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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Thursday, August 12, 2010

News on Ergun Caner, and the Fake "YouTube Ergun Caner"

Fake Ergun Caner is Gone....GAWN!

But the real Ergun Caner: not GAWN!

Rumors were circulating yesterday on Twitter that Caner had cleaned out his desk and had left Liberty. But Ray Reed of the News & Advance paper in Lynchburg has confirmed that Caner is still on LU staff, but will only be teaching online classes. A spokesperson says his fall schedule is not finalized - which is strange, given the fall semester is so close.

On more important matters, let's discuss the "Fake" Ergun Caner:

Our Ergun Caner impersonator friend from YouTube that produced some very funny, sharp parody videos on Caner in May and June, is bidding us all farewell. He posted a goodbye note here on the Watchdog earlier this week, and he has taken down the 7 or 8 videos he produced from his YouTube account. It is understandable he doesn't want to proceed with any new videos, but I sure wish he would leave the videos somewhere on the Internet for posterity sake.

He says he was not pressured into taking them down, but feels that he has had his say.

Please, Fake Dr. Ergun Caner, I hope you change your mind and leave the videos somewhere on the Internet. And you never know when you might feel the need to shave your head again and team up with "Charles" for another video.

And while you're at it, if you could do just ONE MORE video, a farewell video, and maybe sing us a farewell song in Arabic or Turkish, we would greatly appreciate it.

Tell "Charles" we thank him for his hard work on producing the videos. He needs to work on his screening of emails for the show, but I'm sure he is glad to get back to his music ministry full time.


On a different note: I watched the live stream last night of Norman Geisler, who gave a talk at Bellevue Baptist Church on Calvinism. He is 78 years old, and looks younger than that, and his mind is still sharp. He went through many scriptures about how there is both a biblical doctrine of "predestination" and "free will", and they are not contradictory given God's full knowledge of time past and future. He gave numerous analogies to use to think of how they do not contradict. It seems like such a balanced argument. But I also like his style of preaching. Not flashy, no grand stories of himself. Just an old man teaching truth from the Bible. Too bad that's not good enough for churches anymore.

I truly believe Geisler for some reason or another has refused to examine the vast amount of evidence that shows Caner's embellishments, or else he would not vigorously defend him. He obviously is a very smart, learned man whose life work is spreading the gospel. So how he defends Caner with no reservation whatsoever just absolutely boggles my mind.


Anonymous said...

I never got to to see the fake videos. I would like to have seen them. I can see why the creator would want to take them down, however.

Dr. Geisler meant a lot to me in my college and grad school days. He wrote some great books.

Sometimes older people make errors in judgment, just as younger people do. As for motives, I am not taking a guess on that.


Anonymous said...

Ergun is scheduled to speak at the Jerry Vines conference. Are you going?

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that LU was so quick to make comment on the rumors surrounding Caner's exit from LU...when it took them YEARS to address the rumors surrounding Caner's lies.

I just don't think LU gets it.

Bennett Willis said...

Assuming EC has been limited to online classes--well, that is quite a hit for a person who likes to talk. And they are generally more work (based on my experiences). Online classes do limit the things that you say to students. There is also a lot of flexibility if you are trying to do other things.

It seems to me that the fake Ergun Caner has demonstrated more class than the real thing. Having your say and then getting off the stage is about as good as it gets.

Ramesh said...

I am hoping some bloggers might have already copied Fake Dr.Ergun Caner's videos. I would encourage them to post it online for other readers.

The one request I had of a possible fake video was may be the fake Dr.Ergun Caner could have done a fake tasing video. (of course the real video is also a fake tasing video :-) )

Lot of times parody videos as was done by fake Dr.Ergun Caner are more effective than thousands of words on a blog.

Q: Why is the real Dr.Ergun Caner teaching only online courses?

