2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mac and Deb's Little White Lie About Sheri Klouda - Can you Apologize?

After seeing the folks at SBC Today once again telling untruths about Sheri Klouda, and their unwillingness to answer my sincere question and going so far as to deleting my posts about their statements concerning Sheri Klouda, I am going to again call on Mac Brunson to apologize to Sheri Klouda and to apologize to his congregation for using his power and his pulpit to spread a malicious lie about Sheri Klouda on July 13, 2008.

Mac Brunson is abusing our church in many ways. As I've said, abusers will often get emboldened when they get away with their abuse, and we see this here. Mac felt emboldened to the point of perpetuating a carefully crafted lie by completely mischaracterizing Sheri Klouda's testimony concerning the scriptural validity of her lawsuit against Mac's buddy Paige Patterson and the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. Sheri Klouda responsed to this lie on my blog here.

When you listen to the audio clip below you will hear Mac coldly refer to Sheri as "that person" and he says that Sheri Klouda admitted on the stand that her lawsuit violated 1 Corinthians 6. This is no small matter to Sheri. This must be very hurtful to Sheri as she is a seminary professor and takes great pride in living her life in accordance with the scripture that she teaches. To have Mac from one of the most prominent pulpits in the SBC delcare that Sheri admitted to have violated scripture in her lawsuit is to call her a hypocrite. It was a shameless attempt by Mac to rub salt in Sheri's wounds, and to show off to the SBC that he's not afraid to stick up for Paige Patterson. Too bad that the SBC Today faithful can't see this has nothing to do with one's opinion on Klouda's lawsuit - it has to do with lying about and ignoring Sheri's own testimony concerning the validity of her lawsuit.

I can only wonder...where is Debbie Brunson in all of this? As a woman serving in the SBC as an IMB trustee and as a prominent staff member (dare we say "co pastor"?) at FBC Jax, wouldn't she be incensed to hear her husband slander from the pulpit another woman serving in the ministry? Unlike Debbie Brunson, Sheri Klouda isn't riding the coattails of her husband to land a cush job at a mega church and a spot on the IMB board...unlike Deb Brunson, Sheri Klouda must support her family due to her husband's chronic health issues. Can't Debbie Brunson show a little heart and get her man to come clean and apologize to Sheri and to FBC Jacksonville? Or is she as cold-hearted as Mac? Its the least Debbie Brunson can do, given that she couldn't offer any support to Sheri while the whole mess unfolded at SWBTS even though Sheri was a member at FBC Dallas.

So listen below as Mac delivers his cowardly encoded lie. He isn't even man enough to use Sheri's name, and isn't even man enough to acknowledge that he is talking about a woman...only "that person". Coward. And he certainly isn't man enough to admit that "that person" is actually a former church member whom he pastored at Dallas and never offered one helping hand to her while her world collapsed. The people at FBC Jax should DEMAND that Mac apologize. But they won't. They don't care.

Come on, Mac. Humble yourself and apologize. Deb, perhaps you can help him.


Ramesh said...

Just as Dorothy Patterson is wholly behind and beside PP, so is Debbie Brunson to Mac. You will get nothing from them. We hear lot of stories of Debbie's love and her anguish when she would watch her kids wrestling and how she would yell "break his arm, break his arm", though it was said in jest by Mac, it might be true. Remember, they are a team.

Now will come all the comments in these lines:

- Sheri Klouda is not telling the whole truth.

- Sheri Klouda was offered another job. She was not fired.

- Judge who threw the case out, because there was no merit to the case.

- Sheri Klouda was not conservative enough.

On and on. The length people will go to make excuses for their idols. All this is idol worship.

They should keep their eyes on Our Lord Jesus Christ. Then Mercy, Peace, and Love will flow out of their hearts.

This is the only truth I know of. All the rest is meaningless promises offered by the world, that amounts to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Your crazy thinking his wife would get him to apologize. You don't understand how TB works. She knows exactly what he is going to preach. She helps him with his sermons. She knew exactly what he was going to say, and therefore was likely 100% behind it.

