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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amazing Personal Story from Wade Burleson - "Saved From Hell in a Cozumel Prison" - MUST READ

Readers - please visit Wade Burleson's blog site today and read about his ordeal while on a family vacation. He was involved in a car accident in Mexico that injured two locals, and he tells of his story with the Cozumel police and his encounter with a criminal in the jail cell.

Saved From Hell in a Jail Cell in Cozumel - Wade Burleson

Wade, we are so glad to hear you are ok, and so sorry that you missed most of your family vacation. Thanks for sharing your ordeal on your blog, and we will be praying for you, the injured men, and the man saved in jail through your witness.


The Butcher Priest said...


Thank you for sharing this story.
There needs to be more of this stuff in the christian blogosphere.

Doug said...

Since Wade does not take comments, I will add my "AMEN" to this story. He truly had me in tears. I have been in Cozumel many times. I hope his story is widely reported when he gets back to the States as a caution to others.

Anonymous said...

Typical crooked Mexico! When will people learn to quit going there if you are a white American?!

Server said...

Just renewed my vows NOT to travel to Mexico - for any reason at any cost.

But wow! Now that is what I call a "mission trip".

I wonder how may of those within the Baptist Mafia who use "mission trip" as a "vacation" would handle this situation.

To bad it wasn't one of them.....

Ramesh said...

God is sovereign over all things. He will turn even our most bitter experiences to the building of The Kingdom of God and for His Glory.

Anonymous said...

Things like this donh't happen unless there was a reason. The reason was that Alan had probably one chance to get saved and that occured when he met Wade in that prison cell. Its one thing to witness in a free society and quite another when you are inside a prison cell. Romans 8:28 comes to mind and one thing is sure, neither Alan or Wade will never be the same. God bless them both for their witness and being available to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ramesh said...

Emmanuel - Enid, Wade Burleson, 2002-2004 > Series on "Romans: The Integrity of God" > #124. Grace Full and Evil Free (Romans 16:19-20a)

Bojac said...

Wade did better than I could have under those circumstances.A tribute to how Our Lord can give us wisdom and strenght in time of need.

Anonymous said...

Wade is a god. If God the Father was looking for another Son to save the world, He'd go STRAIGHT to Enid (He would not pass Go nor collect $200), and He would grab Wade by the scruff of the theological neck, and say, "Come on Boy, you are my pick to help me save the word! I need you, so let's go and get 'er done ASAP!"

Yes, Wade rocks, speaks the truth, and he alone almost exposed the IMB of their evil ways and almost brought them down! YEA! He had them on their spiritual knees, begging for mercy; if he had received more help and support from others who also knew the truth deep down, the IMB would have been totally exposed and hopefully straightened out for good. But, they kicked him off the Board (or he resigned... or actually probably a little of both) and they continue to move along in their evil, private, and in the dark deceptive ways.

But, as far as Cozumel goes, way to go Wade! Way to bring the total country of Mexico DOWN with your spiritual power, prowess, and superior abilites. It sure does help to know people in high places! If that had been me, the only person who I could have called would have been my dog's vet, and he would not have been much help. I would still be in a Mexico prison, serving as the "prison _ _ _ _ _ " of all the big ugly prisoners!!!"" LOL

WADE my brother, you do truly do ROCK for God. You are the man! We love you in the Lord! We need more Wades in the SBC and world. I want to nominate him for the next BGCT Presidnet RIGHT NOW and /or the next SBC Presidnet! And this is NOT a tongue-in-cheek kind of thing.

As for me, I have seriously thought about and considered: (1) Quitting my job, (2) Moving 1,000's of miles to Enid, Ok, and (3) Living in my car due to too little money for rent. Why do this? Just so I could join Wade's church and be a part of the great church God led him to build.

In closing -- I bet Mexico is totally afraid for Wade to ever return to cross their borders again. That's one thing I do know for sure. Until then,


Anonymous said...

Haven't any of you learned how to tell when a pastor is telling a "story"?

You've read the Wade Burleson's version,
let's look at this made for the pulpit story more closely:

"I was warned before going on this cruise, not to drive in Mexico
My beautiful trophy wife told me not to drive in Mexico
But being a Alpha Male and an Anointed Minister of the only true God,
I rented and drove a jeep anyway.

