2 Samuel 16:9,11 - "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head...let him alone, and let him curse; for the Lord hath bidden him."

Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

URGENT MESSAGE: Spread the Word of Brunsons' Greed

The fleecing of the church. Jesus turned the tables over to drive the moneychanges out of the church. Who will drive the Trey and Mac Brunson money changes out of our church?

There you have it church. If Mac is willing to sell our pulpit and I-mags, there is not much he WON'T do....


I know that pastors all over the SBC read this blog daily. I'm asking you to share this blog site with pastors around the country who might be considering coming to the 2009 Pastor's Conference at First Baptist Jacksonville.

Mac and his son Trey and likely their marketing consultant Maurilio Amorim are hell-bent on fleecing to the maximum extent they can the attendees at this conference established by Jerry Vines as a ministry to pastors and was never intended to yield profits through selling the attendance of godly pastors as marketing units to the highest bidder.

Not only are they charging $260 per person, but they have now begun to charge $750 for a Christian organization to set up an exhibit booth, and they are now selling "sponsorships" valued up to $12,000 that include perks like videos shown on the video screens in the auditorium. Even your attendance at the dinners is used to entice potential sponsors as they say "up to 2000 in attendance for dinner" so you'll see marketing messages even while you're sitting down and enjoying a meal on our dining room.

The $260 per person registration will yield about $900,000 in revenue, when there is no real facility rental cost, much of the labor is volunteer from members at FBC Jax who take vacation time to help out...and now Mac and his son Trey - the one Mac bragged "raised $100,000" last year for the pastor's conference - has a web page up on the PC 2009 site giving the details of these sponsorships to generate over $100,000 of advertising revenue. And we don't even know where all this money goes.

Visit the church's website, click on the Conference header, click on the Exhibitor's link, and click on the hyperlink to view the brochure explaining these advertising sponsorships. It will turn your stomach. The hyperlink there is a pdf file that can be downloaded to your computer, and if you like email it to your pastor friends so they can know what Mac and his son are up to. Or get the file here:

Read the Exhibitor and Sponsorship Plan

Those of you attending and paying your $260 - you're a "market unit" to the Brunsons - your attendance allows them to sell advertising and marketing space.

Pastors that find this blatant display of opportunism and greed - where the conference established by Jerry Vines in the 1980's to minister to pastors is now set up to charge $750 for a stinking table and two chairs to display a Christian ministry or Christian business - where $12,000 or the highest bidder gets certain marketing perks...PASTORS IF YOU FIND THIS DISTURBING, PLEASE LET MAC BRUNSON KNOW. LET'S SHOW MAC DURING THESE TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES THAT WE'RE DRAWING A LINE IN THE SAND AGAINST HIS GREED. I hope that pastors will cancel their registration and demand a refund, and pastors will email Brunson to tell him enough is enough and you're passing this year.

You can make a difference. But your attendance at the conference will be a vote for the greed and arrogance and marketization being brought into what used to be the flagship church of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Shame on you Mac Brunson and shame on your son who is responsible for this.


Anonymous said...

How much do I have to give to get a night's stay at Mac's house? Maybe he has a "Lincoln Bedroom"?

Anonymous said...

Now this is going too far; charging sponsorship and high dollar registration at the Pastor's Conference. What used to be done for the benefit and edification of pastor's who are struggling, in need of a break and restoration has turned into a marketing ploy to make money. Why should FBC profit from PC? Then again why are we talking about profit at all in relationship to FBC. FBC is NOT there to make a profit but simply provide a way to reach the lost, disciple Christians, and worship the Lord. Where are the deacons, trustees, and true leadership of this church? Why do they sit on their blessed assurance and do NOTHING to stop the fleecing of FBCJAX? Dr. Lindsay would NOT have put up with this nonsense. Of course Dr. Lindsay would not have allowed this to begin with.

God have mercy!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

This is why I was against the Time to Stand for Israel where Mac allowed our auditorium to be used for a non-Christian event, raising money for a Jewish hospital. No one listened then, and it was just a precursor of the marketing and profit mentality that this guy has bought into.

And there is apparently no one with a backbone in the lay leaders to stand up to Mac. The deacons should meet and go to Mac united to oppose this misuse of our church, and they should demand a full accounting of what happens to this money.

Anonymous said...

