010. Many of you know that Calvin Carr has been the pastor of North Central since he left First Baptist Jacksonville in 2007.

In one of his sermons at the North Central revival a few weeks ago, Anthony George gave a very moving testimony of the kind of preacher Homer Lindsay was. He spoke of how Homer Lindsay was in stark contrast to what George called the "hip hop" preachers today in the SBC who seem to be going through a mid-life crisis. Lindsay was the opposite of this - a man who was out of style, but still connected to people by teaching them to love Jesus and love people, and through his life showed them that Jesus was real and alive.

Listen to the five-minute clip below for a true and humorous rememberance of a pastor who was taught to love Jesus by Homer Lindsay and went on to became a fine pastor.

Anthony George Remembers Homer Lindsay, Jr. from FBCJax Watchdog on Vimeo.

I think Brother Anthony has it right about Lindsay. He was a mega church pastor who didn't seek to be a mega church pastor. Lindsay didn't guilt people into obedience or browbeat people into submission or teach people to be "churchmen". He didn't appeal to people's emotions by trying to be hip or cool, and he didn't have a certain schtick to his preaching that gave him a niche market on the preaching circuit. He wasn't a great story teller or historian, and he didn't have a fantastic, remarkable testimony that made people want to come hear his yarns and tales.

He was just a guy who loved Jesus, and loved lost people, and his life's mission was to tell them about Jesus, and to preach the bible in a very plain fashion.

In other words: Homer Lindsay was the absolute antithesis of the modern day megachurch pastor.

He pastored his flock. He didn't travel to speaking gigs week after week. He didn't go on the SBC preaching circuit. He never sought any glamor or recognition. He never wanted to turn his fame as a mega church pastor into book deals of his latest sermon series - in fact what books he did write were really just copied "booklets" given away for free in the foyer of the church to anyone who wanted them. He viewed Jacksonville as his primary mission field. He did broadcast the entire services live on TV as a means to reach people and serve shut-ins, but he didn't seek to produce 30-minute TV shows of his sermons for broadcast on phony-baloney hair channels like INSP or TBN.

When considering the state of the SBC: maybe Lindsay SHOULD have gone on the preaching circuit just a bit, and maybe he should have gone to the seminaries to speak to the next generation of pastors more frequently.

Then maybe the SBC wouldn't be in the mess it is these days if more pastors were emulating his example, instead of acting like rock-star, jet-setting celebrities out to make a buck and build their own family brand name.

And maybe we would have less of the mega church wannabe pastors who empower these celebrities by defending their sins and excesses and licking their boots every chance they get.

Thank God there STILL are some SBC preachers more like Lindsay, some even at larger churches. It's just that we don't hear much about them - they aren't in power at the SBC and they're not on the preaching circuit - they are busy pastoring their flocks.

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Anonymous said...

If Anthony George would have been called to be the Senior Pastor guarantee not one person would have left First Baptist. The membership would have grown and not been in shambles as it is now.

For sure a blog read by thousands would have never been created - he would have never banned people being on church property. Anthony George is so respected in the pulpit.

What a shame the search committee at FBCJ overlooked Anthony George - he is a great preacher who has the ability to speak to all genders, regardless of age he knows how to communicate the gospel.

Great article - loved the message!

Anonymous said...

Homer Lindsay, Jr. was a great guy.


Ramesh said...

One sad and apt contrast would be to imagine if Lindsay, Jr. would have hired Maurilio Amorim. It is almost like Jesus Christ needing a marketing consultant on how to give sermons, church ambiance and branding self in the marketplace. Is it not sad that lot of modern day pastors look to consultants like Maurilio Amorim for guidance. Weep folks for the lack of discernment in this age.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic:

FBC Dallas had an elaborate ground-breaking ceremony for their new building. Here's the video:


William said...

Anthony George,

Dear friend and fellow classmate. Man, I love this guy. He is genuine. One of his dear friends in college and seminary is none other than Butch Caner. Of course his ties to Patterson go even further back. Its possible he hung around Gilyard during those wonderful college days also.