In doing so I became a good Samaritan and helped a stranded traveler, but
forgot to witness. So when I saw another stranded traveler I turned
around to assist. Knowing that as an American, I had the right of way only to
find some half wit Mexican driver, drove a motorbike right in front of me...
too late to stop ... I took them out.

Knowing I had bought the extra Insurance I knew there would be not
problems.... wrong , this was Mexico and I found out that they live by a different standard.

I tried to bribe the injured persons with a $1000 (should have only offered $300)
So they found out that I was a rich Americano pastor , they wanted $6500 and when I refused, they threw me in Jail.

I was handcuffed to another prisoner, turns out he was being held for being accused of being a sexual predator of a very young girl,
(and you know how us Baptists feel about this kind of thing)

Google :
Alan Hernández Badillo cozumel

(and click the first link for the full story)

I was in trouble with my family and wife for ruining our
extravagant vacation so I asked my companion of he would help me out.
So he agreed to feign that he was a repentant sinner and
play like he had accept my Lord as his savior.

We left lifelong friends, and sworn to secrecy
(I won't tell what he did and he won't tell our deal)"

So here you have it folks, another "Steve Gaines" forgiving and covering for a unbecoming child predator.
Its now all under the "blood", cough.

Anonymous said...

Golly Folks

You don't have to wonder anymore why

Wade Burleson

doesn't allow comments on his site.

A one way speech with out being critiqued.

Anonymous said...


You mean this is the guy, Wade Burleson story is about?

Wonder if Alan showed Wade his Devil Tatoo?

"Abusing a six year old in daycare concession Sedesol

Alan Hernandez Badillo was stopped by elements of the Municipal Police accused of sexual abuse against a minor of six years of age. The infant attends a day-care center supported by the Sedesol and the prisoner is relative of the concessionaires.

Hernandez Badillo refused to declare on the accusations in his against, after which the girl gave details to the authorities, supported with psychologists of the DIF, of how the facts happened. The Integral Development of the Family already took the case.

Vázquez daisy Districts, that evolve like coordinator of agents of the Public Ministry of the General Office of the judge advocate general of Justice in Cozumel, confirmed the halting of a person who was identified by the victim, in this case a minor of six years of age, that attends the day-care center “the Small house of Montserrat”, located in street 23, by 25 Cs and 30, of the Cuzamil colony.

The prisoner entered the jail to the 20:30 hours of Monday, after which the parents of the girl requested the support of the police.

The first obtained investigations of talks of the specialists with the minor, brought to light that the gymnastics instructor, of 26 years of age, had undressed in front of her and he showed his genitals to her.

The victim related that the presumed aggressor has the tattoo of a devil in the torso of the body, and received blows with the hands in her glúteos and was hackneyed, facts that happened in the bath of the day-care center that is sponsored by the Sedesol.

Also she said she threatened that leaving it without foods if she told to his parents the happened thing them.

The Vázquez coordinator Districts said that when the parents of the minor were by her, the girl asked not to take it again to them there and after much insistence, they obtained that told them why of his request, reason why they decided to denounce.

The legal situation of the defendant will be determined in 48 hours, reason why already the previous inquiry began 02-03-81-03-2011.

In Cozumel it is not known who or what instance is the one that it regulates, supervises and controls the operation of these day-care centers that are sponsored by the federal dependency and qualified in houses room."

Debbie Kaufman said...

I read some of these comments and come away angry, shaking my head. What this story shows is that God is indeed no respecter of persons and Christ will save all who come to him in need and repentance.

To God none of us are any better than Alan H and I question some of the eternal state of some of the com mentors here than I do Alan H. I just can't believe that true born again Christians would write such garbage.

While I am so saddened by the experience my minister had to endure, I rejoice that not only did he turn to God and pray for a Paul and Silas moment, but that God gave this request and as a result a soul has a changed life through Jesus Christ.

I am sorry to be so blunt, but when I read such drivel it makes me angry and I am blunt. Watchdog, if you do not see fit to keep this published, I understand, we have been friends long enough that I respect your judgment, but I do hope this stands. I usually do not address such ridiculousness as some who have posted here, but I also could not let it pass this time. I'm sick of those claiming to be Christians to be so cruel as some here have been. Hate is a wicked thing that I hope to see destroyed in the body of Christ.

