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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mike Hogan, Mayor Candidate and FBC Jax Leader, Should be Grateful His Opponent is Playing Nice

This coming Tuesday is an important election in Jacksonville. It is the mayoral run-off election between Republican Mike Hogan, and Democrat Alvin Brown.

Hogan is a longtime member of FBC Jax, and Deacon and Church Officer. At left is a photo from the Times Union, showing Hogan (right) having a conversation with FBC Jax executive pastor John Blount before a recent church service (Blount is the executive pastor who hand delivered our list of 16 sins and filed a trespass warning against my wife, wrongly accusing her of "church misconduct"; he also was the witness in the JSO lawsuit that confirmed that JSO detective Hinson was not merely a security guard at the church, but was a Deacon and Discipline Committee member).

Hogan will likely win, although the race has tightened in recent days.

The campaigns on both sides have been relatively cordial, although recently Hogan has gone quite a bit more negative, accusing Brown of being a "tax and spend liberal" (when his policies are absolutely not liberal), trying to connect Brown to Obama, saying Brown will raise taxes (Brown, like Hogan, has promised not to)...and Hogan has even said the "media elite" is supporting Brown. By "media elite" he must be referring to the conservative Florida Times Union that has endorsed Brown - the paper that our FBC Jax pastors have always been friendly toward until they printed the front page story "First Baptist, Cop, Team Up to Out Blogger". Hogan has followed his pastor's lead in expressing disdain for our local paper.

But Hogan should be very grateful that Brown's campaign, or friends of Brown, or the "media elite" Times Union have not gone after Hogan as hard as they could have. So far Hogan's close affiliation with FBC Jax, the concentration of political power at the church, and the statements by the pastors and other FBC Jax politicians has NOT been a campaign issue.

As I blogged about in September 2009, it would only be a matter of time before an opponent of an FBC Jax member and politician runs TV commercials asking the FBC candidate why he remains a member of and financially supports a church that:

- has an executive pastor on staff who unashamedly has declared in writing and in a sermon from the pulpit, the Catholic Church to be a "cult", and has referred to a Catholic priest as a "cult leader", and who has declared that voting for Obama is a sin that a Christian must repent of;

- has a Senior Pastor who has declared that if a hurricane hits Jacksonville, he hopes and prays FEMA does NOT come and help us;

- has a Senior Pastor that has declared multiple times (here and here) that our economic recession is the result of the judgment of God, for the failure of Christians in this country to practice tithing - giving 10% or more of their money to the church;

- has declared that 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, rising gas prices, and the stock market crash and resulting economic recession to be the direct result of God "working behind the scenes" to see how he can punish Americans;

- has a pastor who has attacked a former church member and blogger publicly, call him a "sociopath", and issuing trespass papers against his wife for the sin of "associating" with her blogging husband;

- passed a "Deacon's Resolution" read by judge A.C. Soud telling church members that they will be "aggressively confronted" if they are divisive in the church.

- has a pastor who "praises God" that his parishioners didn't get a raise during the tough economic times of 2008, while he himself lives high on the hog and takes expensive trips around the world and even accepted a six-figure gift from a wealthy donor.

- has an executive pastor who believes Muslims must be converted in our city else our grandchildren will come under Muslim law.

Perhaps if Mike Hogan were asked about any of these, he would distance himself from the views and actions of his church leaders.

But really, shouldn't Hogan tell voters whether he believes and supports the above? Why not? Let's face it - Obama was never in any sort of leadership position in Jeremiah Wright's church, yet his pastor's views were a major political issue in the 2008 presidential campaign. Hogan on the other hand describes himself as an accomplished FBC Jax leader when listing his civic and community involvement. Shouldn't citizens be concerned that we might elect a man to lead our city who is a leader in a church that teaches the solution to our economic crisis lies in having more people donate to mega churches, and believes 9/11 and in Hurricane Katrina God is God's punishment on America?

I for one am troubled that FBC Jax didn't see the potential conflict of interest in appointing Detective Hinson to be on their newly formed discipline committee that was charged with disciplining church members like myself. I am troubled that him being on the committee was not immediately disclosed by Hinson or the church when the story broke. That John Blount and Robert Hinson didn't see the potential problem with Hinson doing an investigation into the FBC Jax blogger, AFTER they had elevated him to deacon and discipline committee member, causes me to not want to have any closer connection between our city government and FBC Jax than already exists. And people of Jax, all you have to do is watch A.C. Soud read his edict telling FBC Jax members that what they did to me, they would do to other troublemakers, tells you they didn't see anything wrong with what they did, and that they intended to do it again if necessary. Keep in mind, A.C. Soud's pronouncement was BEFORE they knew that the subpoenas would be found by me and the local media. I would not vote to give that church any more political power than they already have.

So far Hogan has avoided virtually any questions regarding his connections to FBC Jax. Brown might have had a chance if these issues were raised and if he were to hit Hogan back in the campaign like Hogan has Brown.

Hogan should be grateful that neither Brown, nor the conservative paper that he calls "media elite", has raised FBC Jax as a campaign issue. It likely will ensure his victory on Tuesday, and more concentration of political power at First Baptist Jacksonville.


Former WBCJAX Member said...

Always trying to stir up controversy little pup.

Why not go to Brown's "NEW" office and check out who is funding the majority of the space for one of your rants.

As far as Hogan goes, why would anyone leave a six figure job for life to be mayor of this or any city with the financial problems that exist. It certainly is not for the money one can say. I think he should have stayed in the "Job for Life".

But here is a guy that wants to make a difference not only for his grandchildren but your children and grandchildren. He certainly does not need the job. At his age, there is no benefit to taking the job for the next four or eight years, if he is elected.

He is fiscally conservative, debt free and practices sound financial principles this city needs. Although I cannot vote for him since I live in Clay County I think that he is the right man for the job.

Unfortunately, there will always be negative ads, the most of which are not paid for by the candidate. That is the sad side of politics and will never go away until Jesus comes.

Brown and the Obama administration would love to have some clout in this part of Florida for the next election. Who would blame them. This area has been a key part in previous elections.

Hopefully, one day you will get potty trained. Frankly, I think you would like to take Ron Littlebrain's post at the paper or maybe the religion writer. You would be good at it!

Former WBCJAX Member said...

"Hogan will likely win"

One last thing. Don't count on it.

The DNC, moveon.org and many other organizations are pumping in lots of money to help Brown get elected.

Brown will probably get elected for that reason, because conservatives, independents, and blue dog democrats tend to sit at home and not vote when the think their candidate "will probably win". I say get up off your blessed assurance, spend some of the gas money(more than twice the price since Obama got elected) and GO VOTE!

If you don't vote, DON"T WHINE!

If you do vote, legally of course, and your candidate does not get elected, at least you did what this country is known for and support the winner.


Anonymous said...

Mike Hogan tells it like it is!

He takes no garbage, will clean out City Hall and if you don't like it, LEAVE!

We did it at Church, we will do it in the City....if you are whining, causing problems, and making a nuisance of yourself...We will kick you out and Praise God doing it!

Jesus cleaned house and so will we!

Anonymous said...

Browns new commercial is the worst sham job that I have ever saw.

"Brown has never raised taxes"

Has Brown ever held office?

If Brown is elected I hope he changes the City's name back to Cowford...

Anonymous said...

Oh...that old thing. Blah Blah FBC is a terrible church.

I am Batman here to save all of you lemmings from jumping off the cliff and following the wiles of your dispicable leadership. Hurry... draw up your purse strings and change churches and denominations. Help me demonize all that are associated with those dastardly fried chicken eating ministers who simply want to deceive you and tear you from your wealth.

Waaaaah. My feelings are hurt! I am blameless, they wouldn't listen to me.(Oh I forgot to give them a chance and I lied when first confronted.)

'bout sums it up I think.

Not a member, just an observer.

Anonymous said...

"As far as Hogan goes, why would anyone leave a six figure job for life to be mayor of this or any city with the financial problems that exist. It certainly is not for the money one can say. I think he should have stayed in the "Job for Life"."

For the same reason John Y Brown wanted to be governor of KY.

Arnold wanted to be gov of Calif.

You don't get it because you have no clue. You probably really believe what you wrote. And they are glad you do.

Former WBCJAX Member said...

"You don't get it because you have no clue."

Sorry, you are the one who is clueless. Wanting to be governor of a state is far different than being the mayor of "Cowford".

FYI Jerry Y. Brown had a family history in federal politics starting with his father.

Arnold had accomplished everything an immigrant could except run for public office.

Both of these men were GOVERNORS, clueless, not mayors of whooville.


AGAIN, for clueless folks like you who will probably not vote, vote next Tuesday, or you have no right to whine about the results if your candidate does not win.

Anonymous said...

You are such a baby Watchdog.

Boo-hoo: They sent me a list of grievances.
Boo-hoo: My former pastor talks about FEMA, judgment, and tithing
Boo-hoo: A former minister talks about Catholics being lost and cultic in definition.
Boo-hoo: There is a discipline committee that has too much power.

Watchdog, you are going to die a bitter, broken record spitting out your repeated offenses of a former church.

Your diatribe is OLD...reminds me of a comedian who can't find any new material. Boo-hoo

Jim said...

Rick Scott wants Mike Hogan to be Jacksonville's mayor. That, alone, should frighten every thinking man and woman in the city into going to the polls and voting for Alvin Brown.

Anonymous said...

"Both of these men were GOVERNORS, clueless, not mayors of whooville."

Ok, so you don't do overarching principles well. Sorry.

Scottie said...

children, children... now pipe down & act your age, please.

Unknown said...

The leadership of FBCJAX has already shown they abuse political power, by Mike Hogan is in leadership at FBCJAX. If he gets elected, the people of JAX better keep an eye out for any kind of favoritism towards FBC, looking the other way if FBC is accused of any wrong doing, etc. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Jesus is still on the throne and he will judge us all. bloggers and politicians beware of the king of king lord of lords.Speak big now the Lord will have the final whether you beleive it or not.Thats includes Baptist,Catholic,Hiliness etc etc...Pray don't Spray

God Bless