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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Only One Way for Johnny Hunt to "Hear" People's Outrage Over Ergun Caner - Hit Him in the Pocketbook

It truly is a disgrace for Johnny Hunt to have Ergun Caner speaking at his church - FBC Woodstock -  this Sunday.

I suppose there is a 0.01% chance that Caner might be using the opportunity to apologize for his decade of deceit and try to make amends. If it does happen, I'll gladly eat my hat, and I can understand why Johnny invited him. Odds are slim-to-none of that happening, and Slim just left town.

Caner has spoken at other SBC mega churches since he was exposed, so the fact that Caner is speaking at FBC Woodstock is not THAT noteworthy. (See here, here, and here).

But what makes THIS speaking engagement so disgusting is it comes right on the heels of Caner being exposed not by bloggers as a liar, but by two federal court judges. It's in the books and documented: Caner tried to crush Jonathan Autry and his family by bringing a completely baseless and frivolous lawsuit, suing Jonathan for copyright infringement because he didn't like Autry's criticism. I didn't say that. Judge Norman K. Moon said it, and said it forcefully.

I want to remind my readers and the FBC Woodstock members who might read this: Caner is quite the hypocrite about lawsuits, as back in 2007 in a Georgia Baptist Convention sermon Caner complained about "narcissistic" bloggers, and then said this about the problem of lawsuits:
"Everybody is obsessed with their rights. You know why we know this? Because everbody is suing everybody else. We're a litigious society, aren't we? Everybody's got a right to sue!! I got a right to get me some cheese!!! I'm gonna get me some cheddar!!! I'm gonna get me my money!!  Why? Because it can't be my fault! It's not my fault, I'm a victim...if I'm a victim, I'm not culpable. If I'm not culpable, I'm not responsible. If I'm not responsible, it's not sin. So what we do instead of bowing our knee in repentance, is we demand our rights. And it has infected the church." Ergun Caner, Georgia Baptist Evangelism Conference, September 7, 2007.
Well, at least we can say Ergun Caner is a prophet. He prophesied about his own lawsuits 6 years before they actually happened. Only Caner didn't get his "cheese" - he instead got egg on his face, and now by court order he must fork over tens of thousands of dollars to pay the defendants of his exploitative lawsuits. Said Judge Norman Moon:
“A fee award is needed to encourage defendants like Autry to protect their rights against those who, like Caner, seek to suppress criticism...Equally, those like Caner should be deterred from exploiting the court system for their own purposes.” Honorable Judge Norman K. Moon, U.S. District Court of Western Virginia.
So Caner exploited our legal system to suppress his critics. Yet he is given the honor of preaching in Johnny Hunt's pulpit. Johnny Hunt obviously doesn't care that he is embarrassing his church as an institution, his church members, and the Southern Baptist Convention by having Caner in.

So FBC Woodstock members, don't bother sending Johnny an email about Caner. Don't call Johnny, don't contact his chief of staff/admin pastor or whatever you call him - because Johnny won't hear you. He doesn't listen to the plebe - he's a man of God.

There is only one thing that will get Johnny's attention - hitting him where it really hurts: in the pocketbook. Woodstock members, withhold your tithes and offerings for this week and next. If you have an FBCW offering envelope, put a big fat ZERO in the amount box, and put it in the offering plate, with special designation "Ergun Caner Fund". If you give online, give $0.01 this week.

FBC Woodstock members, email your friends, call your relatives and tell them to do the same. Hit 'ole Johnny where it really hurts: right in the church coffers. It won't take very many members to do this for Johnny and the FBCW finance committee to see a noticeable dip in the offering.

THAT will get Johnny's attention.



Anonymous said...

Nice try. You can expect to see multiple standing ovations and INCREASED giving as God's people rally around God's man.

dan-m said...

This is Hunt taking care of Caner. Caner charges speaking fees (i have heard our church paid $10500) when he speaks. He also gets love offerings from the churches on top of the fees.

Seeing that he has to pay legal fees, I am sure that Hunt and his other cronies will be having Caner preach and take up love offerings for their brother in need.

The only way the next legal fee handed down will make any dent in Caner is if it is legal fees plus some kind of award that takes the fees to the mid six figures. Otherwise, he will just book some speaking engagements and take care of it over a month tour.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather really do flock together. I have come to the conclusion that all these preacher boys are the same.

Anonymous said...

Here is what these people can expect if they follow your advise W.D.. They will be intimidated and abused like the people in this church. Read the full article:

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

And the institutional church wonders why they're losing members...

The Bible does say there will be a great falling away. It also says, "Come out of her, my people."

With love from Anon, a None. :)

Anonymous said...

All are not the same. There truly are some faithful men who love God and proclaim His Gospel

In this case, neither seems to fall into that category. Truly sad

Tom Parker said...

How many times is Johnny Hunt preaching at Woodstock during the month of July, 2014?

Anonymous said...

Yes I know there are some that are sincere but in my experience they are scarce as hens teeth. I should not have placed all preachers in the same category.

Anonymous said...

And further, I am of the same opinion as James White, that Ergun Cancer has not fallen from grace. The evidence suggests that he is a total stranger to God's grace. I believe the same could be said of a great many leaders in the convention, and the entire institutional false religious system.

How can ANY true believer in Christ stay in the SBC without totally rebelling against the biblical command to not be equally yoked together with unbelievers?

Anonymous said...

I believe that most of the pastors in American antichristianity would crucify Christ again, just to add a few more numbers to their Sunday School roles.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you said "How can ANY true believer in Christ stay in the SBC without totally rebelling against the biblical command to not be equally yoked together with unbelievers?"

SBC churches are autonomous churches and there is no hierarchy to go in do something at FBC X. There are many good SBC churches and there are some that aren't. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Seek reform where you can. Every church should have written up how they do church discipline. It is up to the believers at FBC Woodstock to take a stand.

Don Landy said...

Wow, do you spend this much time and effort sharing the gospel, or are you too consumed with the activities of a church that you are not a member of?

Is FBCW perfect? No way. We are not a perfect people. As a longtime member and observer of Johnny, I know with certainty that he has a heart for God, and desires for his church to get to know Christ more deeply.

Johnny and our church leadership will be held accountable before God for his actions, I am called to be faithful.

When your church and denomination is perfect please come share your experiences with us in a helpful manner. Operating these blogs and acting like you have been called by God to "police" His church is pitiful.

Do you think that asking people to withhold their tithe is justified? Do you think it will harm Johnny, No. It will harm the people on the front lines doing ministry.

Go share the Love of Jesus with someone, there is a dying world out there that is headed to Hell!!

And lastly, if you are not willing to put your name on your blog post, shame on you!!

Don Landy

Anonymous said...

Titus 1:13-14

Grace in Christ


Romans 3:25-26