Ramesh said...

Wade Burleson > What If the Trials of This Life, the Rain, the Storms, the Sleepless Nights, Are Your Mercies in Disguise?

Unknown said...

How do we know the person Wade witnessed to was, in fact, Alan Hernandez Badillo? Alan was brought into the jail on Monday night. Wade wasn't brought in until Tuesday night. Yet, they were handcuffed together and put in the cell at the same time? And even if it was, how could he be sheltering or covering his crime up? The guy was already in jail, for crying out loud! BIG difference from Steve Gaines and others who have allowed preacher predators to remain in the pulpit. Wade has always been one who has spoken out against hushing up pedophilia. Doubt he would change his stand.

Anonymous said...

Wade is not a god and I would expect that he would find that comment highly offensive! My guess is that he is a HUMBLE SERVANT of the one true God.

I have lived a clean life and made respectable choices, but I am a SINNER just like Wade, Alan H, the person who chose to expose Alan for his crime...and just like me.

I will see Wade and Alan H in heaven someday because we were saved by grace - through the blood of Jesus, that covers ALL sin. I pray that the angry poster on this board will find the peace that only God can give and beg for forgiveness from the only source who can remove our transgressions from us - as far as the east is from the west.

If you do not admit that you are a sinner, as dirty as the rest of us, and allow the Savior to forgive and redeem you; you will find yourself in a Hell that is very real and much worse than Wade and Alan's short experience here on earth. Eternity is a very long time to spend separated from the love of God.

The God of Abraham, the God of Wade and the God of Alan H...is the only God who can save your soul, if you'll let Him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I am a SINNER just like Wade, Alan H, the person who chose to expose Alan for his crime."

Wait a minute, the person who exposed Alan was Wade Burleson, as he had to exonerate himself.

Someone only connected the dots, and a picture emerged ;-}

Anonymous said...

You missed the point completely...very sad. I promise you this...I will pray unceasingly for you and I ask everyone who reads this post to do the same. You are loved more than you could ever imagine, no matter what you've said or done. I'm praying that someday you'll open your heart to that.

Dear Father, I pray for peace in this person's soul. Show them your love so that they can truly understand forgiveness and peace. If they've been hurt or treated poorly Lord, heal their pain. Make your presence real in this person's life. Give them the kind of joy that only you give. In your precious name I pray, Amen.

Anonymous said...

March 22, 2011 11:28 PM

I'm sure little girls and little boys appreciate your concern for their plight, and how much they appreciate that Wade and Allen H. will be there ......
it just makes everything alright.

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Wade Burleson and his Lemming have won.

No more Accountability Posts Allowed:

Ramesh said...

Wade Burleson > The Death of Christ Is Pleasing to the Father

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - if you want to take pot shots at Wade, do it on your own blog please.

Anonymous said...


WD can spot a preacher who has his frogs cooking on HIGH
(like Ed Young, Mac Brunson,
Paige Patterson, etc)
just like that.

But when a pastor has his burner on simmer (like Wade Burleson) anything said is Pot Shots?

How do you think those ilks got their frogs cooked? Set on high from the beginning?

Ruff, Ruff!

Ramesh said...

I would encourage readers to listen to Pastor Wade Burleson's sermon today: Emmanuel - Enid > Saved from Hell in a Jail Cell in Cozumel [Sunday, March 27, 2011]

Ramesh said...

Enid News > Enid Pastor briefly jailed while in Mexico

Anonymous said...

Watch Dog may this rebuttal stay? (as you give Thy Peace free reign to post)

Apparently Wade Burleson was not the only one who got a "Get Out of Jail Free Card".

Wade's new life long friend (Alan Hernández Badillo) also got out of jail and left the area,
leaving the little girls family without justice (but then who in Baptist Land cares about the
little 6yr old girl in Wade's story)

Put these links into Google Translate for the story:

"The judge who freed alleged rapist could be investigated"




Ramesh said...

BRENT McCOY > Wade Burleson: Salvation in a Jail Cell in Mexico

Anonymous said...

Watch Dog.... my turn?

