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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brunson Brings Mike Hogan to the Front, "Ordains" Him as Mayor in Morning Service

At left you see a picture of Mike Hogan and his wife kneeling at the altar Sunday as their pastor, Mac Brunson, lays hands on him and prays.


One of the benefits of being a politician at a mega church is you pick up the endorsement of the mega church pastor and the other influential heavies in the church. The mega church pastor, if he so chooses, can use his church and his clout and influence with the brethren to endorse you as the candidate that good Christians will vote for.

Homer Lindsay, Jr. did it back in 1988 when he sent a letter to the congregation to let everyone know that a member, John Lewis was running, and that he was God's man for mayor. Lewis lost to Democrat Tommy Hazzouri.

As far as I know, Mac didn't send out any letters endorsing Hogan, but he did one better...he called Mike Hogan and his wife to the front of the auditorium Sunday, had them kneel at the altar, and then laid hands on them as he prayed a lengthy prayer.

The kneeling symbol was very interesting....the only time that we have someone kneel in a baptist church and lay hands on them is at deacon ordination service, or when a minister is being ordained in the gospel ministry. So that is why I say that Mac is "ordaining" Mike as mayor. Very strange.

At the end of the prayer, Mac summarized it up like this by telling God what he wants:

"God, give us Godly leadership. And so Lord, we pray that you hear our prayer, and we're convinced that you do. And we pray this in accordance to your will, and for your glory. In Jesus name, Amen."

The Lord has heard their prayers and given FBC Jax a couple of judges, the tax collector, multiple city councilmen, and a sheriff's detective with subpoena power on their discipline committee...so no wonder Mac says he's convinced that they will get their Godly leadership Tuesday...when FBC Jax speaks, God listens.

Now Mike goes forth with the blessing of his pastor, and the Lord. Look out Alvin Brown, God's ordained man is heading toward a victory this Tuesday.

Here is the video of the portions of the service where Hogan was recognized and prayed for.


Ramesh said...

Maybe the IRS will get involved in FBC Jax ... NYTimes > I.R.S. Moves to Tax Gifts to Groups Active in Politics

Anonymous said...

Thy Peace.....You're exactly right. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

The question is, is this what Jesus would do?

Anonymous said...

Don Redman in the background is so ironic! If Hogan is elected, he's going to be influenced by a bunch of First Baptist members and staff. What a joke. Electing Mike Hogan as mayor is like electing another Don Redman into office. Vote Alvin Brown just to stick it to these self-righteous kool-aid drinkers. Hopefully Alvin Brown isn't going to make anyone "pray to their god."

Anon Emus said...

Churches and "celebrities" were never meant to mix. People should be able to think for themselves and elect the mayor THEY want instead of nodding their heads and agreeing with some charlatan joke of a preacher with golden monogrammed cuff links.

Former WBCJAX member said...

Grow up little puppy! No preacher or church including the Lindsays and Vines ever had any benefit from a Mayor being a member of their church! How did FbcJax ever benefit from Hans Tanzlers membership?

Anonymous said...

Don Redman is perfect example of a politician. Saturdays newspaper named him being delinquent in paying his taxes - his reason was he had fell on hard times. As a council rep he's always in the news for doing something wrong.

P.S. Didn't Mac say one doesn't fall on hard times in you give your 10% plus to his church

Slow to speak said...

So...praying for people is wrong?

.....kneeling in prayer is wrong?

.....believing for God's will is wrong?

.....seeking God's best is wrong?

.....maybe, just maybe, YOU are wrong?

Anonymous said...

In the dawgs world it is!

Anonymous said...

If Brunson is going to do that he should do that to all the politicians - it would have been more appropriate after the election - all this does it get the votes out for the opposition.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

It is a show. I don't think Brunson has any business having Hogan come up there and laying hands on him days before the election. Why not have the other politicians come up front and kneel? Why do it now with Mike Hogan?

Whitmire ALREADY prayed for all the candidates in the service prior to Mac having a second special prayer for Hogan.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the sickest things I have ever seen in a mega and I have seen tons of things in many mega's. I have seen candidate members introduced. I have heard them mentioned from stage. I have even seen a video of one speaking to the church.

But this "ordaining" a political candidate reeks of MAC giving his approval.

Where does this sort of thing fit into the Body of Christ? When did politics become part of the Body?

Should we vote and participate? of course. But why are we bringing this into the Body?

Many of the Epsistles were written
when Nero was Caesar. What does that tell us?

Anonymous said...

By the way, Jeremiah Wright's church did not lose it's tax exempt status. Nor all the churches Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson politic in.