Well this should remove all doubt as to what this group is all about. They are really looking desperate. It's like "get as much money as we can because our time here is running out." I hope so.

WD, you said it when you stated that we don't know where the money goes. We haven't known since they got here.

FBC is no longer a "mega church" it is a shadow of what it once was. I remember when nothing was done that that didn't edify Jesus. Now it's all marketing and money. They don't even try to hide the greed now. If any one still thinks this is a spiritual church where Jesus is supreme and where the lost come to find Him, forget it. I think the true believers still there should reclaim the Hobson Auditorium and start over. Lets all pray that the "cloud" will sell his house, take his "market share units" and MOVE.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Proof positive that it is AMATEUR HOUR at the FBC of Jacksonville. Whereas we were once led by Godly pastors casting a vision, carried out by Godly ministers like Lewis Howard and Doug...we now have a profit minded pastor who has handed the marketing of Jerry Vines' pastor's conference to a 23 year old who doesn't have the maturity and wisdom to know better than posting a sponsorship plan on the church website showing how he's trying to sell sponsorships for $12,000! What does Jerry Vines think of this?

By the way, the sponsorship levels that Trey is using for our conference are the same ones that he is using on his 501(c)3 website.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Trust me, you need to call the pastor's office. Start there. I'm sure our loving pastor and his staff will be more than happy to give you names of the trustees that you can discuss these concerns you have.

If you meet resistance, you might want to contact John Blount, Jr. or Steve Clifton, and they would be happy to help. While they have been sipping on the Kool Aid, they still will help.

We don't have elders.

We have a board of trustees, that is appointed by Brunson and they are confirmed by the congregation (not individually, but the whole lot is voted up or down by the congregation). We have deacons as well. But Mac runs the show lock stock and barrell, so if you have any thing to say that you don't like, you best go straight to him.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

$12,000 gets you top media exposure at the Pastor's Conference. Videos, slides, slap on the back by Mac, and maybe a plug by Jim "Jesus" Caveizel. And a genuine majorca pearl necklace.

How much would I have to pay to get one of the preachers to incorporate a video commercial of my business SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR SERMON? Especially I'd like to have it right after the preacher preaches on Jesus in the Garden.

Could I get that for, oh, say about $250,000? Can I donate, say a tract of land - not to the church - but directly to the preacher who has the big, , gigantic, brass cahonies to actually put a commercial in the middle of their sermon?

Trey, give me a call to discuss. My number is 1-800-SHAVED-SHEEP.

Anonymous said...

Merchandising the Gospel is not what Christ taught his disciples.

I am ashamed that so-called Christians are so carnal and ignorant of God's Word that they would support this merchandizing of FBC.

If this merchandising transpires and is underwritten via the umbrella of FBC then FBC Jax should loose tax exempt status.

I will also add that lavish lifestyles will come when you get to heaven, if you are truly "born again." Seems some cannot wait until then. Not saying the merchandisers will make it.

Perhaps it is time for someone to contact Senator Grassley to explore this further, as tax exempt status must be accountable to someone on earth.

Anonymous said...


New Age reformation has been creeping into the Southern Baptist Convention. The Jerry Falwell ministry is thick into Purpose Driven and New Age. Take a look at all of our Sunday school lesson material. It is replete with PD brainwashing. The Convention is going LIBERAL at an alarming rate.

Our Pastors Conferance is brainwashing the attending pastors. We are training them how to build PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCHES. When the pastors pay for the exclusive cources, they get the mega dose of PD Church training. They do not want our church members to know what is going on so they charge big bucks for the PREMEUM cources. It is secret what is going on in these cources. If our members new what was being taught they would be furious.

Trey is only following his father. Making money is the big thing at FBCJAX. They say that other Conferences are charging big for people to attend so why shouldn't we.

It is all about money.

You will not hear that Christ and the Holy Spirit will build our church. You will not hear that Rick Warren has the MASTER PLAN. Yet Mac and his insiders know full well the deception that is going on.

In case you have missed it, Rick Warren is big time NEW AGE. Check it out.

What amazes me is how JERRY VINES could ever preach here again after what he has done to this church. He could not take us PD. So he gave us Mac, who did make us PURPOSE DRIVEN.

Now they want to train unsuspecting preachers in how to ruin a church. It blows my mind.

Thank you Jerry Vines.

Listen folks, all of the Conference Speakers are either in on this or condone what is going on.

Look for more churches to pull out of the SBC.

As secrete as it is, the Holy Spirit knows EVERYTHING that is going on. Watch out Mac!!!

Anonymous said...

I certainly plan to copy this and take it to my pastor tonight. He has faithfully attended the conference, and until recently came away refreshed, renewed by spiritual companionship, Godly messages and a real sense everything is going to be o.k.

I will also tell him about this web site and blog. He can draw his own conclusions about attending the 2009 conference.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Come on Trey, if you're going to turn the conference into a marketing bonanza, show some CREATIVITY.

Here's some ideas on other "sponsorship packages":

- $15,000 gets your company logo on Mac's bald head, so when he bows down to pray we would see it in clear view

- $10,000 gets your company logo on a baseball cap worn by Chuck the organist, and as the camera man is getting shots of Whitmire and the choir in action we can get the cap in view and projected on the Imags

- Jim Smyrl's hankerchief could be embossed with someone's logo, and when he takes it out to wipe the sweat off his brow he can expose the logo.

- Or maybe we could include a company logo on the inside cover of the hymals of the church - never mind we don't use those.

- The biggest money maker might be to trott out the Jesus guy from Orlando that we used for so many of our children's productions, and do an interview with him, and Jesus could do a plug..."Hi, I'm Jesus, and let me tell you something - Charlie's Pawn Shop is Jacksonville's best source for cheap, quality electronic equipment - you go to Charlie's and tell him Jesus sent you and he'll give you 25% off your first purchase"

- We could even use our staff members to give testimonials like Mac used Shelly Norman and poor Steve Clifton a few Sunday's ago to tell how awesome Mac's theology driven ministry is. "Hi, I'm Steve Clifton, senior adult pastor as FBC Jax. The laxative of choice amongst our seniors is Exlax - we even put it in our brownies at our monthly senior's luncheon".

So come on Trey - let's be super creative. You might be able to raise another $50k - opportunities abound!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Here's another promo we could do:

"Hi, I'm Trey Brunson. Is your preaching too soft? Are you spreading love to your congregation too often? Are you grossly underpaid and underappreciated as a pastor? Do you have a deep-seated need to let your congregation really have it from the pulpit every now and then? Well if so, we're offering a special video series only to attendees of this conference entitled "How to Beat Your Sheep and Live in a Million Dollar Home" Pastor Mac will share with you just how on earth he has managed to slander and lie about his church and treat them like mindless boobs, but after 2 1/2 years still get a paycheck of over $30,000 per month from the sweet people of FBC Jax. If Mac can do it, so can you!! The modules of this series include:

- "Fleecing Through Tithing"

- "How to be a legalist whiie accusing others of legalism"

- "Five Easy Steps to Nepotism - Jobs for the Entire Family in Only 2 months!"

- "Trips to the Holy Land"

- "They're Just Giving Units Anyways"

- "How to generate revenue and gifts through commercials in your sermons"

and if your purchase your series today, we'll through in the bonus tape "Camel Riding Safety in the Holy Land - While Listening to God Call You to a New Church"

All this for the amazingly low price of $250 but supplies are limited!

God bless!"

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Another promo:

"Hi I'm Mac Brunson [or Trey Brunson], spokesman for Rogaine...."

Or have Jim Whitmire leading the choir and orchestra in a rendition of "Viva, Viagra!!"....

Anonymous said...

Just for the record: Dr. Lindsay had his booklets all over the vestibule, library, in the Sunday School departments FREE for any one to take. He did not charge for anything. He did not try to be paid TWICE for his sermons. They were church property and anyone could check them out of the tape library to hear.

Also, during the pastors conferences Mrs. Lindsay sold his tapes to pastors. And guess what: SHE GAVE EVERY CENT TO THE CHURCH. KEEPING NONE OF THE PROCEEDS FOR HERSELF!!!!! These were true Christians that only wanted to praise the Lord and get others saved. So this baloney that sermons preached at the church are "intellectual property" belonging to the pastor is exactly that, baloney. He is already paid by the church to produce and preach those sermons. It is called SALARY!!

Anonymous said...

It seems probable that if the apostle Paul were alive today his message to the modern church would be the same message he wrote to the churches of Galatia: I'm astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different Gospel -which is no gospel at all.

