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Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Baptist Jacksonville Pastor to Donate Kidney to Church Member

Yes, the pastor of FBC Jacksonville is donating a kidney to one of his church members...but it is First Baptist Jacksonville Alabama. But what an interesting story, that FBC Jax lead pastor Derek Staples (pictured at left) was found to be a suitable kidney transplant match for one of his church members, Jennifer Borders, who suffers from chronic kidney disease and currently undergoes dialysis three days a week.

Derek Staples has decided to donate his kidney to Jennifer.

What makes the story even more interesting is that Jennifer's husband was on the church pastoral search committee that interviewed and hired Derek Staples back in December 2006 as the pastor of FBC Jacksonville.

Jennifer's husband was quoted in the paper: "When I think back to seeing him preach, meeting with him and then I think about the resumes — and we got hundreds — I couldn’t in a million years have imagined what he would come to mean not only to our congregation, but to our family...that’s how we know this has all been orchestrated by God. There’s just no other way to explain it.”

Here is a quote from the paper:
Staples has always understood that his role as pastor is to guide the spiritual lives of his congregation. By donating a kidney, he hopes to exemplify a deeper commitment.

Jesus said, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

“I’ve preached on that text many, many times,” Staples said. “But how often I’ve asked myself if I ever really could do that — love my neighbor as I love myself?

“I consider it an honor that the Lord’s seen me worthy, to not only help Jason and Jennifer, but also to show our church in a very tangible way, how to truly love their neighbor.”
What an example Derek is to pastors, being willing to give up an organ for one of his church members, possibly saving the life of Jennifer who has two teenage children. In this day and age where our culture is saturated with selfish, rock-star, mega church pastors who pull stunts to get media attention, who view church members as plebe who exist to support their ministries and lifestyles, here is a pastor who quietly is laying his life on the line for one of the sheep. No bed-ins, no gimmicks, no "orange code revivals", just a pastor living what he preaches.

You can read the news story here, and you can read the Borders' blog here.

The transplant is scheduled for Tuesday January 23rd.


Anonymous said...

Great story and great post. You kind of ruined it all with your cheap shot at mega-church pastors though. Why don't you learn to just let it go. There are thousands of good pastors out there.

Cass Morrison said...

Nice to see a pastor walking the walk in the midst of the greedy/repellent religious leaders of all strip. Hope it goes well for all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Great story and great post. You kind of ruined it all with your cheap shot at mega-church pastors though. Why don't you learn to just let it go. There are thousands of good pastors out there.

You seem to have missed the point of the blog. Your thin skin sensitivity for the highly exalted celebrity preachers has dimmed your focus.

WD points out the stupid and shameles behavior of megas, and it's need to be called out. Sorry if one of your rock stars got caught in the cross fire, yep, sorry for you.

When did WD make a so-called cheap shot at a mega-star? Was it a cheap shot, or was it jus some stupid cheap conduct of a pastor?

You need to have an audience with the WD Blog Discipline Committee to get your mind right on these things. oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

The mega church pastors have themselves called attention to their personal greed. Learn to let it go, no way, until FBC Jax learns how to treat their flock.

I love stories like this about the works of real pastors. These small church pastors coming to the conference have no idea the "fakeness" of the big wig preachers who run FBCJAX who feel they are spiritualy a level above them.

Anonymous said...

Dawg you are like a hog in a cornfield.......no self control. Just stick to your clown act.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 8:49 - I agree, thousands of good pastors. But no cheap shot intended at all. It is helpful to contrast pastors like this one who don't seek any media attention and just go about their ministry, and then those like Ed Young whose "suffering for Jesus" involves getting ocular sun burn during a media-fest "bed in". Steven Furtick and his ilk truly believe they are the chosen ones of God, and their church members exist to fork over money to help them in their mega ministry.

Mark said...

What a nice, positive story as a follow to the circus that is Ed Young and Fellowship church.

Anonymous said...

Great story! Good for him!

Off The Cuff said...

I certainly applaud this Pastor for such a generous act. I do, however, have a concern. As a Pastor, I understand that friendships are not always as strong as I preceive them to be. I can count numerous times where I have invested countless hours and income developing relationships only to have the person leave the church without so much as a "goodbye". My prayer is that the friendship between this pastor and gentleman is worthy of such a personal sacrifice.

New BBC Open Forum said...

My prayer is that the friendship between this pastor and gentleman is worthy of such a personal sacrifice.

As a member of the human race, not to mention a Christian, although not as highly exalted as a "pastor," let me just say that I'm appalled at "off the cuff's" comments. Are you the same person who commented in the last thread that if we didn't have paid pastors no one would minister to people who are sick or hurting? Because your attitude is the same "what's in it for me?" mindset.

If you ever make the serious decision to donate a kidney to someone I would hope that it's not simply because you consider the recipient a "close friend." If that's your only motive you're doing it for the wrong reason.

Here's a story about a woman whose motives weren't so selfish:

USA Today >> For some in need, Facebook is route to new kidney

And here's another one about a couple of men in the ministry who knew each other for several years but weren't "close friends." I know Jerry Wooley, and I assure you his motive was not the nature of his "friendship" with the recipient. Jerry's one of the most humble, caring men in the ministry it's ever been my privilege to meet.

