2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Friday, October 24, 2008

What the Fleecing of a Congregation Looks Like

Below is a video clip that will show how an abusive, arrogant, unloving pastor can fleece his congregation - on TV no less! And get Amen'ed while doing it! Like a skilled sheep sheerer, he smoothly applies the sheer down our backs while holding us about the neck to immobilize us. Watch it in full color, with caption commentary for maximum effect. You can actually see what a "fleecing" looks like!

This is a clip from September 2008, in a service that was two weeks before FBC Jax's "Chest of Joash" Sunday where the church members submit their pledge card for the church's annual budget.

In this video Mac explains that there are some serious facility maintenance issues that must be corrected immediately, and they total nearly $1 million. He even has pictures. And he doesn't bother to explain why these weren't taken care of in our operating budget which the church met - he doesn't explain why other "special projects" that he unveiled during the fiscal year were addressed before these important repairs. And he doesn't even bother to lovingly ask the congregation to sacrficially give to meet these needs. Instead, he asks us which of us have homes in such disrepair - and then he plays the "debt card" as he likes to do. He actually threatens us that our 60+ year record of being debt free is in jeopardy unless we pony up and fork over to him $1 million in two weeks' time. As though the facility problems were caused by US and not him and his misplaced spending priorities. And the manner that he says it is about as unloving and arrogant and condenscending as it could be done.

Why the videos you ask? Easy. When I saw Mac put a video on our website with him in a santa hat telling everyone just how much he and Honey care for the poor, and they are proving it by ringing a bell...I realized that he will spare no expense to use all church resources available to let everyone know what a great, loving, caring pastor he is. He knows how to use the power of the visual to build his brand. But so can we use the power of the visual to show what is happening to our church. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thank Jesus I have not received a raise?!!! What planet is this guy living on??!!!! If I had been a visitor it would have been at that point I hit the door.......

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Indeed Anon...where was "Maurilio the secret shopper" on that Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Please type into google "fleecing of a congregation by pastors" or similar acronyms. You will be horrified how prolific this practice is. However it is especially sad for the congregation of FBC Jax. Many here do not realize how pathetic the current pastor and administration follow biblical doctrine and their efforts to expound their perceptions as gospel proven, God given exhortations from the Almighty. Brunson fools many in his inner circle, but the more astute are catching on to his antics, historical exposition and non-gospel sermons.

Ramesh said...

WD said: "Indeed Anon...where was "Maurilio the secret shopper" on that Sunday?"

Maurilio Secret Shopper's only check for Church Ambience. They do not care about the Pastor's preaching and if they are expositional or sticking to the Bible. They do not even care if they are making up their Words and saying they are from God.

All they care is, how the Church looks, are the pews clean, are the carpets cleans, is their A/C, are the bathrooms clean, are people smiling a lot, are people getting greeted when they walk in the doors of a Church.

Yes, exactly like you go into a restaurant or a store.

They are only looking for Customer Satisfaction, that is ONLY of the surface. They do not care, if you are being saved. They do not care, if you soul is not being damned to hell.

They want you to come back to the Church. So you can give your money to them.

That is what Maurilio Secret Shopper does.

Maybe I was too sarcastic, but I think I am fairly close to the truth here.

Anonymous said...

My pastor has attended these conferences without question that the church would approve and supply his trip and attendance. I will absolutely object his attending this 2009 conference that prostitutes the kingdom of
God according to Brunson and the A-Team. I will propose he pay his own way this year.

Anonymous said...

There was several years back a man named Robert Tilton who used to mail out $25.00 handkerchefs that he prayed over. He owned several homes and expensive cars until 60 Minutes exposed him as a fraud. You don't hear of him anymore.

Then there was this man named Thompson who asked his attendees to put in a $100 bill. After that he asked for $50, then $20, then $10, then $5, and then $1 since they didn't have the $5-$100 bills.
Sometimes it takes a while for all
to learn that these types are only interested in your money, your time, and your talent. Without it they are like any other salesman just a lot of hot air and no substance. Its a real shame that in todays church so many are blind to the truth. If some of these guys had to work for a living 8-5 they couldn't hack it as that requires their having to listen to someone else tell them what to do day in and day out.

No wonder in the SBC there are over 1200 women ministers trying to take on the mantle of a pastor as the guys just can't handle a real pastorate. I feel really sorry
for these women as they are out of God's will as far as church is concerned, but they are right at home in a social organization in which is what their churches are all about. Some of them are good speakers and appear on tv shows quite often. They even preach a better gospel than most of the men who show up on Sunday telecasts. Paul said not to have anything to do with those that bring another gospel (theirs). Female deacons also wrong place for women.So sad.

Anonymous said...

