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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Friday, August 22, 2008

"How Not to Garner Support for Your New Ministry" by Mac Brunson

In the next clip from Sunday 8/17, Mac decides to whip the sheep into submission. Instead of displaying the love, care and compassion of a shepherd, Mac likes to put his hands on the sheep so-to-speak. His sheep are concerned over his plans to start a satellite campus. How does he motivate? How does he encourage them to get involved?

Before the quote let me explain the plan for satellites. I've blogged about this plan before, and here's how it works: Mac is getting couples to commit to hosting "Life Links" in their homes - which are a re-hashed version of "cell groups" from the 1990's...but these cell groups will meet on Sunday night while church is held at FBC Jax. The people hosting these cell groups have agreed to allow the church to come in and inspect their home to make sure that it is suitable (including an inspection of their browser cache to make sure they're not reading the Watchdog). The cell groups, er I mean Life Links will be focusing on reaching "unchurched" people in their neighborhoods.

Then, after these Life Links are formed and we have new sheep, when they're ready for fleecing we'll be moving them to a satellite church or two...with the first satellite to host the inaugural service on Easter Sunday 2009! We can then teach them about tithing, introduce them to Mac's 501(3) website and Holy Land Trips, and we can start sheep stealing from the other church's in that area to build the FBC and Mac Brunson brands.

So that is how it works. Mac needs to motivate people to sign up to be a part of this ministry, so how does he do it? Well, only like Mac can do it, he decides to bully us. Instead of focusing on the positive, that he has a significant number already but that we need more...and that its an exciting ministry....no Mac decides to take the dark, negative road in motivation.

"We're desperately trying to get couples to come and sign up to be hosts for these Life Links. We're going into the southern part of Jacksonville....[then mockingly quoting his opposition]: 'Well I'm just not really for that'. You're not for reaching the southern part of Jacksonville for Jesus Christ? [again mockingly quoting opposition:] 'Well I just don't want our people to leave'. I'm not here to hold warm fuzzy meetings. So we can all be close, and all be tight, and all be wonderful. [screaming:] I WANT TO REACH PEOPLE FOR JESUS!! That's why we're here. This isn't a club. This is the church. The church exists to give God glory and to reach a lost generation. That's why we're here...."


Instead of lovingly explaining to us again the ministry (some still might be confused about what it is), instead of telling us the benefits of becoming involved...he instead decided to attack the motives of some who might have reservations! Instead of honesty, humbly, lovingly addressing some of his sheep's concerns over this major change that will greatly affect every area of our church, he decides to condescendingly belittle and mischaracterize and dismiss their concerns. In Mac's world, if you're not in favor of his new ministry, then you are out of God's will because you don't want to reach people for Christ. I might be opposed to his ministry, but still be in favor for reaching people with the gospel. Not in Mac's mind. You're either for his ministry, or against God's plan to win the lost in southern Jacksonville. What a jerk. These are not the words of a shepherd pastor. Shepherd's don't whip their sheep into submission.

Some people who are concerned about how this will affect our fellowship had Mac insult their intelligence by sternly saying "this isn't a club". We know its not a club. And because its not a club, its not to be used for fund raising for Israeli hospitals where abortions are performed when a couple of influential deacons decided to use our church for that last fall (with Mac's lame excuses like: "last time I checked the Old Testament is part of our Bible" and "Jesus was a Jew"). You ought to also realize sir that its a church, not a travel agency to be used by you to promote your own 501(c)3 Holy Land Trips!! Come on Mac! Can't you see what a hypocrite you are?

Let's just hope that Mac's plan for the satellite campus is to use some of our other preachers like Marcus Allen, Jr. and Rush Whitt to preach, and that it wont' be a weekly dose of bashing from Mac Brunson. However, based on Mac's explanation of satellites back in 2006, his plan is to drive and preach at each location until we get live satellite feeds. Now that's motivation: let's all work hard so Mac can whip the sheep via satellite.

One other option for those of you interested in reaching your neighborhood for Christ: instead of doing a "Life Link" and having your home inspected; instead witness to your friends by being a loving, helpful neighbor, tell them about Christ and what he's done for you and your family, and encourage them to go to a local church where they can be loved on by a humble, pastor-shepherd and congregation, and where they can be fed from the Word...and not subjected to the verbal abuses of Mac Brunson each week.


sheri said...


Sounds like Mac wants to franchise our church!

I think it would make more sense to support the churches that are already in place. But then again, that wouldn't bring in more revenue to FBC!

Ludie said...

If i were you, i'd get a good pair of steel-toed boots. Sounds like brother Mac consistently is stepping on your toes!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Nah, not stepping on my toes Ludie. He's just acting like an angry, bitter man with a chip on his shoulder. Pretty sad sight to see him ranting at his congregation.

gmommy said...