I hope the IRS is playing fair on this.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that if Brown would go to church (FBC )then they also would have said some thing about him being there this is nothing new for FBC they have done it for years and I see nothing wrong here But the watch MUTT trying to have his people vote his way .

Anonymous said...

Slow to speak said...
So...praying for people is wrong?

You could have said politician instead of people. That makes it politics’. You should also replace the letter C in FBC with Cult.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I don't think FBC Jax has ever done this, bringing a particular candidate down front, with his wife, kneeling at the altar, and having the pastor's hands placed on him, and praying a long prayer two days before the run-off election.

What we have done over the years at FBC Jax is recognize ALL candidates politely who show up at a FBC Jax service. We say their names, what office they are running for, and then after we've recognized them, someone prays for all of them at once, that God will give each candidate wisdom and that God's will be done. Which is exactly what Whitmire has tastefully continued to do ever since he came. That is what Whitmire did Sunday!

But to then have a second recongition for this special candidate, because he is one of FBC Jax's own members, and running for high office, Mac decides to interject himself. Whitmire's prayer wasn't good enough.

Why not have Clay Yarborough come on down?

I didn't see Don Redman getting the invitation to come down front when he last ran for office.

But Mac is a true trail-blazer in so many ways, going where no pastor has gone before. :)

Anonymous said...

Wah, wah, wah!! Watch puppy is upset! Nevermind that Hogan is a true public servant!! Nevermind that Hogan lives his profession in Christ! Nevermind that maybe Brunson caught him off guard and called him up! Nevermind that Brunson did not say that Hogan would win! Nevermind that Brunson said to support whomever wins the elections!

Watch puppy can't pee on any other fireplugs so he pees on this one! Wah, wah, wah!!!!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Yes, we see on this blog that posters here disagreeing with me have learned well from their pastor in how they address the issues.

Anonymous said...

Watch puppy can't pee on any other fireplugs so he pees on this one! Wah, wah, wah!!!!

May 16, 2011 10:17 AM

Cute! Why do you keep coming back to this fireplug and doing your own Wah, wah, wah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wah, wah, wah!! Watch puppy is upset! Never mind that Hogan is a true public servant!!

Every one should give credit where that credit is deserved; no one is saying he is not a true or good public servant. The question in church should not be if some one is a good public servant but is the sole of any man connected to the creator. Created soles out there need to realize what is going on. Some consider it mad. There will be people who will accept the madness as of church bastardization.

Lynn said...

You should listen closely to public prayers. It can get quite amusing. First of all, what's said is so obviously actually meant for the hearers that are listening along.

The preacher explaining history to GOD is also quite funny.

Then you have someone walking across the stage while the preacher is right in front of them talking to the God that created the universe! No doubt some others were looking around, gathering their things to prepare for leaving, etc.

People have no clue how all this looks to outsiders.

Anonymous said...

"This is one of the sickest things I have ever seen in a mega."

I was thinking the same thing.

Katie said...

Thy Peace,

Excellent comment. I wish I had said it.

My Pastor would have never even considered such a crass display.

It seems that Mac just can't help himself, he is determined to spend his time dealing with lawyers and courts.

Former WBCJAX Member said...

Dawg, you should note to the readership that what Brunson did was not broadcast on cable or television.

After watching the video it seems that it was meant for the local fellowship at FBC.

I think that FBC broadcasts a week or two later than the services and it is typically only the preaching that I have seen.

Maybe that makes a difference to the readership, maybe not.

All I can say is everyone needs to get out and vote for the candidates of your choice. Unfortunately, most elections do not have much of a turnout. This one is no different.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe the IRS will get involved in FBC Jax ... "

That will never happen as it was not a violation of election laws.

As a matter of fact when Shiloh and other churches stand in the pulpit and blatantly say "Vote for this candidate" that comes closer to violation, but at the end of the day, nothing will happen to them, even for a more blatant endorsement from the pulpit.

Anonymous said...

"all this does it get the votes out for the opposition."

Not really. Those who are going to vote for Brown have or will vote for him. Those who were or have voted for Hogan will vote for him.

And even if that persuaded someone to change their vote to Brown, they were already leaning that way and it probably won't matter.

Almost 70% of the registered voters are NOT going to vote and will leave it up to someone else and then complain when they don't like who got elected.


Anonymous said...

"The preacher explaining history to GOD is also quite funny."

I don't think God finds it funny when we pretend pray to him when we are really preaching another sermonette using prayer.

But it does put into a nutshell the problem with Mac and his cronies in the pastorate: They purport to "teach God".

Anonymous said...

Yes, we see on this blog that posters here disagreeing with me have learned well from their pastor in how they address the issues.