This statement by Brunson is masterful. He avoided using her name, and therefore 80% of the people in the church that morning would not have any idea to whom Brunson was referring. But to those around the convention who would listen to his sermon at his podcast - his CR contemporaries - they know full well what Mac is referring to and they were cheering him on as he took a completely gratuitous gig at a defenseless woman who has suffered greatly in the last year. I would say that is one of the most disgraceful comments made from a SBC pulpit that I can remember. Your doing a yeoman's job by capturing this for the world to see it. Kudos to you sir.

Anonymous said...

Ruthless, absolutely ruthless! And he is supposed to be a preacher? A pastor is to be kind, gentle, a peacemaker, given to hospitality, a SOULWINNER, a SERVANT OF THE LORD!!!. Does this not show an example of what churches have become, today? Big business where the CEO's protect each others back. After all they must keep the business going.

it is written said...

Dr.Wd.Brunson is a disgrace to Christianity,FBC Jax and the Pastorate!Whenever a Church has to negotitate with a man for a massive SALARY AND PERKS in order for him to become their pastor:CLUE-E-E-E-E!!!!!!Slandering Mrs Klouda and refusing to apologize among his many other abusive acts should not catch any of us by surprise.The Bible is replete Old and New testament with references to greedy,abusive,domineering,uncaring,heavy-handed charlatans like Brunson[2Cor.11:19-20;1Pet.5:2-3;3rd John:9-10].This guy(Brunson)is single-handedly destroying FBC Jax and has all but neutralized it mission of reaching people with the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!Brunson's responsibilty was simple PREACH CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED:But n-o-o-o-o lets preach history and bring in the ungodly A-group to help the Holy Spirit and inspired Scpriture(which has saved people for two-thousand years)fill the FBC Jax pews.Brunson has fooled no one except those of us who forget or don't know the Scriptures.2Peter chapter 2 give a revealing picture of characters like Brunson.And as I have said over and over Dr.Dog it will only get worse and worse with this guy;He is the new wave of PURPOSE DRIVEN pastors who are leading the Church into the GREAT APOSTASY!!!

Anonymous said...

This hurts to say but really brunson is not destroying FBC. He's just doing what he has always done.

Our lay leaders are the real ones to look at. I can't say blame because we all need to own a bit of it. Deacons? What about those I wish not to name that have been a major part of this church for decades? Where are you?

I can tell you where I am . . . gone! One more faithful tither for decade is on to a church that truly cares about what Christianity means, at least to me.

God have mercy on this church!

Anonymous said...

8:59: Good for you. I hope you told the trustees a thing or two before you left. They are more arrogant than the preacher. I have known them for years. Dr. Lindsay kept them in line.

It is written: Good to know that one pastor at least sees the problem. Thanks. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

If the Klouda case was dismissed based upon separation of church and state, why didn't the judge do so before the case was tried. Why go through the exercise? Was it a setup to discourage anyone with similar circumstances within the SBC, seminaries and churches? Wasn't the case in the Ft.Worth/Dallas arena where many are working for SBC, attending institutions and attending SBC churches with special interest protected by individuals such as PP?

Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Dog, Anon 12:09am here again,

What exactly is the lie you claim Pastor Brunson said? I have listened to your audio clip and from what I have heard, it seems that Pastor Brunson repeated what he may have learned about the case from the defense lawyer while in Greese. If the defense lawyer discussed the case with Mac while in Greese(place?,I think), like specific details and such about the case, then how is Mac lying to us when he has valid information from the orginal source and tells us exactly what was said in the courtroom?

The audio clip you have posted of Mac talking about the lawsuit says that Prof. Klouda admitted, while on the stand and on record, that the lawsuit she filed was not in accordance with scripture, specifically pertaining to behavior of Christians regarding legal matters. Now, Mac knows what was said in the courtroom because the defense lawyer who represented Klauda told him this.

So, what we have here is Pastor Mac telling us the true account of what was said from a plaintiff while on the witness stand.
My question is where is the lie, what is the lie?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Wow. I thought I made it clear. But I'll explain.

His lie is that he stated:

Sheri Klouda on the witness stand admitted that her lawsuit was wrong when examined in the light of 1 Cor 6.

