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Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mac's Hurricane Prep: "I Pray the Government Doesn't Get Involved"

"If a hurricane hits this city, I PRAY that the government doesn't get involved. I pray that the church rises up and does what the church is supposed to do." Pastor Mac Brunson, 2008

Just wanted to remind everyone of the brilliance and bravery of Mac Brunson declaring that he prays the government doesn't get involved in hurricane relief, but hopes the church does it. Really? He's praying that? Is he even doing anything about it?

Now that the first tropical system is headed to Florida, people are making their preparations...and the GOVERNMENT begins to mobilize forces like moving National Guard forces into place. Government officials track the storm and alert people and get ready to issue evacuation notices if necessary...the National Hurricane Center (run by the GOVERNMENT) flies planes into storm to gather data; the state GOVERNMENT makes recommendations to the citizens, interacts with the federal GOVERNMENT to move federal resources through FEMA if necessary. Local GOVERNMENTS are opening up shelters and are enacting their emergency response plans. We are getting ready.

Last time I checked, FBC Jax is doing nothing to get ready for a hurricane hitting Jacksonville.

I'm glad the people, through the government, do rally the resources of our country to help prepare, and to help recover. How ignorant must a preacher be to say he "prays the government doesn't get involved?" Its ignorant because the reason the government has to provide the aid and not the church is that so many churches today are primarily interested in building buildings, in going on Holy Land trips, and giving money to CEO pastors. Churches like FBC Jax are not at all interested in using a significant portion of their budget to helping hurricane victims. I'm not making the case they should...just pointing out the stupidity of Mac's statement. So until you start to put your money where your mouth is Mac, I'm glad that the government will be involved.

While Mac is high-tailing up I-95 to North Carolina when the first hurricane heads this way, FEMA and the National Guard will be coming to help people.

Thank God for the government in hurricane preparation and relief.


DB said...

I agree with statement about not wanting Govt to be involved if we have a hurricane. Are you kidding me? Could a more idiotic statement have been made. Also while I'm ranting, I think Whitmire has got to go. He rambles way to much, he doesn't know when to stop or start a song and many times sings the wrong lyrics. I have had several people tell me he sounds off key when on TV. Welch does a better job than him. I think his hiring was a buddy favor from back in Texas. Also lately I have heard way to much from Sunday School and Church pulpit about how horrible you are as parent if you send your kids to Public School. Last night was a perfect example. Maybe the the church could loan me about 30K to send my kids to a Christian school. And the kicker was after denouncing Public Schools then teachers were asked to come down so the Church could pray for them. Really??

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Hi DB - welcome to the blog.

I assume you meant to say that you do NOT agree with his statement of not wanting government involved. You said that you do agree with Mac's statement.

I realize what Mac is saying...what he means is: the church has done a great job in ministering to people who have suffered from hurricanes, particularly the suffering in New Orleans. Even John McCain Saturday night mentioned how churches have done a great job and to this day still are doing very well ministering to the people of New Orleans. BUT WHY CAN'T HE JUST SAY THAT? Why not take a humble and chill pill...and say how wonderful it is that God's people ARE DOING a good job ministering in disaster situations? Instead he makes his point in the negative that the church should RISE UP and do what they are supposed to do. Well, in New Orleans, we could say WE ARE!! And besides, why call churches to action when he himself is not calling HIS CHURCH to action in hurricane relief? Its just arrogance, bully, abusive, negative preaching because that's who he is. I am amazed at how a man who supposedly spends hours and hours in sermon prep, reads all kinds of books...stands in the pulpit week after week after week and utters the most stupid statements, and acts so childish week after week. Its really incredible!

About public schools...I must have missed him denouncing public schools. What did he say that makes you say he denounced them?

DB said...

You are correct, I do not agree with statement of not wanting Government help. As far as the public school issue, Ken said last night at 5:00 pm service that 90% of high schoolers are lost from church if attending public schools as opposed to nearly 10% or less if home schooled or attending Christian schools. Maybe if our new school FBCJAX Academy wasn't so expensive I could send my kids their with the privileged people and my kids wouldn't be destined for failure. (haha) Several times the statement has been made that Public schools are no good and only Christian schools are worthy to teach our kids. Where do you think all the kids with discipline problems and parents with money go to school now? Hmmmm......

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Sample of the idiotic, immature emails I get from the likes of Brunson supporters like "Big Tuna".

