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Matthew 7:15 - “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 24:11 - “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Imaginary Memo To Staff

Staff - with giving and attendance down, we've decided to play the "Huckabee" card tonight. With a tight budget and our facilities in need of urgent repairs, we need to make sure the huge fee we're paying Governor Huckabee to preach tonight really pays off big - I mean we need to get a huge ROI on this one. M.A. tells me that Huckabee is a favorite speaker of many of our target market, and we can draw people from all over our market area, especially in the area of our satellite church.

We need to make sure we accomplish the following:

1. We need Huck to really lay it on thick tonight about how great Mac is. We need him to use words like "cutting edge", "brave", "bold", "unashamed" etc. in his description of Mac. Mac's friendship with Huckabee really needs to be played up big. John Blount, make sure you let Huckabee know how tough I've had it, and that we have many backslidden recalcitrant members who are attacking me. He's a fellow pastor and he will know how to help me out. Oh yes, make sure that he mentions Debbie and what she is doing in the International Mission Board.

2. We will have many visitors here from other churches. We absolutely must get the message to them about our satellite site down in southern Duval. Many of the very wealthy republicans who support Huckabee live in the area of our new satellite, so with them here to here Huck they have to know we're starting a satellite.

3. We also need to let everyone know how "cutting edge" we are with our new Salvation Army Kettle drive coming up, so make sure we have this scrolling on the Imags.

This is huge, people. Let's make this go off without a hitch. If we can lure 3 "giving units" to our church from this one event, our ROI on this will be enormous and worth the huge fee we're paying Huck. This is our chance to really draw interest to our church to replace all of the "dead weight" that is finally leaving.




Anonymous said...

Apparently no, all of the dead weight is not gone. You still lurk the hallways of the place.

Since you never have anything nice to say about the pastor, most of his staff, or apparently now you even question the motives of bringing in guest speakers. Why don't YOU leave? Are you afraid your 15 minutes of fame will come to it's close? Oh, thats right it's your feeling you need to "defend" First Baptist. Isn't it funny though that everyone I talk to from there has nothing but positive things to say about your church and your pastor? It's only the people who post here who don't which kind of tells me you have tapped in to your core demographic.

You have made statements about how this blog is read by all kinds of people, and I am sure it is. However, if you can I would love to see a poll. How many people are members or not. And then for those who are, how many read this site because they believe what you say vs how many people think you are a quack in need of attention and they read this site for humorous purposes.

Reading some of the things I have, there are certainly things I disagree with that go on there. But for you who seems to find something wrong with nearly everything that goes on there to the point if it isn't you fabricate it. You have talked about many messages on here that I have seen on TV myself and see nothing resembling what you claim it was.

At this point, your entire blog seems to be nothing but carrying out a grudge on the pastor of that church, members of his staff, and others are using the comments section take out their personal vendetta on Rick Warren, purpose driven churches, and the southern baptists in general.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Great night for Mac. Huckabee heaped his praise on Mac, wondered how in the world we were able land BOTH Mac and Jim Whitmire. Said FBC Jax would be the "Vatican" if we compared the SBC to the Catholic Church.

The best part was at the end when Huckabee was done with his speech he handed it back to the pastor and made a beeline for the door as he had to catch a plane, and Mac had Smyrl do the invitation so Mac and Debbie could follow after Huckabee as he left. Wow, Mac is awesome - he and Deb know Mike Huckabee. I'm so impressed!

Ramesh said...

Said FBC Jax would be the "Vatican" if we compared the SBC to the Catholic Church.

If only we can convince Trey to sell "indulgences". Maybe he is already onto it.

Anonymous said...

" Huckabee heaped his praise on Mac, wondered how in the world we were able land BOTH Mac and Jim Whitmire."

Not sure how or why you got Mac, but he could have asked Steve Gaines how y'all got Jim Whitmire. If Steve Gaines hadn't made it clear that Whitmire was no longer welcome at Bellevue and that if he stayed, smilin' Jamie Parker would be his boss, he'd likely still be at Bellevue.

The Vatican? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 6:48

Apparently you do not know nor speak to the people there that I do, who have a totally different take on the situation with the pastor at FBC. I personally know members who read the blog but are hesitant to participate for fear of retribution from the pastor and/or disciplinary committee. These are faithful members who for years have been involved in various ministries and activities at FBC. They are NOT dead-weight, only in the minds of those that allow this situation to exist.

I think it is abhorrent this pastor has been allowed to create an atmosphere of fear, yes fear of being "dismembered," if you dare call to account any program, ministry, or activity that the pastor deems appropriate for execution without accountability but to a handful of individuals.

As a member of FBCJ, the author of this blog has every right, from a first-hand experience, to be far wiser and knowledgeable of the goings-on there.

You seem to be shouting for him to leave the church. If you do not care for the blog, you know the answer, don't you. Mr. Brunson has many advisers and paid counselors to access the situation, they are the ones still lurking the hallways. And there is more than one. So rest assured Mac's back is covered.

Anonymous said...