Gosh, even the good ones have a few warts.

Anonymous said...

Too many are looking to Big names to fill pastor positions. Anthony George would have been a PERFECT FIT. He grew up under Dr Lindsay Jr, loves people, and is above all else HUMBLE. But of course some find that unsuitable.

Anonymous said...

Dr Lindsay was a cut above all when it came to Christian character.

Anonymous said...

I remember an occasion when after a particularly moving and
"bell ringing" salvation message, a church deacon near me, asked Dr. Lindsay Jr., "how does it feel to walk on water". It was in the old auditorium (Hobson Building) over 35 years ago. Dr. Lindsay was the last individual to brag on himself...he always bragged on JESUS. Jesus was his life 100%. No mansion down here, no extras, no speaking gigs, no offices in the SBC, turned them down! He was a local pastor who loved the congregation and they loved him. He would be appalled at what has and is going on within the so called church of 2010. He definitely would have been a voice crying out to turn it back to the old days if he were living now. Thank God we had a firebrand for the Lord 30 years and his dad before him for another 30 years. Impossible to duplicate THESE TWO MEN OF GOD,and yes Jesus never would approve of marketing.Its ridiculous to even think of such trivia. Just preach the WORD IN SEASON AND OUT OF SEASON....They did!

Knowing both of these men...if they were asked "what is the secret of your success"? They would say without hesistation "JESUS....all to HIM I owe".

Anonymous said...

Anthony George was "tailor made" for FBCJ. He grew up here, he knew the church, he was a Lindsay protegee, mentored by Lindsay Jr., but most of all HE PREACHES THE WORD. Anthony is his own man, and he is called of God, from all accounts. In my opinion, it's a shame that the selection committee missed the opportunity of bringing him here. Many wanted him. I hope they see their mistake (my opinion) now.

Anonymous said...

FYI, in case folks blogging here seldom get out of their own counties: there are pastors by the thousands like Dr. Lindsay---and, yes, you never hear about them because they don't have time to be in the limelight; there are lost people to witness to, Bible lessons/sermons to prepare, hospitals to visit, ministry to plan, etc., etc.---and THOSE are just the ASSOCIATE PASTORS of churches (lots of senior pastors also are like this, too)!! I'm an associate pastor, and I can tell you for a fact: we make our senior pastors look really good to our congregations much of the time (and are paid half as much to do it).

Any other associate pastors reading here: WAY TO GO, PEOPLE! Thank you VERY MUCH for your faithful service to the Lord, whether or not your congregation has---or ever has again---a senior pastor AND even if nobody types a blog entry about you on this side of Heaven!!

Anonymous said...

i bet dr. lindsay was glad there were no blogs. They would have drilled him over his ability to draw crowds and where did all that money go from the pastors conference and what kind of car is he driving and he uses an orchestra not piano and organ and.....you get the point....you find what your looking for and if your looking for stuff to hate on, BROTHER you will find it. What a bunch of hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Associate 9:20. You sound dishearted. No one here would I believe admit that there are not other good pastors around. Watchdog brought up his former pastor which a lot of us knew, loved, and respected. Most people stay in one or two churches all of their lives and do not visit hundreds or thousands of churches to find these other pastors out there, yet we know there are. We just know Pastor Lindsay was the real deal.

One other thing, don't concern yourself about making someone else look good. Just do it for Jesus as He is the only one who counts.

Anonymous said...

9:35: no discouragement here---or concern for pleasing anyone but the Lord; however, way too often---way, way too often---senior pastors get the attention (ask any associate pastor) and pass along very little of it. I used to serve as a senior pastor, so I see it from both sides---and, having been a layman as well, understand things from your (?) way, too. ALL I'M SAYING IS: Dr. Lindsay probably served with outstanding associate pastors at FBCJ (and support staff); type a blog or two about them while you're at it (I know: one or two get a favorable mention here sometimes; if I'm not mistaken, though, FBCJ is a really big church with lots of associate staff over its years . . . you get my point). It may be the most recognition most of them ever got---seriously. If you're really understanding: hug one of those people this week when you seem him or her.