We have a lot of talented men down at church, carpenters, plummers, air conditioning, roofers, carpet people. Why doesn't the church buy the equipemnt needed (unless someone wants to donate it) and let the men of the church do the repairs. I hope they don't think it's above their "station". After all if a $300,000, piece of land can be donated free of charge to the preacher and his wife after his arrival within 2 weeks, then why not donate time and work to Gods house which will benefit the entire congregation. Maybe the donators will get a free commercial in the middle of the sermon, out of it.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

The marketing mentality just doesn't stop with these guys.

During the missions conference a golf tournament is being held at Deerwoord, Mac's private course.

Cost is $95 per person.

They are selling "hole sponsorships" for $200.

I'm a bit disappointed, since I don't see any Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsorship levels.

You go Trey!

Anonymous said...

Missions should not be about golf. Why not visit in one area of Jax that day and attempt to win someone to the Lord! Isn't that missions? Sounds like what an AIG exec would want to do.

How pitiful. But, I guess they need a little R&R after working 20 hours or so a week preparing their scripts together and their marketing strategies. I guess closest to the hole wins $95??? Or lunch with Mac and Honey. Is this sick or what?

Ramesh said...

We all have questions about missions. Maybe you’ve wondered, how do missionaries adapt to a culture and language completely different from their own? Or, just what does a missionary do? Or maybe even, do I have what it takes to be a missionary? Begin your search for answers at MissionFest. This conference brings the missionaries and workers to you!


By Learning How To Play Golf and Blow Your Money


Golf Outing Registration
Place: Deerwood Country Club (across from The Avenues Mall on Southside Blvd) Club House - Tom or Chip 363-1507
Date: November 14, 2008
Time: 7:30 am - 8:30 am Check-in / Breakfast / Practice balls
8:15 am Fellowship / Prayer
8:30 am - Shot Gun Start
Format: Modified SCRAMBLE w/ Handicap (great format, everyone stays in the game)
Your fee will include:
Breakfast, golf w/cart, range balls, lunch, plus Great Prizes, Door Prizes and much more.

12:30 pm -1:00 pm - Lunch and Awards

Here is how you can participate:
Individual -- $95.00
Team -- $500 Foursome + Signage on course
Hole Sponsor - $200
Golfing Missionary Sponsor - $25 to $95 ( you make the call)
Guest Luncheon Ticket - $20

EARLY BIRD -- Register before Nov.1 and receive a special gift at check-in

*** Yes you can use your VISA, MASTER CARD AMEX etc.
Please call Debbie Blaylock to register: 904-265-7261

At MissionFest you will have the opportunity to personally interact with missionaries from all over the world. You will also learn how God is working right here in Jacksonville and in our own country through local ministries and church plants. Begin praying for God to reveal your role in missions, and then attend MissionFest to learn how to live out that role. For more information, contact (904) 265-7261.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable: We hear about everything except witnessing to the lost to get them saved. Do they think for one minute this "social agenda" pleases God? Are these people even SAVED? It's all social. Where is God in all of this. Why do you people waste your time with this church??????? There is NO emphasis on SALVATION or anything SPIRITUAL in this church.

Anonymous said...

Even I would agree to a short commercial for a member who donated the "chiller" for the RLA. We could say "Bob's Heating and Air" saw the need, the Lord moved him to donate his time and equipment and efforts to install it. These are the types of businesses we as Christians should support. I realize it might look like Bob did it just for the free ad, but that is up to Bob. If in fact it was done solely to help, he could decline the commercial. But even if his motives are questionable, he still met a need. This is much more acceptable than giving Mac a personal gift and then getting a commercial during the sermon. Both Mac and Collins should be ashamed and embarrassed by that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

A golf tournament to raise funds...wow. The "world" has been doing this for decades. It looks like being "cutting edge" simply means copying the tactics the world has been using for years and years.

Here's an idea - sell alcoholic beverages at the clubhouse bar. Or better yet, have Budweiser sponsor a hole or two. (Trey, you do know there is a brewery right here in town don't you. God may be leading them to give money to the church. All you might have to do is ask. Surely you and Maurilio don't object to allowing them to sponsor the PC or a hole at the golf tournament?) Your dad preached there are "some things we don't drink." Like what? He didn't say, the coward.

Ramesh said...

I would like to remind our readers and Pastor Mac, that what we do here is being recorded for history.

People, a 1000 years from now will pull up computer records of this blog and this time period and look and see what happened. Your comments and posts are "permanent" on the internet. There is a web archive servers that [attempts to] keep all internet pages.

Internet Archive

(Their servers are very slow. I think they need to invest on upgrading their servers.)

So, Pastor Mac, since you love history, think what you are doing now and how you reconcile this situation and how you will be "read" a 1000 years from now.

God bless WD, Pastor Mac and the readers.

Ramesh said...

