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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Caner Lawsuit Update: Turns Out Caner is Suing Small Church Pastor, Funds Needed to Provide for Defense

Readers - just a quick update on the Ergun Caner lawsuit against Jason Smathers and Jon Autry as we head to church:

Jason posted on his blog yesterday that he has found legal representation in Kel McClanahan, the Executive Director of a legal group called "National Security Counselors". You can read about Mr. McClanahan's experience here, and it surely is impressive. It is a wonderful thing that Jason is standing up to Ergun Caner's lawsuit, not backing down, and is going to fight it all the way. Jason most certainly has a big legal bazooka in Mr. McClanahan to match Caner's.

However, we must not just cheer from the sidelines for Jason and wish him well. We need to get involved with finances. Funds must be raised for this defense. I urge all readers of the FBC Jax Watchdog who are able, to donate money to Jason's defense, as there is no way Jason can do this alone - as you'll read about below. You can find the information on Jason's website on how to make a donation. I'm making a donation today via PayPal as soon as I get home.

Also, you will want to read Jason's personal testimony that he posted on his blog on Friday. He explains who he is, and how he came to faith in Christ in 2004-2005, and how his marriage was saved through his personal turmoil. He now is a pastor of a small church in Arizona. Trust me, you want to read his testimony, it is nothing short of amazing. And genuine.

And who really is the "bully" here? Now that we know about Jason - we now know that it is Caner who is the bully here, not Jason. Jason, small church pastor in Arizona - Caner, popular speaker, famous author, promoted and defended by the big names in Christian circles like Tim Lee and Norman Geisler...and Caner, the man who promoted himself to stardom right after 9/11 at my church by concocting a phony-baloney story of being a trained terrorist who came to America. Remember my blog article where I exposed as late as 2010 Caner STILL being promoted as a formerly trained terrorist on Phil Waldrep's website?

Do you see that? In April 2010 Caner's taped testimony was being peddled for $35 as a "hardened terrorist". That is a threat to Christianity, when false testimonies are told, believed, and then sold for thirty-five bucks. And what Jason did and what many other bloggers were doing the past three years was doing what Christian news agencies like ABP and BP should have done: got the REAL story on Caner so that others could be warned.

The good news is that pastors are so far 0-3 in their attempts to bully bloggers they don't like, so Caner is trying to finally get a win. It is quite ironic that Ergun Caner fashions himself as "fighting bullies" - he regularly demeans those who have tried to expose his lies and warn others about Caner by calling them "bullies" and "trolls", and his tag line on his Twitter account was recently changed to "Bullies/Trolls: I fight back". When he posted that on his Twitter tag line, I knew what that meant - that he was going to begin the lawsuits. I believe Jason and Jon are just the first of Ergun's planned legal assault.

So let's show Ergun that we will back up Jason. Give to his defense fund as soon as you can.


Jordan said...

Does Jason indeed have a defense fund? If so, how do we give to that?

terriergal said...

The defense fund instructions are here

I also think it might be useful to have about five hundred people ask for that video through FOIA and put it on bit torrent, or something.

Comfort said...


Tomorrow night, Tuesday, September 10, 2012 James White will be holding a Seminar at a Baptist church in Texas to get out the truth on Ergun Caner.

Here is the link: