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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Klouda Family: "What We are Thankful For"

Readers: below is an email I received Thanksgiving morning from Dr. Sheri Klouda, professor of Biblical Studies at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. Dr. Klouda wanted to share with the readers of this blog the blessings she has experienced this past year, despite the many trials they have endured.

For new readers who don't know how Sheri Klouda's circumstances became a topic of conversation on this blog, visit here and here.

Below is Dr. Klouda's letter. I am so happy that things are going well considering the challenges they have faced, and I'm so happy that readers of this blog and other SBC blogs have stepped up to help the Kloudas in their time of need - you all have shown genuine Christian love and charity to the Kloudas.

Dear Blog Readers:

As I begin to reflect on this last year, I am reminded of all that our family can be thankful for.

We are thankful that Abigail adjusted to Indiana. She has gone on to realize success at school, and as a senior, she is involved in student government, she manages the wrestling team, she participates in gymnastics, and she is editor of the school paper. She is beginning the process of applying to college, and she made it through adolescence with fewer scars than many kids. We enjoy a candid and strong relationship, and she continues to grow spiritually in her walk with God.

We are thankful that we were able to clear up our medical expenses from Pinky's trip to the hospital at Thanksgiving last year through gifts from our church and individuals, and we were able to travel to Dallas for Christmas last year. Our family has been amazed at the generosity of people who do not even know us, but who felt led to help us through our difficult circumstances. We were ready to get Pinky's defibrillator put in this month when he ended up in the hospital three weeks ago with chest pains and shortness of breath. They detected a blockage in his carotid artery, but they were unable to proceed because it was the weekend. We had also hoped to get the defibrillator put in while he was in the hospital to save money, but they could not do that on the weekend either. We incurred significant hospital expenses as a result, and yet, we are thankful that he is still with us this thanksgiving, and ready to eat capon and stuffing! We are also thankful that he was able to apply for Social Security and we began receiving it last week.

I am thankful that our family has heat and food, that I continue to be healthy, and that I had the chance to apply for promotion for next year. I am now teaching a big Hebrew class, realizing and using some of the skills I developed previously. We were able to remain in the house we rented because the owner was unable to sell it this summer. I appreciate my colleagues and fellow church members at UCC, and notes of encouragement and the prayers of many throughout America on behalf of our family before and after the judge ruled on the lawsuit against Southwestern. I am especially thankful for those who continue to demonstrate their support through maintaining the truth on the web and defending us against those who seek to malign our family or misrepresent the truth. And we are thankful for the outpouring of love from our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Finally, I and my family are thankful for the grace of God through our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ,and his sacrifice for us.

Blessings to You During This Holiday Season, The Klouda Family

FBC Jax Members and other Watchdog readers: if you feel led to donate money to help the Klouda's, Pastor Wade Burleson has already set up a benevolence fund where 100% of all recepits will be given to the Klouda's, and your gift will be tax deductible.

Send your gifts to:
Emmanuel Baptist Church
2505 West Garriott
Enid, Oklahoma 73703

Designate your gift "Sheri Klouda Fund".


Anonymous said...

Watchdog - thanks for this update from Dr. Klouda. She continues to show class and graciousness despite her every day life challenges and the way she was treated by SWBTS, Paige Patterson, and her former pastor, Donald McCall Brunson.

Bob Cleveland said...

My wife and I had the remarkable privilege of spending 3-1/2 hours visiting with Dr. Klouda in her home this past summer. She is absolutely delightful and is as genuine a person as I have ever met.

All those responsible for her treatment at SWBTS will, in my opinion, have to answer for their treatment of her. And I've heard The Judge can be a lot sterner than the ones in Texas.

oc said...

Bless the Klouda family. I myself don't care about any stinkin' tax deduction. What's right is right.
Tax me to death for the privilege of doing the right thing, and I'll smile the whole time you're killing me.

Just sayin'.

Ramesh said...

Sheri Klouda is "Rosa Parks" of Southern Baptists. Your struggles are not in vain.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you in His peace and love, sister in Christ.

oc said...

I wish I had her courage in the Lord. She is certainly one of my heroes in the faith.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Klouda is Pure Class. She is probably smarter than any of those who dislike her and for this reason they side with the rich and powerful against her. They circled the wagons. However, they forgot that there is more than one judge. You can't hide the facts for long. It will all come to light one day and she will be on the front row while others are in the rear. More power to her and God bless her and her family during these trying days.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how well Mrs. Patterson or Mrs. Brunson would have handled the same situation or even a similar one, as Mrs. Klouda found herself in. Would they, in fact, have shown as much grace and class? These two ladies have always been on the side and seat of power. No opposition for them. The court system failed Mrs. Klouda, as did the "religious community". The ruling was supposed to have rendered justice in it's opinion. In my opinion, and obviously in the opinion of many who blog here, justice was not done. As someone once said: It's easy to do justice, very hard to do right"!

Anonymous said...

I have a Criswell Study Bible, King James Version, copyright l979.
It lists:
Editor: W.A. Criswell,Ph.D.
Managing Editor: Paige Patterson, Th.D.
Assistant Editors: Mallory Chamberlin,Ph.D. and
Dorothy Kelley Patterson, D.Min.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Klouda is a modern day heroine who has continually shown grace and goodness in the face of adversities most of us cannot imagine. I do prayerfully uplift her and her family. I admire her courage in taking a solid stand for her convictions.