2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Monday, July 28, 2014

Watch Johnny Hunt's Intro of Ergun Caner Yesterday - With Interpretive and Security Force Audio Subtitles

"Ergun, I love you my friend....thank you for your humble spirit...and the way you desire to serve." Johnny Hunt
Below is the video introduction Johnny Hunt recorded for play in the First Baptist Church Woodstock yesterday, just before Ergun Caner preached.

Yes, Johnny Hunt is grateful for the way Ergun Caner desires to serve...I assume he means serving copyright lawsuit papers.

I wonder where the description of Ergun Caner's "humble spirit" is in Judge Moon's rulings. Judge Moon saw a man who was anything but humble - who misused our legal system to shut down bloggers.

And sadly, Johnny Hunt has followed suit - Caner used our legal system to harass his critics: two bloggers named Jon Autry and Jason Smathers. Johnny Hunt has used his church and his security forces to do the same to a blogger named Seth Dunn.

Watch the video. Johnny lays it on pretty thick. I did take the liberty of providing some interpretive subtitles to explain what Johnny really meant - or should have meant - to say.

I also was able to intercept the First Baptist Woodstock security audio feed and provided those subtitles as well.



Tom Parker said...

It is past time that some of these SBC "leaders" such as Mr. Hunt be fired. They have made a joke of the Southern Baptist Convention!

Anonymous said...

Just read Wade Burleson's book, Hardball Religion, this sadly and wickedly the way these guys work.

Johnny Hunt, how can you live with yourself knowing that you are aiding in Ergun Caner's coverup?

Folks, if you attend Woodstock, are you going to support such actions? This is just as shocking as Caner's many lies over the years.

Neptune said...

I will never forget attending the February Pastor's Conference at FBC Jax when Jerry Vines was pastor. We attended the conference several years in a row. We enjoyed attending because it was like an old-fashioned (but air-conditioned) camp meeting, especially with Rodney Brooke's musical arrangements and quartet singing.

Plus, we always enjoyed the preaching, especially when Fred Luter took the pulpit. The crowd seemed to enjoy Fred Luter and Junior Hill most of all.

However, I will never forget the year that Jerry Vines invited Jerry Falwell to speak. The night that Jerry Falwell was there was epic.

After Vines introduced Falwell, he took an offering before Falwell came to the podium. When the music for the offering began, hundreds of people arose from their seats and walked out the door. We were in shock.

It was as though it was orchestrated and rehearsed, like an organized protest. We were sitting in an area where we could see everything. I believe that a lot of people came for the purpose of walking out on Falwell.

My point in this story?

More of this needs to happen. Unfortunately, I don't think there are enough people on fire for God and totally sold out to truth who have the guts to walk out on false prophets and wolves in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, how do you answer these lies of Ergun Caner?
For Peter Lumpkins, could you please sit down with Ergun and write the response to these lies?


Or Tim Guthrie could chime in but he can't answer all of the lies either.

Ergun Caner, please put this whole thing to rest will you!

Johnny, can you please tell me where Ergun has come clean of the following lies http://turretinfan.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-ergun-caner-affair-one-collation-of.html

Anonymous said...

I love you church. Give me your money. God bless you. Give us your tithes. We miss you. We need money to get home. Did we say we love your money.. errr, I meant to say, we love you?

Ergun is such a blessing. He's my friend. We love Ergun.

Man, you just have to love the way sugar drips off of their forked tongues. And the way they flatter each other. They blow so much smoke up each others butts, I will be surprised if they don't all get prostate cancer.

Anonymous said...

I'm 40 years old and I predict (and hope) that the SBC will be either dead or largely irrelevant in 20 years, if not 10. The younger generations aren't going to buy this crap and sustain these mega churches like their parents and grandparents and great grandparents have. Actually, instead of death of the Convention what I would like to see is reform. I'd like to see the death of the mega churches and for the Convention to return to what it once was: mostly small to medium size churches with no more than 500 members which pay their pastors (real pastors, not celebrity mega church "pastors") modest salaries and truly minister to their communities. That won't happen till this mega church good ol boy establishment is taken down.

Anonymous said...


Ergun to speak to big student event sponsored by Evangelist Scott Dawson

Anonymous said...

Question: If I can't believe or trust what Johnny Hunt tells me about Ergun Caner ("humble spirit"), then how can I believe Johnny Hunt on what he tells me about Jesus? Or about tithing? Or about him loving me?

Neptune said...

Meet the new VP of Operations for BPC:


Now, Caner can go on tour, even more than he does now. Plus, he'll have someone to help with the enrollment numbers. Caner just won the lottery. He's free to move about the country.

Anonymous said...

To get my mind around the whole picture. What is Caner's (and his allies) statement on his whole situation? DO they contend that all his stories and the "facts" he gives in his testimony true? Do these pastors really think he was telling the truth? What's their "side" of the story?

