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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SBC Church Hosting an Ergun Caner "Call for Discernment" Presentaton on the "Great Evangelical Cover-Up" - Right in Caner's Back Yard

"English was not my first language....and I walked into that little church, my English was very poor...they didn't make fun of my accent, they didn't make fun of the clothes that I wore, or make fun of the fact that I wore a turbin, they didn't call me a 'towel-head'....a year later, still young in Christ, still with very bad English, I came forward in my little country church that loved me, and I surrendered to preach." Ergun Caner Sermon at Prestonwood Baptist Church, November 2001
Three cheers for First Baptist Church of Lindale (TX), as tonight, Tuesday September 10th, they are hosting a presentation by Dr. James White on the "Great Evangelical Cover-Up" of Ergun Caner and his friends to discuss the harm Caner and friends has brought on modern evangelical Christianity. The banner above for this event was posted at White's blog site here.

This event is significant for several reasons:

1. This is the first time that I am aware of where a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) affiliated church has taken a step to help expose the deceit of Ergun Caner from 2001 to 2010. Most churches are silent, or worse they still are booking Caner as a guest speaker or youth camp pastor. Finally an SBC-affiliated (and Southern Baptists of Texas Convention-affiliated) church is allowing from their pulpit the truth to be told about Ergun Caner and his SBC friends who have failed to hold him accountable for this "Great Evangelical Cover-Up". It was at the mega SBC church Prestonwood Baptist - about 100 miles from Lindale - that Caner delivered probably his most deceitful sermon ever right after 9/11 to transform himself from Butch Caner into "Ergun Mehmet Giovani Caner": the trained terrorist who barely knew English and wore a turbin when he converted to Christianity. It was a lie to establish his brand as an expert on Islam, and really a heretical exaggeration of the transforming power of Christianity. To read about the level of deception of this sermon, go here.

2. This event is right in Caner's back yard. Lindale, Texas is located about 2 hours away from Arlington Baptist College (ABC) as seen on the map at right. On White's Internet radio broadcast last week, he specifically invited students at ABC - where Caner is the provost - to come and hear the truth about Caner's past deceit in SBC churches. Quoting White from his Internet radio broadcast

"If you are a student at Arlington Bible College you are an honored guest [at this event]. Our understanding is that there on campus this has been the big 'no-no' topic. Do not ask questions, do not say anything about it [Caner's past deception], and so a lot of students are wondering: 'what's the real story?'. So we want to provide you with that information, we think you are owed that."

This event is going to be live streamed at White's blog site through YouTube and/or GooglePlus. The event starts at 7:30 Eastern time, and the stream is supposed to be set up at 7:15 pm.

From White's Internet radio show, here is his description of what will be covered in his presentation:

"Looking at Ergun Caner and specifically looking at the 'Great Evangelical Cover Up' as well. We're not going to be spending the whole time just playing videos of Ergun Caner claiming to have been born in Turkey and raised in Istanbul, and coming here almost as an adult trained in Jihad and different Madrassas all over the Middle East, speaking Arabic and debating Muslims now in mosques and all the rest of that kind of stuff. No, we're not going to just be looking at that - we will need to lay that out. But once we lay that out we need to look at the attempted cover up on the part of others. We'll be looking at some of the most egregious excuses that have been offered for Ergun Caner, by Ergun Caner."

Here are some links to other articles concerning Ergun Caner and James White:

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Anonymous said...

I think it is about to hit the fan. I wonder what Caner will do to stop this from happening?

Anonymous said...

What I think is sad about this?
FBC Lindale is going to be put in the crosshair for this. The SBCT will fabricate something to dis-fellowship from them.

What's even sadder?
They'll kick a church to the curb for this but megachurches who cover up criminal sex offenses get a pass.

Dee said...

I agree with Anonymous at 10:44AM.
Tom, thanks for keeping us up to date on the Caner situation.

Anonymous said...

I don't think many in these parts even care. Caner is a non-entity in the Metroplex. Appears nowhere in terms of speaking around town.

And I don't imagine FBC Lindale cares about what SBT can do. Why on earth would disfellowship from the SBT be a sad thing.

Debbie Kaufman said...

I will be listening to this broadcast.

Anonymous said...

I do not see any mention of this event on the FBC Lindale web site. Caving to pressure already? or just trying to avoid it? I'm not sure the Pastor over there is "all in". It looks like James White will be there for two nights and they are advertising the Wednesday 9/11 event on their site as "What every Christian needs to know about Islam"

Comfort said...

I just finished watching. James White did a masterful job. May God be honored in houses of Christian worship for standing for the truth.

Comfort said...

The program has already been uploaded to YT. Here is the link:


Victorious said...
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Victorious said...

Excellent job by James White! He presented a very coherent timeline with visual proof of his assertions. He made a clear statement that the desired result was repentance on the part of Caner.

The most compelling statement was that "Moslems are watching...."

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on this, Watchdog!

Anonymous said...

WD thanks for the video of James White everyone needs to see it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is doing anyone any good. Ergun's credibility is suffering greatly while he refuses to deal with this properly. James White is coming across as someone driven by personal grudge and vendetta.

It's about time some senior and well respected 'neutral' pastor or elder comes forward to help mediate and find a way out of this messy situation.


Bennett Willis said...

http://ephesians511blog.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-ergun-caner-reference-article.html This is a link that also has links to many of EC's videos and comments.

Bennett Willis said...

http://ephesians511blog.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-ergun-caner-reference-article.html This is a link that also has links to many of EC's videos and comments.

Anonymous said...

They are desperate to get the focus off Mohler/Dever's T4G and the Mahaney/SGM debacle which is about protecting child molesters and LYING, too. That is why a reformed SBC church is hosting this.

I thought Caner was pretty much ruined? No? He certainly was not able to flee to the arms of first Dever then move SGM to Mohler in Louisville for protection like Mahaney did.