Mac therefore lied about the content and nature of her own testimony concerning her own views on whether she violated scripture in bringing the lawsuit. No small matter to say that about her. It makes her look like a fool, and a hypocrite. Its not even logical - that a person would bring a lawsuit and get on the witness stand and say, "Yeah, you're right, you got me. I was wrong."

You'll see on this article a hyperlink to an article in July that contains Sheri Klouda's response to this lie. Please read Sheri's response. Not only does she debunk this lie from Mac, but the other lies spread about her including the lie that she was not fired but was offered a lateral move to a position with equal pay and benefits.

Now, did the lawyer lie to Mac about Sheri's testimony? Perhaps, but I seriously doubt it.

But let's assume the lawyer lied to Mac about Sheri's testimony.

Before Mac steps in the pulpit to discuss a woman's testimony, and given that the woman is a seminary professor, and given the woman used to be a member of Mac's church, would not the prudent step be for Mac to pick up the phone and call Sheri Klouda? When I wanted to check with Sheri about whether what Mac said was true or not I located Sheri on the Internet in about 45 seconds.

I assume from your post that you believe that Mac is not responsible for perpetuating a lie, if he was told the lie. Mac is to not be held accountable, since poor ole Mac is just repeating what a lawyer told him. Mac is a victim. Poor Mac.

But Isn't that EXACTLY WHAT HE PREACHED ABOUT LAST NIGHT? We shouldn't be spreading gossip and lies about people?

Or is Mac harmless as RP has posted here previousl because Mac used no names?

Maybe the members of FBC Jax should contact Patterson's lawyer and ask him:

"Why did you lie to our pastor about the testimony of Sheri Klouda?"

Anonymous said...

Now, Mac knows what was said in the courtroom because the defense lawyer who represented Klauda told him this.

Well, if a lawyer says it is so, then it must be so! Don't bother asking Dr. Klouda about her testimony, believe the DEFENSE ATTORNEY opposing Dr. Klouda.

Come on people.

Anonymous said...

Minor correction. Seminary professors are not "in the ministry". They are professors and may or may not be ordained ministers.

Anonymous said...

This sermon was the last straw for me. Perhaps he thought no one would know who he was speaking of. But trust me many of us knew. And knew the whole story. The underlying message of this misrepresentation was...you wont win if you go against the leadership.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon about it not being the pastor but the lay leadership that is the problem. Where are the deacons? I think for so long they have blindly trusted and have always followed the pastor as the shephard of the flock. We have had very strong pastor leadership who were right in line with God. Now we don't and the deacons need to hold our pastor leader accountable for things that are contrary to the word of God. Our focus needs to be on reaching the lost of Jacksonville, being a local church, not an extension of the IMB (International Mission Board)

Anonymous said...

By the way, Where are the people.. the past few Sundays and Wednesdays, the building has been empty. We are in the peak church calendar, we should be full!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

We are in trouble. Notice they are not telling us what our budget committments are. A week after Chest of Joash the committments totalled 1/2 of the budget. This is very atypical. Normally after Chest of Joash we are at 80% and within a month as the cards trickle in we get close to 100%.

Perhaps people are wising up. We are being taken to the cleaners.

And make no mistake, if the Brunsons depart, there will be a golden parachute that will rival the Wall Street guys, at least in terms of dollar value of said parachute as a percentage of total annual revenue.

And we'll never know the dollar value.

Unknown said...

I just want to say that I was only a member for a year, I don't even know anything about Dallas blah blah, I am not a person in the know, Im a complete nobody, and I was there the sunday morning he preached this sermon and i knew EXACTLY who he was talking about because I read the internet. God as my witness I knew exactly who he was talking about. And i didn't think it was right either. And its another example of talking about a personal conversation and bringing it to the pulpit. maybe he had permission, I don't know. Its another example of bad treatment of women, and another reason why i left the church.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Gabriella - good point. This should serve notice to anyone talking to Mac Brunson - private conversations with him may very well make it into his sermons.