Baptist Standard >> Organ donor provides
gift of life to fellow minister

It sounds like you're the one in need of an organ transplant -- namely, a heart.

Off The Cuff said...

WOW! BBC, I have obviously touched a raw nerve. To set the record striaght, this is my first response ever to this thread. I am not sure who you think I am. From the tenor of your post I would assume that you are on the donor register waiting to give a kidney to whomever happens to be a match. If you, while living, can donate a vital body part to a total stranger then you are a better person than I. I would donate to my family without regard. I might donate to a friend if it were a cherished friendship. I do not think I could donate to a casual friend or total stranger. If that makes me selfish then so be it. I am sorry that my comments offended you.

Dee said...

Off the Cuff

You said "My prayer is that the friendship between this pastor and gentleman is worthy of such a personal sacrifice."

Question: Did Jesus die for us because we were all worthy friends?

Off The Cuff said...

Christ, being the perfect Son of God was able to give his life to save the world. If he had to give his life to save only one person I suspect he would have chosen that person very carefully. You asked "did Jesus die for us because we were worthy friends?"
He died for us because he loved us and of course none of us were worthy of that love. I suspect you already knew that. :) My point is this; If it is within your power to give the gift of life to someone and you can only do it once, I believe it is important to consider the recipient. Maybe it is unchristian of me, but I had much rather offer my kidney to my wife or daughter than to a casual friend or complete stranger.

Anonymous said...

There are many more pastors like this pastor than those who bring shame to the profession. It would be nice to read more stories about the good guys than the others.

My father was a pastor for 27 years before he died in 2000. He lived a life beyond reproach. He loved his wife and his children. He saw his role as a servant and not a dictator. He took the Amos and Hebrew admonitions seriously. In fact, we discovered after his death that he kept a list in his Bible of everyone he had ever counseled for salvation and prayed for them daily. It was a long list and both of his children, who are now missionaries, were on that list.

Could we not find more stories about such men? I think they might pastor small churches but they are out there!


Anonymous said...

There are many many good pastors out there but the nature of a blog seems to cause the readers and posters to focus primarily on the bad ones. I guess that tells us a lot about our basic natures.

Anonymous said...

my brother grew up and graduated high school w/ pastor staples. what an awesome transformation Christ has done a long time ago, and is still doing w/ him. as for mega churches, a great example of a Christ led mega church would be Calvary Chapel (in fort lauderdale). started w/ 5-8 people in a living room in 1985, teaching verse my verse, chapter by chapter from the Bible every week.

Scott said...

I know Pastor Staples and he is one of the kindest and most humble men that I have met in a long time. I would encourage everyone to use this as an encouragement for what the body of Christ should look like and not as an opportunity to take shots at other pastors.

Anonymous said...

Off the Cuff

Ironic screen name considering the content of his comments.

Pastors who post on this forum usually do more harm than good to their calling.

Jon L. Estes being the prime example.

Jim said...

WD thanks for sharing this great story. Hope you will post more like it. Good, humble, God serving pastors greatly outnumber the egomaniacs and narcissists masquerading as "pastors" in the majority of mega churches. Hope more of their stories are told, perhaps the volume of their sacrificial service will drown-out, or at least diminish the appeal, of the din that has replaced the Gospel on so many big stages. I pray the surgery goes well for giver and recipient.

Anonymouse said...


While it's nice that WD occasionally acknowledges a selfless pastor I don't think that should be the goal of a "watchdog" blog. There are any number of places out there to find pastor praise. This is a place to come to find out about the abusers. I have never seen WD writing that all pastors are evil no matter what his man worshiping detractors would like you to believe.. He points out well researched abuses.
This sight should be considered a valuable resource when considering a new church.

Jim said...

Anonymouse, could not agree with you more. However, one of the best ways to expose a charlitan is to place his life and ministry in juxtaposition to that of a "real" servant-leader pastor. Just sayin'.

Off The Cuff said...

Anon 11:44,

I am always open to constructive criticism. The "content of my comment" was to applaud a young pastor for a selfless act and then to voice a concern based on my own personal experiences. Please tell me what part of that offends you.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 said...

Scott (January 23, 2012 10:57 AM) said: “I would encourage everyone to use this as an encouragement for what the body of Christ should look like and not as an opportunity to take shots at other pastors.”

This is a fair point—I agree.

But, even so, I think that Jim said something which cannot be glossed over.

Jim (January 23, 2012 5:12 PM) said: “Good, humble, God serving pastors greatly outnumber the egomaniacs and narcissists masquerading as ‘pastors’ in the majority of mega churches.”

How did you come to this conclusion? What are your sources?

Anonymous said...

I viewed FBCJ this past Sunday morning. I observed on the giant mags a picture of Dr Lindsay Jr along with an audio of his preaching. In the background it seemed to be pictures of former pastors of FBCJ and the old Hobson Building. It was only on the screen for a few seconds so it was hard to visualize.

Then there appeared a picture of Pastor Brunson. Can someone advise me as to what the comparison was/is as I failed to grasp just what this meant/means. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Hello Fred, it's your brother Mac. Yeah, thirty years is a long time. I said some things, you said some things. But as I said, that was a long time ago. So...do you still have two kidneys?"

Anonymous said...

"Please tell me what part of that offends you."

Never said I was offended.
Just disappointed.