After hearing about the praises heaped upon Mac by Huckabee, I immediately all respect for him. Perhaps his new gig with Fox News will keep him out of some pulpits.

LIGHT BULB MOMENT: Wanna bet Mac and Huckabee discussed a date and time for Huckabee to interview Mac at Fox! Payback, I suppose. And Fox News would have to pay Mac. What an arrangement these guy have.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 8:55 pm: Mac has this view of himself that he needs to be on nationwide TV. I imagine Mac and M.A. have some ideas of great segments that could feature Mac on Huck's show. We'll be watching.

I found it humorous that in today's sermon that Mac said our national financial problems would be solved if people would just follow God's plan and tithe to the church! LOVE IT! You go Mac. Keep preaching that tithing, and by gosh golly if we just would all be giving MORE money to the churches so they could enrich pastors more and build bigger buildings and hire more marketing firms and start more satellites and hire more guest preachers....then we wouldn't be in such a MESS!

Does this guy have anyone with a brain even preview his messages?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:55


Anonymous said...

8:44 There does seem to be an atmosphere of fear lurking in the hallways at FBC, as one tries to figure who is on who's side. There is a certain "meaness" as the church is 'split' over divided loyalties. The old "dead wood" has all but been booted out of the church they helped build. How will that be explained at the Judgement Seat of Christ? This church has in the past always stood for the work of the Lord first, and as a refuge from the world. Now it is like being in a lawless country. Very dangerous to express concern or accountability. No freedom at all. Why the "crack down". Guess it's about control and money. If in a year or two, if this church has failed, how will many of you live with allowing it to happen?

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet Mac and Huckabee discussed a date and time for Huckabee to interview Mac at Fox!

Stranger things have happened. He had Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Maher on last night. Dreyfuss said Bill O'Reilly called him a pinhead, and Huckabee said, "I don't think you're a pinhead." Really? I do.

Anonymous said...

I'm not following, how would tithing to the church solve the national financial problems? Please explain. Thanks

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Just thinking out loud:

I know I'm critical of the motives of bringing Huckabee in here.

But another thought:

Why the last minute nature of this event?

This was a huge event.

Huckabee spoke at Thomas Road Baptist Church and the place was packed out.

But Huckabee comes tonight to our church and its half empty.

Part of this is there was no time to spread the word around.

And the service was moved last minute to 5:30 to accomodate Huck's schedule.

Who's in charge?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Anon 10:39 - my point exactly. Can't explain it.

I suppose he means that our overspending on things not necessary would be solved.

Oh yes, he also said that we should be able to pay high gas prices, since the Europeans have been paying "more per liter than we are paying per gallon". He was actually telling us to quit complaining about high gas prices.

This guy really has lost his ability to comprehend how tough it is for the average worker who lives in a small house and earns a modest wage.

Anonymous said...

Watchdog 7:39 & l0:29: Mike says FBC is the vatican of the SBC. Told you we were going Catholic. Seriously the SBC has been looking much like the Catholic Church for several years now. Doesn't this preacher (Mac) understand that others will flatter anothers socks off if they are paid enough. If Mac didn't have CONTROL of FBC, and therefore, the money, I wonder if Huckabee would have come here to flatter him?

Anonymous said...

WOW, Were there sirens and motorcycles flying by at break neck speed to get the dignataries back to the airport. Did anyone get glimpses of the rich and famous with him going to the airport. Was their picture taken with Huckabee for the newspaper tomorrow. WOW, I am in total awe! WOW, did Mac and Honey get to ride in the limo with Huckabee? WOW, did they drive really fast? WOW, I guess Mac and Honey are really high flyers now. Or as my "Grandma, said "they are walking in tall cotton". Did they really have to go to the airport with Huckabee? I guess he couldn't find the way without them, so they just had to go. That makes them even more important. WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

But Mac just told us God was punishing us with the $4.00+ gas prices, hurricane Katrina. He is quite inconsistent. Ask Mac if he really hates the Europeans more than us since their prices have been much higher for a number of years.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Are you serious?

Did the Brunsons go with him to the airport? Was it a police escorted limo?

I saw Mac and Honey in her pant suit running behind Huck as he left leaving the plebe in the building, and the tie-less Smyrl to do the invitation.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 6:48 PM

Your words to WD, "how many read this site because they believe what you say vs how many people think you are a quack in need of attention and they read this site for humorous purposes."

Since you seem to have been reading the post more than once, you are part of the "core demographic" you think are laughable."

Anonymous said...

Anon: 6:48

You state the WD is carrying out a personal vendetta against the pastor. Do you know the WD, if so, what is the vendetta and how did it come about. Perhaps you can let others know, then we can determine for ourselves his intent. If you do not know the WD, you then are only assuming his motives. No, he "calling out" the pastor to accountability, not for himself but for the church as a whole.

Anonymous said...

The ride to the airport was to further discuss Mac being with Huck at Fox News! Fees, expenses,etc., including Honey.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I'm serious - can someone confirm that Mac and wife accompanied Huckabee to the airport? Was it in a limo?