This lawyer, if he said this to Mac Brunson, never thought the guy would open his yapper and blab their conversation to thousands in his church and on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

What is said in Greece should stay in Greece. Just like the GREEK. What Greek has bettered the English. These pastors tell you what it says in the Greek then turn right around and tell you what the Greek says in ENGLISH so you would understand it. Lets just stay with the ENGLISH and quit bringing up de greek as it sheds no light on the Authorized Version plain and simple. Being in Greece talking to PP's lawyer sure didn't help him get the true facts did it. Moral: Don't talk to lawyers on cruises in Greece!!

I also agree with those who say that talking about Mrs. Klouda without talking to her are only getting half the story. A lot of us have left FBC because they only heard half the story and that was good enough for some. Truth hurts. Pour it on Watchdog as maybe some more will wake up just as some will after November 4!!!

Anonymous said...

You have way too much time on your hands. Is this your full time job?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

No, but my dad is a mega church pastor and he put me on staff as "Director of Special Projects", and so I do have plenty of time, and can do as I please.

Thanks for expressing your concern on how I spend my time.

Anonymous said...

FYI - the case never did go to trial. It was dismissed at a hearing before the judge. Based on the facts contained in the court records, the judge ruled that the courts could not interfere in a church matter. Yep, that's right. SWBTS is a church and Sheri Klouda is a minister in that church. That may be oversimplifying it.

So, Sheri was never "on the witness stand in court." Perhaps during her testimony she was asked about a Scripture, but that scripture had NOTHING to do with the outcome of the hearing. Mac knows this. He was just spinning one of his yarns for his gullible sheep to hear. You want to be entertained, so he entertained you.

Bottom line - the courts will let you gullible sheep be abused all you want by your "men of God." It is not their concern if you believe women are inferior and can't teach a man, not in a church, and not even in a seminary. (But Deb Brunson can sit on the IMB trustee board and Deb can run FBC Jax from behind her husband's position and you all, and Mac and even Paige Patterson can do NOTHING about it. Kind of ironic isn't it.)

(Note: Unless you are ripping off the IRS, and then, maybe, the senate led by Grassley will ask you to answer a few questions once your fleecing becomes national news.")

So as the WD has pointed out. Your ONLY control over any of this is by voting with your wallets. Without your cold hard cash, these "leaders" are helpless to live their life of luxuries and prestige and power. Stop giving and let's see if God calls them to be humble preachers of the Word in churches with 100 members.

Anonymous said...

Gabriella, good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Debbie ever took Dorothy Patterson's homemaking classes?

Anonymous said...

Where is the NOW organization when you need them. I guess you cease to be an American if you are a woman in dealings or controversy with a church or in this case a seminary. Most of us know them as training ground for would be millionaire "stars". So if your are a woman in matters related to the church, WATCH OUT you have no standing and will receive NO JUSTICE. I think Sheri should fight fire with fire. She should write a book on How to Get Mistreated by the Church Heirarchy. Just tell her story exactly as it happened.I'll buy ten copies, how about you. Bet they might settle out of court. Might be the only way to recover her money. I hope these guys get the same treatment from others one day. They are millionaires taking money from gullible sheep everyday, and Sheri and others they have mistreated have no justice, no platform from which to speak. This is the way they work. The preacher slanders you and you have no standing and cannot defend yourself, while he is believed because he is the preacher. So you lose, regardless of your innocense. Been there, done that!! and in her case she is financially compromised.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:44

You need to be concerned w/ Tim Deegan's surf report (watch those drawz), number of Kettle participants (have a ways to go according to the sign up sheet) and the selling off of one of the most revered Pastor's Conferences in the country (formerly).

A comparison of the two is like comparing the Verizon network (WD) to a set of rabbit ear antennas w/tin foil (Brunson Clan & minions).

Keep the heat on these band of bashers WD - it appears to be working. I know you have been at it for a while, but the more I listen to Doc, the more I can tell he knows it won't be long - the gig will soon be up.

Anonymous said...

Had the conversation that took place between Mac and the defense attorney been two females, Mac would yell from the pulpit and admonish everyone that gossiping was sent from Satan and was a sin to be scorned. He and the attorney were gossiping, pure and simple. Doesn't matter which one told what to the other, they were discussing and mocking and making remarks that directly affected the reputation of another individual. The scriptures have much to say about this behaviour. Shame on Brunson.

