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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Steven Furtick to Release New Children's Book: "Horton Pays a Tithe"

Charlotte, NC (WD) - WD Press learned today that Elevation Church megachurch pastor Steven Furtick has signed a contract with Westbow Publishers to collaborate
on a new children's book to teach young Christians the importance of storehouse tithing.

The book is near completion, and is entitled "Horton Pays a Tithe". The book will be a sequel to Dr. Seuss' 1954 children's classic "Horton Hears a Who".

"Today's children are tomorrow's church leaders, deacons, and megachurch pastors", Furtick told WD Press. "Storehouse tithing is critical for the Lord's church to do the work Jesus has called them to, so the kids need to know just how important it is for EVERYONE - even Horton - to pay their tithe to the Lord."

In the book, the mayor of Who-ville shares with Horton a tithing sermon preached by Pastor Furtick, and Horton comes to the dreadful realization that he's been robbing the Lord because he hasn't paid a tithe on the peanuts he eats for his sustenance.

"In the book Horton realizes that without paying the tithe, he can never receive God's blessings, he can never be the wonderful Who-ville elephant God created him to be," said Furtick. "This will help today's children realize that believing in Jesus is not just about their eternal salvation, but that accepting Jesus means obtaining God's blessings only after they are obedient in bringing their tithe to the storehouse, God's church."

Furtick said that the idea of the book came to him when the Lord spoke to him while he was inquiring of the Lord why so few professing adult Christians actually obey God by tithing.  "We wonder why adult church members don't bring their tithe each week - and I think the Lord has shown me the answer is because they weren't taught it from an early age. Horton tithed on his peanuts, and children must be taught that God's love for them does depend in part in them tithing on their allowance and lunch money, and even on gifts they receive from Grandma and Grandpa."

The book shows Horton's humorous and fun-filled journey from God-robber to tithe-payer, when he finally makes his way from Who-ville to Pastor Furtick's church to deliver his tithe peanuts and sign his tithing pledge card just in time.

The book is scheduled to be released in April, coinciding with Pastor Furtick's Orange Code Revival. The foreward will reportedly be written jointly by Perry Noble, Robert Morris, Ronnie Floyd, and Steve Gaines.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I can see the satire in this piece, but on the other hand, this is in the ballpark of the dubious crap Furtick shovels to his adoring fans. I mean, he did put out a Worship your Prophet or something coloring book to brainwash the kids in his 'church', so this wouldn't be that far removed.

Frankly, Watchdog, I don't think you can ever go far enough out there to surpass the idiocy of these so-called pastors, because the BS is getting deeper by the day.
Never stop trying, though, because I for one enjoy your work. :)

A Central Texan said...

Harder than usual to see the humor in this. Tithing heresy is rampant among certain evangelicals and it is being taught to children in Sunday Schools across the country!

Anonymous said...

This so called pastor is not in NC anymore he is in Boynton Beach FL. and he is still the same as he has always been!! He needs to be exposed for the cult leader he is. I’m going to do what I can to do that.

unknown said...

I pray you can publicize this so that Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Church will be aware of my offer. I want to show the Christian body once and for all that God does NOT require a monetary tithe of the church.

I and two subject experts of my choosing with publically debate Pastor Furtick and any he chooses on the topic of tithing. If Pastor Furtick and his team can prove, using only scripture in context, that God commands a monetary tithe of the church (Christians) I will pay $50,000 cash to Pastor Furtick’s Elevation church.

I am willing to sign a legally binding contract to show I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Pastor Furtick has everything to gain and nothing to lose but his time. Further, if he is sincere in his teaching, one would think he would wish to be corrected should his teachings be in error.

I can be contacted on Facebook - Craig Kestner in Louisville, Kentucky or at CraigKestner@gmail.com.

If Pastor Furtick is willing, we can work out the details and I’ll have my attorney draw up the contract.

Unknown said...

So how can someone write such BS? I want nothing more then to see justice done to this guy that is ruining life’s. What can I do to help?
This is NOT right!!! My daughter started following him and makes her 5 year old give her toys away. It’s a cult.

Unknown said...

This is such BS… How can he get away with writing something like this. My daughter is a follower of his and makes her daughter that’s five give away her toys if her friends want them they’re so much more I can go on and say about this. God doesn’t love you more if you give away your toys or presents from grandparents. . How can we stop this cult what can I do to help expose this man and let people see the true person that he is!!!

BaptistButch said...

Tithing is a Biblical principle according to most of the OT, Jesus in Mt. 23:23 and Paul in Hebrews 7, but It’s not to be trivialized as in a Seussical manner.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

But Jesus taught, er' well how about Paul? Uh, maybe Peter? Well SOMEONE must have commanded all of these New Testament Christians to give exactly 10% of their gross income. Oh, wait... it says to "give what you decide to give", and to "not let one hand know what the other hand is doing". Well then - I guess we can't even tell each other if we are tithing or not. That's NOT what I heard this week at my church or from Pat Robertson.