How sad that any church member could view Mac's condescending,authoritative, non biblical excuse for "preaching" as stepping on someone's toes.

I'm very sure that's not the example Jesus showed or the way Paul spoke to fellow Christians.
Never once did they speak with such arrogance and belittling.

No wonder Mac and those like him get away with their power trips.

William said...

Watchdog, you said that the inspections of these homes "includ[es] an inspection of their browser cache to make sure they're not reading the Watchdog."

How do you know that? Do the official inspectors ask to look over computers?

I am, as you know just an outside observer here. I don't particularly care for or about satelite churches.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Just an attempt at humor William.

The Dogs Dog said...

Yo Dog, think my trailer out her in the sticks would qualify me? Do I have to mow the weeds or move my classic autos out of the front yard or are these clubs just for the "right" people? One more question, can I take up an offering, he, he? Mommy dearest, good to see you again.

Peace and love to you Dog........

oc said...

Well Tuna, I reckon 'tricity and indoor plumbin' could be a 'quirement. And I 'spect maybe churekter issuas be a hefty part of da qualerfikayshuns too. And that whut ya thunk was a cement fishin' pond? Well, city folk call it a cess pool. So yeah, I reckon it's fer the "right" people.
So I reckon you shouldn't waste time makin' yer "X" on the applicashun.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Mac seemed to be in a better mood today than last week. Solid sermon today on Romans 3 and the topic of redemption.

In the service today he did further explain the plan for the "South Campus", and he encouraged people to attend "Smyrl the Pearl's" informtion meeting tonight at 5:00 pm for those interested in starting a "LifeLink" in their neighborhood that will feed the South Campus start up on Easter Sunday 2009.

No reprimands today for failure to clap enough, and overall a very good message. He mentioned the "316 cards" and the importance of praying for people on the card, and to invite people to hear Junior Hill preach next Sunday morning.

Also, I hope our finance committee took note of Mac's declaration during his sermon that he would "preach for free". I'd like to test him on that one...maybe if that's true he'll donate 100% of his honoraria to FBC Jax that he earns when he goes on his preaching gigs out of town.

oc said...

Well that's all good. But I've been watching for quite a while. What I see is a schizophrenic ministry. One week bullying, another week whining, another week preaching the truth. What can you count on for next week? So today was fine. But you know by "history" that the cycle will start again. So isn't it ironic that history seems to be a big component of Mac's ministry? If you really think about it, he's snitching on himself.
Just something to think about.

oc said...
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it is written said...

Dr.Watchdog did you not state that Brunson said that he thought about being a lawyer before becoming a preacher? If he did;Then Mac may I suggest that you give up preaching now and make a career move to being a lawyer;It fits your style and deameanor!

RM said...

Well, its Sunday night here in Texas and I just finished watching the FBC Jax presentation. Here are my observations:

1. Mac stretches his typologies from the OT to today. He was preaching on Caleb (so I have no idea how old the sermon actually was) and sure stretched to get to some of his points.

2. He is really weak on application. I thought I was sitting in an OT history class. Trust me--you are not a "seeker friendly" church with that kind of preaching.

3. I noticed that they had a whole list of credits on the screen at the end of the sermon and Jim Whitmire was not mentioned at all.

4. At the end it said:

"Presentation of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville"


"Brought To You By Look & Live, Inc."

I'm not sure I got the name right at the end but it was something to that effect.

I might need your help in interpreting what all this means.

Overall, the sermon was a 1.9 on a 10 point scale.

Dwight said...


There was nothing wrong with the two comments he made. The ones you link with audio.

I think you are going to be continually offended by MB as long as you try to make him something he is not.

It would be easy for anyone who took the time to put our lives under a microscope to find fault, over and over again.

What are the things in Philippians which we are directed to think upon?

Mac's not Jesus, he is not trying to be. I wish you would quit trying to make him such.

Yeah, Mac's made a few mistakes and snafus. What preacher hasn't. What preacher won't.

Let's get on with winning our world to Jesus. Care to join me?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Dwight - I think those audio links demonstrate a careless, verbally abusive, bully of a pastor. That's my opinion.

Right, Mac's not Jesus. Good point there. I must have forgotten.

Not trying to make Mac something he is not. He makes himself. He stands in front of thousands every week, he's on the Internet, and local and national TV. He does a fine job defining himself.

david said...

Wow these blogs seem to take alot of time and energy. Are you guys serving in the church and praying for the leaders God has placed there.

Just Asking?

lindsey said...

Why do you even go to FBC Jax? Why don't you just leave and find another church that will make you feel good? That seems to be what you want!
I would also like to know if you sincerely pray for Dr. Brunson on a regular basis. I very much doubt it with all of the negative things you say about him.
Way to show that Christian testimony! You're really bringing people to Christ with this blog!