It seems pretty obvious from the research presented that he's something of a phony..

Anonymous said...

"I'd like to see the death of the mega churches and for the Convention to return to what it once was: mostly small to medium size churches with no more than 500 members which pay their pastors (real pastors, not celebrity mega church "pastors") modest salaries and truly minister to their communities."

The exact opposite is taking place today. The small churches are dying off in record numbers (mostly because they are not drawing in any new young converts). The congregation gets old and when those people die off the church closes.

The Mega-Churches are the only ones showing any growth (and most of that is not from new converts but from stealing members from smaller churches).

85% of today's churches are stalled or declining in numbers. Nearly all of them are smaller churches.

So unless things change 180 degrees, that's not likely to happen.

Anonymous said...

What does everyone think as "modest" in regards to salaries?

Debbie Kaufman said...

I would disagree anonymous 1:23. I believe there are more small churches than mega churches. At least in the SBC life it is the norm. Mega churches are highlighted more, but there are not more of them than small churches. The SBC may die a slow death, but I think small churches will still be around, in fact if the SBC dies off, I am pretty sure the small churches will increase.

my name is ...... said...


Eppling is a long time friend of Caner and would basically tale a bullet for him. BTW - Eppling has his CCW and carries everywhere he goes when Caner is around.

Yet another instance of Caner taking care of those who are loyal to him. In the end, BPC will be nothing but Caner guys and anyone who disagrees will be out ASAP.

Funny thing is, Mrs. Eppling is not a big fan of Caner and does not appreciate the "factual statements that are self-contradictory" that Caner loves to tell.

Anonymous said...

Soooo UNFUNNY is this thought that hit me while watching.
As a faithfully (over)working couple w 3 kids our last "vaca" was 1 1/2 week in 2012 to visit family in upper NY. Now I am to be "touched" as this man in his buttoned up Izod tells how he cant wait to be back from his multiweek vacation "preaching" in their conviently located second church in West Palm Beach. But in the meantime (kiss kiss kiss) enjoy this dude EC at +$5000 a pop.
Yes HAD much respect for J Hunt. Sadly, that has all now disappeared.
Woodstock folks....are ya'll stupid??

Anonymous said...

Ergun Caner's son passed away unexpectedly today. I realize many in this forum disagree with his opinions, theology, ect, but I cannot imagine the grief he is experiencing now in a loss of a child. Our Bible teaches us to pray for those, even if it is an enemy. I pray that you will respect the family during this time.

Rick Lawrenson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ripberger said...

Sad to hear about his son's death. No one deserves that.

I actually came over here to see if the Watchdog had anything to say about Mars Hill's Mark Driscoll and his vulgar "William Wallace II" rant that has everyone angry now.


Maybe focus on Driscoll (and other such persons) and give Caner a respite for awhile?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I will absolutely not let any posts through that presume to know reasons for this awful tragedy, or seek to place blame on people.

It is a time for mourning and to pray for peace and comfort for the Caner family.

Anonymous said...

So very tragic.

Much to pray over and reflect on. Speculation has no place.

Anonymous said...

I believe there are more small churches than mega churches. At least in the SBC life it is the norm. Mega churches are highlighted more, but there are not more of them than small churches. The SBC may die a slow death, but I think small churches will still be around, in fact if the SBC dies off, I am pretty sure the small churches will increase. "

The amount of small churches in the SBC have NO bearing on SBC policy or behavior. The convention is run by mega church leaders who have the power. Most are awed by Al Mohler who is really the pope of the SBC and has his people in most all of the entities save a few.

The mega churches generally give a smaller percentage to the CP. Just take our current NAMB president Ezell. His mega church, Highview, gave 10,000 to the CP the last year he was there as pastor. A tiny church of 100 members, Hopewell, in a rural area of the state gave 30,000.

That is one example out of hundreds. But that is the norm for mega/small church giving to the CP.

The mega church guys are about celebrity and power.

I don't see that changing. The answer is to quit giving them money. Then they will go away. but folks love their Christian celebs.

Anonymous said...

"I would disagree anonymous 1:23. I believe there are more small churches than mega churches."

There are far more small churches than Mega-Churches in the SBC.

My comment was answering a quote from Anon 8:47 pm who was wishing for a day when the SBC would go back to being mostly small and medium sized churches. It already is.

"if the SBC dies off, I am pretty sure the small churches will increase."

How did you come to that conclusion?

Almost all of the stagnation and decline in church attendance is coming from small to medium sized churches.

Take a look at any of the current books on this subject: Why Doesn't Anyone Want to go to Church Anymore, Change Your Church or Die, Autopsy of a Deceased Church.

All of the statistics are saying the same thing.

Brian Welch said...