I watched on Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, OK (Pastor Wade's Church) services. There they occasionally portray (may be every other week) a local business or a family on their church video. They give air time so show how the local church family that runs the business, came to Christ and how they are doing in their business. It almost always comes down to giving Glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It's similar to what was done at fbcjax for the Collins family. Of course, if not for the donation, would they have been shown?

If fbcjax did this to ALL small/medium/large business and Church families (telling their stories), without soliciting funds from them, that would be great. That would [re]energize the church with good feelings and love for these families.

But the way Trey is charging ahead with Maurilio's help, they will wreck this. They will start soliciting funds for air time. May be they are doing it already. Oh Lord! Help us.

I know they did well with Amie Shields. I liked the video they showed of their struggles. Though I thought Jonathan blew it by asking an awkward question at the end. I think they are a good family, for they give so much to Christ and fbcjax.

Anonymous said...

The comments Dr. Brunson made about no one would put up with their home's roof leaking and unsightly wallpaper were condescending, insensitive, and hurtful to some. Those comments just prove how "removed" and out of touch he is with the congregation. He must think that everyone lives in new pristine model homes. He doesn't seem to have a clue as to the needs of the people and what legitimate needs they are doing without materially.

Now we see that if we want to learn about missions we need to be able to fork out $95 to get that information. If you want to be able to have additional Bible training other than the Sunday morning class you must be able to pay for the college level course. This excludes people. I do not see that we are giving any additional Bible training to the general congregation. It does give the impression that if you want to be involved at FBCJAX and part of the "in group" you will need to have some $$$ dough. It makes me wonder if the elimination of the Church Training Classes was part of the over all strategy. The members would probably make a gradual slide away from studying their Bibles which would be beneficial for the "fleecing" because the people would not be able to discern truth from error since the amount of Bibly Study they depended on from church was taken away . Theology Driven Ministry would be what they tell us it is. Why take all the classes away?

As for the tithing rants. God does not promise us freedom from financial problems if we tithe. That is "prosperity preaching" and we can find that on "christian tv" just about any day of the week.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - in a strange way, our church has become what people wrongly thought we were for many years.

For so long in Jacksonville, people thought our church was the church of the rich and powerful. Rumors that you had to show a tax return to join, that the more money given the closer to the front you could sit, that the pastors were taking most of the money given, and so on.

But now, oddly, we are moving closer to being what people all along have thought we are.

I tried to warn people when Mac decided to host the "Time to Stand With Israel". When Mac saw how easy it was to use our church facilities for a non-Christian event, a FUND-RAISING EVENT - I believe this is when Team Brunson opened their eyes to how our church and its name and buildings and events could be used to generate revenue. No one raised a stink about the event even though I blogged and tried to get people's attention as to how wrong the event was on several different levels - and all Mac did was arrogantly explain the event to us by telling us that "God loves the Jews", that "Jesus was a Jew", and that we "still have an Old Testament in our bible." I'm not kidding - that was his explanation for hosting an event in our Main auditorium with our choir and orchestra, whose purpose was to raise funds for an Israeli hospital that performs abortions. When that event went off without a peep from the congregation, I knew we were headed for trouble. And boy was I right.

But we're ready for the next episode of the "Mac Brunson Show" tomorrow. Should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

This church is being systematically destroyed from within, somewhat like our country. In years past classes were offered in Training Union to learn more about the Bible. The Sunday School was geared to Bible truths taught by SERIOUS Bible teachers. There were "retreats" aimed at getting people to pray more and to become more SPIRITUAL. The MAIN THRUST was getting people to WITNESS to the lost in order to get them SAVED and in the church where they could grow in JESUS. This was very exciting to be a part of. Now Sunday School has been changed to a discussion format, Training Union is gone. Having to pay for "additional training(what's that) from the Bible. The next thing will be your pew seat will be assesed according to where you sit,then you will pay for that. Maybe they could have a cover charge to come into the main auditorium. If you attend the useless lessons then you pay to get into the classroom. And of course there is PARKING. Maybe we could BUY a monthly pass to park in the garages that we have ALREADY paid for when we built them. Oh, I better stop now I may be giving them something they haven't thought of.

Dr.Lindsay would be furious by now. He would "clean house" down there in a split second. Nothing that is currently going on down there would be acceptable to him. But then he was only interested in the Bible, Salvation of the lost, the edification of the Lord, in people becoming MORE LIKE JESUS.
His marketing plan started and stopped with JESUS. This church is being used as a marketing tool to make money. How sad that past preachers poured their lives into this church and the LORDS WORK, to have it come to this disaster. God will judge it and I would not be in the shoes of this present regime. We have come a long way, straight down. It really makes me sad and angry. The people who have helped bring this church to this point should be embarassed and ashamed. The pulpit selection committee, the trustees, and (some) of the deacons, and anyone else participating and giving to this disaster.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Now that you mention it, whatever did happen to the Christian Life University (CLU)? I thought we used to have a full line up of classes on Sunday nights?