A word to the wise should be sufficient.

Marketing or Selling Jesus results in a distorted view of God and of the Christian faith and life. Marketing results in compromise and is a dangerous game. The church that attempts to gain the world through compromise is losing its soul.

Anonymous said...

Mac, Debbie and Trey:

Remember Jim and Tammie Fay Baker

Anonymous said...

Watchdog, the more you expose these charlatan, the more arrogant and blatant they become.

Anonymous said...

An earlier post mentioned the Hobson building. What sweet memories. That is where I first heard "The End of a Perfect Day in God's House" It was calming, encouraging, and yes a challenge to take Jesus with you "in the shop, in the home and in the office." No yelling, no selling, Just Jesus. How times and pastors have changed.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Perhaps the Salvation Army should charge FBC Jax $4000 for the rights to put their church logo on the Salvatoin Army sign. FBC Jax is linking the image of "caring for the poor" that the Salvation Army has built up...to their own sorry image of being for the rich. So the Salvation Army should not just let FBC Jax do it for free, but should charge them for it.

Sounds like that will preach brother. Salvation Army allows us to put our logo on their bucket for free...but we hit up every poor slob who want to set up a simple exhibition booth to let the pastors know of their ministry or product a heft fee of $750.

What a disgrace.

Do I have a grudge? You bet I do.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Mac loves to dredge up old Homer Lindsay sermons when it suits his purposes.

Well, lets just remember what Homer Lindsay did with "fund raising". He threw it in the trash.

Our youth groups weren't allowed to do bake sales, or car washes...Homer always said that if its something God wants our youth to do, he will raise the money God's way, by people giving the money to the church for ministry.

Mac has numerous times made reference to Homer "rolling over in his grave"....Homer is doing back flips my friend over the Team Brunson fiasco.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Thy Peace, sorry but I'm in no mood to draw attention to Smyrl's writings on his worthless blog.

Our pastor and his son have prostituted our church and the vast majority of the congregation could not care less.

I have no clue what Smyrl talks about in his blog posts, nor does anyone else that I know that has read that stuff. He is obviously trying to impress his seminary buddies.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember those blessed days in the Hobson and even forward to Dr. Lindsay Jr.s, era. These men were certainly led of God. In thinking about The End of a Perfect Day, and the sermons in general of these two men, it has occured to me that if they were here today, they would be preaching hard against what's happening in the church and particulary against the type of men that are in charge in churches today. But that is the difference in God called and God led men and in the mercenary imitations in the pulpits now. It is a good thing they are in heaven with Jesus today, as it would kill them to see what's happened to their church now if they were here.

Anonymous said...

Watchdog: You are in one heck of a mood. Good!!! It's about time someone got mad at this mess going on in the church. We have a disease that has taken over, and is destroying it. It's called GREED. If there were some MEN in the church that would rise up and stop this then we might be able to recover and get well. But I doubt it. It looks terminal to me.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I'm mad over this like I was mad hearing the AIG execs took a trip over to Europe with our bailout money.

We need some "righteous indignation" in our lay leaders who will rise up.

We need a group of men who will demand that this stop, and we demand a look at the financial records of the church. We want numbers. We want salaries. We want invoices that have been paid to Maurilio.

Anonymous said...


You're asking for invoices, numbers, and other financial records. How will you get them?

You're demanding them but the only path to take would be the path that 2 rivers took. And that means exposure on your part. You wouldn't do that. So you can keep blogging all you want but your efforts are pointless and worthless. Brunson is here to stay and the church is moving forward, with or without you and your followers.

Chris, you make excellent points. They will not admit to hypocrisy. So don't count on any logical argument from these folks.
The watchdog and his groupies use circular reasoning to make their illogical points.

Hang in there Chris. You are not alone.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

You can't read very well.

It will take someone from the current layleaders to make change. I can't, you can't. Mac has taken over the church and the congregation is powerless to make any demands.

I have no followers, so don't know what you're talking about.

But as I said, the REAL power of the congregation is the wallet.

Yes, hang in there Chris, don't drown from that firehose of Kool Aid being aimed down your throat. Stand by while the Brunsons turn your church into their own profit center.

People are wising up. Change will come. But it will take time.

Anonymous said...