You don't want posts ascribing blame because you know that you and your ilk have blood on your hands from this one. Hoping charges similar to the bullying charges are filed on you all shortly.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Brian - I let yours through just as an example of the sickness that resides in the brains of many religious fundamentalists. Feel sorry for you, brother, that while all should be mourning and praying for comfort and peace for the Caner's, you're spreading blame. Sick, sick, sick.

Unknown said...

Anonymous should get the truth before babbling. Woodstock bapt. does not have a second church In west Palm beach.

B Welch said...

You guys are just amazingly spiritual. You want to spread hatred without consequence. I appreciate you "letting it through". I am not nor have I been an Ergun defender but simply point out that even if ALL things were true about Caner or any other your methods, motives and attitudes are just as bad. Regards

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

No B Welch, you were not just pointing out "even if all things..." You are placing blame and daring to say people have blood on their hands. Sick, dude.

Michael said...

I wish I could say that I'm shocked that some people (Caner supporters or not) have taken the opportunity to try and use this tragedy for their own purposes, even though there are very few facts about the situation right now...

All that we really know is that Braxton Caner has committed suicide. There is nothing that has been stated that gives any indication for the reason this tragedy has taken place.

Christians should be praying for the family and looking for God to be glorified in all of this. Not using the Caner's tragedy to cast blame on others. I wonder if it even bothers them that they're using Braxton like this?

Every person that I know of that has spoken out about Ergun Caner and his son's suicide has called for prayers for the family and privacy for them to grieve....

Anonymous said...

Watchdog, I find your plea to pray for Ergun to be somewhat disingenuous. It is tough to believe that you would ask your readers to pray for peace and comfort for the Caner family whenever you have spent years trying to tear down Ergun. I personally have no problem pointing out problems, issues, sins to a person with the hopes of repentance and reconciliation. But the venom with which you go after people on such a public forum is despicable. I don't think you are interested in redemption and reconciliation but rather you are interested in division, conflict and tearing anyone down publicly who dares to disagree with you. That is very Pharisaical of you.

Anonymous said...

And you don't think a son hears the things that are said about his Father? Right or wrong, words have their impact on a young man whose father is a pastor or denominational worker.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm amazed that anyone would attempt to blame the blogger that started this site, or anyone else for the suicide of this young man. That's over the top and entirely unfair. Attempting to use this youngsters death to cast stones at others you disagree with is despicable and quite shameful.

Anyone inferring that this is "God's judgment" on Mr. Caner is equelly disturbed.

Anonymous said...

"...but rather you are interested in division, conflict and tearing anyone down publicly who dares to disagree with you. That is very Pharisaical of you."

Sounds like you are talking about the Conservative Takeover of the SBC by Pressler, Vines, Rogers et al. That was their playbook. Maybe they are seeing the harvest of what they sowed in the congregation now? They didn't just blog about "moderate" leaders, they took their jobs and positions in SBC. No wonder those that call themselves southern Baptists act this way.

Anonymous said...

Please shut up everyone.

Anonymous said...

What worse fate could have befallen ergun caner. And i don't say that against ergun caner. i'm saying that to all of you. What could anyone possibly have left to say. I've followed different of these blogs and ergun caner's twitter etc over the years off and on enough to know that there is nothing left for anyone to say. If you feel tempted to keep talking, go pull that boy's picture up and take a look at him. Then show some kind of fear for God and STOP TALKING PLEASE. PLEASE. HE WAS 15 YRS OLD.

Christiane said...

whatever people do here on on another blog, please don't judge any child who attempts suicide . . . the young haven't got the maturity to realize the permanence of death

please pray for the child's family, as no one deserves to go through the hell of this kind of loss,
and no one should be alone in their suffering in a world where Christians are . . .

if people feel they need to respond to this tragedy, let it be prayer or active work for the prevention of suicides among the young . . . there is so much that can be done so get informed and contribute to the need if you feel led to work in this way . . . and God Bless in either case . . . please pray,

Mark said...

"{He sets} the time for tearing and the time for mending,
the time for silence and the time for talk
the time for love and the time for hate
the time for war and the time for peace." Ecc. 3

The Watchdog, and all Ergun Caner critics, myself included, know what time it is.

Anonymous said...

Wise words, as usual, Christiane. God bless.
Florence in KY

Anonymous said...

Braxton's obituary

Anonymous said...

There is some truly hateful stuff going on twitter. The adults need to act as such. His friends are young and don't need to see or hear it. The family certainly does not. This is a horrific tragedy. Prayer is very important right now.

Anonymous said...

It's on the Redneck Riveria in PCB where...I think... Hunt's daughter lives.

Wrong town, but the point stands.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the death of Caner's son will help him to realize what he has been doing, i.e. telling lies, etc. was wrong and will repent and change his ways.

If he does not, I will sorry for his family.