Is it because the students can not talk back to the professor? Is it possible that most online courses, the videos were already prepared years ago and he just counsels and grades papers? Or that the videos that are to be made could be current but the content is examined by administrators that Ergun Caner is not fibbing any more and that he is not proclaiming his innocence.

I sincerely pray that the real Dr.Ergun Caner will make a public Confession (followed by Repentance and possibly Restoration) and put all this behind him and that Our Lord Jesus Christ would bless him in his future ministry.

Bennett Willis said...

Dr. Ergun Caner's biography from the Vines conference:
Ergun Mehmet Caner (B.A., M.A., M.Div., Th,M., D.Min., Ph.D.) is a Professor and Apologist at the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Looks like he has earned a Ph.D. This seems like a new degree--or a redefinition of an old one. Maybe I missed something. Who knows...?

Anonymous said...

These "degrees" are given away. I call them $1.98 degrees. Most degrees of these guys are unearned, awarded by "buddies" in the club. Dr., this and Dr. that. Who cares. No one believes them anymore. I don't even think the postman is very impressed when mail is directed to Dr., so and so. I can call myself the King of England but it doesn't make me him, (if the monarch was a man). Just like all of these "conferences" they are promotion events to keep their names "out front", like they are doing something useful, and are still important, which they arn't. These conferences use the name of Jesus to promote themselves. But, it's all about them and the money. What could they say that I would possibly want to hear. I am "conferenced out". Same song second verse. My opinios.

Dr Who said...

The Fake "You Tube" Dr Caner is no more fake than those who profess to have and use those "Honorary Dr Degrees" as real ones to get that larger paycheck, attention, and distinction.

Dr Who is just as qualified as these deceivers

Debbie Kaufman said...

I enjoyed the videos from the fake ErgunCaner and thought they possessed more truth than the real one had given. Thank you for doing them as they provided a perspective I thought relevant and I needed the laugh as did others who saw them. They were brilliantly done. They also provided information when Mohammad's videos were taken down. They kept the information out there as they couldn't be touched. A huge thank you and still laughing. Also your comments on mine and Jax's blog were both funny and full of truth. I needed the laugh because the reality of it all was so very devastating at times. Thank you.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Louis: It's more than just a simple error on judgment. That is the same as saying Ergun just made mistakes. Come on Louis, these are intelligent people and we need to call it as it is. It is not an error in judgment, it is a willful conscious decision on Norman Geisler's part to not see the truth. Period. He's not a new Christian or a young person. He is a seasoned apologetics minister who should know better. He knows the Bible inside out, backwards and forwards.

New BBC Open Forum said...


Please don't make the ridiculous claim of "older people make errors in judgment" to explain away Norman Geisler's intentional refusal to look at the evidence with an open mind. The man is a very young-looking 78 and sharp as a tack which makes his outlandish defense of Ergun Caner even more baffling. You insult all "older people" with such a blanket statement. You did add that younger people are capable of making the same errors in judgment, so I'm not sure what the point of mentioning age was.

As Debbie said, this is not simply an "error in judgment." I could have accepted that 5 or 6 months ago when this story began to come out, but with all the evidence that's been presented since then, no man who delivered the sermon I heard last night could be that dense.

I was pleasantly surprised at the meticulous and balanced approach Dr. Geisler took with the subject of Calvinism. He clearly illustrated how the doctrines of grace and free choice are not opposite ends of the spectrum and how both can and do co-exist. Now, if he'd just apply the same level of discernment in the case of Ergun Caner....

Anonymous said...

The number of degrees after a mans name is absolutely meaningless. Take a look at the economy for one clear example of what so called intellectuals have done to make a recovery that has vanished before our very eyes. Just give me the Farmers Almanac its actually more reliable.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about this fat jerk anymore?!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:29 pm

As long as they keep the fat jerk (your words) as an employee on payroll at the University of Liberty I will care and speak out against him and his public lies.

He needs to remove himself from ministry work as people's tithing should never go to support men like him who has knowingly lied to his audience.

Johnny D. said...