Anonymous said...

Watchdog, your readers might be interested in the reply I received from the pastor when I asked him why he said that God caused the market to crash and gasoline prices to go very high.

This is what he said,

'I do not recall saying that the way you have written or expressed it. However if it happened, God certainly allowed it. To gain a good perspective on this read the prophecy of Habakkuk when God used the Chaldeans to chastise the Hebrew nation. Innocent people suffer when leaders sin, and they also suffer when judgement falls on a nation. I am not so sure God is not trying to not just "wake America up," but I think He might be trying to wake the church up. That in no way blames God, but God is in control.'

I feel sorry for him in a way, as I do not think he knows what it is that he said in the sermon. Maybe he needs to go back and listen to himself preach. I hear the sermon and its clear he says God is the one who made the mess we are in now.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Very odd. Maybe he doesn't realize what he said. Was this an email response you received?

Ramesh said...

It would be nice, if Pastor Mac, once pre-recorded his Sermon, and then played it on Sunday Morning, with him sitting in the pews watching it.

Then he will see himself. Maybe then he will realize what is going on [at least with his preaching style and content]. It does look like he has prepared notes on the sermon though. Sometimes he goes off and says things, that he later regrets or that it would cause more trouble for him later on.

I know for certain, the [Klouda] statement was not ad libbed. It was prepared before hand.

Anonymous said...

God is in control in HEAVEN. He gave us EARTH to live and toil over it. Whatever men and women do down here on earth is their choosing. You cannot blame God for all the ills man brings on Himself. If he was in control of all of man's problems then man would have a good excuse not to have to burn in HELL!!! Its all God's fault don't you know.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you look at Brunson's record of pastorates he's never been anywhere more than like 6 years so he should be gone soon.

Anonymous said...

Being ignorant about the repairs needing attention at your church. Can you tell me if monies were taken from the budget to put Mr. Brunson on INSP? Was the INSP ministry covered under the budget, or was it taken from the budget thus neglecting much needed repairs leading up to the urgent request for additional/emergency repairs?

Anonymous said...

I think Anon. 10:53 is on to something. Don't know why Trey didn't think of this as head of Special Projects!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to check with the missionaries in my church tomorrow to see if they plan to sign up for the golf outing.

I failed to mention they live quite modest lives and would not feel comfortable in the country club environment, so I guess they will not be attending.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 5:14

On Easter Sunday Mac held a "special offering" for what he called "Media Evangelism"...the largest chunk of which was $180,000 to put himself BACK on the INSP network because that was not in the 2007-2008 fiscal year budget. It was never communicated to the church whether this money was raised or not, but in a few months after the special offering he was back on INSP. So its possible that they did raise enough from a special offering to put him on TV, but I doubt it - that some of it came from the budget recepits - else he would have bragged about how he got the full $180,000.

But even if he got it all in a special offering...why not have a special offering back then for the facilities rather than to put himself on TV?

But also Mac held an unannounced business meeting earlier this year to take $500,000 from our church funds to begin funding the school...that was not in the budget. And he didn't ask for a vote on the school...he just held the business meeting unannounced to take the $500k...just a formality because right after we voted for it, he unveiled the logo and school website!!!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

What? Missionaries living quite meager lives wouldn't want to go to Mac's private country club and play a round of golf for $100 and a chance to win some door prizes and to look at the companies that "sponsored" the holes?

Come on, they will be able to see Mac's million dollar home from one of the fairways! It will be great!

Perhaps, just PERHAPS...we can get Maurilio to come down and have him sponsor one of the holes!

Maurilio, we are just dying to meet you! We would love to have ou come to our church and speak. So much of our tithes and offerings are going to you that we feel a special kinship with you, and would love to hear from you!!

Anonymous said...

More info please on the repairs and maintenance. Weren't some of the conditions from at least a year or more old. Why did the trustees not take proper care of the facilities before agreeing to release funds for the new yet budgeted school? Surely some trustees business and corporate leaders. My business would fall apart if I acted so deliberately and uncaring to those whose invest with me.

Just wondering about the accountability of funds and stewardship.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Announcing Title Change...

Old: "Director of Special Projects"

New: "Director of Fund Raising and Special Promotions"

Pay: Salary plus 2.5% commission of all monies raised

Praise the Lord!!

Anonymous said...

Do any of you remember the old gospel song with the following lyrics:

"I'm gonna take a trip on the old gospel ship, I'm going far beyond the skies."

I believe the response by Mac, Maurilio and Trey would be, "Not before you sign on and pay me a travelling fee."

Anonymous said...

Did I previously read that FBC Jax. helped pay for Trey's wedding?

Anonymous said...