GO WATCHDOG...I LOVE IT. Oh, if there were some others to take up this cause we might get somewhere. But I am afraid you might be the only man down there. Don't forget to mention that we need to tear up the unseen bylaws. Then encourage a search for a real pastor.

Wimps to the left of me...Wimps to the right of me. Woe is me. But you Watchdog might be the FBC...O"Reilly. I, like you, am upset that we have lost our church. But I have known it for a long time. It is very painful, and should never have happened. But it just didn't mean as much to others as it meant to us. Pray, Pray, Pray, God may not be through with FBC yet. But as it is now it is useless.

Anonymous said...

BARK,BARK!! GO, WATCHDOG GO!GO GET EM BOY!! (You should put a cool emblem of a bull dog on your page:-)

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

It does seem hopeless.

I encourge people who might, MIGHT be inclined to open their eyes and see the Brunsons for what they are...to go back and read my posts starting last August.

What we see TODAY is not surprising. It makes perfect sense if you look at what I was shining the light on all the way back in August of 2007.

Every person has a different breaking point when it comes to pastoral abuse.

For some, when the man pulled out the NASB to preach, they left.

For some it was the ridiculous usher aprons.

For some it was his abusive and yelling style of preaching that scared the kiddos.

For some it was his history lessons Summer of 2006 instead of preaching.

For some it was when they found out he took a $300k gift.

For some it was his lies and stretching the truth.

For some it was when he lied about Sheri Klouda and to this day still has not apologized for lying to us about her.

And now for some it may be that he is allowing his very unwise son to sell advertising space at our church.

I used to have the assumption on this blog that Mac would stop and I could stop blogging. But he won't stop. This is going to get worse my friends.

And the watchdog will be there every step of the way.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I have it on very good authority that the blog has Mac incensed.

He is worried that it will begin to sway people to go against his leadership.

That is good. He should be worried.

He and his office suite read the blog. Multiple times per day.

Anonymous said...

Soon I am going to name some of the stalwart of the past at FBC, some are still active and now participating in the "new age" marketing and selling of Jesus.

The mention of Lindsay Jr. and how he preached is a general comparison as his father Sr. preached; Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. How many of you ever heard about the book Sr. authored, "Now Hear Me:" It was a simple, short version of the Gospel and how to live under the protection of God's Almighty grace. Sr. Lindsay would under expected circumstance when he viewed some sleeping or not all too observant during his sermon, he would slam his hand on the pulpit an shout,"Now Hear Me"; and the crowd applauded.

Blessings from experiences of both the Lindsay pastors and the example they lead.

Sham on you Mac Brunson!

Anonymous said...

Judson Whorton,Guinell Freeman, Bob Harrison and some others we once believed in you. Why are you so blind; you once were respected for the unbelievable service to God. Guinell, I will always admire your dedication to the visitation program. How can you support someone against God's calling? The Lindsay and Vines loved you,but the Brunsons are using you.

Anonymous said...

Its a good thing that the Brunson's are reading this blog. In the old Hobson building downstairs where the overflow crowd could watch the telecast when the Hobson was full there was a "suggestion box". Anyone could fill out the slip of paper and drop it in the box. My suggestion is to bring that box back. It may contain some way we can get the present ruling body replaced...they are part and parcal to blame as they look the other way when they need to confront issues that have made people leave regardless. If the box came back and some of those issues were placed on the I-Mags maybe, and just maybe there could be a ground swell to FIX the problem. Just a thought!!!

Ramesh said...

I have resisted writing this piece of "advice" to Pastor Mac Brunson, so long.


please return to your roots. Go back to your first love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

About 10 days ago, your prayer partner and buddy David Allen preached us a sermon on Ecclesiastes 1. “ Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”

Sir, all the toil and "work" you are doing is vanity.

Please, become humble, show your servant nature. Become fully transparent. Open the books of fbcjax for everyone. Listen to ALL complaints.

Show your love to all the members and non-members, now that fbcjax is being broadcast through the internet. The whole world is watching you and your church.

I know the flesh in you wants to get even with Watchdog. Please don't. The more angry you get at Watchdog, he gets more readers. It's true. I am one of them.

As Moses lifted up the serpent on a stick, and every one was saved looking at the piece of wood ... so must you put ALL your focus on Our Lord Jesus Christ crucified and raised up on the Cross. Then all your troubles will fade away. This is the promise from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ shower you with His Peace, that passes understanding.