I never saw the fake vids either. I had a chance, but never bothered. I kind of wish I had "bothered" now. Oh well.

Geisler is a good teacher, and he's also very thorough. Which makes me wonder why he'd get behind Caner. I wish he'd come here and give a defense of his actions.

Anonymous said...


DrErgunCaner is still selling T shirts here:


Get um before there gone.

Anonymous said...

My husband has a doctorate degree. It took him seven long years to earn it and a whole lot of sacrifice. He refuses to be called Doctor. He tells his students he will doc them a point if they use it in class. These fake Dr.s burn me up.

Anonymous said...

Ergin Caner
If I ever left Liberty

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn I've heard a different "if I ever leave Liberty" statement but I can't be sure. Anyone else recall one? I don't think it had anything to do with teaching at a college but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

The "honorary Dr" preachers who use this title are not respected in the real academic world.

I detest hearing anyone introduced as Dr. so & so when I know it wasn't earned - just given as a courtesy honor.

These fake Dr's burn me up too!

Anonymous said...

Real DOCTORS operate. These phony doctors operate desire the title as it makes them feel real important. Some people get their number earlier than others...its called discernment.

Anonymous said...

Johnny D. said...

"Geisler is a good teacher, and he's also very thorough. Which makes me wonder why he'd get behind Caner."

Because he too is a story teller and embellish-er, but no one has examined him as closely as they have Ergin.

Anonymous said...

Stop Honor Killing - Ergun caner http://ergunmcaner.livejournal.com/2327.html


Anonymous said...

Debbie and New BBC:

Please don't read "Error in judgment" as anything less than what you said. Geisler has made a decision and it's a bad decision, not at all inconsistent with all that you said.

Despite his age, education and all, he has not decided wisely here.

I regret that you took it to mean something less than serious. But I certainly did not intend that.

Anonymous said...

Doctors have a specialty that they choose to minister. The religious doctors select a specialty. Some practice giving you the scoop on the latest book they just read. Others tell you about the latest foreign mission trip they took down the Nile river. Some select a passage of scripture and tell you what the verse means as if you are too stupid to read it for yourself. Some hold conferences and preach sermons they found in anothers book or one they heard on the internet. When it comes to going to a real doctor for learning anything I choose a MD.

Jim said...

Anon. August 13, 7:13, Caner should not concern himself with joining the faculty of any legitimate college or university. He is not academically qualified for that role. He has a professional masters degree from SEBTS (M.Div.) and a mail-order, distance learning degree (Th.D.) from the University of South Africa. No reputable university in America will touch him. He will more than likely land in some other fundamentalist, religious school. He is a talented presenter, no doubt about that; but then, all con-men are talented presenters. That is how they work their cons. Caner has done it with precision since 9-11. One important question that has not been answered in all the conversation surrounding him, is "who introduced him to this scam." I doubt he thought of it all by himself.

Anonymous said...

Jim, undoubtedly it was the father of lies, who has been lying from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Ergin Caner
If I ever left Liberty

What a pompous donkey!

Anonymous said...

Ergun Caner

I've been Fired twice before

Anonymous said...

Geisler's scholarship must be questioned as a good Berean would. He has shown so little basic reason on the Caner scandal, I would never trust his bible scholarship.

"Sometimes older people make errors in judgment, just as younger people do. As for motives, I am not taking a guess on that."

Motives don't matter, Louis. Never do. Actions are quite enough and in the case of Geisler, his actions are quite premeditated...he knows what he is doing and is counting on his gravtias to carry it out.

You have insulted old and young, everywhere. How do you explain the 40 year old liar? Do middle aged people sometimes make errors in judgement.

And you claim to be a lawyer. With guys like you on our SBC related boards, what do facts and truth matter?

Not to mention you told us that you did not anticipate working with any SBC related board when you knew you had been appointed to one and one commenter here linked to the announcment for us. So, you lied, too.

I can see why you would defend Geisler.