Gasoline in my hometown in NC was $2.41 per gallon today. Mac, Has God stopped punishing me?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Maurilio conducted a "secret shopper" at FBC, if so, when?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Some people on here have speculated that we did, but I doubt it. He did have his wedding here in Jacksonville just shortly after the Brunsons arrived - actually it was up on Amelia Island, probably where they were living rent free in a multi-million dollar ocean front condo.

But it does seem suspicious that they would choose to have their wedding in Jacksonville when all of their friends were in Dallas, so its seems odd.

But one thing I do know, is that an effort to collect money for a "money tree" for Mac's son's wedding reception was pushed hard in the Sunday School. I remember this was one of the very FIRST things that was suspicious. My thoughts were "I don't even know this pastor yet, he hasn't even shown up on in Jacksonville, now they are wanting me to give money for his son's wedding reception? I don't even know the pastor, and certainly don't know his son, so why are we doing this?"

Of course at that time none of us knew that Trey was going to be put on staff for $50,000 per year as the Director of Special Projects. That wasn't explained to us when we voted for Mac to be out pastor. So one wonders: was Trey's position part of the negotiation to get Mac here? Did we pay for any part of his wedding reception in Amelia Island or at the church? Hmmmm....I guess we'll never know.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I'm certain that Maurilio did.

We have inside informatoin that led us to believe that Maurilio did at Jax what he did at Dallas: he conducted a job study at our church and made recommendations for Mac's staff reorganization. Bye bye Doug Pigg and Lewis Howard, and bye bye bylaws and congregation led church polity.

Anonymous said...

If Maurilio did in fact conduct a secret shopper review, why did he not point out the obvious neglect of some of the facilities and noted repairs. Or did he do so and the pastor choose to keep things secret for his own, personal agenda.

Ramesh said...

Can someone explain why Doug Pigg and Lewis Howard were let go? Were they fired? Did they do something wrong?

Or did they stand up to Pastor Mac?

And bylaws and congregation led church polity changes, did they come from Maurilio's recommendation?


What are Maurilio's qualifications?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

That's a stretch.

Maurilio won't find out about a chiller, a leaking roof on the preschool building, or ragged carpeting in a particular part of the Sunday school buildings. Besides, the major water damage ocuured as a result of Tropical Storm Faye...but to not have our roof repaired and leaving our preschool building susceptible to water damage from a hurricane or tropical storm is extreme negligence. Totally preventable. Let's hope that the water intrusion won't cause a mold problem possibly endangering the health of our little ones in that building. If there was a mold problem, I wouldn't trust the current leadership to either a) fix the problem or b) let people know about the risk.

Mac and the trustees, and Mr. Leverette, and John Blount should be held accountable for the damage that was caused by the water intrusion from Tropical Storm Faye - this was preventable, because as Mac said we knew the roof of the preschool building needed replacement for two years.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

They weren't let go.

"God called them to another church."

You figure it out.

I can tell you this: THEY DIDN'T DRINK THE KOOL AID.

Anonymous said...

What were the dates of the "departures" of Doug Pigg and Lewis Howard? Were their salaries needed to cover the expenses and salaries of Honey and Trey Brunson?

Anonymous said...

During the missions conference a golf tournament is being held at Deerwoord, Mac's private course.

Cost is $95 per person.

They are selling "hole sponsorships" for $200.

I'm a bit disappointed, since I don't see any Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsorship levels.

Maybe Trey could get some ideas here.

Anonymous said...

I continue reading reference to Kool Aid drinkers, which I am sure refers to the Jim Jones tragedy.

Those at Jones "retreat" did not drink Kool Aid, rather it was Flavor Aid, a less expensive product. Evidently Flavor Aid is the drink of choice at FBC Jax.

Anonymous said...

Is Mac's wife, Debbie, the same as the Debbie Brunson serving on the IMB Board? If so, is it a paid position, and is time spent attending the board meeting and such deducted from her salary at FBC Jax, or is she simply just double dipping as Mac is?

If I remember correctly her appointment to the IMB board was challenged, but guaranteed with the influence of Paige Patterson and wife, Dorothy.

Anonymous said...

I know, why not let Mac and Debbies dogs stay in the neglected preschool building.

Anonymous said...

I am a golfer and I know how long it takes to play 18 holes, plus lunch, awards. So this all day event glorifies The Kingdom. Right, and I just repurchased the Brooklyn Bridge. How much time is left for serious mission works and study?

This is a conference totally outside the box. I suppose that is exactly what Maurilio and Trey projected.

Anonymous said...

I suppose our church should soon expect a surprise visit and message from Mac's personal friend and confidant Paige Patterson and hat crowing wife, Dorothy. Patterson will call to battle the supporters of Brunson to rally around this maligned pastor and his family by those possessed by Satan. All the while many know about his fostering, support and cover-up of a church pastor's history of sex abuse and more recently child molestation. Not to mention the Patterson firing of a female professor, simply because she is a woman. I wonder the ramifications of the NOW organization if informed of this. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

You've got to hand it to them, they are really slick. They use tactics that were never intended to be preached from a Baptist pulpit; Independent, NBC, or SBC. When it rains it pours. Well this is a tsunami!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:40

You nailed it!