Anonymous said...

FBC JAX used to be a Prophet Making Center, but now it appears that it is just a profit making center!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Thank you bloggers for a stellar day. The blog has had thousands of hits today, the word is out around the country of the brazeness of the Brunson marketing ploy, and people in our city and our convention are wising up.

Let's see what happens when light is shone in dark places!!!

Anonymous said...

The pastor is incensed? Well he should be in our shoes. To have the Godly church we loved turned into an advertising agency, where a marketing firm suggests the course of the church, instead of God leading. And then be asked to pay for it. It looks like this church is heading for a church split. But maybe not if they can continue to get the spiritual people to leave. It appears the Motto is take it or leave it.

So far I believe we are still entitled as Americans, to voice an opinion, and are doing so in this blog. We are only talking about actions they are taking.

Anonymous said...

I have stated several times that I do not even go to FBC Jax--have never been there, but would love to come to the Pastor's Conference. WatchDog who is holding YOU accountable? Who is holding you accountable for deliberatly posting an irate comment using vulgar language as a so called redeemed child of God? You said and I quote, " Who the Hell cares was Mac Detest?" That is wrong and it is out of line. You stated that you would shut this blog down several months ago--you haven't. You said you only wanted to spread the word and give people a chance to act and then stop---you haven't. You said this wouldn't turn into personal attacks---it has. Go ahead LIE DOG and continue with your hate--see how many sinners your little blog draws in to the Grace and FORGIVNESS of God. Not much I would say. And if you by some weird chance to get to go on GMA remember that you are only helping the media bias in this country to make churches look bad and christianity comprimised. So yes watchdog you have highlighted Mac Brunsons flaws. You have highlighted your churches flaws. You should be so proud. Take heed lest ye fall being in the same condemnation.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Chris - let's get a few things straight in answering your mostly ridiculous comments:

- who holds me accountable? Certainly not you or anyone else here, because I'm not your pastor or employee or employer or anything else. Your question implies that I shouldn't hold the pastor accountable? He's pastor of a large church who is accountable to his congregation...he said himself that he has "20,000 employees" and he takes pride in answering every single email. You want to pay me $400,000 in salary, then you can hold me accountable big Chris.

- I used the word hell for effect in my comment. If that offends you, then stay the heck away from my blog. We're discussing some serious issues here that have hundreds of people at our church terribly upset as we see our beloved church taken over and used for marketing and advertising like its the Brunson's own personal corporation - and it has us long time members terribly upset. So yes, I'm mad as hell. Hell. I'm mad as HELL. Got it?

- I've shut the blog down several times. Yes, I thought I would stop blogging. But I didn't know what we were dealing with in Brunson so I blog on. Big deal, its none of your business. This is my blog and I'll keep it up as long as I want to keep it up. Deal with it big Chris.

- sure, accuse those who shine the light on the abuses of a pastor and expect to be called a hater. Your post earlier today was filled with religous bigotry and hatred itself so don't preach to me about hate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Watchdog, for your ministry to bloggers.

I once was a blogger myself, but realized there was a better way to have my questions and concerns dealt with. So I humbly emailed the pastor a few questions. I did not want the focus to be on me, but rather on the questions, so I did not sign my name. Instead of anwsering my questions with humbleness and a pastor's heart, he ignored me and then lashed out from the pulpit at me. Later, he had my former pastor come in and spit figuratively at anonymous emailers such as me. I just had a few questions.

I wonder now if he regrets his decision to ignore, and then attack, some faithful members who just had a few questions.

Of course, the questions I had were nothing compared to what is now the focus of this blog and that is reaching the nation via this blog.

Too bad he still hasn't learned from his mistake and still refuses to show humility and to answer people's concerns.

Only two things will ever convince me he has seen the light: (1) giving back the $300K gift he took and (2) inviting anonymous comments and questions. Only then will we know he has humbled himself and learned from his mistakes.

I hope he is enjoying the blog and the national attention he gets from it. After all, he brought it on himself with his pride and arrogance and lack of wisdom.

Praise God for the Watchdog! Shining light where there is sinister darkness from a wolf in sheep's clothing. Satan does indeed have his men in pulpits.

Ramesh said...