He also made sure the congregation knew he vacationed in Greece. How very kind of him.

Also, I supposed the defense attorney took a big fat check from the seminary and Patterson and vacationed in Greece as a reward. Guess where the money came from?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:21 - Thanks for the clarification. This make the case crystal clear. Appreciate your insight.

Further shame on PP, SWBTS,and Brunson for repeating such outrageous lies.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Klouda: Do not support pastors or others who kill the wounded. Truly ungodly behavior.

Among the 12 Apostles, there was a Judas.

Anonymous said...

Big game hunter shoots Bambi's mother and tells all of his friends how difficult was the shot. He shot the doe from 20 feet away while it was feeding Bambi. Big hero!

It now is a trophy hanging in his massive den with the rest of the antlers and heads of other animals killed all over the world. How nice. Very impressive. Unless one is poor and starving shooting deers out of season is a misdemeanor.

The tall tales these hunters tell their friends. Its like the 120 pound bass that got away. Heard that one? Any one that can kill innocent animals that arn't a threat to life, makes one wonder how easily they can disregard the reputation of another person that has been wounded.

Anonymous said...

Remarks of ll:29 A.M.:Regarding the IMB position. Did all of the FBC donations to missions last year ensure Honey that position? Just wondering. I thought women were not to have positions of authority in the church, over men. And, what about the over l000 women that are ORDAINED preachers in the SBC. Oh, I get it that rule about women not teaching men only applies to Sheri Klouda. She should bring that fact out in another lawsuit. But those women preachers are contributing to the cooperative program right?

Anonymous said...

WD ll:34: Not all parachutes open, even golden ones. If the revenues continue to slide how would a church pay for a golden parachute. And would it be right to hold a church to any agreement like that if said church was "broke".If the people choose to stop attending and stop giving, as they currently are, wouldn't that indicate a lack of support for the preacher that would require the golden parachute. Another reason NOT to give money that may go out the door to support the lifestyle of a preacher and family that are no longer here. This is just a thought should this come to pass. Thanks trustees, and selection committee, something else to worry about.

Ramesh said...

WD and the readers: You already know, Mac will not humble himself and neither will he apologize. Why? He willfully made that statement about Klouda. It was prepared before hand carefully and as Anon 10:53pm said, was orchestrated.

As far Deb is concerned, I know she is an intelligent woman and she is loyal to Mac. So I do not expect any help from her.

I know there are double standards here as far as Deb and Dorothy are concerned. Dorothy is still teaching at the seminary. Their reason being she is not teaching to men, where as Klouda was. There are countless blog posts written on the trumped up charges, that Klouda was not a pastor, so these rules should not apply to her. Even ignoring that these rules are not mentioned in the bible, but that they are man made and are extra-biblical.

Take the case of Deb as IMB trustee. I have heard that there were some murmurs about her being a woman, but were overruled by PP. Of course, they say, Deb will not be telling Men what to do, so her position is ok.

To me all this is a double standard being applied to people who are powerless. If you have connections, then these rules will not apply to you.

Look how they are awarding the body of Christ to friends and patrons. I would like to think this is what happened to fbcjax and BBC (Bellevue). Very sad indictment of power, influence and toadying.

As I watch sometimes, fbcjax broadcasts, I hear Mac proclaiming how caring and helpful him and Deb are and he gives some examples in the services.

My question to them is, why did you not help Klouda? You did not even talk to Klouda even once. I understand first baptist Dallas, was a big church. So technically it's not possible for Mac to minister to Klouda.

But I will not buy that argument. This was an important case for the Southern Baptists. They went out all the way to make an example of Klouda. Everyone knew about this case as it was going on. And before the case even came into existence. I am sure PP talked to Mac about his, since Klouda was a member of his church.

All I can say, pure politics. Shunning the victims. No Christian Charity at all.

That is why Mac, when you talk and make moving presentations, it rings hollow.

All I can say to fbcjax members is, you watch out. When your life is on the line, do not depend on Mac and Deb. If it's politically expedient to them, they will run you over. On top of it, they will slander you, when the deed is done.