Anonymous said...

Many of us remember Mac's recent tirade against "below the waist" pant wearing individuals of an ethnic group. Why hasn't Mac also held accountable an acceptable dress code for the long-haired, pony-tailed, wild-eyed surfer friend of Treys' that sings in the choir and at times delivers an offensive presentation of interpretative music? Has Mac seen him and his dress code outside the church.

This rings strikingly of an acceptable double standard.

Anonymous said...

Very soon, Mac, Maurilio and Trey will present a trustee approved program whereby anyone wanting to listen to sermons via Internet will be charged a fee to look and listen. Just watch, it is on its way.

Ramesh said...

Are you talking about John? Is he the young person who sang several times the names of books of the bible?

He seems to be a very devoted and changed man. I did not see him before he came to fbcjax. Nor have I seen him outside the service.

I understand what you are saying about the double standard. I agree with WD, that Pastor Mac should have said in a loving manner, and shown from the Word of God, how people must behave. He should not have said what he detested. I guess, it's the "red neck" part of him. Pastor Mac himself said several times, that part of him shows up often.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

He's no "red neck". That is a brand he likes to sell.

Like I said before, part of Jeff Foxworthy's reoutine of "You Might be a Redneck If..." doesn't include driving Lexus', Jaguars, living in 5000+ square foot homes, accepting quarter of a million in gifts from church members, wearing monogrammed cuffs, etc etc. Redneck preachers don't hire consultant firms in Nashville and promotional firms in Atlanta to run their church. Need I go on?

So don't blame his careless preaching (performances) on the "redneck" in him. Its just abusive, careless preaching designed to get some in his congregation to hoot and holler. He planned that little tirade about pants below the waist. He probably heard how we gave Smyrl grief for his backwards logic of dress codes, and then Mac thought he'd throw a bone to the congregation who loves to hear the pastor talk about dress standards and knew he'd get people riled up and clapping. Remember, that was a sermon he delivered after a 2 week vacation. As was his "God caused the economic crash" performance that same night.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't FBC Jax carry insurance on these buildings?

Isn't water damage from a storm covered (it wasn't flooding)?

Was there a claim made?

Was the church paid?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Probably water damage from a leaking, damaged roof isn't covered under the policy. But I don't think the church suffered damage from the storm...we have had maintenance we knew was needed but we didn't do it. And then when the first trop storm came through this summer, we paid dearly for it.

But look at the bright side: although we have a soggy preschool building, Mac will be on the INSP network tomorrow night! Ain't God good?

Ramesh said...

WD, you are quite correct. Pastor Mac seems to be "working" the "crowd". Normally these things are done by standup comedians or by performers and not by preachers (at least the ones I know of).

Anonymous said...

When are you going to realize that Maurilio is full blown Purpose Driven. He is following the script. When a pastor invades a church, the first thing they do is seek out the power people. Those who will drink the Kool Aid are courted. The rest are asked to leave. Most of the FBCJAX staff is gone. Need I say more? That phase is over.

We are now in the phase of, THE PASTOR IS NOW IN CONTROL. What Mac does is he has this POOR ME I can't do this alone, please help me look. You feel sorry for him and you try to help him.

The fact is, Mac knows exactly what to do. HE ALSO HAS THE SCRIPT. He wants wealth distribution. He takes your wealth and builds his KINGDOM. Not God's Kingdom? You be the judge!

The whole thing looks broken to me. There are just too many ungodly things happening here.

Who is right? You tell me!!!

Look at Andy Stanly's church, Brother Young's church in Houston. Young's son's church.

They all have, catholic style, satelite churches. Power, Money,and complete control.

The ultimate question that we have to ask ourselves is, is this of the Lord? Does the Lord want these types of churches. Has the Lord revealed to these men a new type of CHURCH? IS RICK WARREN right?

In our case , We had one of the finest churches in the country. Why did it need to be changed? Do you destroy one church to build another? Is this some new scriptural way of church building?

You tell me!!!

If this is of the Lord, count me in.

Anonymous said...

WD: are you serious Mac will be on INSP tomorrow?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - Mac is on INSP every Sunday night. This program started a month or so ago.

So yes, we have a nationwide TV program on INSP.

Anonymous said...

WD, would you answere anon 9:49?

Big questions for us.

Actually, who knows?

Personally, I think Warren is twisted. He came out of college and according to his wife, he heads straight for ROBERT SCHULLER. Not Stanley, or Vines, or Lindsay, or any other Seperatist Baptist: but to the heretic Robert Schuller.