The current administration of fbcjax and SBC do NOT get it. They have sadly underestimated the power of the internet and blogging.

Case in point. Please visit any of fbcjax blogs. See if there is a single comment on any of their blogs (I might have missed one, but I looked hard). Why do they need you to provide your full name, email address, before your comments can be processed (shown on their blog).

Please, wake up! The internet era is different. Even the "young" people in fbcjax administration and SBC do NOT get it.

Your audience is not local anymore. The whole world is your audience.

Anonymous said...

I have been at this church for over twenty years. I met my wife hear, I was married here, my kids were baptized here my children are being raised up in this church . . . and I quit!

I am a faithful tither and giving above and beyond as God lays on my heart. I am moving on to a place where I don't feel so used.

Dr. Brunson I never questioned you on the minor issues that WD has mentioned for years. But from the time your wife stood on stage and spoke of us needing to be the #1 supporter to the IMB to the final straw of this gross misuse(OF MY CHURCH THAT WE BUILT THROUGH CHRIST. . . NOT YOU!) of our church with this marketing scheme of sponsorships. WOW! That is dirty. God expects us to give, not to be #1 . . . otherwise I lose cause I can't out give the big spenders but my heart was in it fully!

I remember when we all got together and had the preachers stay at our homes and we would be excited for months preparing AS A GROUP to invite the spirit into our church to teach and mold us.

It feels as if you are selling blemished sacrifices in the temple to God's people.

So I have hit my limit and am leaving this church while the fond memories of the great moments God has allowed me and my family to experience are still fresh in my mind.

You can have this building but you can not have my faith nor my childrens. I will be reading about you sometime soon and watch these buildings and my home church crumble. But you won't take my children with you!! Good Bye FBC I Love You! Brunson, I'll see you in heaven and I pray you come to see your just one man by God's grace who has serious accounting you will do.

You can close the books in this church and have control of these buildings but your books of accountability will be opened one day as to how you handled the talents God gave you. I am saddened but excited for where God is leading my family!

Good Bye FBC and God's Grace on you and Mac and family. I wish you all well.

I would sign my name but I am leaving family behind who are well known and do not wish to call them out.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon - I'm so sorry to hear that you feel that you have to leave. I'm afraid that this event will be a tipping point for many to throw in the towel.

I say hang in there. The church is not Mac Brunson. The church is so much more than he. We have wonderful music, I really think highly of Jim Whitmire. There are so many godly men and women there, and there is so much good being done.

you can stay without giving your money to Brunson. I know we've been taught for so many years that bring the tithe into the storehouse, but you're under no obligation to send it to corrupt leaders. You can give it to other organizations, or use it to help someone in Christ's name.

Stay at the church, don't leave.

Anonymous said...


No I'm gone for the sake of my faith and my children's. I can't walk through these halls any more with the feelings I have. It is not healthy for me or my wife and kids.

We have talked and prayed about it and it is time to go. I can't believe this sponorship stuff, just stunning!

It is just time. Thanks though, FBC will be in my heart always so many neat memories.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Believe me, I understand.

Readers, when I sit there in the service and listen to grown men giggle and holler while Mac gives a weak history lesson and tells a few jokes and rants on the platform, I wonder if I'm in the same church I was 5 years ago. In a place where the Word was preached seriously, with great care and clarity, so that the saved were challenged and built up, the lost heard a clear gospel message, and even little ones heard about Jesus. The Holy Spirit fit the words to all people, instead of an angry speaker cramming them down our throats. All people used to be fed from the preachers no matter the age or spiritual condition...and now unless you've drunk the grape Kool Aid its like watching a slow motion train wreck. While men giggle and Amen over the weakest preaching we could possibly imagine.

Sorry to tell the truth. The truth is hard sometimes.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see what is taking place at a great church - one that has had such a powerful influence in our community.

I am just beginning to view the posts but have noticed that the old logo that was brought in when Mac Brunson came to FBC Jax is eerily similar to the one at First Baptist Dallas - "You Belong @ First"...hmmm

And the A Group is the marketing guru @ FBC Dallas.

That's minor compared to the much larger problems faced by the church.

Anonymous said...