Wade Burleson said:

"I had an accident"

"I ran into a motorcycle"

"In the US the motorcycle would have been at fault"
(didn't know that motorcycles drove themselves)

"there was not much damage to the Jeep itself"
(so, who cares about the jeep - but it looks like it
inflicted much damage to someone else)

"and they were both field workers"
(a real put down to the working people of Mexico?)

And Wade keeps saying:

"I did not realize...."

"I did not know...."

What can you say?

Quintana Roo said...

Obviously the Cozumel police must have thought Burleson was a pretty bad guy if they handcuffed him to a known child molester. Or was it just typical Mexican efficiency?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha is all I have to say after reading these comments. I hope one day the christian community can start being "Christ followers". These comments are absurd. Its true, Wade messed up by not listening to his wife, but yet God had a plan for him. A plan to put him into an opportunity to share the Gospel. This was not a publicity move on Wade's part, this was an obedient move by doing his best to MAKE the best out of a situation. Sometimes we forget that it's not about us. It's not about who the story happened to, it's not about who is telling it, but instead, it's about JESUS and how HE CAME TO EARTH AND TOOK ON FLESH AND DIED FOR OUR SINS. RISING THREE DAYS LATER SO HE CAN JOIN US IN HIS HEAVENLY KINGDOM. To say that Alan is too bad to be a christian, or that Wade plotted for this to happen is ridiculous. We are human. We are sinners. John 8:7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Ramesh said...

Tulsa World > Enid pastor finds God in Mexican jail cell

Anonymous said...

Thy Peace, thanks for the retell of this ever changing story. The following is a post from your last link, really good.

"This fellow gives American tourists a bad name. Blithely waltzing into a 3rd world country, ignorant of the laws--and more importantly--the customs of the land they're visiting. Wearing jewelry, no passport, unable to speak the language... that'll teach him to ignore the warnings of previous travelers, the Cruise ship company, the C.I.A. and U.S. Consulate service, Mexican officials, and his wife. Thankfully he could cough-cough-sponge-cough-cough off his parishioners so his stupidity and arrogance wouldn't really cost him. These scams have been pulled by Mexican cons (and cops) since the invention of the car. It cracks me up that some enterprising lads had caught just the right fish in their fishing expedition that day. It was a $6,500 payday for those involved. I'll give you a hint, Pastor. It was the wedding ring, the clothes, and the haircut. They'd been following you from the car rental place.

Pretty good English becomes, what? See, it keeps getting better with each telling:

"I realize that some on this board may minimize what happened in the jail cell, but I appreciate those who have grasped the scene as this Mexican man who spoke pretty good English" -- Wade Burleson
"Burleson said that when his cell mate, Alan, who spoke broken English..." -- Tulsa World

As far as the jailhouse "conversion", I'm just surprised there weren't three magi, two camels, and a masked-man named Zorro there to bust him out. But all ended well, God forgave the sins of the molester of the 6-year-old girl, the rest of the jail-birds got a free (ugh-torture?) concert, and our Pastor, "el Hefe", got a "get out of jail free card" courtesy of the largesse of his flock. Meanwhile, Manuel and Pedro--whose names were changed to protect the innocent--our industrious Mexicans with injuries "Both the driver and passenger of the bike had compound fractures of their right legs", have since miraculously recovered since, a few hours later ("By that time we had been told the two victims would fully recover") and, using the proceeds of Burleson's flock, have retired in La Quintana Roo, where they now run their own jeep rental business.

I wonder what happened to the lady who ran into two motorcycles that Burleson mentioned? Obviously she was able to avoid detention. I wonder if Pastor Burleson really thinks he's the first one ever to have this pulled on him?

As for the molester? The last I've read, he was FREED by a judge and left town. That's right. Looks like his "come to Jesus moment" was just another Mexican scam pulled on the Pastor.

But that doesn't stop our Energizer-Bunny holy man from telling his story though: his story has been cross-posted to dozens of neo-Christianist websites, videos of his "sermon" are going viral--although it appears for the wrong reasons--and I'm sure he'll reap many more charitable donations from all the publicity. Lately he's been sort of "on tour" relating his adventure to all who will listen. Too bad his newest "convert" has vanished off the map. Just be on the lookout, according to the 6-year-old girl Alan molested, for a large hispanic man with a devil tattoo--may or may not be carrying a Bible. "