WD, the problem with MAC IS THAT HE HAS NOT READ WARREN'S WIFE'S BOOK. He might not have gone on the road to destruction if he had read her book.

What do you think?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

This blog is not about Rick Warren or Purpose Driven.

Its about the abuses of Donald McCall Brunson at FBC Jax.

I don't mind people commenting how Mac is purpose driven this or that. Sure, there are aspects of what he is doing that are purpose driven. Some are not

For instance, abusive, arrogant antics in the pulpit are NOT really purpose driven. I'm not sure what it is, other than a guy with an ego as large as the auditorium itself and unable to control his tongue and emotions in the pulpit.

I am not interested in convincing people that Mac is purpose driven.

I am interested in exposing the abuses of Mac Brunson, letting other churches in our convention, letting the leadership in our convention, and hopefully more and more of the church members to open their eyes to see his abuses.

Anonymous said...

WD, I am interested in exposing the abuses of Mac Brunson too.

What I have found is that his good buddies are Warren and Maurilio. Both are guiding his every action.
Both are PD.

His preaching style is blatant PD. Some say his lessons are right out of Warren's online sermons.

It appears to be so, from what I have read.

One thing we have to understand is that these PD preachers will not ever listen to anyone who wants them to change. These preachers are the Warren Sheep. They will continue on there path of change and not look back. They want the strong christian, those who know enough scripture not to be mislead, to leave so all that is left are followers. Once they are all gone, Brunson WILL DO ANYTHING he wants. After all who is now going to stop him?

WD you are not one the SHEEP. The Lord must want you there for more reasons than to show the abuses. He may want you to stay while he has told other christians to leave. Not all have been led to leave. I know many who feel not led to leave even though they know exactly what is going on here.

Now about abuses. Some of these abusive preachers came out of the 60's and70's. Part of those men were YUPPIES others were against authority. I believe Warren was against the status quo. He wanted change and did it. He did tell us early on not to follow his type of preaching but later he changed his mind.

About his antics in the pulpit. It looks like acting to me. It looks scripted. We have seen how agenda driven he has been over the years. He continues to be almost dictatorial.

I'm like you I do not think he will change. He is DRIVEN.

Keep praying brother, only the Lord can change this preacher.

oc said...

So, dude has a hundred grand office, yet your children are breathing mold and mildew.

That says quite enough for me.

Just sayin'.

oc said...

Listen, even his dogs have it better than your kids do. Are you getting pissed yet???

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

No, he's "God's man". So those are "God's man's dogs".


1. God
2. God's man
3. god's man's dogs
3. My kids
4. Me
5. My dog
6. My cat

oc said...

Why does macho Mac have anything to do with this squirrely sissified Maurillio (sp)? person anyway?
It seems like Mac tries to act redneck and tough. So why would he be affiliated with one who seems so effeminate? Rednecks don't buy 3 hundred dollar shirts or worry excessively about their menus. Nor do they "twitter".

Just askin'.

oc said...

Well, a three hundred dollar shirt and a Vegas show or two and some sissy ass cuisine have left your children breathing mold in their little classrooms. I hope you can all live with all that sacrifice. I know that Maurilliio and Mac, the two big shot M and M's, aren't having deal with any of that. Their kids will never suffer.

Just sayin'.

oc said...

Go ahead and get angry. You really need to. You really need to throw a big obnoxious fit about what you have seen.
Some people's dogs are deemed more important than your very own kids. Don't take my word for it, look what's been said, look what's been done, think about all the evidence.
Now get mad.

just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Here it is a short time before church and have just read OC.

Ya, it is time we all get Pi.....
Mac has known about these repairs for years and has spent those repair dollars on LAVISH TRIPS. He is without excuse. I have smelt the mold in the church for some time. Mold is hazardous to your health. WE ALL KNOW THIS.

How long Lord, how long will we have to endure this selfish preacher?


Nice try Maurilio, we know you for what you are not for what you have!

Anonymous said...

As information, I cannot find the phrase "senior pastor" in my Bible. Its another attempt to elevate oneself in the pulpit. Its also a way to have a much larger salary and more perks in the modern era. You are either a pastor, elder, or bishop and thats it.

Webster defines senior: 1. earliest in date of origin; 2. used to distinguish a son from his father;3. higher in standing or rank (senior partner);4. of or relating to seniors in an educational institution. If you make that fit then you are out of context since Webster fails to mention it being used in a CHURCH. It does apply to a college or university professor.

Additionally, if one leaves off the word senior from pastor it would be biblically correct and assure them that they must be a servant and forget this higher position unless they are a business person. I recall John the Baptist saying I must decrease and He must increase. Can't beat scripture it beats mans definition every time.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Another outstanding performance by Mac. Here is Watchdog's cold-hearted review of Mac's sermon this morning:

1. He did address his trip to Tennessee. He let us know his wife went with him, so that is good that our pastor's wife on salary has been on vacation for 3 of the past 4 weeks. Amen! Ain't God good? What is her salary, and how much vacation does she get? Does Steve Clifton, Dan Elkins, John Blount and Shelly Norman and other ministers get as much vacation time as Honey and Mac?