Josh in FL said...

Pastor Lindsay was a good man.
Dr. Roy Fish, evangelism prof. at SWBTS spoke highly of him. He told us that Dr. Lindsay's Bible had BLACK MARKS on Roman's road because he would place his finger there so often when witnessing to people over the years. Dr. Fish also mentioned how Pastor Lindsay would go to Regency Mall (not the safest of malls mind you) to witness and also get inspiration for sermons.
Personally, I've learned that when it comes to people claiming to be called by God, actions speak louder than words. I think Pastor Lindsay's actions communicated clearly what he was about.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:35. As information the associates that worked with Pastor Lindsay...Howard, Pigg, Carr, Barton, and Brooks are no longer around FBCJ. You are correct in that some assistants never get the credit the sr. pastors take/require. It goes with the territory, sort of like in the business world. However, there are believe it or not, records being written down and one day they will be revealed.Dr. Lindsay was the first one to recognize "genuine" service vs. self-service. He encouraged the one and discouraged the other. If you weren't in it for Jesus as he was you didn't last long. He was a very kind man with much patience but one was not happy being around him if you were lazy, peevish, or NOT CALLED. Dr. Lindsay worked harder than anyone else, and expected the very best from others for JESUS. Not for him (Lindsay) but for JESUS.

Anonymous said...

They would have drilled him over his ability to draw crowds and where did all that money go from the pastors conference and what kind of car is he driving and he uses an orchestra not piano and organ and.....you get the point....you find what your looking for and if your looking for stuff to hate on, BROTHER you will find it.

Not true. Just wishful thinking on your part because you just can't understand why Brunson invited so much criticism. Perhaps the real difference between Homer, Jr. and Brunson is the difference between Shirley Lindsay (more Christ-like and loved than Homer by many) and Deborah Devore Brunson. You know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps the real difference between Homer, Jr. and Brunson is the difference between Shirley Lindsay (more Christ-like and loved than Homer by many) and Deborah Devore Brunson."

Without saying too much, I think you nailed it.

wow! Word verification: bless

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of these mega preachers rode their bikes on Saturdays following up on Sunday School members in a class they taught while they were a teenager like Homer Jr? I thought so, very few if any.

Anonymous said...

Those who knew Shirley and those who know who Mac described in his words as "a bulldog in lipstick" know what you mean.

Also, didn't Mac say from the pulpit something about where would Mrs. Brunson be if not married to Mac? And he replied, "she'd be married to the pastor of the FBC of Jacksonville." His effort to be humorous revealed more than he may have wanted to about his wife, her ambitions, goals, and her heart.

Is being the wife of a mega pastor something for a bulldog in lipstick to aspire to? I can't help but think of sweet Ms. Shirley. Loved all, and loved by all. Including the WD and his family!

Over 20 years as members without any complaints from the WD until Mac comes and all of a sudden he is a threat? A discipline committee gets formed, a JSO detective who is a church employee and deacon is put on that committee, the "shut em down" sermon is preached, and subpoenas are issued. Two lawsuits result and the church and city are left defending their actions against a blogger who dared criticize the Brunsons.

Bulldog in lipstick? According to Mac. "My sweet Shirley" according to Homer, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post.

When I moved to Jacksonville, with a corporate transfer, and after visiting a number of fine area churches, I settled upon First Baptist.

The preaching, the teaching, the Sunday school program, and the music all came together for me. It was not a performance or another twittered event. It was solemn, joyful, inspirational, educational and spiritual worship. Also, who could not enjoy the usual joke or quip always at the beginning of Dr. Lindsay's teaching. You always knew that his message has import to it.

I invited numerous folks to church, all unbelievers, and they too were touched. Dr. Lindsay was as you say he was, the real deal.

Then I moved away again for a company transfer only to return three years later, and after Dr. Lindsay's death.