I constantly hear the words of John the baptist ... Repent, repent, repent. Take heed Mac. You might say it applies to me. It probably does. But I say, it applies more to you in this instance, since you are the Senior Pastor.

I would like to close by including the paragraph written by Klouda in defense of what Mac slandered her of.

Sheri Klouda's Response to Patterson and Brunson

"While it is true that the lawyer had me read I Corinthians 6, I responded that "it appears to suggest that one should avoid bringing suit against another believer," however, I clarified this by explaining that this declaration assumes the wronging party will do the right thing to the one accusing him, or that other believers will compel the wrongdoer to respond appropriately. In addition, the Old Testament, which is part of our Bible, institutes and discusses at length judges, courts, and suits as stipulations approved by God and put in place to protect the individual in a believing community from harm by another. The Bible constantly addresses powerful people taking advantage of those who are less powerful Not only did I go to Dr. Patterson and ask him to treat me fairly several times, since I did nothing to deserve losing my job, and in fact, was serving in that role by the approval of the board and those in authority, but other believers went to him on my behalf to try and obtain justice and grace. I was asked if I knew that there were church mediation places set up specifically for the purpose of resolving these matters between believers, and I acknowledged that if I had known that option was available, I would have tried that approach. While I do not know Pastor Brunson personally, and I have never met the man, even though I taught junior high Sunday School for five years, he or anyone else (a deacon, an administrator, somebody who would care?) from FBD never advised me or discussed what happened to me, or counseled me as to what to do. No one in my own church came forward once when my husband was ill, or expressed any concern about out situation at all apart from a few of the adults who taught junior high."

May God bring His justice to Klouda, and may God convict Mac and PP and cause them to repent of their deeds.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

What I find hypocritical about Brunson is he has over and over said from the pulpit how he would never want to say anything negative about another preacher (as in "Osteen" or "Warren") as he'd be worried that he'd have to give an answer someday for judging other men...but then he has no problem telling telling a story (LIE) about one of HIS OWN SHEEP!

In his NYT best-seller "A Pastor's Guidebook", Brunson cautions using their pulpit as a "bully pulpit" to attack people whether you do by their name or not.

Another example of HYPOCRITE. Can you give us a lesson this Sunday Mac of what it means in Greek? And maybe a 6 minute history lesson on a historical figure that was a hypocrite?

Ramesh said...

Here is a great article on hypocrite. Check the etymology, you will learn some greek :-)

it is written said...

Quote from Dr.Dog("Another example of HYPOCRITE. Can you give us a lesson this Sunday Mac of what it means in Greek? And maybe a 6 minute history lesson on a historical figure that was a hypocrite".) Dr.Watchdog I'm not a Greek expert(though I do have a Greek parallel word study)but I looked up the word hypocrite and the literal meaning of the word was define as::MAC BRUNSON! Also Dr.Dog if you would like to avoid hearing another history lesson from PD.Brunson read Matthew 23:1-33 this gives a vivid picture of the character and actions of religious hypocrites.

Anonymous said...


Watchdog, this preacher MAC BRUNSON is out of the step
with his own congregation. He is not a pastor. He is, LIKE OBOMA, a talking head. Just a talker!

His heart is not in his own ministry. He is a living missed opportunity. What a shame.

Remember, in his office, he has GENERALS [statues] looking down on him not SAINTS. Well, in the real world, he has the Paige Pattersons looking down on him and not the Lord. [in his mind] He is only concurned with himself and his future.

You say, why would I come on here and say such a thing that the world could see. You don't think the Lord sees this? Listen, if Mac does't care what the Lord would think, what we say here is of little effect in Mac's life. However, just maybe, there is hope that Mac will turn back to the Lord. So, we post here. We know that he checks out this site.

Mac needs to get a NEW BIG PICTURE. His BIG PICTURE NOW is ANDY STANLEY'S, ED YOUNGS, AND ED YOUNG'S SON'S BIG PICTURE. Check out what they are doing. SATELITES!!! It looks like Mac will do anything to be like them.


Anonymous said...