2. He did show us a horizontal thermometer chart to show us that we are way short of getting the million dollars needed for repairs. And there is now a chiller in the middle school building that is out according to Mac, probably another $150k for that. So PRAISE GOD it looks like people are NOT ponying up the extortion money that Mac is wanting - last month he coldly and arrogantly told us if we want to stay out of debt we would give the million dollars. We hope he finds it in the current budget, because we already gave the money and he spent it on other non-budgeted priorities. He told us God can do it...yes he can, in fact Mac refuses to see that God ALREADY did it in that he has moved in the hearts of God's people to give to the budget each year for the upkeep and maintenance of our facilities. Thank you God, for moving in the hearts of your people to give so generously. We pray not for more money in that budget, but we pray for our pastor to find the money that we have given and that you, God, provided through your people. As our pastor has preached to us: "the answer is not more money, the answer is discipline" Amen brother.

3. Mac told us a moving story about how seniors are just blessed by his preaching of the word up there at this conference he was at. He said he was "preaching up there to Seniors"...which means "I earned a handsome stipend for about 4 hours of work Monday-Thurs recycling my sermons for the elederly who paid hundreds of dollars for a conference". Ain't God good?

4. Mac boldly declared how concerned he is about the "emerging church movement"...and "easy believism"...more on that later (it was classic!). This is like hearing Barney Frank tell us how worried he is that a tax and spender like Obama might get elected. Puh-LEASE!!!

5. And right along with #4 Mac further explained his legalistic views on church membership...more on that later too. This is a good warning for new church members - they need to think twice before subjecting themselves to the abuse and legalism of Mac Brunson.

6. And he explained that God is not sitting around waiting to "zap" us, directly contradicting his sermon this summer that God IS waiting to "zap" us. More on this later.

7. Mac told us we were "ridden hard and put up wet" last night....speak for yourself buddy.

But he did work himself up into a lather...it was one heckuva performance. He never disappoints when it comes to theatrics. He is a great performer on stage. Encore, Encore!!

Anonymous said...

WD: Please stop calling Mac "pastor". Call him "the preacher" if you must. A pastor is a servant, Mac could NEVER be confused as a servant to God or man. He's too well paid, and too much of a bully.

Anonymous said...

God chose humble men to be his disciples. All but one or two which were martyred for their faith. Mac is not a biblical servant or follower of Christ. He is a celebrity, greedy, charlatan. Please study your Bibles and open your eyes. But many of you know this and don't care. You want a celebrity preacher, and want to go to "the biggest baptist church in the State" to make yourself feel good about yourself. You have taken your eyes off of Christ and his ministry. So go ahead and pay dearly for your purchase of religious goods. Mac is happy to sell you what you want. But if you want Jesus, please take your time, talents, family and money to a local church where Jesus and his ministry is the priority.

Anonymous said...

WD- I think Rod Parsley does it much better and makes much more sense. And Joel Osteen is not as angry and negative. And John Hagee and Charles Stanley are much better expositors. I just don't get whatever niche or demographic Mac appeals to. Angry, bald, over weight charlatan that rants and raves angrily each week and contradicts himself over and over again who is constantly needing more money while thanking Jesus the people he is asking to give the money have not gotten a raise. He is a mess!

The only reason we even know who this guy is? Simple, two once great congregations were led to hire him by Paige Patterson and Jerry Vines. Those churches and their millionaires and big budgets get Mac's name out there. He has done a good job prostituting both of those congregations and their rich Baptist heritages.

And Vines and David Allen don't dare say anything...too much financial stake in Mac's support?

Anonymous said...

The term "senior pastor" may be one coined by other pastors on a church's staff who often are overlooked in so many ways BUT who also are pastors according to the New Testament. While a senior pastor is receiving (but, honestly, never actually could EARN) a 6-figure incomes and lots of perks, other pastors serving with him (and saving his backside from lots of trouble) are given considerably smaller salaries and employment benefits--yet their children have no fewer needs.

I'm one of those other pastors. Churches ARE employers--just not fair or ethical one oftentimes.

Other pastors say: keep the title "senior pastor" to distinguish the pastors who do the real work day-to-day from the ones who get the credit for that work.

Anonymous said...

6:32 Amen.You are absolutely and totally correct. God bless you in your true calling. Businesses have the same thing VP's who get all the credit that their managers do. Thank God you have stayed faithful and you will be REWARDED probably higher than most of these so-called Sr. Pastors who not only take the credit, but the money, less hours, and never deal with serious problems as that is left to you guys.I am not a pastor or staff member, but I know people who are both.