At that time, again after his death, I did not bother attending FBC. It had changed and not for the better.

Circling back for another comment: I enjoyed so much the classes that Mrs. Lindsay taught on Sunday nights for new members. Even though I was a member, I wanted to go, because every time I heard Mrs. Lindsay, I was blessed.
Her personal anecdotes, her caring of new members, spoke, then, volumes.

Yes, there are many others like Dr. Lindsay, but alas, and sadly, not in such visible positions.

The final comment: FBC will survive, but I do not think that it will be of any consequence or import going forward.

Anonymous said...

"Bulldog in lipstick"

Ya got that right! I think she is proud of that, too.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 3:03

You are right. We have learned that the detective was not just a security guard at FBC Jax, he was an ordained deacon and a member of the very discipline committee that sought my identity to suppress dissent in the church.

That was a "minor detail" not found out last March by the Times Union, not offered by anyone at the church, or reported to the media, until right hands were raised and testimony taken.

It is a shame.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if any Dr. Lindsay's sermons are online anywhere. I grew up at FBC Jax under Lindsay and would love to listen to some of this messages again.

Anonymous said...

Watchdog where is "seperation of Church and State" in this matter?. The detective being a deacon as well is over the line. This detective work should have been done by a disinterested party not close to the "investigation". If they were going to do it at all, and they did. Amateurs!!!! There was no reason to have you outed to begin with!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can say without a doubt, if I had not become a member of FBCJ when I did, my life would have taken an entirely different turn. I had many years to know the Lindsays, and most of all to learn about Jesus. Dr., Lindsay taught about Jesus because he loved Him. He taught the members to love Jesus. It is not enough to "talk" about Jesus. To mention His name from time to time in order to fool the people into thinking they are listening to a "preacher of the Gospel". Dr. Lindsay's entire life was about Jesus. And he had the perfect mate for his mission. Shirley Lindsay was also one of a kind. Everyday this Godly woman somehow touched lives for Jesus. I can tell stories about the two of these people for hours. I just wish I could express in words, what Dr., Lindsay and Shirley meant to me and I feel to the Lord also. They have reached three generations of my family. I wish I could give my salvation testimony here, but I wish to remain anonymous. Suffice it to say had the Lindsay's not been here, I would probably not have been here. I know a reunion waits in Heaven. After we see Jesus face to face and lay our crowns at His feet, Iam going to look for the looong line somewhere in Heaven. That's going to be the ones waiting to hug Dr., Lindsay and Shirley. Those waiting to thank them for their faithfulness, and thank them for pointing us to our Savior Jesus Christ. To God be the Glory!!!

Bro./Pastor Rod H. said...

" I know a reunion waits in Heaven. After we see Jesus face to face and lay our crowns at His feet, Iam going to look for the looong line somewhere in Heaven. That's going to be the ones waiting to hug Dr., Lindsay and Shirley. Those waiting to thank them for their faithfulness, and thank them for pointing us to our Savior Jesus Christ. To God be the Glory!!!"

July 15, 2010 8:34 AM

Anon my sentiments exactly!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Homer Lindsey Jr. was a hypocritical pastor who lived in legalism and beat people over the head with a bible

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:41...You have no idea of what you are talking about. He was no more of a legalist than Moody, Spurgeon or Wesley. Obviously, you never met him, talked to him, or heard any of his sermons. Go sell that somewhere else, but don't sell it here. We know better. As for beating people over the head that sounds more like your style.

Anonymous said...

2:41: You absolutely know nothing of the man. Nor does it appear you know anything about the Bible. Your assesment of Dr. Lindsay, would lead me to think you might be in need of his counsel if he were here. It also indicates that you have need of the counsel that is in the Bible. Might I suggest you start in the Book of John. You have heard of John 3:16; "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son".

Anonymous said...

Anon re: Dr Lindsay. Three things regarding you and your statements.
1. You are not a pastor.
2. You live in a fantasy.
3. You've never attended FBCJ.