Hello, everyone:

I was disappointed to see the posting on SBC Today stating that I was offered a permanent position
at the seminary in lieu of my role of teaching Biblical Hebrew. I was offered a temporary job in the library for the last six months of 2006, after it was decided that I would not be permitted to teach in the fall of 2006. This was a way to justify paying my salary until my dismissal in December, 2006. I willl also mention that I was told that the seminary would not even continue my medical benefits beyond that date. Anyone who serves in academia knows that it is nearly impossible to secure a job in an academic institution of higher learning halfway through an academic year. Paige admits in his deposition that he felt convicted to remove me from that role, and admits that I was being dismissed because he did not feel that it was appropriate for me to serve in a teaching role in the school of theology. In addition, "just because the judge dismissed the case on the basis of church and state, does not mean the facts are wrong, since the facts never entered into evidence. Paige admits in his deposition that the facts are correct, but that did not matter because a seminary does not fall under government jurisdiction. The judge ruled in three ways; first, the court could not interfere with the church; second, that an earlier case, which concluded that all faculty in seminaries fall under the ministerial exemption, should be applied in my case, since the court found that I was serving "in the capacity of a minister by virtue of my faculty role." What is interesting here is that Paige argues that I am, in fact, not qualified by Scripture to fulfill the role of "minister," and yet he uses a case in his defense that argues that all professors in seminaries are ministers, so I am a "minister." Those who know me know I would never make such a claim, nor have I ever felt that role was one that God has for me. The third reason the judge ruled against my case was because I waited too long to file a discrimination case against the school. Anyone can understand that if I had filed immediately, instead of seeking some sort of permanent alternative, that I would have endangered my role at the seminary and it would have been impossible to continue to work in a hostile environment. I was always under the impression that something would be worked out, and I posed alternatives to Paige and others in order to compromise and keep my job.

As an update, I want to thank anyone who helped us through prayer or gifts. In a couple of weeks, Pinky, my husband, will meet with the doctors to get his defibrillator, and once social security begins and the holidays are over, we should be able to meet our obligations.

Sheri Klouda

Ramesh said...

I had noticed an earlier comment about WD use of scripture in the header of his blog to be out of context.

I have here a link, of this same scripture header being used in a comment on Pastor Wade's blog and being referenced to WD's blog. Amen. Please also read Voice Of Reason and Greg Harvey comments. I do not agree with Greg here, but they are instructive.

A Momentary Lapse of Naming Rights: The Truth in Crisis at Southwestern Theological Seminary: Rex Ray said ...

This is like in Law, where once a law is used, there is a prior use. So are the scriptures used by WD for his blog's header.

Anonymous said...


Mike Huckabee preaches @ FBC Jax on Sunday,November 2, at 6:10pm.

Anonymous said...

Watchdog it is important that you keep this site open. We are finally getting some WISE preachers to post on this site.


Like moving the SBC churches away from the FAILED PD MOVEMENT. Away from NEW EVANGELICAL, EMERGENT, NEW AGE, and any othe movement that might distract us from our true calling of serving our Lord and winning souls.

It is interesting to listen to these GODLY preachers and compare them with MAC BRUNSON. You can instantly see the difference.

Mac and all of these PD look-alikes have left the Holy Spirt out of their ministies. What a shame.

Is it time for these good preachers, like THY PEACE AND OTHERS HERE, to get organized and rid this mess from the SBC?

If enough pressure from other preachers is put on Mac maybe he will repent.

Maybe it is time! God help you BROTHERS.

Unknown said...

To sheri klouda: i am glad you will be able to meet your obligations. I am sorry for how you and your family were treated. Jesus wouldn't ever have treated you all that way.

The "killing the wounded" thing is what has finally driven me out of church for good. I don't think i can ever go back unless i get some kind of help. I just have such a bad picture in my mind of the church right now. Did you ever read the end of Jamaica Inn? And the thing is, I honestly don't think the Brunsons are bad people, but I think something is just terribly wrong with the southern baptist system as a whole, and I don't trust the people in power there anymore. Too much money and too much power. But I didn't have any money to give anyways, so good riddance huh? Right? How did that person put it on here a week ago? Dead weight?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Hi Sheri - thanks for sharing that explanation and update. You are always welcome here at this blog.