Well Watchdog, here we are several months from when I first looked at this sight. I knew then that Mac was doing some bad things. That he was bent on a complete makeover of our church. Unfortuneately, it all came true. There were many on this blog who were filling in bits of information as they occured and the BIG PICTURE WAS GRADUALLY BECOMING CLEAR. We now know Mac Brunson for who he is and the picture is not too becoming. You have shown the rest of the world what can happen when church members do nothing when their pastor gets out of control. When he becomes too big for himself. When he no longer is afraid of the rath of ALMIGHT GOD. When he is willing to follow manmade corperate methods and forgets to spend time in the PROVERBS. When he forgets what a BAPTIST is and will not stand up for what BAPTIST have stood for. When money and the getting of it becomes all incompassing. When church control means more than church people. When he thinks that all tradition should be stamped out and his liberal mind set should become the new tradition.

Watchdog, the brainwashing will continue. All of these meetings with the deacons, with the teachers, with the workers, are designed to solidify control of the church. To, by group control, gain control.


Thanks Watchdog for not quitting.

TN Lizzie said...

Oh, how my heart hurts for the true believers at FBC JAX. We've been through something similiar at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis.

You know, if something like this happened at Fed Ex (Memphis) or the Scott-McRae Group (Jacksonville) the police would have been called in a long time ago. Steve Gaines and Mac Brunson have stolen our churches. Last I checked, stealing was a criminal activity.

If these guys want their own church, I don't have any problem with them starting their own.

What Mr. Brunson and his son are doing with the Pastor's Conference is selling their own souls to the highest bidder. Where does that money go? Mercy!

Please know that there are many sheep in Memphis praying for y'all. The Shepherd is coming back soon, and He will take care of things!

Anonymous said...

Watchdog, I have a couple of questions for you. Some of these I've asked before but got no reply.

Have you considered using action at a church business meeting? The meetings are run under Robert's Rules of Order Revised and there are provisions in there that would allow for people to debate motions.

Did you vote no on the loan for the school?

I don't agree with everything you say, but in general I'm supportive of you and your efforts. I'm concerned about the direction of the church.

Please don't take this the wrong way.


Unknown said...

I quit mostly because of what happened at another southern baptist church, not this one....oh and chris, you would have fit right in dude. Thats EXACTLY the attitude that drives people like me OUT.

I don't believe in being critical of a pastor for a long period of time, and if you are going to be, you need to LEAVE. I felt I was starting to go down that road when my email got banned by the mysterious "someone", so I left. I hope I've done the Biblical thing. I don't agree with watchdog about this blog. You have to pick your battles in life, and fighting against a church and a pastor is not mine. I was only in that church for a year though.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Chris that "Hell" even when used in an expression in not a bad word. I think Pastor Robert Jeffries wrote a book call "Hell NO!". Of all the things written on this blog....the use of the word Hell has him the most bothered? I think he is grasping....Mistreatment of women doesn't get him furious? I think he needs to get a spine .

it is written said...

Chris you are either a stooge for Brunson or a deceived fool.What Watchdog has revealed concerning FBC Jax is indisputable and proof that Brunson is nothing but a greedy self-absorbed charlatan who is leading First Baptist into the great falling away.It is truly ashamed that this once great church in which I was baptisted is being reduce to a market place and a den for theives and fools like You attack the messenger.The Bible is littered with references of gullible scripturally ignorant people like you who are lead astray by the sleight of hand by deceitful covetous men(pastors).Dr.Watchdog continue to expose this imposter for who he is and one day may be we will get a chance to meet one another.

Anonymous said...

I did not, nor have I ever, condoned or condemned things about Mac Brunson or FBC JAX---because simply put on this blog there is a 1 sided story. If this stuff is true, then it proves Mac is a man and susceptible to making mistakes---God will deal with him. Two wrongs do not make a right however and this blog is clearly a violation of scripture no matter who you put it. The use of the world Hell in a cursing context did bother me most, because I was trying to be objective and that blew it for me because to me that was hate on display---just all out bitter rage. As for me having a spine, I do thank you. Mistreatment of women? SBC doesn't endorse women to teach over mean and nor does the Bible, which is what we go by so you get a spine and stand by God's Word and quit interpting it in such a way that it fits your life and choices. Brunson is not my pastor, FBCJAX is not my church, but one thing I can agree with on this blog is that---there is a lot of confusion, caused by actions of both FBC Leaders and this blog, and the devil is author of confusion.