Why are you jealous of Dr Lindsay? Maybe he said something that got next to you and you were afraid to face it? You really do need counseling and the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Loved that man! He is the reason my husband and I are saved. Humble, honest, sweet, genuine, man of God....these are only a few words I know of to describe him. I miss him and his church dearly. It's just not the same anymore. I don't feel the presence of the Holy Spirit like I use to. That church feels blank and void.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Lindsey was just as much as a Godly woman as Homer Lindsey was a Godly man. I ran into her at Publix on Ft. Caroline Rd. yrs. ago & she actually remembered me from being in her new members class 8yrs. previously!!! Shirley was sharp as a tack & loving to boot!! I could not believe she remembered me after 8yrs. w/all the new members she taught!

Anonymous said...

Homer and Shirley grew the church by loving people like Jesus did and teaching the people to love Jesus. Mac and Debbie grow the church by spending millions on marketing and the A-group. But the church is growing so they must be doing something right? Right Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn?

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:36. You are exactly correct. We are definitely in the last days. Jesus will soon call His people to Heaven. Time is short and the current church (blank and void) is one of the main reasons it is later than we could even venture a guess.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems with your tactics WD is that you use people's remarks out of context. Ms. Lindsay would be the last person to affirm your hate spewing blog and Anthony George would as soon throw your sort in a garbage heap, if you didn't repent. You sow nothing but discord and sour grapes and you must lust for that which you have not attained yourself--honor, credibility, respect. Anthony George is no youngster. He's been around the block and was not overlooked. Do you believe in God's timing? It's really unhealthy to worship any pastor--even Lindsay.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - you sound pretty angry.

You think Anthony George would throw me out in a garbage heap? Maybe you would, but I don't think he would. You see, he's a Christian. He would do what Jesus does, and would love those he disagrees with, and might even go as far as Jesus and actually LOVE HIS ENEMIES! I think he would. Don't you?

The purpose of my post was not to say Anthony George should be the pastor at FBC Jax. You're overly sensitive. I thought it would be meaningful to long-time FBC Jax'ers to hear George speak about Lindsay, so I decided to post this article.

Just because some pastors lust after honor, respect and credibility doesn't mean everyone else does.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:37..If AG was not overlooked why didn't he come and preach and give the membership an idea that he was available?

Anonymous said...

I don't know...but, possibly he wasn't asked.????? I believe, my opinion, the selection was a cut and dried decision, already made. In other words, the deal was done.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about that one. Vines, in consultation with Paige Patterson, hand picked Mac Brunson. But to follow the church by-laws, Vines hand picked a pastor search committee and gave them one name. Then the negotiations began. I wonder if the year on Amelia Island and the $307,000 land gift were clear signs from God, or were they appeals to greed and wealth. Renovated luxury offices, nepotism, friends to come on staff, beachfront condo, land gift,...wow, that must be God clearly bringing His "call" to the Brunson's. Or was it a greedy and opportunistic couple cashing in?

Anonymous said...

11:36 Truth is stranger than fiction!!!!!

Bob Lorenzo said...

Bob Lorenzo says-
Why are so many of you, especially the bashers, anonymous? Oh, I know. You are cowards.

Anonymous said...

I know the truth about the possibility of AG coming to FBCJax. It was better that he didn't come, regardless of the circumstances surrounding his not coming. Today's staff is arrogant, legalistic, unforgiving, insensitive, and uncaring -- the opposite of Dr. Lindsay. Lindsay wasnt perfect and stated to me, at his home, that he had some regrets. This was about six months prior to his death. While not perfect, I believe he loved the Lord and people genuinely, and the people loved him in return. Love covers a multitude of sins so people were willing to overlook some of the legalism. I'm no longer at FBCJax, so I know nothing about Brunson, but I knew Dr. Vines and I can tell you he was all about himself. Apparently, after his retirement, he served as resident evangelist at FBC Woodstock (GA) alongside Johnny Hunt. A friend on that staff told me Vines left the church because attendance went down when he preached there. Lindsay was the genuine article and it was especially after his death.