My pastor may not apologize, but on behalf of FBC Jacksonville, we apologize to you for the false and hurtful words that our pastor uttered in July. We don't know exactly why he chose to do this as he has never explained it to us, but rest assured we know the truth and we don't believe everything that comes out of a preacher's mouth. Our previous pastors always taught us to compare the words of ANY preacher to the Word and to truth...and we will aways do that.

Blessings to you and your family. I am happy to hear that your husband will be getting the treatment that he needs.

it is written said...

Thanks Mrs Klouda for your blog revealing to us the truth about what happened to you.You Mrs Klouda are an example to me and all of us of the grace of Christ in the midst of trials.I personally am better for knowing about you! May God's rich blessing always be upon you.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for contributing your comments. You continue to be forthright in your words, actions and exposition to the real truth.

Be assured your family is uplifted through our continued prayers.

May God bless you in your journey forward.

Anonymous said...

The credibility of Brunson to tell the truth privately, and more importantly from the pulpit, is a judgement he has inflicted upon himself. No one else to blame! God allows us the privilege of deliberate choices, thus he willfully made his choice to slant the Klouda against the real truth,
much to the delight of PP and SWBTS.

He did not care how this adversely affected the victim he slandered. I believe part of his intent was to intimidate anyone who just might have the backbone to go against self-imposed powers of authority.

Defamation of Character; absolutely guilty.

Ramesh said...

To me Sheri Klouda will always be remembered as "Rosa Parks" of the Southern Baptists.

Sheri, it's good to hear from you. I am very glad Pinky will be getting help soon. God bless you, Sister in Christ.

To Anon 12:00pm: You wrote - "Is it time for these good preachers, like THY PEACE AND OTHERS HERE, to get organized and rid this mess from the SBC?"

I am not a preacher. I am a new Christian. To me, the most important thing is I am learning right now. Mostly from the Bible, and then WD's blog (yes, I do learn from this blog's posts and comments) and Pastor Wade's blog. Through WD's blog, it has opened lot of doors for me, to other Southern Baptist blogs.

Thank you WD.

it is written said...

Gabriella 422001.Please don't give up on finding a Christ honoring Church,their out there.It is always God will for his people to learn and worship Him in spirit and in truth.Please pray and ask the Lord to lead you to a church were the Word of God is the foundation of everything that is taught and done.Dr.John MacAuthur says to always choose a Church by how the pastor handles the Word of God.And remember that we are in the last days and the Bible predicts a great falling away from the truth of Jesus Christ and total trust in the revealed Word.Gabriella God always has His remnant of true preacher;Just not many them.

Anonymous said...

Gabriella, I am so very sorry you have been subjected to such distractions from the scriptures due in fact that Brunson is self-centered and money-hungry. There are so many wonderful men of God out there (and yes in Jacksonville) that continue to be stalwarts of the Gospel. I sincerely God directs you right into the passage of one of these pastors and congregations that truly put God first. You deserve the best God offers to all of us, especially leadership that is loving and truly appreciates every individual regardless of status or financial standing. God Bless and keep you.

Anonymous said...

Sheri: Thanks for your Christ like stand. You did the right thing bibilically and turned the other cheek in attempting to keep your position and work things out according to the scriptures. You were the sacrificial lamb so to speak. It could be that God has chosen you to expose the corruption in these self serving preachers and within the SBC. They may not come out as well as they think they have. Gods ways are not mans ways. God will and has honored you. You are an example for all Christians. It shows that those in "authority" talk out of both sides of their mouths. Please keep us posted on this site. There are hundreds and possibly thousands of good Christians that are watching you go through this struggle. Just remember Romans 8:28 All things work together for good even what you have gone through and what you will encounter the rest of your life. Never look back. Take it from one who has had a similar experience it will make a better person out of you and a lot of people will see the TRUTH. Never forget the Almighty keeps perfect records on what is going on down here on earth.

Those that say one thing from the pulpits and do another thing when they are not in them are learning not every sheep is dumb.

To God be the glory great things He has done. We salute you, your husband, and your family. You will come out much better than anyone else in this entire mess especially those that are poor examples of Christian behavior. Peace to you sister. There's a special place reserved for you at the Masters table.