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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Watchdog!

Readers: Today, August 30th marks the first anniversary of the Watchdog website. In the first year, the site has logged over 100,000 visits, and a quarter of a million page views from all over the United States, and countries all over the world. There is extreme interest among Christians in our city and all around the SBC of what is happening at our church under the leadership of Team Brunson.

Thank you to the readers of the Watchdog who have kept this site going. I ask that those of you in the Jacksonville area share this site with others so that they can keep up with what is going on at FBC Jacksonville, particularly as it pertains to the "Life Links" and "South Campus". I will continue to share on this blog what is happening at our church, and my personal observations and analysis.

Blessings to all....

The Watchdog


Ramesh said...

Blogging has finally come to stay with Southern Baptists.


Dissent and questioning is good, if done objectively and without personal rancor.

But I understand with the nature of "issues" being addressed here, some personal rancor has become part of the issue.

As I have said earlier, I am not a member of fbcjax. I LOVE your church. I listen to your services through web broadcasts. I record your internet broadcasts.

I daily listen and watch to your music, for at least one hour in the morning. Then at night I listen to at least 2 to 3 podcasts of Dr. Brunson. I have Dr. Brunson podcasts on my ipod since July 2007.

Both the music and preaching helps me in my worship, grow spiritually and helps me deal with my depression. I have come to love your music ministry and LOT of Dr. Brunson sermons.

I have been watching fbcjax since July 2007. I have been assiduously reading fbc jax watchdog for the past three months.

I do not hold any anger against watchdog for bringing these issues to public. Though I have to admit, coming across fbc jax watchdog for the first time, had my heart racing.

I have learned LOT of important things from watchdog posts. It's about the treatment (or should I say suppression) of women by the Southern Baptists Powers To Be.

Demographically, more women are coming into the workforce BETTER educated than the men. If these trends continue, Southern Baptists Powers To Be will become extinct very soon.

About the issues of nepotism, large salaries, ego issues, anger issues ... From listening to Dr. Brunson's sermons, I KNOW he is a humble man at heart and so is Debbie Brunson. He adores his wife and his family universe revolves around Debbie. (Here is where I take exception of some of the most vitriolic comments against Debbie Brunson by posters.)

I know some times, Dr. Brunson gets carried away with his sermons, either with the zeal of the lord or his personal observations. I normally take this with a grain of salt and try to place his comments within the context of his preaching. I understand sometimes, some comments can not be placed within the context of the preaching, and I let them pass.

About the content of preaching, 80% of his sermons are on target based on the bible, though his exposition style is different.

About his style of preaching, you clearly have to agree he is VERY enthusiastic and very eager to share his discovery and observations of bible scriptures.

From reading of the posts, I have to agree with Watchdog about the need for GREATER OPENNESS of internal workings of fbcjax. I understand for large to mega churches, this will be difficult. But given the internet era, lot of information can be disseminated easily. This is to do with bylaws, salaries, job functions ... I am sure lot of this information if made public will cause lot of anguish BUT much good can come out of it. Clearly, fbcjax is dependent on it's members tithes, so as a public organization, it has a duty to inform it's donors about how the money is spent.

One final comment. I know lot of readers ask watchdog to leave fbcjax, since he finds so much at fault with Dr. Brunson.

All I can say is, a pastor and his preaching is a SMALL part of what constitutes a church. Church is made up of the MEMBERS or the BODY.

As for me, I love both the music ministry and preaching. Granted I am doing this from a large distance from Jacksonville (about a 1000 miles).

God bless fbcjax and watchdog.

New BBC Open Forum said...

For you!

Luke said...

"assiduously" - That's a fantastic word.