"Doggy Style, it is your buddy Tuna. You are really going off on Big Mac yesterday. I can't figure out your resoning for making yourself so miserable? Ax to grind, spurned lover or jealousy????? Anyway, thought you would like to know I'm here and you are my entertainment. Reading your blog makes me want to send Mac some $$$$ but that's neither here nor there. Between O-Nambi, the dumb-ass-rats and you Dog, I have so much entertainment to be thankful for.

Thanks for all you mean to me...............

Your Buddy,

Tuna! "

oc said...

Yep. Dude doesn't need to waste his time supporting Brunson. Seeing that post, it is evident that he has much bigger issues. Dude needs Jesus, and some mental health assistance.

gmommy said...

Can't Mac and the other big boys just teach the Bible...minus their personal spins??
Do we really need their opinions about all the social ills in the world??
After the Warren led discussions the other night....the news people said Warren was more focused on social issues rather than sin issues.
Sounds very familiar!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Yes, Brunson is a grandstander. See also "blowhard". See also "pompous".

I've never heard a preacher who goes out of his way like Mac to state things in the negative. He is a very negative, dark preacher. Even his sermon this past weekend was an example of this.

But his statement of hoping the government doesn't get involved is utter rubbish. And at the same time, he calls for the church to "rise up". Well, then why doesn't he "rise up" the church as the pastor and lead us into disaster relief? Instead of saying it in the "positive", like "we the church should be playing more of a role in relief of suffering, instead of giving it all to the government. In fact we as Southern Baptists have been doing that, case in point in New Orleans." That would make more sense and would be more truthful and intellectually honest. But he likes to grandstand, so he pops off with one of his gems about the government not being involved. And the Kool Aid drinkers applauded.

His sermon on finances a few months back...Mac declared he said "praise Jesus you didn't get that raise" because no one needs more money, its that we're all just poor money managers. The gall of that guy telling his congregation "praise Jesus" we didn't get a raise. I hope the leadership that negotiated with Team Brunson to bring them here are happy and enjoy the idiocy that the man preaches.

Take this past Sunday. Mac decided to rant about how we don't ever do what he asks...he raked us over the coals and presumed to know that we haven't filled out his "316 cards". What a jerk! Its so embarrassing to watch a 50 year old man talk down his nose to his congregation, presuming to know whether we filled out the 316 cards, presuming to know that we aren't praying, then says "all you all do is sit there and never do what I ask." What kind of talk is that? I know of no other grown, serious man who would address a group of people like that. Its quite amazing! If I were to be a visitor, and hear him say that to his congregation, I would be running away from the church! That is a man who is an abuser of his congregation. If a man will stnad in the pulpit and berate his people like Mac does, then it would not surprise me if he is also willing to abuse his congregation financially. It might mean too that he submits so much to his wife at home, that perhaps he has to bully us and take his aggressions out on his congregation when he preachers. I don't know - he presumes to know about us, so maybe we can presume to know a few things about him.

He then belittles concerns the congregation has over his "Life Links" Instead of gently explaining Life Links, and encouraging more people to sign up, he makes himself to be the victim, that he can't get people to sign up. He then assumes to know the reasons, and belittles them. No gentle encouragement. No thoughtful explanations. Just brute force: if you don't want to do what I do, then you don't want to reach people for Jesus, is Mac's message.

Its really amazing. I hope and I PRAY...do you hear that Mac...the WATCHDOG PRAYS THAT MORE PEOPLE WILL SEE WHAT AN ABUSIVE PREACHER YOU ARE. You pray that we don't get a raise...I pray that more people will get fed up with your nonsense and that you'll feel the heat, and the lay leadership will feel the heat, and you'll find another church or school on which you can take out your repressed aggression.

Luke said...

did he really say "all you all do is sit there and never do what I ask?" That's an exact quote? Wow.

Also, whats a 316 card and why do you need to fill them out?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Yes, he said it. Go to his 501(c)3 website, and listen at the 15:00 minute mark to the first sermon listed. I'll be putting up a new post soon on this latest Mac "gem".

Why does this surprise you? He has said worse...he's a bully. Guys like him usually are whipped puppies at home, then at work they take it out on everybody else.

it is written said...

Dr.Watchdog the more I read of Brunson's antics,the more I believe that he has not been called by Christ.No TRUE man of God would lord his Pastor's position over God's Sheep(1Pet.5:2-3),talk down to God's people who are his equal in Christ.Remember Dr.Watchdog "WORSE AND WORSE"