May 16, 2011 10:25 AM

Oh, the irony gets better. You allow them to comment here and make fools of themsevles. However, we do know that Mac and co. do try to censor and control information.

They certainly are not doing Mac a favor if they represent the intellectual level of his followers. I have not seen a cogent point from any of them, yet. Just childish insults and soundbites. Parroting, is what they call it.

Anonymous said...

"when FBC Jax speaks, God listens"

To bad that is not true of westside?

Anonymous said...

This action seems to broadcast that it's good to be a "respecter of persons."

Anonymous said...

Anon said:
"when FBC Jax speaks, God listens"

Such self righteous smuggery from a boot licking toadie. Even as a troll, you still fit the bill of the man worshipping, pew sitter.

You feed on glitz and glamour, all dressed up in a churchy setting. Makes you feel sooooo spiritual.

But if you have not love, what good is it? Or what good are you?

Love means confronting some times, or even offering an observation meant to alert someone or a group.

Your rantings are so sad. Now, go back to playing those shallow little contemporay praise songs on your iPhone. Get all jacked up on sugary emotions and forego the difficult things of faith and life.

Here is a contemprary great you probably like to play: 'Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes Lord, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes,'..... and the rest of the mantra that blocks deep spritual thought or learnings.

Wake up, the hour is late. There are deep problems in the church.

Anonymous said...

It is vile the kind of liberties these arrogant "pastors" take.

Anonymous said...

"This action seems to broadcast that it's good to be a "respecter of persons." "

Sure does! Absolutely frightening to see this.

Bob Smith said...

Look for these megas to one day support such measures in the furure.


turnureyesonJC said...

Mac prays too much...

Mac screams when he preaches...

Mac hurt my feelings.....

Mac says mean things sometimes....

Mac gets too involved in politics..

Mac wears cuffed shirts....


They call this "AN OBSESSION"...

It is not healthy...

Please get some help

Anonymous said...

Pray for Mac, He needs it.

Anonymous said...


I thought you no longer were a member of FBC Jax?!

Aren't you a member of a new church?



Anonymous said...

Well............ At least Mac did not have Hogan kiss his Cuff-Links..... Just sayin' coulda been worse.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Hi Jeff - actually I am the Director of Former Members, and also was recently appointed as the Member Emeritus.


Get out and VOTE said...

Today's the day!

Go vote for the candidates of your choice!

If you choose not to vote you have no voice!

If you do vote, thanks for participating!

Jim said...

For all you wonderfully informed but Constitutionally challenged MAC defenders, the problems is that your pastor "ordained" Mr. Hogan BEFORE the election. That reeks of political arm-twisting of his congregation and others under his influence. Wonder if Hogan is so opposed to development of downtown because that might drive up property values and make it more difficult for FBC to gobble-up more real estate. Just wondering. On my way out the door to vote for Alvin Brown. Voted Republican in the primary and was undecided until a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Dog, the discussion here helped me decide.

Lynn said...

"didn't kiss his cuff-links" Hilarious!

"Director of Former Members" Great!

Ya'll are good!

Anonymous said...

The problem is...both candidates are clowns. Hogan is politics as usual and Brown is a political wanna be.
Vote none of the above!

Anon Emus said...

@turnyoureyesonJC -

Way to post the same comments people have posted over and over again in the past. Get up to speed and stop reading if you don't like the writings on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Watchdog, as a former FBCJ member why do you write (and I quote)

"What WE have done over the years at FBC Jax is recognize all candidates politely who show up at a FBC Jax service. WE say their names, what office they are running for, and then after WE'VE recognized them"

You sure use the word "WE" a lot for a former member. Move on dude. Keep your watch on theology, but move on past FBCJ and Brunson. You are starting to show your obsession.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Not movin' on, "dude". Still blogging. YOU need to move on dude. Stop coming here, really. It is not good for you. You STILL reading this blog after all this time shows yours and your pastor's obsession with the blog. Really.

Bill said...

....and right after the laying on of hands for the politician, Mac led the church in laying on of hands for the missionaries the church is sending out, and for the sick, those with special needs ....

sarcasm implied.

Anonymous said...

hmmm not all fbc members support Mike Hogan!!!!!! We just know to keep our mouths shut about who we support and vote for!!!!! Looks like Brown is going to win. I know alot of people who prayed for Hogan to win I prayed God's will to be done. Brown quoated scripture attends church how does everyone seem to know which is the best christian? Everyone acts like Hogan is but God is the only one who really knows each man's heart

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to separation of church and state. This is grossly wrong.

-Concerned Tax Payer & Business Owner